I do not impress myself on anybody like they claim I do. The truth about it is that they always want to hurt the Christian, so they have figured out that when the ethos of somebody’s faith is based on the fact they are the way they are because they have refused to repent and that he has a duty to hope and pray until they one day do, the person is the weak link through which they will wreak much havoc. So now they will repent for sure whether they like it or not; too late to be pop stars and atheists and homosexuals and so on, all I have to do is be positive and all they now have to do for themselves is fight on and stop whinging.

The part where all things that hurt me come from the royal family is utter rubbish; that has to do with people who work for the Queen and other senior members of the royal family doing their job and the part that relates to people working around my office. So it seems that whenever a stupid girl wants to make out my job exists to rob women of power and provide men with career despite everything working against such notions she must have it as a fantasy or as a made up media perception and then the bullying violently will take off from there. As for the media, the purpose of their earnings is to fund deviance and of course I am black and very well aware of what it is used for; especially when they all claim the main problem to be the US when no body in the US is telling me to fight racism without a job and or money so that I can represent their needs as it stands with a big mouth.

Of course they are mad and will be even more so when I am finished, the white ones just lie all the time and both never say anything anybody understands because it is full of unfathomable stupidities – they should address me the way they do of course as I have seen them address their stupid MPs that way before, besides which it will not be the first time I have warned them about their insolent opinions about me that are always concerning and thereby get my attention so because they are violent with that big mouth. In the end I get the sense that people are making my job into something that people will hate and want to attack me for and no matter how impossible that it, it is something they will achieve as fantasy or as made up perception of media and first of all they will repent too and become Christians, all I have to do about that is be positive while they need to stay off my earnings bearing in mind it is in their interest to see me stay away from them as well since only I can have this life here, the other fact is that I will kill them since I am so completely determined to milk this, I will kill them and then it will get better.

Nothing harms me which comes from the royal family in anyway whatsoever and I am not bothered about being told the Americans are the main issue because of course I have told them they will become Christians and I am very positive that they will. For of course the reason for all this violence is that there is a way the things I do and the things I own and my business makes people feel and that feeling is that of a desire to harm me terribly in some way with a big mouth.

I have never suggested it is a crisis for me nor have I ever introduced myself to any person as a monster. It is not a crisis for me; these are a collection of fools that are always famous with a back drop history of people who have been on the receiving end of what they are like when they want something and therefore think they should cling to my finances like they do with a combination of begging and threats and despair as though I am their father provider. I mean its as though I have now learnt why people fund deviance and what it is meant for when they do with a big mouth as well. They love to tell people they should be able to manage things like me and so because of that travel around the world especially to tourism economies to do things with the sins I should be committing to make people feel good about life but refuse to do so, this is why I wish to take revenge on my mother for setting me up for them by extracting that stupid insolent management from them as well, especially the black ones that are the fathers of absolutely everybody as it were. It is much too late now to make out that when there is possibility of the persecution of Christians in some parts of the world I will make way for them; its been the story of my life, where some idiot has always try or actually get to succeed at making deals with my stupid mother to wreck my life so he can play superior brother with my father and with all I own for the purpose of the privileges of their stupid kids and they will even tell me that my actions are a double edge sword which I wonder all the time whether it is an attempt at giving me an advice since mothers do something about their wicked Sons and I have my mother do something about my Christianity while they support her and hold me up to keep it down until it becomes a problem for society, community and the entire country with their stupid media, then turn out to pretend I hold answers to things I should do so that they can achieve the full potentials of their stupid fame without talent; I will put those books in the market and I will extract that stupid management from them to be a celebrity. I mean I don’t mind the insolent women anyway; in their case I really need their opinions in the first place not withstanding which there is clearly no other way to make money in this world but insolence and complicity with wickedness while extracting an income from my work as these idiots manage because they do not have time to work for anything on account they are too busy doing their wickedness.