Fall out of race, Finance, Market and popularity nepotism
Government activity caused Personality loss reprisals, blame culture and vindictive Popularity
Gold digger USA and entertainment corruption
Involvement corruption of Popularity perversion, corrupt Royals and opportunistic Communists
Fall out of Property Equity and Temperament Perversion
Entertainment good times hunting involvement corruption and possessiveness
Corrupt industry abdication of responsibility for privilege Politics, its career destruction and criminal neighbourhoods
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They do claim it was an issue I continued to deny that I was facing increasing dangers for messing with important and powerful people; it is all nonsense naturally, lies being told but the reasons they tell these lies was the most fascinating of all i.e. their insults have eventually fed into my public life and created them problems they cannot handle on a whim, so they needed more powerful people to make me which is unbearable, considering that no warnings or reason is yet to get though to their stupid famous minds. It has taken a 20-year career mess here and some need to survive the interests of doxy society for the message to get through that it is not okay for them to mess with my client interests at the Bookshop and especially the Celebrities have explained the problem to be that my Books made them uncomfortable i.e. the trouble we find ourselves in where some people fought my wars and the famous decided they were part of an immoral society which decided I should have no access to my own public image, is due to the fact that I got the problem under control, the question of the interests extremists had in people with careers that was built on the limelight and they are saying that when my Books make them uncomfortable it was due to the way it execrated the problem, so it is clearly deserving of 100% of anything violent that I had in mind, if it makes such a mess of my career I am now one of those things local authorities tidied up along with street trash, living on social security. It loves to boast about my inability to handle the matter but I have no idea where this comes from considering the facts; that even if the King handled my career to sort out matters pertaining to the interests of his Mistress who is now Queen, reality is that it does no damage, save the history behind it where people got confident that each time they wanted to steal peoples property they could invoke the name of the King for it, which I suppose is one of the issues that gets them claiming I am in a lot of trouble whereas it ought to mind its business and fool around somewhere else – then there is the Book itself which is written to show case for people the importance of sorting out financial matters at the jobs market and the sort of attention and diverted attention I am getting because of the famous meant that the Bookshop stalled, at the same time I did not ask for or pay for the attention itself, still it will not go away despite repeated warnings – Then there is the idea that what I am doing with the famous explained the problems we faced in the modern world which problems had always existed, beating down poorer people at the background and now we can see that bad employer Scorpio, thorn in the side of law enforcement and a real problem for those who are finding work for the first time Joe Biden and the likes are no longer lurking at the background to suggest public Office holders stupid and cowardly because it pushed it really hard, the one that explains the so called Scorpio, vagabond Virgo with its alliance with famous fools and forced gay Libra dynamic where it claims Libras like me existed for the bottom chasing insults and we know it gets the Politicians listening to its stupid feelings for it every day – we are talking about a process where I will need to pursue that stupid well off neighbourhood abuses to the tourist and holiday destinations, to which effect I got to pay a lot of attention to Celebrity bank balance otherwise my Bookshop which clearly does not belong to them was a better option for everybody, point made that the Books made the uncomfortable since it is not their property. I mean I am talking about it because it continued to peddle a sense that I did not possess the intelligence to get around to the problem, no idea which part of restricting its comments to its career as I am drowning in its insults, that it failed to understand – especially in context of claims I had no respect for the famous whilst what really happens is their need to put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of, show up here offering the public an opportunity to be part of rogue landlord criminality, corrupt private security industry and hoodlums that cannot keep the imagination off peoples pants and it does not wish to be in charge anymore, is famous stupidities had shifted the focus to a stage where it knew how to make me work for their stupidities but had left out their announcement of where it would like to stop if its stupid life relied on it doing so. 

