They do claim I am now living on borrowed time which I am not, I am well aware that the stupidities surrounding my career was all a large list of ideas on what I should be doing to make a bunch of idiots comfortable, since they grafted the stupid list into my career publicity it had become bigger, coming up with bad things I am supposed to have done to deserve it every day, it needs to cease issuing the threats if I had a history of saying that I will not be a scapegoat sacrifice for the monstrous society they had built for their gimmicks and people had lost their lives because I did, the whites were supposed to be the extra whilst like everybody else, they cannot prove by their civil right movements that what I am doing constituted a crime against them, they think they can make an industry from it with ideas about which race was superior and all need to cease getting on my nerves – if keeping income makes people bullies and being bullies like this was incredibly important, their gimmicks ought to be expressed at a distance from my Bookshop and shop client interests, stop talking nonsense at me about being real men I should be afraid of with an alpha channelling criminality birth sign reading personality gimmick. I have done this before, just the other git at Government buildings with ideas that I am the one doing the wrong thing, who had not figured out what their stupidities wanted to do with the problem, losing me 8 years of time in the process – everybody knows that if I did not provide a response, the politicians will do stupid things that helped them garner public wealth for themselves because it worked in the part, these idiots will come up with strange ideas that work their wickedness from a society built in secret that orders peoples steps in public whilst blaming others for crime, to get rich and make more trouble that involved grafting a large list of what I should be doing to make them comfortable, into my career publicity, whilst the Royals will stop at nothing if I were consistently ending up in a situation where I took responsibility for their personal decisions. So far the idea of building community that gets imagination into my pants, claiming braver people ought to stand up for themselves the way that I did in order to serve them whilst I acquired another way to stand up for myself, is paying off incredibly well and any attempt to attack me over the tummy issues will serve the beginning of the end for the civil rights practical jokes by which others get to serve them when being insulted but if they have built a monstrous society, need keep it away from my Bookshop and watch their mouth.

They do claim I am a coward whilst we know they have curated everything to do with low lives that had nothing to lose making a mess of my personal space, banging walls and doors at me, after deciding I am supposed to get another way to stand up for myself whilst the way I did was spent to take care of their patriarchy and matriarchy stupidities, so they had decided how they wanted it to work out, each time I asked the idiots they sent out to run me down about it, they told lies of the ways what they were doing had nothing to do with me, so if this nonsense is being used to work narcissism media that makes a mess of my career and finances, should I get my hands on the show business, they too will see it for the last time. always insulting and abusive of my person on their part every day, which was the way that my career was used, also by idiots who did not pay, it was a simple case where they stopped showing up if there were complaints about it on either side. It is not actually possible to say that people got out of bed every day to face nauseating financial complications for two decades, as a function of social matters, if there was a plausible explanation in the horizon, as per the fact it was a product of immoral society activities associated with those who did it being bigger than their victims, needs to cease showing up if there were complaints on either side. I am not done up by the peoples powers in anyway either, it is a series of activities, very abusive and very damaging which have not received a response from me, ranging from the idea short abusive videos they claimed was how advertisement should be made, wrecked client interest at the Bookshop and leached off my Royal public image to suggest that making advertisement that way made people happy, to the threats that were issued because I had to live with the abdominal discomfort, none has yet received a response from me and they are not looking well enough for the trouble apparently.

