It is true people damage my intellectual property with their plans to get rich but so is it also true that I damage their decadence and wickedness with gospel I force on them in my absence, the spread of panic based on my being beaten is not founded on fact. It has also become a popular story to claim most of my actions are extreme cowardice to facilitate regular bullying from those I might consider not strong enough, developing insults that facilitate some form of notoriety that allows money making and feelings of relevance with Media but what is rather more obvious to a telling mind is that what they are complaining about on the right hand side is only the initial album as this sort of abuse will only lead to outcomes where I perform another one and for the money this time on the left hand side as well - since the fact that some people do not think that the great Academics and Career routine is as important as just sitting about contemplating fame except when they are ripping up other peoples lives in the process stirring up public dissension as well, is not necessarily the point at which others should have to drop out of University and other academic institutions.

I am said to behave more like a woman which is utter nonsense – I believe people would solve their problems of suppositions about my case if they read my Books and blogs and not if they got off being a part of the stupidities we see Media fools exhibit because they find a reaction from me to the damage they do on my work and earning margins exhilarating, having been they spent some years earlier explaining their activities by telling lies and mainly linking it with the fact I had attended an academic institution and the whole point of doing so explains their behaviour – it has since thus become such a clever form of bullying that people are unable to tell them off. I do not behave like a woman when my work and property is now being handled by all sorts of idiots, facilitated by stupid Politicians who complain about me all the time but will then set off to build crowds and set out statements that suggest those things I complain about is still on until poor people become rich, especially the Americans; so we find that whenever some young women pick up matters at my public work to go and make some money at popular culture, they give money to these women to build up the idea that my career was lost to them, bearing in mind that the music made usually supports young people at school especially the girls that the Boys can never allow study as it were and that was how we built it, having been they had continued to assume that there will be any more trouble over it when these women had become exceedingly rich, besides the business of the women taking the money until a problem arises which suggests they should not be doing the popular culture anymore, then maybe they may shut it down. I mean the practical jokes these fools enjoy is something they would claim makes me a victim but I am not a victim, yes it is a matter of discrimination but the business of discrimination – non-discrimination – protecting the self from discrimination in order to discriminate has always been a fabulous use of my time, wherefore we have a history between us and the Americans have already built me one that ensures I am never to be successful until my Literary Empire was split between me and them and because it is the business of taking from me an environment my publishers had built me to work in, I intend to ensure any time in which I end up looking as if I am working on a Hermitage that operates in such ways, will end with a result that is such as when I tore up and completely destroyed their popular culture as well, as this is not the 1980s; so it has been a matter of discrimination and where it’s between whites and other people its racism, when it’s not, it’s nepotism but the biggest practical joke is still being led by Liberal USA and the Celebrities, who claim that not being able to extract an income from my work and Public image makes me a threat to their freedoms and continue to wreck the finances in order to bring these nonsense back into my concerns every day, looking for more of what they are complaining about. The work of being a writer is to ensure that I need to sell the Books for a living instead of give it away, to ensure my best made plans are available for people to access as cheaply as possible, to ensure that I have a Library quiet enough to provide a service where people buy the Books they read around here and after that I must run the numbers at the market place until I am able to earn the £25,000, writers salary threshold, we all know media fools will never mind their business or abandon the idea that doing damage because my response that is exhilarating is something they were addicted to, never listen to what other people are saying to them, I do not behave more like a woman on account that whenever you put pressure on women on a certain direction, they are always likely to go down exactly that way – would be nice if they read the Books and blogs and kept their mouths off my concerns, kept it firmly shut. They always do say that they have told their silly children strange things about me which is meant to scare me but does not in any way whatsoever – the first time scum like these hated my guts proving themselves to discriminative communities at my expense, it ended with a serious matter the Politicians had to pay attention to, concerning the fact I don’t fancy their sugar babies or anybody having sex on me – so this in my view is just progress from the fact they never mind their business and are always looking for trouble. The Muslims will be an understanding of what people mean when they say that people should try to avoid getting involved whenever racists and Muslima are fighting each other, due to the fact it’s a two groups of people who never really listen and never get it – so we find that by being a Muslim its very important and the question of your life is one of how you are to grow from one stage to another and develop from one level to the