I am said to live in this world where I did not think the Russians were a threat while everybody else was wiser and it is utter nonsense as whether or not I thought Russians were a threat did not change the fact the view of me was one in which people liked me and because I was such a nice likeable person, they play with my career and it is this process of playing with the career of nice likeable person that wrecks my finances. I have never seen anything like it, really absolute scum from communities that are held together by organised narcissism, where people acted the same way their parents did and did not take no for an answer from others, so what they are doing now is meant to indicate that they thought I had no power on the matter. It then feeds into the way another group picks me up from my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to build communities that will finger my bum, turn my duties into a nightmare of life changing abusive nonsense in order to get around with more senior Royals, a gimmick where if they gave me a difficult time, their work was easier, to replace the dispatch of my duties. So for the first I am going to burn their Celebrity culture as an assessment of how much power I had or did not have in the matter, for the latter, I am going to do another crisis at the Monarchy to make a statement about the fact I was entitled to get married and settle down. I mean they are doing rather well trashing my finances to keep me single, as a wife would likely say that this was new and I needed to get my own booby fun.

I really hate it when they say that it indicated I was not superior to others like I thought – I mean imagine people making a mess of your career and then saying that whilst all they had to do was read a book or go away if they did not want to read your Book. Yet the entire time I can accumulate very quickly a series of decisions regarding the prison service and my dream career in such a short period of time that I could run a country by myself, they have never once made a decision about the link between their career and the prison service or the work the Police are doing but decided they were public figures on media all by themselves, then there is also a history where they got to where they are by getting other people’s  children into hospital on account they were trying to make money. Of course I am superior to the bastards and it needs to read a Book when it shows up here, stop engaging me with gimmicks that shows it was deaths door stupid, a question of whether I had taken the law into my hands yet and I had to do something to get into trouble with Police if I had to deserve my career, complain it does not want to run off the social lives of the people in prison everyday as well and tell me the mess it made of my career was to express the fact that I am not superior.

The boasting never stops, that it was the power they had over me but it has no power in this place; I have asked them not to build me the stupid reputation considering what it does to an intellectual property administration business and their celebrities to cease picking up my public image to lace their own social profile, considering that especially since the fact I had publishers that had warehouses became a major part of their public image while they want the Politicians to overlook them and the effects of their stupidities on my career, running into a 12 year mess so far, my Bookshop had stagnated. Each time I tell them off they carry on still, making those stupid statements about money made at my expense and the force behind the reasons they ought to maintain access to my career for their gimmicks being greater than the force that pushes me to seek some semblance of normalcy for it. I have never seen anything like their narcissism and that of their communities and parents but it’s the blabbing for now since last it built me that stupid reputation as disobediently as possible while it keeps the job and salary for it. They do claim that I liked to talk tough but could not back it up naturally, when not complaining that I set up my Bookshop to make people take risks. I mean the Bookshop makes them take risks and they actually got themselves killed but there is no risk involved if all I had to wade crime against me was my adrenalin, whilst they were running up sub culture that suggested the choice to be on the side of the Police or on the side of something else was a thing – garnished with gimmicks about the way they were bigger than I am and had a right to trash my career everyday and show I am Royalty of nothing. I do not think it a crisis as such – they have through their ethnicity narcissism, built me a social life where people didn’t care what happened to me and are now suffering due to the fact none really cared what I did – save the two sides where one continues to drag my back because they wanted to enjoy the services that I provide at my Bookshop and were not public leaders but really superior and the other built a profile for themselves on my public image to stall my Bookshop and tell me that it expressed a myth that I was superior.

It does this endlessly and says that nothing was as stupid as a libra Child that was unlikely to get into a fight, despite being warned endlessly to stop making Libra out to be light and life as we are actually fate – shows up here to build a history saying it had communities where my career can go to vanish forever and a crowd that will make me fight on its terms when it gets on my nerves but the Celebrities do not want to run off the social lives of the people in prison every day, they do not like me talking on behalf of their societies, leaves me wondering what exactly they can do about me if my response to the destruction of my career and finances with dirty popularity that works big brother gimmicks on my income, developed into a case of me running them down to ensure they got into a fight on my terms as well, sometime like a process of putting a plastic bag over their three times my size face and attacking them very violently, so they could not tell the Police a thing about it and were big enough to take it too as they claim they were. They claim I know all this but am always talking about the Police but clearly it was me and them with a huge, massive civil service department set out to prevent people doing things against the law and to prevent those who did from getting away with it, I had to get into trouble with them before a bunch of bumbling idiots released my career back to me, claiming they were important. It has turned up here to soak my personal life and social life, right down to my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with issues that should buzz away at the background as soon as people were educated, fearing I will want to fuck its stupid real man madness over with it properly, sets about building a community that will finger my bum, making use of an arrangement where a bunch of idiots do not want to work on their companies anymore because they wanted my market and some stupid sex workers were selling them sex on my social life, which really has nothing to do with me and leaves the scum that continued to get me responding to it by ripping up my public image and bookshop, which when tidied up, what I do get spent on those who needed services from my Bookshop because they were real men – it is the last straw, this was just a Bookshop and we have not seen indications that their stupidities will end in a manner they were more comfortable with yet.