The point about my academic qualifications was never an emotive issue but it is difficult to make out which part of it was any of their concern – I mean I dropped out of University in 2008 and they have had a veritable millstone tied to my legs to prevent me from completing the studies over the 14 years leading up to 2024 when they thought the point should be raised incessantly – it is not a point of worry for me, at my age, professionally, I am meant to engage with my career like most people in my age group did, where academic pursuits where concerned, such as somebody comes up stuck and gets back to University for a few years, secures his Masters, stuck again repeats the process for his PhD, in my case I will do that on several occasions and considering my age my top academic achievement will be my first degree – so to say that they were now ready to stop making the academic environment toxic for me and were now prepared for me to engage with academic pursuits for the purpose of prestige is utter rubbish, I have made myself clear it needs to stay away from my Bookshop stay out of such personal business, the alternative could easily be that I decided I will not be pacified until the issues that caused me to drop out were fully and properly resolved: then will those gimmicks where they were local authority bullies and worked HMRC for the Celebrities will become a matter of prime concern, just like we see that they are still the only group of people, even the younger people who cannot keep their imagination out of peoples panties on the streets, hence nothing has changed obviously but it needs to keep away from my writing career. It always did naturally, came up with ideas about ways I picked up a career that was too much for me, the protection I needed was a massive inconvenience but whilst I was able to protect myself, my protection was in their hands and then they consistently failed to protect me from certain people and left me an utter mess that dropped out disgracefully, now they spend most of their time following me around, a group of idiots who were convinced they were incredibly powerful and in possession of a huge amount of spending power, whereby it gave them huge pleasure to persecute me every day, as per it would only get worse for me pleasurably, if I responded. Same process people got on my nerves when the matter of workload was considered – will investigate my career abusively whilst it was disrespectful of my so called personality that I must have plucked from thin air, there will be about 5 items to a career in succession and it will pick out item number 3 and item number 4 for gimmicks that will facilitate a face and a need to maintain an appearance, even villainous beauties, time and again I would ignore it and pretend that during work history matters or business partnership the problem would never arise but again and again it does, each time in a situation where I could not offer an acceptable explanation – started with Tony Bair and his spin machine in 2003 obviously. The part the Celebrities played in the matter naturally being one in which they arrived at a point where I was in their view, the cause of public problems, after years of publicly displayed ground work to run me down and make me a character that was nothing more than I low life whilst they clung to my social life and got addicted to my personality – they have now reached a stage where they had accepted the interest in me is unlikely to progress and they needed to make the most of their new alliance with the criminals, that said, a huge part of their show business still involved building a new history with me considering my view of the old history is that it was a trojan horse literally, so it had to be consolidated either by them or myself or I will have to destroy it, this new history therefore serving as something that will encourage me to take far reaching steps, such as preventing them from doing their show business, whilst preventing them from protecting themselves when they faced the criminality elements at the same time, since I was the one working public service and could therefore make the most of such a situation, generally spend a lot of time, resources and effort to stop them from doing everything they wanted to do. The other people being the local authority bullies and so on naturally have since achieved the part where they claimed my history as a security guard was the main problem I faced, whilst it was a work history that I needed to maintain access to for the rest of the time that I spent in the work environment, so their need to borrow it left a gap that was also being used to follow me around and make trouble for me everywhere I went, looking for new ideas to feel powerful, absolutely no respect for the ways I had to ensure that if what I did was important enough to be applicable to government, I had to stand back and only when public need had been satisfied was I able to deploy it for private gain, shows up here ripping the Bookshop, so I was unable to pay my way like everybody else, then we find that it was worse because not only had they found a way to ensure society wrong doers were always close in proximity to where I lived for the gimmicks and practical jokes, they also got corrupt with overseas business interest at my expense, so we are now in such a situation that if they grew one more size, we will be left squeezing balloons. In all, I simply need to get back to main work, where I assisted the government with primary governance, having already been working a public image where those who will not allow others concentrate on daily affairs put me into overdrive, in an environment where they did whatever they liked, such as pick up my career publicity to access the way clients influenced me as a tool for bending me to their will and making me get into a fight with people to help them feel important, which ensures matters I want brought into the public sphere ended up there for administration purposes, accounting for the degree of parliamentary privilege I enjoyed (the case behind claims I supplied information that took over all daily business around the country whilst, I talked like I did because society wrong doers carried it around like PR I did not have to fund and each time Politicians wanted to listen to it, then it added up to some form of parliamentary privilege that I had to declare lest it be prone to corruption, it should imply that people have now seen enough to be convinced that public work should not be used for Celebrity culture).

