There is actually no big issue with black people and the question of how much trouble they can make as such; I mean they speak of their children being murdered but it is a case of a livelihood from crowding people out of all they own including their personal lives which is therefore not theft in any way since it would have been theft if there were not so many of them involved in it. I have always known them to be incredibly predictable of course such that everything I do will be followed with copying and that is why I do it since it is important to establish your right to be leader over what belongs to you and so it was meant to be as simple as support from women as a community and books I sell for a living which I write, we have given up everything on both sides which is something these men and their stupid sons and daughters will never understand, they say the way we react is the way people react when they are in the middle of competition and so their bad behaviour and violence and incredibly ugliness continues to be the most lucrative asset they have got for the purpose and they are not listening at all either when I say I am not their mate or that of their stupid children and they can see that there is nothing that will prevent them from stopping those behaviours carrying on everyday for another 20 years or so jumping on my finances and making sure women get around being afraid which means I am their property and have no chances of gaining any means by which I can get married and settle down so I cannot understand what their complains are about as well for my part.

They say the problem is that I interrupt their media shows to insert my opinions and steal some publicity but everybody knows when you want publicity you want to pay for it, certainly not given free and when it is free certainly not scandalous and when it is free and scandalous certainly not every day.

These are just some of the reasons I have split the cultural economy; so that Intellectual property administration, equities and securities can be done on our side of society while they do the hard work for the companies and Industries because of course women can give their support to anybody they want as well as the person write and sell books to get the job done – without having to deal with the worst possible sense of insecurity whereby peoples jobs are controversial and the men have their jobs for money while other peoples jobs exists as things they can handle to feel good about a violent and difficult life. I have been clear I am neither their mate or that of their stupid children without any results and now must look to setting out a plan as well so we can find out if more of their children will not continue to get hurt as it were. I mean everybody already knows that after investing money in a company a black idiot with an office in his home where he copies you and mocks you is a difficult and very expensively serious liability and of course the provocation knows no bounds but when I had mentioned I intend to make an exception for a process where we tend to reward fools like that they believe they repay me with it by getting off to ensure the end product of all I do is that they were born of women too hence there should be integration and equality while they have the freedom to own everything they have with a sense of security attached and so it was the last straw. I have never thought of it as a problem myself anyway; the reality is that they at all times must create a conundrum and that is the big question, the reasons for their civil rights movements considered, don’t they believe if I hatched a plan to deal with these issues we will have more of it? Having to deal with very ugly people traumatising me like these everyday is one thing but having to deal with it because they have made up stories I am the one traumatising them is quite another thing entirely – of course they know what they are doing, they always know what they are doing and what they should otherwise have been doing for that matter too. So that a day previous I would mention they need to get off my book sales and get off the women and the Morning later we are doing Trayvon Martin the celebrities side and all kinds of nonsense about their renaissance as well. That is actually when we fall short of mentioning that for some of them this sort of destruction and vandalism is a daily business and the idea being they are invincible hence the need to see that the Christian cannot exist unless he lives in fear so they can take whatever they want, no matter what that might cost hence we wipe it off since we have reached the pinnacle and are to start again and especially for that stupid media but in the end it seems they are not invincible a certain Trayvon Martins turn up in front of the loaded gun of somebody that was not actually white and died and then it became a racism issue. Of course I have tolerated it for years and have the health and financial ruin to show for it too not that it is not obvious to the worlds public it is completely relentless - the corruptions of involvement and the ruin and the get rich quick plans and the unfathomable stubborness and the celebrity idiots with a need to get punished as an excuse for it as well.