We are now told that I possessed a mischievous personality, of which the singular problem here was the fact that each time I experienced any form of criminality-based abuse and violence being channelled at me, somebody always found it useful and profitable with Media, we know that linking abuses to a process of making money will not stop at what they decided should become of my bodily fluids and I am certain so far the Politicians are keeping the idea that their stupidities offered hope, the people who worked on Media providing them an opportunity to make the most of it. I could never tell how rather than earning a process where they stopped on the basis that I complained about it, they decided that I possessed a mischievous personality whilst their famous idiots were selling bits on my life and career to the Americans by breaching my patents, moving towards a future where they will tell me they patented bits of my life to their names by breaching my patents and that I ought to respect patents, whilst their own usually looks rather good when it builds up to a stop if mass shooting happens in the US or street stabbing occurs in the UK. It eventually builds up apparently to the part where the State provided security here provoked them which then made the worse over an assumption that I needed the state provided security to take them on. All of these are symptoms, I am not normally vulnerable to criminality violence and threats, the reasons they get to me is solely that the famous idiots run me down when I am at work and deploy anything I did when I was forced to respond, as a tool for self-reinvention, security and wellbeing, the cause is that they never stopped peddling the idea that I am meant to get into a fight with people to enhance the sense they were important, whilst stealing my Books to make sense of their gimmicks at the red carpet but it builds up to worse kinds of abuses never the less, whereby I not only became a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, I also possessed a career that can be used to make sense of anything that bothered them which their stupidities were too unintelligent to put into a conversation and this is the degree of abusive disrespect that described my business empire whilst it shot off its big mouth at me about its pay packet, such that a bunch of idiots were then able to build a crowd that got accustomed to habits at my expense and it will not stop amicably yet, there is no prospect of that – what we have been informed of instead is that its famous stupidities have been ripping up my Bookshop over claims that I am not spending money on it and now I am spending money on it, the money was wasted both conditions created by the abusive practical jokes that suggested they owned me with a big mouth, and it would fancy that if I wanted it to move on, its stupidities was so important that I needed to suspend my career for another couple of years, allowing it time to adjust its incredibly important a abusive job. The background here is that if it took at least 3 months for people to climb down an information they gathered by reading a book on average, this was not the lifestyle I needed to maintain the career of a writer, about which we can see I am a fan of their famous persons insults.

Eventually the question was one concerning the idea there was no smoke without fire and yes there isn’t, as it has now transpired that when I spend money on the Bookshop it gets wasted and when I am not it gets destroyed because I am running it on a shoestring which made for a disgrace, the need to take them at the threats, trash everything they stood for and make another history for myself that will help me manage this nonsense is the outstanding option, starting with their famous persons careers, making sure their silly children were too afraid to attend school because of me and of course the narcissism platforms for the male population and its market based abusive stupidities. There is really no mischievous personality here. There is the fear expressed by Politicians that it was a problem that never goes away but it does go away, they simply never stopped telling lies and others who considered themselves in a position of authority never ceased showing up here to build a mountain of problems from thin air at my expense – it is the same process where I had mitigated issues associated with Armed forces fraternising with me and so had I issues associated with their need to fool around with such matters, what is likely to happen next is that I will stop its need to get up on a red carpet, read my Books without paying for a copy and use it as a tool for both self-reinvention and a means to explain its personal problems that it did not possess the intelligence to put into words for the pleasure of its fans and the public by wrecking the Celebrity careers, get out of feeling sore and tired all the time by picking up market and stock market gimmicks from the narcissism media and male population gimmicks which I will set about cutting to pieces, the society gits will have to end up in s situation where they were so terrified of me that they had to self-sanction with respect to social activities, or the Bookshop works for me and the spate of poor sales numbers due to their practical jokes ends in a matter of days. The idea I am always vulnerable to it isn’t developed on reality either, it is a matter of years since I issued the warning about the need to run me down every time that I am at work, do it from an environment where there are no alternative opinions, get to a stage where there should be violent on me whilst I am at work, create pleasure from it and then begin complaining that the idiots who built a crowd over it to get their social fun were handling its famous stupidities as well, it could keep its mouth shut and show up here to read, where if it could not, it could make its comments about its own career instead, what we have had as a replacement to this, is a process where it stifles my finances and pick up my work history as a tool for covering its backside, feeling safer and feeling more important, as stupidly as possible. All of these like I have mentioned are symptoms still, the main problem is that it runs me down when I am at work and there is a distance I needed to breach with respect to my finances, that existed between me and the existence of the media, such that others can always grab my earnings every day if I did not breach it quickly enough every day. Then it claims that a Royal like me should not be getting involved with the work market whilst it was none of their business and if I ran out of money, there was nothing wrong with the jobs in it, save the part where they ran me down if I was working and that is not part of the jobs market: I had issued the warning about the gimmicks and shown the way it works to be that they stopped handling me and I stopped handling them, we are now at the advanced stage where they were the only people famous and wealthy enough to buy products that people only wish to sell by conducting abusive habits and their society gits were the only people with the money to buy products that people wanted to sell by wrecking homes and breaking hearts – either way this is the fourth time their stupidities have organised their famous careers to make me thus uncomfortable, there was a time I was being punished for disrespecting the wealthy, each time this nonsense progresses from a need to run people down in the work place, to such an extent they got complains from new armed forces recruits that were telling them about the way they expected others to do the fighting, which then meets up with the gimmicks their famous idiots played up on my Bookshop, they will feel me for it and at some stage one of my responses will serve as the finale for it.

