Now they claim they want to have a real world conversation about the fact that I am so well rounded up by civil rights hoodlums with money that nothing I do will ever progress unless I gave up the Royal Office that tended to make me belief I am more important than people who are actually better than I am, after which I show up at the Market place to earn money from people they were connected to, having taken 15 years of my time to rip up the property and get connected to everything and everybody that might likely want to work with me in the wider world like we see their stupidities give it to the frugal to damage as well and get away with that is. So I know that this position where my academic work and finances is subjected to the civil rights practical jokes was not one in which I had placed myself, we know that they would never have been able to enforce it even with the entire planets Media systems at their disposal, so it is clear they are enforcing it through abuses, violent insults and various other forms of vandalism because they have built a community that will help them enforce it, which means that these are a group of idiots that are incredibly good at looking for trouble. We see the same of their Politicians showing up to rip up my academic work and finances, so when I have some financial anxieties they can run it off on Media as a process where I was afraid of them and therefore facilitate industrial narcissism without which they cannot get into business and business their stupidities must be involved with whether the entire world liked it or not. I have warned them about the Celebrity money they take working their stupidities on my Public image especially since the great Obama facilitated it on a global stage and how it means that every involvement at Industry on their part is done solely to destroy what I own and make them money at the other end – I have warned them about their stupid gits getting the hands up my bum and believing that as long as they can turn off the consumers from my Books for the rest of my life, they will have what they have never had, in the form of Royalty that they were able to oppress, as stupidly as possible; we know present conditions as per why they tackle me endlessly is that they are stuck with me and nearly past the fame and celebrity success, as well as they can fight and defend themselves when bullied but messing with me usually means nothing they do is ever enough, much the same way as warning them to keep off my Books and stop following around has become a sermon, such that when they want to discuss the business of me being a waste of time, as per I am not the one complaining, we see they never stop clowning around with processes of getting others to do hard work while they put up the feet and live in easy streets thereof but that the main problem is still that feeling sore affects the career and finances at a basic level like we see their stupidities give their own to those who might want to save it for the future. Hence there is that sense I am set to tolerate it especially from the Blacks and other ethnic minorities to a point where doing so is a habit for me leaving them to do whatever they liked.

I do get asked what the problem with Celebrities is when most of them are so nice to me but it entirely depends on what this means; I mean if people pick up my work and do popular culture to help support other young people at School and a Celebrity picks it up to protect herself with while she wades Industry trouble makers that will become her friends if the deal is right, in order to sell music CDs that will make her more important than I am, does this add up to a process of doing that job they have taken out of this Hermitage, playing stupid games with Media? Then there are the ones whose position tends to make work for me, which is not bad if I have a lot of money to invest and a lot of energy to work it by and this is not what I am unhappy about, as all I need do is organise it better. Hence its never really a clearly set out deal that Celebrities hate me and I hate Celebrities but we know that society idiots that show up to tear down academic pursuits, pretending nobody knows until it is too late for the victims, on account the victims were trying to shut down access to their personalities that should be abused to make people rich, is linked to Celebrities – when people say that I walk around as if I have conquered while they were the real conquerors who want to move into my right hand and beat me up so I am so afraid I never get around to that aspect of my mind and life ever again as they did what they liked with it to wear suits in the City and issue threats for the smell because they will not take responsibility for the fact their family members are causing it, as I tend to make sense of their mental illnesses, it is linked to Celebrities: we find that when they make the Celebrity money and invest it at Industry, there is no link between doing so and ripping up your career but that happens due to the business of their Politicians wanting to own the sociological manner in which you get around your concerns at University until you dropped out and their Media fools wanting to own your Public image, hence their activities add up to something of needing your assets so that they might win their own contracts in the City because stupid is what stupid does, such that the point of anger is that you have to reorganise your whole life while the insults of idiots are the cause for delay. These are just two main examples of the reasons there is a problem with Celebrities; I mean if people were so stupid and insulting they needed my assets to win their own contracts in the City by, did they have to do it so noisily that my academic work and career was damaged in the process? Hence now they say that what I am doing with my Bookshop is stupid and yes I agree it is where it is but it will be sell the Books at their expense, to ensure they understood exactly what will happen when they made a mess of my career again – having conversations about their insults eventually achieving such stupid disposition as their mates becoming a waste of time.