We are currently not getting any freedom from the idea they planned to teach me lessons naturally – it is the big mouth wagging as it is messing about with somebody who possessed more official power than they did. I mean it has been a 2 decade career mess here solely due to practical jokes and abusive activities that made good their personality gimmicks, due to an obsession with my own personality, abusively as possible; not likely to progress any further from something that occurs as a product of an activity from a group of people who thought that they were in such a position as they either had more muscle and more money than I possessed in mine, such that it would be pleasurable to attack me and find that if they did not have the muscle to counter my any defensive action on my part, they had the money to buy somebody who did, targeting me every day, I have provided an exit where they got to make media comments about their career and cease pretending I am at risk of earning a reputation for attacking the free press, as their stupidity isn’t one of those. The primary interest of the free press was a concern about their families and the way their children perceived the work that they did, in an understanding that as much as a single mother might watch them at work, a criminal would too, a hoodlum too and a society wrong doer, hence it looked like a feat that sociological matters pressed around my career which was similar to theirs and I ended up with an arrangement with female journalists who assisted me with mobility matters whilst I assisted them with methods and statements with regard to these other issues that ran off at the background of their career but it is not – we are here because these idiots have wrecked everything I did, their part in the way I dropped out of University was to do with the male colleagues deciding whom their female colleagues got around with and deciding who I got around with as well, to such an extent it became a choice between career success for me and the job for the female journalists involved; it is not to say that there have not been successes as those journalists are now managers and producers but it continues to persecute me every day, shooting off the big mouth all the time, whilst the main point of provocation was still a need to make a mess of my Office public control processes and build communities that will get imagination into my pants, garnished with endless ideas about what I should be doing and methods of stirring my feelings into doing it, that sex workers could fool around with too, I can only say the lip flapping only need continue until we met over it, to find out how much resources and muscle they really possessed. It is not really a crisis from my point of view, it needs to cease issuing stupid threats at me – the core of the problem is still that their famous idiots will not hand back my wealth equity publicity which is really meant to help the public build products that baby sit those who spend money fighting them, since they engaged with it without engaging with the Books I wrote, the need and ability to create new relationships with me and entitled celebrity stupidities that meant when I get rid of their insults the society abuses that came with it would go away and they did not seem to understand, is that everybody else thought the network operated in such a way that it was possible to get involved without engaging with the Books, all a famous persons exercise in provocative ruination whenever they worked their red carpet appearances, conferences and talk shows, which should have nothing to do with me if our history is one of abusive and insults, then followed up an addiction to my personality, considering their stupidities were incredibly important.

I am told they paddled and dragged me in the mud all the time which is not the case, it had simply created a public crisis by pursuing a business of building its own security services that will have eyes on my finances and fight my personal battles for injustice privileges that higher authorities could provide access to but they had to do the security service work first, to make it operable and I cannot have enough, so when they return I lay waste to anything they were to gain from it and they had to do it again – the part where I am being paddled and dragged in the mud, having to do with some clever government office gits coming up with ideas that I am the person doing the wrong thing, which had provided them with means to get completely out of hand, nothing has been decided on what to do about them and the ways that I may carry on my affairs in peace and security had not yet been determined, as annoyingly as possible, the question raised being one which suggests I want the authorities to go along with me which is not the case as personally, it was for me a simple matter of deciding that what I did to push back had to provide me with happiness, so I did not find myself in a position where I needed to behave towards these activities in a reactionary manner, their version of these kinds of activities was obvious the short abusive videos they claimed was the way advertisement should be made, which gained support from a bunch of fools with a media presence complaining about the problem too at the same time. We had since arrived at a stage where they claimed I ought to be afraid of them, whilst reality is that they never take a hint naturally until it stopped painfully and badly, only a bunch of middle class idiots with a need to run other peoples down all the time, a behaviour that never takes a turn for the better save I decided I want to be abusive towards their physical attributes and took it up to the point where I made public statements on it and kept a career by behaving in such a manner – I had given them an exit to make comments about their own careers that they were obviously vested in the knowledge of and cease stalling my Bookshop talking nonsense in public to access my personality for feel good purposes, same as the other government office gits who never mind their business, since we were facing a crisis because somebody suggested I am the one doing the wrong thing with public control matters, just as much as celebrities claimed I was the cause of public problems and criminals were fine, on account my response would be exhilarating. This is not the crisis that people believe that it is at all, just a sense it was possible what I am doing with the authorities found its way into the possession of terrorists and criminals, created by idiots who are building their own security services to target me, whilst no such thing has ever happened – that said, it is still my position that when their version of me catches up with the public, I will be at war with them for it as well, hence on the matter of being afraid of them and their Celebrities, I do not think there was anything to be worried about when I was convinced that it was not right