It is not true I get round and round in circles making no progress while others have the money and power to manipulate me with – the reality is that they think they are in charge and are not first of all and then also the fact the Monarchy does not allow anybody help me out with anything and to add to that we have all these goons at home and overseas who will not let anybody help me out with anything too – so I have everything I need to sit down and concentrate and do what I am doing and need to do, except there are these other things they do and with media which implies direct contact and it’s a matter of direct contact with whom and who the hell they suppose they are. I mean if we speak of getting round and round in circles the realities are quite clear – we want sanctions and we want investigations and we want this and we want that over the Malaysian Airliner tragedy in Ukraine but everybody knows it will be a mockery of International law to put the Russians in the dock and say: you supplied weapons and user training to Rebels that were used to blow up a civilian airliner killing everybody onboard and you did it on purpose and are therefore charged with a crime that does not actually have a name and how do you plead? So if we know that it will be a load of nonsense why on earth are people after the things they are after presently over the matter – we know the Russians are co-operating with the rest of the world in the matter, we also know they have asked the Ukrainian Government to play its part as well, so we are bound to get information on whether or not it was the Rebels or some other entity that killed those people and destroyed the airliner at the end of the day but what is clear at this point is that there is every likelihood that unskilled civilians that have taken up arms in a conflict made and honest mistake in which they blew up an airliner in the sky thinking it was the other side and those who supplied them the weapons we know had no idea whatsoever that at a later date an airliner will be flying by that space and the accident will occur but they are bound to be punished with sanctions for selling weapons and knowhow to the rebels: their defence however is expected to be a matter of facts of how they got to supply weapons and training to these rebels and that will expose everything that those who are trying them do not want the world to know about the entire matter i.e. that there are renegades in the Russian Military and civil service making as much trouble for President Putin as they possibly can in the region and it is the way that power is brokered in Russia to allow the Government operate with clout among its citizens that created a condition where these renegades were able to mess around in Ukraine and create the war but we will also be fed facts about how the US supported these renegade and then sold arms to the Ukrainian Government and it is this Kind of Legal defence for the Russian Government that the American Government and its allies do not want, so nobody knows why they are wasting our time chasing these games they are chasing over the matter; hence am I wrong when I say Obama is playing his games thinking people will not lose their lives and that those who live their lives will always be soldiers at the end of the day? I mean my relations at the Office with the Russian Government is comprised of a clear understanding these goons from Russia exist first of all and we are both working together I meaning me and my aides at the British Government alongside the Russian Government to resolve the matter – of course it is nobody else business as I have my own office to run but we continue to see the number of conflicts fostered by Americans and their allies on the basis of Russians saying something about doing that my stuff because I do not seem to responding; so it therefore makes no sense to sane normal socially naive God’s gift to the world in America that I would be furious about these things.

We do hear them speak of a world that has no respect for a black American President but of course so do we all know I was an Arch Prince long before he became President of the US and that the entire purpose of his presidency has continued to remain not only the idea he is the best and most deserving thing that the black race can offer the Americans which is why he is president because there aren’t better black men in his Country who would have deserved the office more, but also that the importance of his presidency is the chance for black people to mess around with other peoples personal lives because their lives revolve around world and they are incredibly lazy and want to enjoy life, to which effect their power is to be applied on those who are more important than they are so their finances can be wrecked and they pushed into areas of society below them where they can be abused for sexual pleasure and I believe they still think I have not yet made myself clear enough noting I have continued to chart these matters right from homosexuality in the US being approved for the military over there which then had everything to do with the rest of the world as well, never mind the activities of their secret service and everybody has seen me write these things up in public too. Hence when I do mention such things it applies that my actions continue to provoke them which means they continue to get around the world destabilising countries and creating all these wars but am I wrong then that Obama is playing his games thinking people will not die and that if they do those that do will always be soldiers?

As for the part where it is impossible to imagine that the greatest impediment to American interest would have been British, there is no impediment to American Interests: Obama is a President of louts and they did come out all over the world to greet him during his tours all that time immediately after his election; his problem is their need to insult other statesmen and wreck their public work to make him look important period. It is an issue that is perfectly under control around here and they need to leave me alone and stop talking nonsense as I am not going to change my position in anyway whatsoever. I mean we understand the part where my activities provoke the white ones and the black ones and the republican ones among them to make them get around the world creating all these wars which Obama allows them access to the white house so they can screw around doing but am I wrong then when I say Obama and not Putin is playing his games thinking people will not die and that only soldiers will? I personally have no idea how they will live with the world they are creating when they are finished, I am aware however that they think I will be used as an important cork to make that happen: no idea what it means since people have to be stupid to think they can go from a hatred of Royalty who are like celebrities in public office who never allow them get beyond a certain stage and turn up at the other end talking nonsense about controlling one of them through whom they will get a significant cork to make a good quality of living for themselves after burning the world – no idea which part of a half priest Government operative they have continued to fail to understand and yes we do have scores here to settle they need remember because in September Scotland will be going to the polls to vote on a referendum as a result of the activities of their republican characters. Besides which I have made myself clear and will never change my position for anything that the basis on which they are a problem along with their President, that is under control is that a messing around with my personal life will see those their stupid careers or public fame go to somebody else and this position will never change, so they can abuse me for sexual gratification and mess up my personal life and make use of me when they need self improvements if they want: all the signs are there for people do not just get off having a working court entirely comprising of female journalists for absolutely no reason as it were but these fools have always been so predictable too in the first place.