The respect issues itself of which the real problem is that they were now public figures and placed in a stage by which they could experience too, the impacts their abuses had on public figures, regardless of whether the fame was achieved handling my social and public life. In retrospect, everything here is under control; after the matter of extremist interest in the lives of people who had public figure and limelight jobs, I had set a stage for the society insults to be peddled only by those who can afford the consequences of doing so but again as I mentioned, this crisis was built by the famous because I had the problem under control, to ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody and I had to cover their backside for a living, so I am now in a position where there are no other options save the part where I did something to put a stop to the famous insults; I have been asked about the part where I get along with them which I do not, it is simply a matter of when they are not being destructive because they wanted something from me, so we are seeing the reasons I am thrilled about them at this, as it is poised to pick up human resources and absolutely shred it, then push people hard into working hard on account it had made some money off people who thought about controlling extremist interests by setting out assets and finance in a way that allowed them enjoy the lifestyle of the wealthy and important by the time a cycle had been completed, whereas it should have meant that they were complaining about the demands that were made of them which meant they had made enough money and ought to give space for other peoples careers or that they negated the problem because they enjoyed creating public problems by so doing. Then there is my background of fighting ageist gits with money in the bank to build hell for those who are finding work for the first time, going on for an eternity without any rewards no matter what my career had become (THERE IS THE ONE THING OUTSTANDING I.E. THE WELL OFF NEIGHBOURHOODS I HAVE NOT YET HANDLED AND THEREFORE FEELS UNTOUCHABLE, COMPLETE WITH FAMOUS GITS HAVING GAINED ACCESS TO ACCORD THAT IS ONLY DUE TO GOVERNMENTAL PUBLIC FIGURES IN THIS PLACE AND WILL NOT STAND HANDLING IT DISOBEDIENTLY, NEEDS PUT IT ON THE LINE TO PROVE ITS POINT OR STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY CLIENT INTERESTS AT THE BOOKSHOP).

It is not to say that my work is failing as such, the argument is that people ought to leave school and get them into A and E or worse in order to build a supporting reputation for the work place, which everybody knows is a supporting reputation that does not work for the work place at all, then it shows up here with its German influence idiots whom because of its insults and the damage done to my academic pursuits and finances, no longer fear me whenever they were pushing stupidities about the way I picked up a lifestyle that should belong to a woman which I needed to give up and pursue a real mans job, whilst working hard to preserve the tough men’s self improvement seminar for the male population gimmicks that will not lay off my public life and supports them all the way to South America. The main problem is that I am still single, so whilst it has got its short insolent videos that it believed was the best way to make advertisement, I did not have a wife who enjoyed my need for sexual narcissism too, I mean I have been told it does not imply I am dead an buried either, but it does mean I cannot handle this so emphatically that we did not get to entertain these sorts of conversations about it all together: prevalent history is the insults and abuses, the double up to build support crowds that prevented any insults and abuses they may suffer, the sad stage where my holiday home is ransacked by locals, sad, so I pick myself up and try again, not underestimating the  part where I came to harm, so my wife had to access my social life and network in order to provide for the children sort of thing. I am not really as deluded about Celebrities the way it is suggested, it simply loved to suggest I did not possess the intelligence to handle this matter, so I loved to supply a lot of information every time I handled it - the real reason we are doing this is that a bunch of famous idiots loved to make excuses over my Books once they see it in hard copy, tear down public awareness of my patents whilst their foolish fans got to claim they owned my career, pursue and rip up Client interest in the Bookshop and pick up my career publicity to ensure I got to serve their madness as they saw fit but I am cash strapped because although they possessed funds to buy the books in every sense of the word, they suggested I was probably better off writing something else and then showed up issuing threats to make what seems to be the alternative to being admitted into rehab performed around here, as real as they possibly can. 


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There is this talk about how UK government reforms on the economy is not working and that it will not pay off and that things are slow and that things do not work as they want. It makes so much sense to me when it is said so accompanied with abusive and insolent language towards me. I mean I can see myself as a business man but I would be a normal business man and therefore know that I am only to work with the economy I have got not tell people to change it by spending more tax payers money...

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I do not impress myself on anybody like they claim I do. The truth about it is that they always want to hurt the Christian, so they have figured out that when the ethos of somebody’s faith is based on the fact they are the way they are because they have refused to repent and that he has a duty to hope and pray until they one day do, the person is the weak link through which they will wreak much havoc. So now they will repent for sure whether they like it or not; too late to be pop stars a...

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With respect to differences among the political parties in the UK I have difficulty understanding what they mean. Labour is Labour and Liberal democrats are Liberal democrats and conservatives are conservatives; differences anyone?

Conservatives always do what they always do and Liberal democrats are the ones I can never get; I mean what is Liberal about their democracy besides what happens more often which is pretending to be the nice guys of Politics then going all over the place hurting p...

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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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