We are now being told that Libras were getting into such a huge amount of trouble as will ensure a Libra was being attacked to satisfy a public appetite to see others suffer on behalf of themselves as a community and the person decisions they had made – no such thing is happening due to the fact that some stupid individuals who never stopped acting in a way that provoked people who possessed something they envied, up to the point where victims took the law into their hands, had failed to see that if they were so keen on the insults, they needed to stick to, desist from incessant changes with respect to my concerns and desist from activities that caused me instability with respect to my personal and social life. We know it is a confidence in Scorpios eternal vengeance when irresponsible Scorpio had failed to plan the finances properly, to set out making money by methods where I must have disagreed with the authorities of powerful people, and they were out to attack me and get paid for doing so, there has been complains yet about the way I turned the bottom chasing insults on them to deter which did not work, so my next move will be to crush the access to public life and shove the poorer Scorpios down the throat of the wealthier ones, then wait for the next scum that will show up here working with famous idiots who tackle me in order to share the wealth and lives and rich and powerful people. Virgo on the other hand was an old story, always had a gossiping and street crime need to bring ageist idiots into my personal life and finances, apparently loves public transportation operatives deeply and is currently getting out of hand because it was being allowed to keep its personal relationships, the rest were always doing stupid things with other peoples lives when making money and the thing that provoked them the most was to do with how they were supposed to handle my public image for money making, whilst I was using it to ensure these other criminal twats had to pursue the existence of their own lives and careers as well and then move into my right hand looking like that with a big mouth. Currently there has been no problems because I am not attacking the well off neighbourhoods over my Books, I am not attacking the bigger than me idiot who enjoyed inventing stupid things they can insert into my public life, to show up at the other end making sense of a villainous beauty and I am not pursuing results where Celebrities behaved like CEOs that were incredibly bad at the job but allowed to stay, therefore got around ripping up lives and careers to cover their backside, talking nonsense about the ways that celebrities could not simply just resign from fame or be expected to do so.

It is all going to end in one of those bad results where people had to try and show those they wanted to complain to, that I am strong and powerful enough to do what I did to them but could not actually prove that I am. It should be a matter of me and the work that state provided security had done for me, which allowed my Office work to fulfil the purpose of preventing these ageist gits from attacking public service operatives who obviously organised a career in a way that could cover their backsides, whilst we know that if they were done with that, their next target would be the tribunals and magistrates down the street corner, whilst everybody lived in a mindset that suggested the large buildings of the supreme Court and Centre Criminal Court was the legal system. What has happened is that the state provided security had provoked famous idiots over flattery concerning the way I organised my career and social life, so they had to rip up all I did to keep gangs and crime away from my career and finances, but have not been able to show anybody why they thought doing so should be justified, only claimed that it was suggested I had won a battle I was too small to win and the fact that they had busy lived in which they ate in restaurants and needed my personal life as a tool that puts their stupid famous idiots state of mind in the correct order for them to attend to venues without embarrassing themselves. This is therefore what needs to be achieved over the process of getting them to acknowledge they are aware this is a business premises and they were looking for trouble, have been doing so for quite long enough now; what is going to happen needs to be far from a process where they can now decide after a two decade career mess and health scares for me, that they were supposed to cover their backsides for a living, whilst I am able to decide I had given them an ultimatum as to the fact this was a business premises and they were looking for trouble. On the backdrop it was said my business with Celebrities was my fault but it is not really – Celebrities who involved themselves with my affairs uninvited, were never likely to do so without destruction that helped to highlight the fact they were home wreckers, besides which most celebrities usually spent their time campaigning against bullying and these idiots are not that type, they are the type created by useless men who were the source of Celebrity responses when the famous had decided that the campaign against bullying had failed and so decided to provide a service people will buy and become fans of by bullying them, creating their own famous women who tackled me all the time – that said, with respect to Celebrities I invited hurting me, I could say they were doing this even adding it to the fact that women hated them because nothing in other peoples families was ever done on time because of them, so they had this problems associated with women all over the place but it will not prevent well off neighbourhood Celebrity from taking advantage of me either way, hence being bothered by intrusive entitled famous git Celebrities always leads up to an inevitable clash.

It is all nothing but sore losers at the Law Courts who decided to band together as a community, first setting after my academic pursuits, about which it is currently no longer amusing that I dropped out on account that there were people making decisions about me in a condition whereby they did not need to show their faces, at the academic system and academic financing system, we are quite certain that it is not amusing anymore at this point. Our problem is that they had secured support from German influence gits, who set about a narcissism to say that they were to pick up my career and public life as a tool for feeling good enough to recover from their losses at the legal system and it would have no meaning save what had occurred, in that a bunch of famous idiots goading me over public control matters whilst breaching my patents and clinging to my finances, had provided them with a media presence for it, so they have done it so much that they had recovered their happiness and were now in a state of selling any other good feelings they got from continuing, whilst the reasons it happened everyday was linked to the fact that the idiots who provided them a media presence for it, were making a statement about how large they wanted their takings and share of the revenue to be.