for them to protect themselves from quasi criminals and red carpet pitfalls, whilst I worked the corrupt private security, rogue landlords and abusive shop keeper matters into the backyards of their famous persons mansions with such an effect as it will stop distracting me and my clients because of what is in its bank account because we ended up in a situation where I wanted the pass codes to the bank accounts and it was in such a position that it had to think about giving it to me. It is not clear why the Celebrities and talk show hosts of these middle class pricks were able to keep a job, if the purpose of the job was to stifle an Arch Prince’s Bookshop and run him down every day on the claim that he was a disgrace, I suppose they were ready for a fight as well and are waiting for an acceptable trigger, not looking for trouble, no chance they will find it too. I am asked if I could make sense of the reasons these idiots hated me but it is an old story about wrecking my career because the way I responded to the assault on my person and property was exhilarating, fed into the ways they decided which holiday destinations or tourist traps they wanted to put up their feet at and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world, upon being famous persons – I did warn them about interference with my affairs at the work place, encouraging me to respond to this nonsense and when they did, I never got the easy ones as usual, was the community that fingered my bum and liaised with the rogue landlords to find out what my privacy was like, to share at the work place, call me names and put the labels on – so if this was for instance a matter of lesbians that lost lovers at the security services, they were that bad at fighting and I am a better lover, it is not the stupidest I have ever seen. Ultimately they claim they found my activities abusive too but it was meant to be if I took up their need to groom others for obscurity and harassment, up to such a point that the method of mitigating criminal activity involved drafting in popular culture people to assist with crime control publicity, if this had caused them abdominal discomfort too, therefore providing me distance to avoid their distracting stupidities and insults, it was causality that we ended up in such a situation, in fact it was better for me and for everybody else, in terms of career and academic pursuits but obviously was not to be because a poof with American influence had decided payback was a bitch but could not live with the result we currently faced – they ought to make the most of the monstrous society they had built, where they got to work NHS ambulances claiming the police disturbed the neighbourhoods on my behalf, whilst grooming me for criminal interests over excuses that they wanted to get me doing something brave, to get free private security service from me, hang about stabbing and shooting each other, not set me out as a character that everybody ought to pick on to avoid the problem whilst a government office git got to claim I am the one doing the wrong thing whenever I pushed back. It is a license for me to do whatever I liked and the abuses, insults and damage to my career are set to come to a stop very badly.

We are now doing the part where it makes the excuses that I had a disgusting personality whereas its gimmicks were responsible for all the filth around here, something about its stupidities possessing a stick by which I was sore all over, to serve the famous and some other characters it deemed powerful. No part of it made any sense, when a bunch of idiots had built up such a degree of PR for immoral society, at a National stage, that they had sent out the message that if was okay for instances where people envied another person’s possessions, so the latter lived in an environment where rules as to how people behaved towards other people did not apply to him or her, then they show up upon it, complaining about consequences with ideas that when I lived with insults channelled at me, I got to do something for them that improves their lives and wellbeing but I am now suffering financially for it because this was really all about handling my personality to feel good about existing, as a matter of being more important than I am, so if they did not secure access to it, they would destroy it instead, so nobody else did – I was pleased to be a nonentity, anything to get rid of them, it is simply here as a matter of entitlement to handle me and rips up my Bookshop to do, at the same time that the fact it was keeping its own job had made it a bully. It is not really a crisis, just when politicians speak of certainty and if I mentioned certainty was a matter of saying that although people think I am operating on overdrive at this stage, overdrive really would have been the part where I strung up the society to my career publicity, so that I made them listen to what I had to say every time I had something to say, a whiff of threat would encourage me to sell it for the cash that will fund the fighting all together, the alternative having always been clear, that they needed to cease fooling around with my affairs and heaping insults on me to make use of my Christian upbringing, whilst the Celebrity part was to say that their famous lifestyles got to terribly caught up with my crime control publicity that it was impossible for them to guarantee the absence of a sense that they felt they always had to do something for me feverishly and uncontrollably, the fear of this, allowing them to put distance to my personality, career and finances all together, unless somebody decided I am the one doing the wrong thing, as per they were wealthy and successful, compared to the way I am a low life bothering them. The truth of it is that people always give money to celebrities because they were unlikely to take it out of the economic system and were always likely to influence how the public spent money, it did not mean that they were earning what they had worked for, so when it forges convenient alliances with criminals, rips my career publicity and shows up here claiming it was important and needed to ensure I saw that it was, then there was no trouble being sought and no way they would find it. Their exit was the repeated statement that they needed to avoid the habit of trashing my Bookshop, if it turns out they provided immoral society with PR, criminals society with funds and corrupt society with necessary statements but it seems this is not the exit that the famous will take, so I need to ensure the environment was good enough to keep them taking money from abusive men who spent money fighting others, since that was a role that mistresses played at the Court but was hijacked by them to get rich fast and show up being a paid version of the same problems that caused people to behave in such a way concerning money matters, whilst I ensured they did all of it without my career being affected.