It is said that the matter is Political and yes, it is political – it is the new country in the heads of these idiots and a need to breach my patents to pick up my income margins, social life, career publicity, royal publicity and bookshop publicity for it, leaving me penniless because the public were unable to engage with the Books. Once their stupidities had hit a brick wall as facts had come through the prove that they were not half as competent as the people they claimed were not running the country properly, it begins to get personal with respect to abuses and insults channelled at me as a matter of their financial wellbeing, compared to what I could have accomplished according to my resources and current age, to also chase the interests of their younger pricks at my expense – so each time this happens I played it up, so they became such a massive burden for their comrades, which outcome most of the time was that they ended up fighting each other, the sheer number of times I have been responsible for instances where the fight was violent.

I am now told I was ignorant of the fact that people wanted to marry rich.  Could never tell anyway if I was more conscious of the fact that there was a higher probability that they were not my type, than there was the idea that I was unaware they wanted to marry rich. The reality of it is that their behaviour which involved driving people near to death over their need to ensure their problems were paramount and depended on others abusively, is tempered with a process of holding victims to a promise of not doing any harm over it, only criminals and fraudsters who believed victims had arrived at a social disposition of powerlessness exhibit this behaviour that they apparently shared, so I am certain I have done nothing here to court a personal relationship interest from their stupidities, this could be the fact or they were easily looking to get into bed with a psychopath who murders them thereafter. I do not think the matter is a crisis, at the very most they liked to claim I was a wise arse over women issues whilst the women complained that life was hard for the female community – the complain that life was hard for the female community is raised as though others did not possess the intelligence to have a real conversation about it, the idea I have been a wise arse over women issues however was the part where it will not learn its place as this was not its social class, regardless of whether I had chosen to do what I am doing simply because I can, putting its stupidities in charge of matters it could not resolve in its own social class, especially when American. The Politicians have consistently feared that I had ended up in this condition where I was always doing something for them which I have not; it is the cause of this crisis, i.e. media and Celebrities picking up my work and career publicity to build a profile where it served them whilst shooting off the big mouth about consequential prospects if I were to do the same things with their famous careers that I actually do not require. The main problem at this stage is that after years of picking up Royal publicity and making my Bookshop into a tool that helped the public make sense of personal problems it was too stupid to communicate to its fans, stifling the finances, then showing up at the UN to oscillate between Celebrities that had gotten me to do their bidding and decadent friends that wanted the same experience, ripping up everything around here, it had now crossed the line that I had set out as the last tolerance i.e. a need to work me with abuses that expressed its mental state which involved the idea my personality felt good and although it trashes my finances, career and public life, does not wish to give it up, the abuses which expressed its mental state concerning a desire to treat others as though they were less than human, every time that I am at work; outcome being a stupid crowd had formed from it, especially the aspects where they got to threaten violence at me as well once they were bold enough to and I cannot see another way out save the destruction of their famous careers as well, the children of the society gits keeping their hands off my bum because they had become too scared to attend school and the stupid narcissism platforms of the male population and its stock market gimmicks, I need to destroy these things to such an extent that it was a means to ensure they kept their hands and their Italian pricks off my privacy and body parts, and there was enough equilibrium for my career to be respected, in hindsight which I had issued the warnings about running me down when I am at work years before and I had issued the warnings several times over. It does love to shoot off the big mouth when I had not taken it upon myself to conduct an unauthorised census