They know this is what they can do to harm people if and when you have blessings of God in your life and are not sharing it for one reason or another and so having planned to completely dominate this part of your life and erase their history as losers among the wicked, here in the UK they set time out to attack the Crown, spin the Monarchy against any chosen victim on media and then set out to do it to the victim as well, to turn them into the losers among their righteous, who do the same things they do in their own private establishments they name Church, wrecking their lives and living off their earnings in a way that such people can never put an end to no matter what they do, then get violently as well to have power because the Christian is a none violent person and make sure the person never recovers financially to ensure this power is so great that they have enough respect to acquire fear which ensures when they wreck good things in their lives there are no consequences for wrecking other peoples lives to have it again and then do the same later all over again and so the road to public place verbal assaults and vile language and then racism and favouritism based vandalism destruction and discrimination over what no body asks them about proceeds and later on after it must have ceased to be a fight for freedom, it is a matter of those whose natural endowments are smaller than their own when they are sure wicked Politicians must have guaranteed them dominance of such persons; at this point it was all about freedom-which means that hurting people or fighting wickedness it depends on whether you want to steal freedom to have it or you want to have it to have it, which again serves them so much especially when others are weak and cowardly toward God and the truth for them which nonsense I can hardly tolerate from them too, especially when they do so on Public places to become opportunistic and then have their own dominance. In my case, my gift is the ability to protect families and especially children and they know that attacking me sets the stage for Political paedophilia, which will later manifest as real ones and to this I have trapped them in the game for so long that the Politicians especially cannot get out hence, there is no way that it can be possible for them to here ensure that I am the Christian that is running after every entitlement in my life so they can move into the place of power in my personal life to have glories they fantasise about. This ability to look out for families puts me in a direct head to head odds with them, (especially those on media and their never ending plans to have sex with other people) as a result but this is not the main issue, the main issue on the media and in Politics especially seems to shift all the time to the fact they are unable to see that a new subculture which is a behaviour they have to indulge for these things has emerged, which is also quantifiable and Legally accountable, bearing in mind it is so difficult to make poor a Royal Prince.