They claim the problem was that I could not be trusted to do what was necessary to protect the country if I had to – apparently which the reasons its mind was so stupid it could not put the point across correctly, so people could make sense of it, that making a decision about the kind of world I wanted to leave behind when I am demised, was decided by fear, we have not even started discussing the other versions of the extreme stupidities where people got to stand up for themselves the way that I did and I had to find another way to stand up for myself, whilst it then failed to control the criminal activities that such persons would perform and gets the Politicians to listen to feelings about me every day. It is not as complicated a matter as suggested, this is supposed to be the doing of some of the evilest characters that our society had produced, so this story helped to express the fact that if as a Christian, one was solving problems on the basis of how much muscles I have got, instead of my faith, it would have been able to smell it from my demeanour, so in my case, I have not done it but there were people doing it on my behalf to get me into trouble and it had conveniently chosen to avoid the facts that it was aware of, all together something so stupid that decades after the death penalty had been abolished we still were publicly contending with a behaviour that makes sense of the reasons the state got to decide some people served the better purpose when they were a memory and if I took the law into my hands, I would have committed a crime. In retrospect, the question was whether it was actually possible for my Royal person to be whittled down to a result where I could operate as a foot soldier, whether it was possible top prevent the real me from showing up in a condition of high emotions and extreme fear, to operate as a team in an extreme condition – so this made sense of all that it does with respect to the idea that it will never be finished, whilst it easily would be if I stated that the accusation I suggested others had been fighting wars for me, was based on the idea that they had built a community that fights my battles for me whilst clinging to my finances which I ought to cease denying them access to as a result of doing so, were some sort of aficionados that protected people but would not protect some people whose position clashed with that of characters that possessed wealth they were trying to plan their retirement with and would not do anything that protected anybody from such persons, so it was fair to say that at least I am working towards a direction where if they did actual public security, I would have had it displayed on my social media.

Hence to settle the matter of my view on communists and international threats – the truth of it is that neither side had an ongoing plan for an end to the war in Ukraine and the war in Ukraine was something they occupied themselves with because measures that people were taking to protect the Natural environment from their vandalism was working, hence we do not know what we might have to do to protect the Natural environment from them once the war in Ukraine had ended, save we got our hands on some proper leverage, I mean previous leverage I built up for their need to run me down, seek security services privileges so they could finger my bum and cling to my incomes whilst their famous idiots prevented me from defending myself when attacked by people who looked like the famous, which then feeds into my personal relationships and suggests I wanted to get into a relationship with them, giving rise to the new forms of abusive activity that was linked to an addiction to my personality whilst running me down with daily insults, not least the fact that I would only avoid ripping up their famous personal relationships as well because I was too cowardly to get myself out of practical jokes and insults orientated financial purgatory, had made a mess of it, so I need another one. The details are that we are not looking at a war between communists who decided that they would take whatever they wanted from the world and when everybody got all over it, tried to reach a diplomatic solution and the West with their up, down, round and round gimmicks that ensured other people’s careers meant nothing to anybody no matter the degree of work that the owners had put into it, in a bid to get rich on either side, allowing their gits who want to be somebody’s left hand side person and right hand side person, line their pockets at political office and drag the rest of us into conflict, it is below such a priority for conflict as we would say that a company that accounts for 30% of National GDP faced difficulties because of the actions of either the communists or the west, just a bunch of idiots who want to be peoples right hand side person and left hand side person, lining the pockets of Politicians to drag everybody into conflict and cling to my finances. They do claim my view of communists is always this simple for me naturally but it has nothing to do with what it simple, more to do with reality and in this case, we need to show some appreciation for the fact that since communist economy was centralised by government, they had used it to the worlds advantage to avert the worse crisis in the history of modern economy, created by the same idiots talking nonsense at me on media and lining the pockets of Politicians to drag us into war, so if they do not want us to show appreciation for communist intervention in a recession, they knew what to do, besides which