of where the Virgo birth date pricks and their quasi-criminal famous twats lived, so that each time anything was wrong with my career for one more time, the problem could be solved easily. They speak of the lack of respect for their money on my part but we know it was a product of Washington giving them money so that they may get bolder at handling assets that do not belong to them, just like we see that the main problem was a need to abuse my privacy and the way idiots who are not currently engaged in riots and burning high streets whilst having to sort out matters with Police in riot gear, were complicit with what I know they were doing and they knew I knew they were doing, such as corrupt private security watching me all day and naked pictures of me shared in secretive societies full of hoodlums with ideas about people stealing their careers – it is never really a problem as American Politicians are always so good at looking for trouble that like in my case, their practical jokes have caught up with my finances and it was a battle for my survival between their practical jokes and my finances, likely to arrive at a stage where they did damage and I wanted to be compensated whilst they decided they were too powerful to compensate, reality however being that I want to be compensated socially and their idiots were joining them to look like twats I will have to pursue all the way to the retirement, as much as I will need to ensure their children were too afraid to attend school, as to ensure they stopped making a mess of my Bookshop. The Politicians raise this question about ways I did not think it was important to be proactive on these issues but there is really no need to be proactive – we are looking as if we had to do something because at a certain point we would be powerless to do it if they grew too big and there is no such thing, just the fear that extreme measures will become part of major administrative decision, whilst currently it is simply a matter of its quasi criminal stupidities wrecking my finances by making sures its criminal civil rights relied on my career publicity, to steal partnerships I had built with the public because it had to do business but was afraid of the crowd, added to which it fights me all the time and the fighting was necessary, so at this stage I am now about to join in as well, which is what this is really all about. On the matter of American support and the business of getting them to keep their hands to themselves – the American support was nothing unusual from here, same case of American Politicians spending tax payers funds on home wreckers because home wreckers were important persons, the part where I am set to ensure that it either ceases to make sense to my audience every time I engaged with people or somebody will pick up the cost; I mean the home wrecker thing must have been incredibly important if it transpired that economy was a matter of what businesses did with households and the idiots were elected into government offices by the general public, not that it was never the case that if caught doing the sex bits with the home wreckers they had to forfeit the mandate they were given at the polls. The matter of getting them to keep their hands to themselves progresses from a need to complain about fringe society all together, it will become a matter of me handling and managing social obscurity that affects them on their behalf, and beat down the stupidities well enough to achieve an equilibrium that keeps its fighting my wars when the Head of State requires response for the crisis hands off my bum, the one concerning the famous being special enough to say that it needed to stay away from my Royal network that is the most likely source of bank rolling activities for the Trust and cease making its stupid statements about my finances on Media. It is the same pattern all around, complains of the sexual context abuses and once it believed it had built a profile, stripped others of ways that people carried on without having to get caught up in it and like in my case, is spending my work and career publicity on itself with a media job when it is not complaining I had taken an interest in its famous stupidities enjoying some privacy because of it, does this to make money and everybody knows they complained about civil rights endlessly but always ended up picking up the fake news and national media lies, as a tool for delaying other people’s careers as to allow their stupidities become important pricks. In the end they claim all I said was sweet but there was no way that I could back it up, we know its famous insults considering I am obviously a fan, needed to cease interfering with the Bookshop and involving itself with my Royal network to cause financial delays for months or I will be compelled to stop their interest in me badly.

