They do say I enjoy high stakes poker game I love to play everyday which is utter nonsense, there is no high stakes and there are no gambling involved in an Arch Prince’s Office; what happens is that we are not saying the entire world is our friend and we are not saying we want to stop people from coming to the UK to invest, work and do business either – in the middle slap-bang are the goons who always want the west to create them a safe environment to get rich by and need to have some means of running off to the communists to blackmail us when we are not co-operating; so they now know it will be near impossible to blackmail me for any reason or on anything whatsoever and I would fancy people stopped putting my actions down to some poker game as well. the Americans like to think what I have forgotten about because I have written Book is that they are a handful of scum who want to make my personal life into a social group they can join If they need fraternity and power and security and the question they are now having to answer is whether it is their Books I write each time they claim I am a threat to their freedom; I mean my worst fear was always a process of putting out a product and then getting all stuck up with people I want nothing to do with in order to make a living and I had the Books published in 2009, this is 2018 and what has happened is that their practical jokes have taken over my Finances and they cannot stop blabbing about the power their money has over me looking for more, when keeping off the Books and Royal Public image is something they can insulting media jobs do very easily for me as it were, spare me the frustrations as nobody gave them the instruction to build up such stupidities in the first place. So I hear they have the better of me but it was a job that pop stars who handled my patented systems were supposed to have done at the Estate, so since last they made the money they had become fully paid up part of the blame culture, blame transfer, can never stop lying, passing insults to handle my public image and extricate money from it people, they are even making me deals as per how much money and power and position they will get from doing it and I want them out of my life, does not look to the ones that regularly set out that stupid media and paparazzi to tell me I have not got a choice about the matter with a big mouth understand what they are doing yet – making songs on my public image to handle female bullies with criminal characters in a clubbing and partying lifestyle and then when rich enough making one that helps the same idiots to handle me, showing up here, talking nonsense and blabbing about being successful in the US at my expense as well, looking for trouble they cannot handle. I want them outside of my life and anything that happens at this Estate; the history of the songs that were made with my systems in mind to help me control criminality will remain in the Public, does not matter who is getting the money but if they persistently show up around here there will be a story on their case as well all together (I am aware of concerns about the Unilateral manner in which I behave but it is those who claim my Business Empire does not exist while they want to make money with it who are responsible for making my position so confusing - it is a Business Empire with a Global front and its sole purpose is to broker my Equities and sell Books I have written.).