They ask these questions all the time about what the point of religion is, whereas we all know that whenever people fail to do one thing at a time the only reason they get to make it out to be a good thing is always that they take the mental health out on others and feel good because they want power. I always find it to be the most stupid obnoxious thing that anybody could ever do for any reason whatsoever and the explanation and deep thinking are absolute rubbish too. They need to win the fight and put people out of their misery, so next time they might well pick on somebody about their own size. They are not religious people, what do they know about the relevance of religion?

It is either about how they want to make sure they are saying something I got revelation from God to say in Public places such as television. Which makes no sense because speaking of the divine side of things, if God did not wish for that to happen none of it would and then the facts side which is about the fact somebody had to say it and if it was them that did, what difference does it make, except it is about hurting people to get attention in which case that is their barge anyway. I am not half as bothered about any of it as they love to make out I am with that public media they have.

Its about making sure they tell me the will of God which involves putting a barrier between me and God and being the ones that tell me when and how to do the will of God and it will not be the first time, just like that plan to ensure I do something divine or say something that is for a living so they can pervade it, I have my hands and eyes on their homosexual culture too and can operate absolutely every evil idea they lumber on me with their stupidities on it so I would never work out what is wrong with them anyway. Besides that is the fact they are stupid, cannot do anything and cannot run anything but always want it, running away with what people think which I don’t want them to do with my work or my property or my faith or my academic work but over all these matters they continue to insist before they complain loudly operating more of that process of getting off to say something which becomes the fact the world has to believe in TV. In the end of which they say its about people who do jobs they are not worthy for trying to get by which does not make sense around their provocations.

Sometimes you have to put care and thought into observing man kind and the fact of it is never short of unfathomable stupidity. I mean somebody will live in a democratic society for example and after he had stolen another persons idea to get rich with somewhere else, he then back tracks and makes contact with the person in order to start a new fight knowing he will expose how he got all he had and therefore loose everything but before then secures support from the intolerant side of society and privileges of injustice by promise from Politicians before he does it. It is mind kind and its long standing friend the devil, even when they have no financial problems whereby they can tell him to deal with his own problems by himself they will rather get off and do it for him with their own hands and at their own expense and then think I am really bothered about it because I am a Christian. This is not true; I am not.