Eventually here the authorities were asking if I enjoyed the unusual things we Librans did with respect to the nature of justice and fairness but this is because they do not have our mental state i.e. the activities performed by these idiots can be categorised into the part where their families should have been affected, then to the part where their jobs should have been but the victims were too well behaved for both to be and what they were currently doing suggested they had earned a license to fool around with my career to such an extent I ended up living on social security, to show that their stupidities had made them incredibly important persons and so the effect of the activities were a detachment from their own careers to pursue me, therefore if they ended up directly crossing the justice and fairness line, I would be more inclined to think that I ought to make an example of them, teach them a lesson they will never forget. It loves to shoot off the big mouth on the Media a lot but as I have mentioned even here, if I do not get a feedback from them that they knew this was a business premises and simply enjoyed spending my time looking for trouble, by the set deadline, so that I and my clients can proceed with matters and understand they were not involved whilst we did, I will assume they fancied a world where I had completely destroyed their showbusiness and stupid media arrangements for it as well, hopefully that by the time I was done doing so, the clients will not have moved on. It is all together never unusual, all part of the gimmicks other people had to tolerate to the point where the victims got on to do it better than they did, so they ended up picking out activities they could engage in to clash with Police that had to put on riot gear to handle them. It should be seen that the cause of this was eventually down to the simple fact that their explanation of what causes my tummy to get all over the place had made sense, as opposed to their abusive activities whereby they were incredibly important idiots, when it came to the men, those that stood out the most being the modern well off neighbourhood pricks and the Muslims who worked their Saracen lies, backed by a community of narcissists, when they had not yet made the statements that would convince others they wanted to be conquered all the time and the stupid black women who took it personal that I had subjected them to the conditions they created along with their white friends, conditions that made my breathless over name calling and a need to cling to my finances over the fact somebody bigger than I am backed them up, subjected them to it, to ensure they continued that process of respect for such men until it went very badly wrong, since that it clearly their part of society the last time that we looked. The explanation that they were following me around everywhere to perform their stupidities on my personal space had failed, explanation which started since the late part of 2003, where they then began to run a society on the basis that the Law allowed weak people like me to pick on the strong and get away with it, going on to make up the reasons for tackling me as they went along and also got whatever job I was doing and whatever academic pursuits I was engaged in, to serve a process that helped explain their position and got their societal stupidities to make sense to the public, which was all in control, until the government office idiots with their own narcissism showed up to spend a decade of my time suggesting I am the one doing the wrong thing – I am writing this in 2024, during which time it had been seen that in over 24 years, they have been collecting tax payer funds as salary without getting this problem they created under control. So either way they smelled something, in terms of property, we can clearly see that it shows up near my Bookshop because it wants something, needs to keep its comments about peoples careers to itself, keep its mouth shut and get a copy of the Book or simply go away; the claim that I am not as British as I should be feeds into this as we can clearly see why it made so much sense that I ought to get this nonsense under control by waging war on the stupid well off neighbourhoods, if the need to make another explanation for the reasons they smelled something over the fact I was living on Universal credit for their famous stupidities to play with my career and run me down claiming they were important persons, had built up to an international level complain on their part whilst at the same time they were not deterred. The point of running through these facts are that people think I present myself as a vulnerable character considering my response to the idea that we do not necessarily as Librans, enjoy the things we did over the nature of justice and fairness but any who ended up with our mindset would be likely to respond in the same way that we have – I mean there was nothing wrong with the public control process, we have the entire crisis because the famous would not cease goading me over it. I am now at a point where the need to rip up my career and send out their security to build a community that runs me down where I lived, to maintain the continued gimmick about being important, had given way to a result where I had accepted the business of people tackling me to share their Celebrity wealth as a method of getting the money they extracted from my public image away from them but it is currently fraught with problems as the security guards are incredibly corrupt pricks, when I say waging war on the well off neighbourhoods, their stupidities and that of their popularity criminals were at the heart of it, so I will require something that involved the general public, for example the way that the gits who worked these Celebrity abuses at the Monarchy had completely failed at this stage, since the poorer people they had sent out to tackle me were now tackling me to get rich sharing their incomes, which should have been enough for the gimmicks to end, in the case of the Celebrities, the assumption is that there will emerge a dangerous situation for me as well, whereas I will need to wind them up to the point where the process was a form of Capital.