next, soon after which it gets into a habit of provoking you and keeping an eye on you to ensure you never got over it, catches up with the whites chasing you around until you were unable to concentrate on what you were doing over what you knew and then put out a product on it they can take home and end up with a mini war because they should be getting it free and in a condition where you were waiting on them, just like that randomly, complaining all the time but has no plans to stop doing it; the Media obviously foster it and ensure I deal with it everyday because they love the obscurity of doing damage to my Books and finances due to the prospective outcome of ending up one day in a situation where they could say I had a fame that existed in the past, a career that had been taken by somebody else, I am forgotten and not modern etc, their stupidities therefore loving the obscurity bits so much until I had built a Public image on it all together. As for the reasons people target me however, the most common example is when Football people are not buying Aston Martin if there is equity brokered with me and then it will reach a point where they have to deal with somebody starting trouble because people were claiming to be familiar with wealthy persons and that will turn out to be a problem they can only solve when they are connected with Politicians and the Royals – while at it however on the other hand, I am simply not entitled to my earnings and they have made up stories to suggest there is a link that may support the idea I am responsible for these things too while there is none, in the same way that it was obvious that it would make no sense tackling their need to make my life toxic all the time and run away with the income margins, if I was not tackling the wealthy that are building semblances of such things on Media every day.

I get told that on one hand whatever I say, the outcome is always that I win, while on the other hand I am addicted to being served – for the former of which is a matter of behaving anyway they liked because a kid had a public image they would secure an exit from, for the latter it’s a matter of being in charge of what is done in my direction as a service to the Crown, usually of which those who do it as a matter of protecting me directly do it due to the fact they want me to exert authority where it mattered and they do it to wreck the state provided security and make plans of their own to be important. They always boast at the end about getting out of me those things that will ensure society was cohesive while those who were superior to me maintained their superiority but its an old tale of their lawlessness being directly linked to an obsession with money while wanting others to take responsibility for the consequences and do not want to smell because of it too; how it makes them important beats my imagination every time, but we have reached a point where the pestering needs to reach an ending. They speak of what originally happened all the time but what really did was the fact they have no respect for other peoples personal and thinking space and always tend to justify it on grounds that the Monarchy exists i.e. I walk around like I am Royalty for spending all night reading or paying attention to a Career and the fight begins pointlessly and never stops – then they build it up to a stage in which I am now sharing my personal life and bed chamber with the imaginations of their Community croons, society goons who now have somebody to depend upon for all the wrong reasons and culture trouble makers who ensure that people are softened up to be tackled over money issues by making sure people are damned if they did and if they didn’t; this is what really happened, their version of the truth.


The talk of Public instability has always been a matter of Politicians not doing the job for years and then finding out it is becoming more difficult later on – the crisis at hand being that civil service staff are picking up most of the work they are supposed to because of where the Public goes for answers and this is the prime reason that the NHS is in such a mess all together. The Politicians are more interested in American influence, talking about whether or not it is a good thing every time that they are asked about local matters while the incompetent way they ran their business of being governed from overseas was a process of allowing individual US politicians with individual pursuits to seek their Interests at Parliament while what they were pursuing was fundamentally tied to their Political ambitions and the people who donate the money that runs their campaigns – on the other hand, they are serving their masters at Washington. Each time it is suggested they then need to run this business of feeding the hungry while serving their masters properly, we have those stupid statements being made for violent reasons they cannot back up like the idiots in suits they really are on the shop floor or Parliament. The Labour Party that does it most of all claims its because I am a power monger while its really because of the perverse relationship they have established with my monster mum who was never there during growing up time but is now using them to enforce her stupid version of how I ought to exist, every time I overlook years of abuse and attack from her as an indication I needed to set out a sense of enmity that gave me freedom from it, I got hurt all the time and so this happens to be the only thing in my life that I have delayed in a real sense and it therefore threatens everything else quite interestingly; what these fools leave out of their stories of petition over my so called attitude at Parliament is that their foolish Celebrities build fame on the relationship I have with my parents and each Public transport that comes towards me on the streets with them in the driving seat is being operated with claims they are the goons that get to whip my anus. When their MPs issue those stupid threats at Parliament, I really do think idiots in suits are looking for a response to their bluff as it were.