The most recent development has been that i am being hounded and dragged into a disposition where I could be attacked by those who wanted to do so and it is an old story about being dragged into a position where I can be groomed for years into a place where I could be attacked naturally, before then they were warned that I had time to get around those gimmicks of theirs where they could do whatever they liked and others could be forced to get of the career and daily pursuits being stuck with their abusive practical jokes an opportunistic violent stupidities over a whole life time but at the same it continues to peddle all sorts of stupidities concerning the way people died for messing with their society and culture which served a license for me to have to look over myself with the big mouth all of the time. No idea what exactly I am being run down and groomed into a position where I can be attacked by save the fact they organised a society to tackle a single person and are still behaving as though they wanted a situation where their stupidities had need of it. Some people have mentioned it was strange that Libras always had so much energy to pursue peace and justice but we know that they never see the results in which wars were although a tool for the government to do certain jobs by, they were also too much to ask by method of the outcomes they produced, they always saw it but they saw it whenever it was too late and by their very nature always saw it whenever it was too late to see it, whereas Libras were able to see it from miles away. In the end it is said that they were mentally ill and I am aware they are, the problem is a bunch of idiots hard wiring them to my career, so the perspective of their mental illness involved my career, social and personal life but it was the famous idiots making a case for hoodlums on the streets, people banging walls and doors, rogue landlords and corrupt private security to work society abuses from the streets to my bedroom window and in my sleeping chamber, providing them means to levy their sex work politics on me through the violent orthodoxy of the community croons whose gimmicks I got under control so well that my actions were approved by the head of state, all day, especially whilst I am asleep and ensuring I was never allowed to smell good, at the same time complaining about my privacy abuses and complicity with it responses, issued a warning on my part about their need to run me down with this nonsense when I am engaged in the work environment and the fucking idiots have just done it again with their Media presence power I could not surmount if I tried, creating another outcome where these idiots built a crowd that made the most of abuses that could be workable on those that were engaged in the work environment such as I did but in a condition where I was isolated for it specifically, its stupidities therefore not looking for trouble, only exploring privileges available to idiots that were financially comfortable for the time being – its popularity scum apparently where the people grooming me to be attacked and so the question had been raised as to whether I saw something wrong with them living in fear on my account which question I do not know what they answers to were as well, we know that younger people were caught up in street violence because these idiots had hijacked what a process of offending a person was, for superiority gimmicks and media presence power that will allow them get rich; so we find younger people were tackled with a need they had to get caught up in other people’s history especially if the said victims had a better future ahead, such that the victims were made to play a part in such a history that could not be forgotten and that history was saved as a means for access that allowed them to pillage peoples incomes and family life at will, in my case, the first decade of career mess was due to ideas I am a oaf who never got into a fight to protect less vulnerable people, the second decade was due to an involvement with security services industry that caused them to live in fear, hence the question of whether I thought it was right for them to live in fear of me, which answers I do not have but really do not care as well. In the end they claim to have done me damage and it is utter nonsense: reality is that some hot heads responsible for providing my state security had decided to create their own damage to fast track a job, the idea peddled it seems, is that their families can do to me any damage that was desired, when it lip flaps about doing damage to me, it is never clear what its stupidity was talking about but it needs to keep its mouth shut and show up here only to read a Book.

We are told I am deluded about my ability to handle the matter but it rather appears that I had placed my energy in the wrong places, if it is the social abuses of the celebrities that I have mitigated whilst I really ought to have attacked the finances, so it seems that the outcome is set to be that it will not cease handling my person and my career and I am going to break their own as well. Everything that it got involved with here, associated with helping younger people do their best work at school and people to produce their best performance at work, had been taken up by involvement corruption and then damaged after they extracted money from it through popularity, so what we are doing now involved a business of damaging my career because they thought their stupidities were now counted amongst the wealthy, I say I need to consolidate the history of creating show business products by getting involved with me or destroy it to prevent further involvement and they have built new one from the updated career publicity that is supposed to have mitigated their previous involvement because they believed my experience of their gimmick was amusing, so 20 years of my time wasted in this way using a Media presence, 11 of those spent on intense abuses that were meant to achieve patent breach and now I am isolated, I had become their plaything and there is conversation about what I would say if I wanted it all to go away when we are all aware state provided security had provoked them and we do not know what they believed they could do if I ran a Bookshop by getting assistance from it, then there was also the fact that this was brought about by the destruction of my wealth equity to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and leave me open to the home wreckers, after which trashed my crime control publicity to befriend organised crime product sellers and get cheaper deals, then become obsessed with the personal and social life of royalty which appeared to have ingredients that improved their status, once they realised I wanted to get rid of them, built new versions of this nonsense on the updated career publicity and employed German influence idiots to help them ensure that I was pliable, whilst it complains there have been no explanation as to reasons they have done this by the way, we know they have done it because they maintained the best use for my career was to cover their backsides for a living and it all added up to something people I had not murdered yet would do. It needs to move on or I will move its famous stupidities without making consultation, has so far actually created a new problem