The claim that there is nothing I can do about their gimmicks was never unusual – we know it is the same way that people wondered how the clash with the famous had come into existence which is a story of abusive activities in my direction as to the fact that they have made money in the past, setting out other people as characters whom when attacked for being a threat to American interests, got them paid, so they have wondered how much they might get paid doing the same things to me, eventually whilst at it, came up with a process of converting my response to ageist abuses that had never stopped showing up here to build up a process where people picked up my career to do what they pleased at the backyards of industries, as a tool that can be set out on public media for press narcissism by which career piracy was possible on the basis they could not close the distance between me and my career quicker than I could, I had something to lose and it was a gimmick that would never cease to keep giving, as it does enjoy getting on my nerves so, then employed its corrupt private security to build a community that fingered my bum and beats me down in my bed for failure to agree with the idea that their famous stupidities were important persons. I have no idea what they want, what their problem is, since last it was the case that whilst they performed all these activities, another German influence gits played the part of bankrolling it, so that the abuses had built up to a point that inaction on my part towards a bunch of idiots intent on building any stupid thing of their choice that they could insert into my career and show up at the other end looking like sensible people had produced for them a narcissistic happiness which answered all their problems to such an extent they could even make advertisement from it, to the tune of my older siblings deciding what my bank balance was, whilst the radio wave lesbians got to beat me down whenever I engaged with the jobs market, this was a kind of happiness that gave them everything they wanted, so the damage being done to my Bookshop and my client interests suggests that they wanted some of mine and this is the beginning of the part where they got it. If there is no feedback as will help my clients ascertain that they were here to look for trouble, so that I may move on with my own work as well and pay the Bills around here properly for a change, I will burn up their careers and completely wreck the Celebrity culture too. Some people have even suggested it is all not the fault of the famous and that I am star struck but this is the most annoying part because I am not star struck although my career publicity suggests that I am, it is the reason they were now friends with terrorists and a bunch of Muslims who were such real Men that they walked into peoples lives to pick up career publicities and then do whatever they wanted with it to serve some famous idiots who paid them to provide corrupt private security service, then finish off making me a character on both sides, that they attacked to defend American interests, to get money from Washington, apparently having already done so in the past to less profitable victims. On being star struck however, the truth is that I have to work with clients during the business and economic cycle, so products created from private equity broker with me have provided the famous with a service which had decided the way that already existing abusive activities towards me were set to evolve, the fact I have done nothing about it meant that they had a history of inaction to call on, they had a history of wasting my work on their corruption to call on, they had built a community to finger my bum and had a media based narcissism to decide which of my public duties I can be abusively and forcibly made to perform in order to enhance their popularity, which is the reason this is also the first time they have heard something threaten to destroy Celebrity culture, since the stage is set such that having been I know more about the job than they did, they had not resigned from it, hence were ripping up my career and personal life to cover their backsides, employing criminals to keep it going and of course there were the physical threats and direct vandalism. I am told I never talked about this as the fact it is really to do with the way that Celebrities think I am a low life and they were so important they had achieved what is near godlike status to me, so if they wanted me to do something I had better gone on and done it as soon as possible, no matter how random their demands were, it has now ripped up my Bookshop and so gotten me into a position where I considered such nonsense to be a matter of such importance that I had to respond to it, unless I got something which within a matter of days allays my fears as to the idea there will be no more interference with my affairs, no more picking up my career publicity to run off press based career piracy narcissism and no more interference with my clients, I will regard a continuation as war having been declared with respect to direct property protection. I need to show the clients that we were doing something else, and the role of the famous adds up to a process where external forces were looking for trouble unless they got to that by themselves. The point is raised naturally that people got along with Celebrities at the Monarchy and yes they do, it is not a conventional way to make a living but we lived in a diverse Country – in my case it is more a matter of a personal relationship they established with me on what they suggested was the idea my work offered tools for winning awards and then I had to wonder if getting involved with my work allowed peoples work to be recognised and had to be shown it was about their work being make belief and the wards being awards for those who entertained well enough to win the make belief awards – these idiots are the relatives and children of the most prolific ageist scum around, I am clearly being bullied because punishing people who got me dropping out of University was as fun as they suggested it was when they blew off the roof doing it, the stupidities have done another one naturally and this time it was about a Bookshop. I do not think it is a crisis, first they had revenge for the fact that I had set out my Office in such a way that messing with my affairs would get the Police involved rather quickly and if they got all passionate about it, the popular culture people would make the most of that passion, they needed to educate me about the fact that the Popular culture people were not as innocent as I made them out to be and that the money made from the process was used for an eternal bullying that brought to bear the ways that they could never allow other people concentrate on anything – so what the idiots are now doing was set to make the statement that they were now in possession of enough money to say that they were immune to other people’s responses with respect to these sorts of behaviour. I have not stopped working like people think, I simply needed to see that people I wanted to ensure were okay were settled but generally, these goons will gain access to my public office like that again, whereby they got to use it to cover themselves, complete the academic pursuits and conduct activities that left me smelling over abdominal discomfort that will not go away, complain about the state of my finances, build a community that fingered my bum, leave me on unemployment support and work with local councils to see that I became homeless; shows up here all the time running off all sorts of nonsense over the fact that I had retrieved all my working parameters and set to only operate the office between myself and my family, stifling the prospect of me settling down with a love to run off democracy – communism Politics that its stupidity was not aware, made the statement that they were incredibly incompetent twats and publicly very disrespectful types for that matter; they always like me like this, never a change of behaviour will I see unless I did, particularly in terms of what was a process of clinging to my income margins to prevent my clients taking me away from them on account handling my career and making comments about it, especially in terms of ways that I got into a fight with others, helped them feel better and healthier, such that upon being quite the bunch of incredibly important gits, this was a privilege to which their stupidities were entitled.