The other part of their story naturally is that I am a power monger and this is something people hate – the truth is that they love to ascribe what I do unto people they think are a substitute for me with respect to their sense of involvement and friendship. It is usually irritating but when you also have LGBTQ idiots all over the radio waves all day, beating me down while I chase my daily concerns, to decide if I could establish a relationship with somebody I wanted to settle down with, its annoying enough for a response which is what they are getting. They do say that my activities affect their finances naturally and yes it does; I was furnished with all I needed, the equities and property but since last they got it into their heads that the parts I wanted to release money from to pay my way in the world, was the one everybody had a right to release money from, it had all gone to hell and what we face these days is that they might just end up taking it from me and that will be a good price for years of British Monarchy working oppression on others – it never stops following this plan even while we know once their famous idiots extract money from my Public image, they open up overseas account and avoid taxes. It is then said that I do not acknowledge the clash that has existed between Monarchy and Parliament but there is no such thing. First of all, save where the authority of the Politicians are, there is no instability in the Country as claimed and the other women who handle culture and society matters, that I tend to support have done their own so well there is a clearly set out sense of Public stability that those who understand what it means now know they needed to work harder on their exploitation gimmicks if at all they had to make money from it and this is where the Police have clear tasks on their hands when they got involved with Communities. It feeds into that other case I had little respect for the people who are making real sacrifices around my concerns which is utter nonsense as all that noisy activity and abusive behaviour at the highest level do not help at all; they are really people who work the civil services and those who did not do Doctor and Nurses will be doing Military and of those who did Military some will do Secret services and of those some will support Government operatives – so I am aware that if I did not put out Equities it might be very difficult for the borders of British Interests to be protected and likewise would my equities never have made sense if they were not doing what they are doing, the part that the trouble makers who raise questions on the matters play which beats my imagination every time. Eventually the theory that Royalty is stupid is always better not tested or proven, since it usually grows into a case of which one is stupid and which one is not and which ones they think they can do better than, much as we find that Politicians who talk about revolution all the time restlessly have now met with other goons at the Monarchy who get imagination up peoples bottoms without reason or purpose and it is not actually part of mainstream living as they claim it is – revolution which tends to suggest HM should hand the Government to them and we are lost as per why they relentlessly consider themselves to be better at it but all that catches their imagination is what they regard as the glory of Country change, when they are not one huge big responsibility after another for other people. Some will say its terrible to hang around talking about whether Royalty is stupid but I have my reasons for responding to it; the outcome of the sort of talk is that it feeds into the extreme forms of Celebrity stupidities we have had to tolerate in history – the output is that Royalty is stupid, so we find people who have brilliant minds and temperaments, likely to succeed in most of what they set out to do, hanging around somewhere dealing with matters of violence and war and is likely to develop into something of a handful of goons with money and Media presence finding the prospects of people being hungry and homeless very amusing. I am Royalty but they do it to me as well never the less i.e. it will not stop handing my Public image or making comments about my Books, the reasons that telling it off does not make sense is that it is addicted and has planned popularity pipelines on it, which must now be defended on grounds of who has the biggest private security Industry protection, ion my view therefore being something that will end the way they want apparently.