they have nothing in the form of evidence as to the extent to which people who want to be the right hand side and left hand side characters at the Kremlin have acted to interfere with the needs and activities of people who wanted to be the right hand side and left hand side of politicians in the UK and the US for example, just line the pockets of politicians cling to my royal finances and drag people into conflict by corrupting overseas business interests and expecting others to work for their lazy stupidities, running off the stupid narcissism on me and the part where I felt sore all over was their big mouth lip flapping as usual. We are therefore left in a position where we had to consider that Politicians were completely exempt from being held accountable in these kinds of matters but they are because it was the way public authority worked, i.e. that if the politicians had refused to go along with the activities of society wrong doers because the rest of us had complained, it would not have meant that they were supposed to get along with the rest of us as well, however those who continued to show this unbearable lack of leadership talent whilst it was clear that although they claimed it a lot, none was pushing them as per the use of their initiatives, needed to cease squeezing me.

So there is this gimmick that provided them a sense of resources unlimited, where Scorpios and Virgos possessed a natural right to dominate Libras, therefore needed to be informed about it – I could never understand how somebody would make sense of being told such a thing anyway and the person that tells them appears to show an interest in my person that suggested he wants to be made to talk about his own career, considering it was just as important as mine, that its stupidities knew nothing about. When they do issue the threats, looking like middle class gimmicks that have followed me about to trash my career and finances over a decade and a half without earning a single response from me, that could be talked about or referenced, thus becoming an outstanding issue, since they now thought themselves untouchable by me, we all know it only lasts for as long as I had not decided, I was better off being abusive of their physical appearances and personality, such that each time they put the alpha channelling gimmicks towards me, they paid dearly with their careers and finances because I wanted a punch up. It is supposed to be a two part story – one where I am only likely to fight battles that concerned me and the other a need to get me into a fight with their enemies, the backdrop is that the idiots had failed to make the correct decisions in their youth and have therefore made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, in order to feed the monstrous society that expects them to get into trouble with the law in order to show they deserved what they already owned, whilst Celebrities awarded them money for prerogatives gained, continues to run off the public media narcissism on me naturally whilst complaining about my responses for it – originally the matter was to do with Celebrities stifling my Bookshop to release it when I had decided to allow them deploy my career to cover their backsides, claiming I was the cause of public problems and criminals were perfectly alright and the only reasons I am not attacking Celebrities at this stage was probably that I am too much of a coward to get myself out of financial purgatory, they are now set to bear the brunt of my vengeance obviously, since it does not seem to make sense whilst there was so much incentive to act otherwise, that they ought to cease stalling my Bookshop and make comments about their society and their career, considering those were just as important too. There is the question raised as to who was right between me and them naturally and I believe I am as this was a consequence of setting out a career publicity and getting involved popular culture people who helped with crime control publicity, such that the eternal exposure to the limelight churned their tummy whenever they got involved with me to distract me from what I am doing, for practical jokes that will make them money by abusive processes targeted me, which was enough of a deterrence, what has changed being that Celebrities have been busy and set out methods for them to make money by making me a character they could bully to befriend the famous and wealthy, whilst the big one was the American influence gits who decided pay back was a bitch, it has been a decade and a half since I allowed the pay back and my Bookshop must be stifled in order for them to avoid killing themselves or killing each other, which does not make any sense, still the exit I had given them, to keep their hands off me and make media comments about their career had to been accepted because they had picked up an ego, a bunch of accusations and a sense of entitlement with respect to my person and my possessions. It is not really a crisis as such just that the part of my concerns which piques their interest the most was that I did not spend my youth the way they spent theirs, the problem can now be explained as the idea that the law was not equal for everybody and had to be made otherwise by ripping up my career to show what that equality could do, so I am still on the game that the governmental aspect of this was the big one since if I let them have their way, I will have to explain myself to top authorities, not least because all the nonsense we are seeing will be performed where they should not be and there will be no end