They claim their problem was a matter of power they had over me no matter what I did which is utter rubbish. They have no such power, their gimmicks are a product of some industry idiots chasing my market and wanting nothing to do with the work associated with top industry Offices for which they trashed my academic work running off tribalism raids to acquire. The effect is one in which they ran off their media abuses and an entitlement to get involved with my Royal person because they were addicted, at the same time appear to have been paid to be nasty towards me all the time and sex workers were handling my social life and public image to get paid. It has nothing to do with me, handling my Books talking rubbish about doing something to get into trouble with the Police if I had to deserve having my career released back to me, was a gimmick about whether or not I had taken the law into my hands yet. It has no power in this place, It should not go beyond the practical jokes, I do not write their Books around here either, so it should not touch the Books and every instances that adds up to a process of saying or doing something which affects the Books is the source which produces consequences that they complain of on National Media everyday. It is the story of whether they can get involved with me without setting up an appointment, that they can without reading my Books, that they were entitled to my career, the matter of power they had is utter nonsense. I suppose in retrospect when it is said that peoples market choices and autonomy ought to occur naturally, it would not appeal to the stupid male society that such outcomes should be the case, hence here we are, here we go. I am not insane as suggested either; to provide Clients with Equity, I had to pass it through three processes, one being the creative, the other functional and the third aesthetic and then we could work the Intellectual property administration based on the direction they had chosen, the idiots need to find a real toy, stop making stupid statements about money that had been made at my expense, financial well being I will never catch up with while clinging to my Public image to stall my Bookshop creating a profile for themselves with it and gimmicks about what is in their bank account selling things on a Royal Hospitality and mocking me for their stupidities on National media backed by German influence idiots, which three statements get clients walking away from the Books due to fear that by engaging with it, their practical jokes will ruin business for employers – it cannot be so difficult for a group of stupid people with a life and career of their own to stop doing such a thing.

Its gold digger gimmicks, where they say they knew where public problems were and whilst I am working an Intellectual property administration career, I appeared to have ended up somewhere at the behest of idiots who wanted to be important at my expense, somewhere a place where we met everyday. It would not say when it is not getting the Politicians to help bail out its stupidities once done showing up to trash my life and career like so, in a bid to clean up its personal decisions and the consequences that had come with it, blabbing about having proven that I am not superior. It will then go on to suggest these were perils of not being born into a privileged background while another group of idiots wait to feel entitled to everything I did about them instead of pay for what they used in this place because I will respect that what is in their bank accounts could bail me out at any time whilst I really just very tired, bottoming out my finances to live in wealthy neighbourhoods as well. It begins with those secret communities people establish to run around suggesting they ran the City, rogue elements will emerge and some will specifically identify as narcissists who wanted to get into relationships with other narcissists and their stupidities will pick up the fall out when a narcissist thought somebody was to beautiful to handle via consent, the celebrities join in I suppose because they were aware that when big brother characters were done doing prisons, they will be doing dissidents and terrorism. We cannot get our own done except through work and the work has to be done in good time, so it is developing into a fight, especially on the bottom chasing insults and comments made about my career to continue peddling things on my peace and quiet as an easy way to get rich fast, showering me with insults to ensure I did not shut it down and shut them out, seeing what they want and hunting down victims to get it and I think that it will end badly too. Currently it is dreaming that I was unable to convince their stupidities that they did not have power over me while nothing I did was good enough to get me out and put me on the path to recovery, hence such that we were talking about its low life status, running me down with issues that buzz away at the background as soon as people become educated people.