I am told that I play along with the gimmick of people pushing my boundaries at the Monarchy which is not the case at all - they are not pushing my boundaries, I am doing exactly what I want to do and this is usually the problem i.e. if I am doing exactly what I want to do and they are not required to push my boundaries thereof, its not good enough to let it go, so they build up reputation that they are pushing my boundaries and threaten me over the smell they cause, which smell I know means a life of goons that chase a loose path until they got stuck but so do they know why mine happens. The myth of Royalty being stupid is to do with the juxtaposition of never making an assumption while being good enough to hit the ground running each time you are asked to do anything and holding that state of mind constantly.


Hence the case with my mum is a really big issue that threatens everything else naturally but its not as much a problem as people rather believe that it is – the problem is that I have not yet found in me a means to develop some real hatred for somebody I care about and hopefully will not leave it too long and end up blaming others for the fact I was unable to build myself a comfortable pension in the process. The loophole that facilitates the means for people to say that its possible for them to get along with me now they know I care about my mum will likely lead to more responses they will complain about with respect to those stupidities telling me how to exist – the business of Politicians with American influence making me out to be a character that has stolen personality that should rightfully be their own, growing into something of me being a social pariah to improve their prospects of winning elections which consigns my career to a matter of how people want to use me and not what I do for a living and of course the destruction of my Bookshop everyday with stupid comments on a Media exposure that changes what people feel about the books, leaving me penniless on one had while on the other is the money Celebrities have being spent to develop a sense I worked for market others took until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy, is still the one problem that needs solving here. On a personal note however, its hard to make sense of the role these idiots are playing in the relationship I have with my Mum, but we do see them leave it out that they approach me with cars on the roads while I am a pedestrian, making stupid statements about being the ones that get to whip my anus, another group of their stupid children bring it under a roof I share with them to blow off the big mouth about my smell being likely to wreck their careers and the women leaving me with a process of bumping into their stupidities having built me a reputation that says I am a bum, to ensure their foolish children can get imagination up my bum and hang around street corners being lowest of the low to talk nonsense about people doing their stuff and secure alleviation for the mental illness that comes from years of a habit of telling lies and stealing things by securing fame and popularity on my Public image, which will ensure they got to say that their stupidities were important and I couldn’t satisfy myself by making sure it was clear they are absolute scum because they have got money, which I bump into every time I step outside of my door, like an education on the reasons murder and manslaughter happens, as it becomes quite clear that human beings cannot possibly be this stupid. They do say I am not as weak as I present myself naturally and yes I am not – what happens is that the only time I got to experience their stupidities were the times I had to face the world on my own, so its not the sort of thing you learn to expose yourself to via Church and what will happen likely is that people got back what they put in since it’s a huge vanity on their part, no time have I got to grow out of it and no space have I got to store it – they are not important and it is not that difficult to ensure that every fake sense of it was completely destroyed. I understand they want to run the Country, but so must they understand the importance of not handling me and or putting a stop to current processes of doing so.

I will then be told that I rubbish the cause of dissidents which I don’t; what happens is that even in the factories and warehouses you can not be free of seeing them engaged in the development of one form of wickedness after another and then it catches up with them and they develop ideas on weak people they want to handle; it was the same in South Africa but there was none there to tell them they needed to buzz off every time they wanted to run the Country and others needed to pay a price for it, so it eventually developed into apartheid, same in Zimbabwe until Mugabe became the devil himself to please all sides. There is always the period of undisturbed social cohesion, followed by a period of sexual debauchery and then segregation every time we look at the history of in-land racism in the west but as far as the insults they cannot shut down goes and the need to hang around somewhere following up stupid ideas about how I should exist and what I should be used for, the bloody idiots have not achieved either of the three with that stupid money madness they have going for them and they are already making stupid statements that suggest how I should live under their foolish dominance. So we can see that Trump was never racist, only tried to solve the racism problem as a republican and they made him racist on the Media, so they have got a racist to point to but have not got the type that will shut them up yet.