to it because they could easily absolve themselves of all responsibility – suffices to reiterate that when the version of me that is built up on the stupid media catches up with public perception of me, I will be at war with their stupidities as well, they need to make their comments about their own careers and the society that supports their gimmicks, instances where I am being threatened by it will only encourage me to draw up the battle lines a lot clearer with intent to find out what their stupidities were made of, an intent to ensure they needed all of it on my account, just as I have warned about their need to hang around somewhere with it, running off open secrets about me and sending out gits that had nothing to lose to run me down and share my personal space, making me sick to the stomach and issuing threats at me over claims I smelled, despite the warning that if I got attacked for it, I will be motivated to start a plan that puts an end to their practical jokes permanently for my part too – so it is a long way from the days when stepping out of my door encouraged some strange woman to cross over from the other side of the road and share my personal space abusively because they were doing something with their road to schizophrenia society, these days it is a life of utter terror with respect to what I am likely to do in the next moment and I want its stupidities to keep away from my Bookshop, cease stalling it with public and media practical jokes or this was only likely to get a lot worse. On the factual aspect of what they were playing with if my stated plans for a response here does not catch their interest well enough – Scorpio is always abusive and destructive, is not a people pleaser like me but generally becomes so interested in that aspect of my personality abusively to arrive at a point where it builds a whole society for it, talking nonsense endlessly everywhere we saw them, following me around to make a mess of career and career publicity, so at some stage where the destruction and abuse and killing had come to a peak, 90% of the times that people wanted something done about it, a Libra would have been the person with a preexisting resolution on how their gimmicks were to be stopped – Virgo is usually self-destructive as the meticulous method of planning abusive activities, hurting people, doing crime and building an unusual relationship with street traffic, builds a house that crashes at some stage, it does not have a right to dominate a Libra as claimed either. This is the sort of thing that motivates me to take up a two part action in which on one side I became an industry fat cat to help decide how profits were allocated based on street facts associated with those whose wealth had gone into he creation of products that the consumers purchased at the markets, where I will want to decide what they were to do between their neighbourhoods and the city, by getting around to ensure that I ordered their steps to such an extent I knew when they got out of bed, ensured they were caught with work and when they returned their main concern was their family, the process repeated every day, so that it keeps away from my clients, keeps its practical jokes to itself and its imagination harassment off my body bits, especially the private parts – the idiots who tell them they possessed a natural right by birth to dominate me, have not told them this outcome was a real world possibility. There is tiredness at this stage, publicly shown, as per these activities and I suppose I should get into the reasons they always had so much motivation, to be that this was their main plan to sort out a retirement, having failed to make the right decisions like everybody else, so it leads up to the part where it was all being done relentlessly because the retirement was around the corner and then the stupidities find out that the abuses could make them rich and famous all together as well, just as much as I want it kept from my Bookshop and its patriarchy and matriarchy insults away from my penis and anus because I want to be rich and famous like they want to as well – the rest of it was the part where I exposed myself to the workings of the talk of the town insults by ending up a character that was seemingly being pursued by the authorities and wanted things from the work market that a bunch of low lives wanted as well, allowing me to respond well to the talk of the town narcissism but they had already damaged the University pursuits by then and I did not have to damage my own career much to arrive at such a position, I am just so keen to ensure it keeps its hands to itself, stopped handling me and got to make the comments about its own career, the more manly its stupidities were, it is completely separate from an intellectual property administration career, where I did the work, ran the Bookshop and eliminated all things that engaged in it without a promise to engage with the Books or publicity for a shop, it is just too much of their gimmicks here and it makes such stupid excuses for it as the part where it read birth signs and some people had a natural right to dominate me that their stupidities were born with. There is enough evidence now, that the authorities needed to cease intervening in any actions I followed up to play their monstrous society into causing their deaths on the streets, the celebrities had since updated their involvement with me, to eliminate any process of detachment, so that the fault for what befalls them could be laid at my door step, the abuse of my career however continues.