It makes sense that this nonsense all developed into a full on fight, beginning from causes such as people fearing frocks to claim they controlled the City from secret communities, the rogue elements seeing bums they like and making such a narcissistic mess to ensure they eventually had sex with it via organised consent of homosexuality or society abuses, which they have taken up as a tool to ensure that they cleaned up the effects of their personal decisions here by making sure all I did developed into a result where I got hurt, starting from my Books. Not the first time as the gimmicks about making sure extremists do not attack them any longer whilst they continues to build me an existence where none cared if I got hurt because they were famous and stupid continues – detached from all I got up to but somehow got to make a mess of my finances and we have not heard a word about it, we have heard outcries in search for privileges of injustice. In the end I suppose the rest of the public cannot get their own done without the jobs and we need to work we need to get the work done for the finances at the right time and this is the reason that this stupid profile of fighting needs to take a different shape which showed what happens when others joined the Celebrities to ensure that victims were fighting too. We even hear that the Queen had left the Monarchy unprotected in the world whilst we know we had an unwritten constitution, the same gimmicks I had to put up with would become a National crisis, when their need and that of their politicians involving the business of making a mess for people and pointing to the way things are done overseas was not curtailed, considering features where the stupid children wanted my public life to attend school and the men were running new businesses that will get rich fast by confiscating my personal and social life as a tool by which they could ensure nothing and nobody touched those that paid for their products, ripping up my Books and will not play with its career while it complains about me every day, should I push back, then I immediately become friends with criminals and never had a choice about it, push back all three and those who cause me setbacks that they were entitled to because I held public office, will despite the fact I had written, published and displayed Books, continue to spend what I did on themselves to improve their lives as real men that they were – the sort of nonsense that runs all day around here, building up to gimmicks at the Monarchy where they could say that when they give me a hard time, their stupid lives and work got easier. Now that the Queen had ensured that the Monarchy was left unprotected and an unwritten constitution meant that such a situation was fluid, I suppose the problem is that they had more real work to do and we faced a future where their involvement with the Military on account I did something which people in the line of work found supportive and they were entitled to the proceeds and ambitions of public security, is likely to be less messy than it is today. They have always done this, fooling around with public stability – the rogue narcissists from their secret communities hunting down to use by consent of society bullying, any bodies they fancied to such an extent they could not concentrate on their own stupid lives, fighting for my civil rights while trashing University studies if they may – they do it to such an extent it was possible for their liberal fastidiousness Politicians to suggest criminals were the people who heed the call of freedom and if they made a deal with political authorities, would get a reprieve so that they might be allowed to target completely innocent people – to such an extent that the Celebrities will complain I set out my Bookshop such that their foolish friends took risks with personal security for messing with it but will continue to show up somewhere getting involved with my concerns to suggest they were watching me and seeking my death, building a public profile for me to suggest nobody cared what happened to me, complaining while this also meant that nobody cared what I got up to as well – to such an extent the society fools can show up near my concerns to make stupid statements that suggested their lives got easier whenever they gave me a hard time, as giving them one too was impossible last we checked, complaining about warnings I issue and exits I give, when they start but are too stupid to shut it down if they got hurt: it has nothing to do with me and they do need to lay off my finances.

I am then said to have developed into a character that got others fighting my battles but it is the one problem of Celebrities picking up my service processes to build a version me they would be able to tolerate, the insolent narcissism of their fans which have not been thrown back at those who channel them for the time being and a business of building me a reputation where none cared what happened to me while complaining about the result that none cared what I got up to as well – they claim people have died because I was not exposed well enough to ensure the process of getting me killed by extremists because I was big enough to go round, could be enforced by a crowd until it was successful, with a big mouth, so I am out now and they are still building up their stupidities while complaining of the consequences. We know that their popular culture fathers that they attack my Books to protect are usually out around 11.00 am smoking all worth not and preventing younger people attending school but the problem is the small issue of people suggesting they were nice people and then blaming me when the cannot deal with the uncontrollable abdominal discomfort – I mean when smoking all worth not in the late mornings and preventing people from attending school because the only kind of success there was existed in popular culture, those who suggest they were nice people would not like them and yet when they commit crimes, they are said to be nicer people compared to me, which then adds up to a process where I got others fighting my battles. They do claim I thought everybody was a criminal but I am involved with the executive, so when it is making a mess of the way the population had organised themselves to get on with daily concerns it was just disruptive, when its parents are out there with social activities which befit the sense they were everybody else’s parents, while they build communities to exhibit sexual narcissism on others publicly as they grabbed careers, it was looking for crimes that had not been written down by parliament and the rest who pick up what I did about it to make their lives easier, crashing my bookshop and going off to hoover up more convenient stupid social issues decisions that will rely on me are just famous fools stealing my property.