I have now been told I have lost track of the things I used to do to help myself feel safe which I have not; what has happened is that these gits have now found that their whole lives do not lie ahead of them anymore because they have spent too much of their time on me, so I don’t go too far like I used to anymore as well, seeing that this affects entire communities. The idea that I will never be free of them is utter nonsense; they are living off the remains of what CIA and FBI and NSA did while Obama was in Office to make them profitable peeping toms to say the least, so their whole lives now rely on a business of building me Public life that suggest I have my clothes taken off my back while I walk down the streets, so people might get imagination up my private parts and really make a mess of me, this the US secret services did, knowing perfectly well that giving these idiots access to peoples personal lives in a condition where they are unable to accept that a patented product ought to be completely free of any gimmicks associated with access gained to me and what I am doing which I have not get developed Publicity for, so it goes without saying the outcome is still that I am sore all over, I smell of what I ate all the time and they have not yet provided a reason, driving it towards a conclusion where they will provide a closure instead and then it will have stopped the way they wanted it to. I will be told I am playing into the gimmicks of society gits which I am not – their own is a special case of abusive involvement with me and my concerns since 2003, starting off with the use of my personality, garnished with little insults where saying I am not homosexual is not good enough etc and then it eventually came to a head when I dropped out of University but for them it has not yet been serious enough for their stupidities to stop playing with me; each time I move them on, the result is more vengeance because I dared to, which makes it incredibly annoying, it points all the time to what I have done with that stupid culture and society and the prospect is what will happen when I get my hands on it again as it were; what we find happens everyday is these idiots being responsible for everything that adds up to crowds of useless young people jeering, insulting and abusing behind my back which is likely to get violent and churns my tummy and it happens every time I step outside of my door, which facts they leave out of their stupidities petitioning the Politicians about my attitude, when I say it is evil people likely think it’s a bit of heavy word to use but it really is – the business of everything associated with a gimmick that adds up to building pockets of society that facilitates this sort of nonsense and the imagination that gets up my private parts is meant to have been a development of a certain type of power, even they constantly express an assumption as stupidly as possible, that a Hermit was likely to be completely naïve of such things. I might have thought that according to the way they complain about me, they might have wanted to stop playing with me at this stage but what we know carries on without limits is celebrities buying shares with Companies I have been involved with, in order to handle me, while sending out their stupidities to make sense of the fact they don’t have their lives ahead of them anymore due to time spent on me by showing up here to demand fame from my Public image as a matter of their stupid civil rights.

I have been told its all the influence of the USA and yes it is but they hang around playing those games all the time whereby the British are subjects and Americans are equals of British Royalty while you dream on endlessly of the possibility that they might be more polite and the women will never get a sticker to their faces to say they are at University to chase female lovers, what they do is play a part whenever they see people shoving you because you were protecting some women who had difficult time finding employment no matter how well qualified but it is the Celebrities and their need to rip up my Books and finances in the process that are bound to ensure this matter does not come to an amicable conclusion all together. I have been told there are underlying issues behind what I say and people want me to clear it up and yes there are i.e. like the sense we are not meant to discuss our National and Economic interest frontiers here in the UK, while at the same time the German Interest in British concerns which comes with a lot of Tribute investment is not something I for my part want to lose as it were - so there are many others but the German ones are most valuable and speaking of which the issue of sorting out matters of guys hanging around neighbourhoods to slap girls panties and secure easy money making a mess of the best work people have done with their careers, which black people are always a fan of to a point where it needs to be set out clearly, that I am not their relative, is a very simple thing to do and whilst I am getting it done, its never clear how and or why those who complicate it never own up to their activities. The Dutch and Scandinavians are usually the most Diplomatically valuable because they always want action on the Public and International matters that cause the mental illness, which must be balanced against the issue of not looking like one hangs around somewhere being supportive of a handful of twerps that consider a condition where people are hungry, homeless and jobless to offer an amusing prospect.