They do claim my career had been delayed and denied, it is utter nonsense but I understand what they mean i.e. since last they invented ideas about ways my personality can be used to make others rich and famous, the number of businesses that have joined in on the practical jokes had increased and the prospects I could get employment had been greatly reduced but the one that causes the problem is that giving an employer a CV sets me back by at least three months in my job seeking efforts and giving a publisher a copy of my manuscript meant my career finances were delayed until they got one or two of their gimmicks up my person and the career publicity, so it was the way the society stole my money by doing this and the Celebrities stole my time by doing it that caused me to respond to them, if complaining, needs to recognise that this business of taking advantage of humble person without an ego that engages in self exhibitionism can only get worse, especially if he had a history like so, of eliminating his problems. The idea that they got to better of me in every turn is utter nonsense too, as I should organise my publicity and social activities to avoid instances where I felt they were keen to get imagination around my private parts but they can always take a wild guess as to the reasons I have refused to do it – we know that when it hangs about with the society and sends out a low life to run me down over open secrets they kept of me which I knew nothing about and any who told me would get into a heap of trouble, the only way such nonsense worked was due to the actions of idiots who told me what to do, all appeared to be people who were good at looking for trouble and were getting their fill currently, when they performed some actual public security work, I am certain it will show up on my social media that they had at some stage, until then, needs spend its insults where it was appreciated, the Celebrities however were an outstanding problem, when I stopped their insults the rest of the problems went away with them – it seems I did some private security industry work and a mini war emerged from the way a bunch of scumbags wanted to feel safe with it. I have gotten out of bed to do poor book sales numbers in the last 24 hours, because clients did not feel that engaging with the Books was the safe thing for them to do, on account of the practical jokes to make use of my personality which when I spent attention on it, takes up all the energy and when I ignore it the career goes unattended anyway, this time, they were doing it not as a method of stopping what I might do to secure career and finances in order to stand up to their society but as some practical joke that was a product of their good financial wellbeing, leaving me to believe they want to share the bank account details with me or will tend to spend their stupidities somewhere else, they have not delayed and denied my career as claimed, if I did one better I would probably make a list, considering the business of keeping them off my affairs was based on doing something they probably hated but which gave me immense pleasure and happiness doing it, so that I had been stopped whilst they had progressed from a process where spending time on them took all my energy and not doing so left the career unattended, to short insolent videos that provided them immense happiness which they claimed was the way advertisement should be made, to keep up anything they were doing to wreck my Bookshop as a method of making the statement that I am rude, building societies that helped to secure the finances and personal life, so I did not get t trash it as well, to make a list of it and counter all of the other like activities alongside, in order to run a Bookshop, of which to be candid, I did not need to but current conditions were bearing towards results where it was necessary that I should. On the point however, the contradict their stupidities all the time: from where I should be taken advantage of, so I was rounded up like sheep, the career, academic pursuits and finances trashed to maintain access at the agreeable time, but I am now of the same age as they were when they started on me, if the methods used to soften me up were considered, then I should expect to do the same to their children but they had decided that too much work was done to build their children a social disposition of superiority and therefore doing so would add up to a process where I provoked high trouble, hence if I am rude, it is not clear what their children were doing if they were the persons paying the bills for the children and I was paying my own bills – I do not think it is a crisis, just to clear up the point about being rude, the case where is that no normal person grooms others for a gimmick where it hurt the tummy and the anus and the penis all day at home and each time people stepped outside the door, save it was some practical joke they enjoyed so much whenever they were playing around with their society madness, if it does not keep off my Bookshop on schedule, just as its stupid children pick up anything I did to recover, talking nonsense on Media at me endlessly I will end this very badly for my part too. Here it is said that the whole hurting bottom and penis and tummy thing was more common and normal than I thought but such cases involved government and a process of being orientated with culture, that government operatives no matter how big or small were orientated with a series of consequences that ensured they did not get around the country cutting down the green shoots wherever that may be.