They do claim I pretend it will be easy to handle them but it will be; they have their Politicians, Society and Culture goons but unlike every body else’s version of it, their own are unable to keep the hands to themselves – its usually something that Armed Services people cannot tolerate but if you want stability you must ensure they did not get off handling Civilian Population at their own discretion; it would not take three weeks for me to sack all of it and they I believe are very well aware of my warnings, that big mouth getting bolder and more violent because it is it not rich before I was on what I am working on or did not share it, then I will lose it, looking for more of what it is complaining about. It shows up at the academic institutions all the time looking like its interested in the jobs and careers but is only interested in ripping up personalities it wants to become a media mogul when it spends its time abusing for as long as possible with media and popularity and needs to ensure these persons responded on account that they had suffered a terrible loss. I have always been aware of it and they have always been warned about it, the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions I am going to ensure they got the trouble they sought. They speak of me complaining about the young people while at the same time want me to justify all my actions; we all know it will never stop the insults and abuses and will never stop churning my tummy to blab about how much suffering it can cause until I used my own to do it while it is complaining about my response every time it does – as I have mentioned before, it may pick up the knives and so on but if I told it I will be handing over Public image it would not stab anything if it was a facing a deadly threat all together but the clear reason I should never do such things obviously is that whatever is going on will all depend on me as it were. So this is how Todays gimmick on wrecking my Book sales to develop conversations about me being a waste of time so every civil rights idiots might show up to share what I know without buying the Books, while the older society gits get to make financial sense of abusing me, has ended. They would say I have had a rough time but we all know it’s a matter of waiting and waiting for five years to see if their sensibility will mean that stepping out of your door does not make you smell, allowing you to complete any studies you need to do for your projects and it had never worked, their point being that Celebrity is multimillion pound Industry and it would be terrible on your part to wreck it over such a thing and it feeds into that sense that you should consider this while you are thinking it is terrible behaviour to make out your rights are associated with all that happens outside of your four walls. Their big excuse is always that I am partly responsible which is utter nonsense as we know the business of people dreaming up bits about me getting stabbed and shot on the streets as long as that my personality was detached from me and put up somewhere for the common good first of all is linked to Celebrities who are clearly very important people – so we find that with the help of racists goons like this from the Caribbean will do these things and it will be blamed on West Africans, while we know they have adopted many dispositions of discrimination and Brexit is one of them with that big mouth. I am now fed up with the business of tolerating it, as it is obvious it can develop from a process of complaining about me and the idea that that foolish Culture is a place my potential can go to vanish permanently, to complaining about how I responded when it got off doing me violent favours with the same culture insanity. They really love to claim that I am being punished by the Crown which I cannot make sense of, such that if the Head of State had deviant relatives and this affected them, as long as their property was not damaged in anyway, I am left wondering if it mattered – either way, they have heard my position and the warnings issued about shutting down those Comments, keeping away from my Books and putting an end to a dirty business they find amusing which involves following me around and making a mess with Media.

It is then said that although I say what I say the process continue still i.e. building my own version of abusive media people and yes I am as I have warned them about ripping up my Books, making stupid comments, following me around and running off their media madness of Publicity I had built for it, to keep up stupid dreams about being able to oppress Royalty. What they are saying is that I am trying to work with Hoodlums, but it is not Hoodlums at all, its civil rights and it needs its own narcissism of Industry that will ensure we had party environment that facilitated sales. They do say the main problem here is that I am a coward but this is not news; it’s a sequence of me coward, hoodlum are okay, their bottom hurts and deal with nauseating financial complications; nobody can tell why it appears to be such a fabulous ideas to play with my livelihood like that every day. They do claim I am frustrated because I am unable to be successful in sales which is utter nonsense: what happens is that I part with what I need to part with, work for what I need to work for, become a part of a community I want to identify with while I am doing my business and they took interest in that market that existed because when I served people they wanted to reward me by reading my Books – first it became an issue of me feeling sore all over to ensure that they never faced a threat from me, that also meant I was too ill to chase new horizons and then it grew and grew into something of an interest in a fraction of customer base that will one day say, they can fund my Books but I need to learn not to allow them take advantage of me in such ways, so they want to finish this market completely – the outcome now is that alongside their homosexuals and Celebrities and hoodlums, they have never faced a threat to great to their finances and market and yet while they complain about that, every 24 hours a comment has been made on their foolish Media and my Books have been handled. I do get told I am fooling around with my future which is utter nonsense; it has always been a very small thing I was allowed to do at the Monarchy and a Book I wrote that was so serious people needed to get the Queen off her Royal concerns to confirm my position, which quite incredibly HM did several times but it still led to their society ripping up my whole life to work with their Celebrities at a business where my Books created Political instability in the UK and they had dreams of revolution – if we don’t find them invent such nonsense with other peoples careers, what we find is that Conservative young people pick up ideologies their parents should be having and deserve punishment and sodomy for it and only when you are burned out do the idiots realise there was a culture and society of their own reasons why they were comfortable on left and hence a sense that as long as it can rely on a process where there were no consequences for it, it will start to believe it had the right and might.