We hear endless stories to suggest then that I am homosexual but do not wish to come out on it due to fear but I have no idea why it is that when I am say I am not homosexual, people still think it is inadequate. There is then every indication that I am going to consider the facts, such as the part that they play when a collection of civil disobedience ageist idiots spend their time building crowds that abuse me behind my back with a select few that confront me with violence every time I step outside of my door to churn my tummy and how their stupidities turn up to absorb all I do to move it on for their own conveniences talking nonsense of the justice I expect while all I will get is corruption. Indication I am going to consider how I write a Book their stupid Celebrities find useful, so they stifled the sales and built me a give year History of insults they can manipulate, claiming the tummy issues they inflict on others affects them at the same magnitude which we all know isn’t true and somebody had to be responsible for it, handling my Books by illegal and criminal processes they now think I owe them a career debt to avoid making sure they got punished for and yet it seems that if they have not gotten a response from me, it was their civil and human right to perform such activities talking nonsense at me the entire time, especially such facts as these when they claim I am homosexual but refuse to come out for it. Then there is the part where they claim that what I am complaining about is a product of what I have done to their culture and society but I don’t see that there is much they can do about it either way; that said, the facts are that they are a handful of stupid and insulting pukka women who are always seen playing stupid games with a business of moving into areas of my life where I have done the best work for my public image, personal life and career, to hang around threatening me with the aid of big men that exist to back them up, which society goons will now deal with on our behalf because of Brexit and get into league with it later to become a pain in our backsides, setting the stage for us to live in a truly hellish and debauched society as a whole and the next time I talk about these matters to end up dealing with statements of what they deserve to do because of the way I have handled their culture and society, the response from me will likely be one of getting myself on a scheduled deadline to see a stop to it as well. We see this sort of nonsense everywhere – the society goons will build a crowd that hangs around me all day passing about life changing insults and abuses but of the stupid communities built for to make it happen, there is a group that are bold enough to get imagination up my bum, so these are the ones the Politicians get into government buildings to force me into regarding as clever people and yes that has been done but the whole sordid affair continues to get worse still on their watch – the outcome of this process where its not enough when I say I am not homosexual is likely to be that I thought the whole ideology of homosexuality as that which is a threat to me considering the fact I am unable to handle a whole crowd all by myself and then this will be the beginning of a process where it got to stop the way that their stupidities would have liked it to. The whole thing is everywhere and we find them say that I am always caught up in the lives of homosexuals while it is their insults and abuses that build up a premise around my person that is suggestive of the benefits of anal sex – where it is always about how I should be used and not what I know, which began since 2002 when their obsession with what my personality could be used to do for them in terms of the fame and fortune that cures insanity which comes as a result of their whole lives being spent on the business of lying and stealing all day long; live out an existence that is impervious to the social conditions that cause people to be homosexual and they want me to be homosexual rather than follow the leadership, write a Book Celebrities find useful and they stifled the sales to build a sense of how I should be used through a five year history of insults instead of reading it, make statements about these to ensure that any who does not read the Books do not benefit from the services and American influence gets violent, select a terrible neighbourhood to look after a Hermitage and those who took them to Buckingham Palace to show the Monarchy there are more superior black people out there beyond my silly self had hit the jackpot, once they hurt themselves with it my whole life got flushed down the loo talking nonsense about what they did for the society, public and country as compared to what I did and can do as a premise to the privileges they can never stop acquiring at my expense as its usually assumed other peoples world revolved around their stupidities, when they see society fools who wrecked my academic work and were made to suffer for incessant involvement with my concerns after, they play a part that ensure my tummy cannot stand it and then turn up to blow off that big mouth like so, that I am gay hence when I say I am not, its not sufficient for them, so it is all looking like another campaign to see if I can cure them of it is on the cards but what is overwhelmingly obvious at this stage, is that homosexuality has always been forced on people and no such thing as people being born that way. The story of me looking the part like keeping my pressures in my hips like women do instead of my chest like most men do, while the real issue is a need for them to look like the pocket of society stupidities that allows them rally idiots to follow me around on the streets with abuses, insults, violation and violence is something they cannot stop, which leaves me with a need to start working processes that puts me between them and their employers like that was the main problem as well. Besides which we know that anal sex is something women do but I am always having to deal with insults that put me in a position that suggests I am in need of it, like I would have been having it with them if I were – nothing works around here the way nature intended anymore, blowing off that big mouth with a media presence, criminally handling my Books to make stupid comments every day. The big mouth is all good, the reality is that when I do them again there will be another story as per whether I am on the side of Russia or the West, the first one that started around 2001 did not end well and we are now 2 decades into their stupidities settling up a form of relationship with me. In the end I get told that I never mention some of the important reasons behind their activities and I suppose this would rather serve a very good time to point out their gimmicks are linked to a matter of the current defence Chief coming from Celebrity culture background, I mean we cannot say we see him link it up with his job the last time we checked but they have been all over the place to ensure others bore the responsibility and the bottom hurting, at the same time which anything that appears to be a privilege of security that facilitates a means of criminal activities that grab the best work people do for their career such as this, is embraced with open arms, whereby if they did wish to keep it secret, all those insults about people fighting my battles all day long, if they did wish to keep it secret until they dominated everything, I do not see how claims that I am homosexual actually helped. In retrospect, this matter has never really been a problem since I had gotten my Books into Publication, they had abused the work and I had followed up with statements on their behaviour, making it impossible for them to benefit from the services without buying it but then again even while they are aware that I had made a copyright statement on my Books about people setting out a distant learning and benefit premise from it, their need to take selfies on my work and Public image especially for the Americans is still as bad as ever and so it is when I think that there is no need to pay for Publicity while I am getting a free one that the bloody idiots will start to think I have acted in a way which suggested I needed to be stopped with their big mouth. This whole business of smelling still goes back to the corrupt things the FBI, CIA and NSA did with them to allow them access to peoples private existence and what they are saying is that they get their imagination up the part of my life where what I did in the loo was not even shared with my spouse because they have seen me naked, they have seen me in the bathroom and so on. So I am not homosexual and when I say so, it should be sufficient before we head towards an outcome where it stops as they would have wanted it to being dragged towards an existence that is not mine every time I am seen, full of threats and insults and then issuing calls to violence if my tummy cannot stand it with a big mouth for years unending. They claim the Labour Party has now completely destroyed my life and of course it probably has, as its a party of incredibly evil fools; the Conservatives for instance like to fool around with this idea people are poor because they refuse to get into a fight that will protect their patch and when it goes wrong it can be seen to be instances of failings and corruption but the Labour Party is just purely evil and progresses with wickedness the same way we used to progress from School to College and then to University - at this point, those who say there is neither God nor the Devil have been robbed of agency, those who believe in a religion have to deal with years of them hanging around at Government buildings to peddle war with and on it giving way to talk of completely wrecking the lives of victims regularly in a bid to get their stupidities running wild at mainstream living again - of course it has wrecked my life when it has not yet secured a response from me. They do say I talk because there is nothing I can do about it whereas its a choice of whether to tackle it in terms of the narcissistic happiness at my expense which facilitates a face that is able to sell things and get rich fast at Market or do I tackle it in terms of them getting all over my Public image to make Celebrity culture while I am trying to run a Bookshop with it or do I tackle it in terms of starting a fight with Politicians which is usually the sweetest of the three.


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I do not impress myself on anybody like they claim I do. The truth about it is that they always want to hurt the Christian, so they have figured out that when the ethos of somebody’s faith is based on the fact they are the way they are because they have refused to repent and that he has a duty to hope and pray until they one day do, the person is the weak link through which they will wreak much havoc. So now they will repent for sure whether they like it or not; too late to be pop stars a...

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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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