where I bend down to pick up something at work and every fool that was born under a birth sign more dangerous than mine would cling to my career and make the most of ideas about ways that they could exact violence on me at such a stage, having been I issued the warnings again and again about running me down with their media jobs whilst I am engaged with the work market, it does not want to pay for this as well and so we had a new problem considering the abuses and insults have not yet ended. It is an issue associated with the ways that we think they were important whilst they do not own the companies that made the entertainment, they do not make the entertainment, they are simply people who get paid for it and will not let other people keep the day job as well, then get off claiming my involvement with the work market was a victory they earned. They do claim they were selling my career to Americans and that would be the part where I warned about what I might do if a need to run down the working population for a media presence in order to get rich fast whilst security services complained, met up with famous idiots ripping up my crime control publicity to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and leave me open to home wreckers, feeding into the fact they were so good at looking for trouble that their practical jokes had caught up with my financial wellbeing, as a group of people responsible for the oversexualisation of American society where people had come to conclusion the last privilege was sex with a prostitute at government office, or sex crimes against children and women, so they took it up as a form of defence. It needs to make its comments about its career and show up here to read or I will move its stupidities on without making any consultation about the way it would like to keep its own job. The story behind this nonsense was that I wanted to compete with Germany which is utter nonsense as they were always involved at the Trust and therefore did not make any sense – the details however are that these idiots always had opinions about people trying to tag along with people beyond their league and I am always a target because I offered support to people who used industrial office for purpose not their fools with a need to be left hand side and right hand side of those who owned property, it does not bother me and it is not a matter of schedule for me since I am aware of what it is, the problem is the way that it shows up here with the big mouth backed by a society and will not set out the means for abuses by itself so I could beat the stupidities out of it as well if it took a swipe at me and of course if this was the case, the famous idiots had decided my career should be damaged for as long as I had failed to provide it with a response. I have seen engineers at work, it’s a matter of the whole solutions to problems mentality and German society is developed on that sort of mentality, hence reasons these fools were highway to schizophrenia German influence and always wanted to spread it all over the world, I have seen this kinds of environments many times over and in various other professions, obviously if they had that solutions to problems mentality and 50% more than we British did for example, they would likely think about flooding the market with parts before they created a product as they are likely to have considered a lot of problems before doing so, hence the success of the manufacturing Industry, here in the UK we had more of a lifestyle support structure and we had 50% more than the Germans did as well, such as getting to a shop to buy a pair of jeans and it would likely have come with shoes and a shirt and there would be about 4 other arrangements like this as will allow you to complete a wardrobe, once this is done, you had means to be free of certain social issues which gave you time to boost your earnings, when we build things, we build them in the same way i.e. here is a luxury car and when you damage you we repair it but you needed to control your habits too as our business would be affected by the recklessness even if you could pay for it.

They do claim the Americans have wrecked mine however which is utter nonsense, just the same group of incredibly stupid people, where during the process of finding first ever job at the end of your teenage years, you got stuck with some twats with ideas about how your career can be used and ways you were unlikely to make financial progress because they were addicted and it was valuable, get out of that and you were stuck with the politicians, get out of the politicians and you were stuck with the famous idiots, from the famous idiots you were stuck with media too and if you attended University the lecturers will be in on it whilst the fall out will be blamed on you as well, at the end of which it was all incredibly amusing too. I have ended up with a history and they have ended up complaining that I needed to give them time to adjust their incredibly important careers, considering their stupidities were paying the bills around here, much as I have offered them an exit to keep their comments to their careers which is not taken because they had big egos, like a bunch of fool around idiots who only ever get better when they had been bled. They claim it is what happens when people are bigger than I am when I had not made my point at the business and economic cycles yet as it were, considering the one way to handle them was to ensure any market from my career publicity or enterprise that I did not access were destroyed, as I would not live to see my 50th birthday if I embarked on a gimmick of working for markets they made money from, if they would die on account they could not be business people who did not wish to live on minimum wage and hated the markets: either way, they were paying their taxes considering how stupid they are and it was an achievement on my part, apart from this however, they were keeping their jobs and it was so important to have the income that they had become bullies, makes my point.

This is all just me incorporating their gimmicks into the way that I ran a Bookshop to see what they were made of at the end – I mean a 12-year career mess cannot be followed up with another 8 years of practical jokes associated with ideas about the career being stolen by the Media, without consequences. They do claim their actions served to make the point that I am a disgrace which is all counterproductive as it was so abusive people could not see that I am a writer, now it is simply so abusive people could not see the Books I had written all together. I do not think it is a crisis, I have met journalists who worked their careers in a way that allayed Governmental fears about mobility issues – I mean the way news id delivered these days is not something a single mother would survive or something a couple that lives away from the family for long periods of time due to work, would survive, so it is some sort of question on the challenges that such journalists faced to keep the job and I think I did when I played the role of a character they met on the streets and we assisted each other for more than a decade and a half, what we are seeing is a process of abuses, insults, career destruction and fake news, so if it is targeting me it is probably due to a need for leverage and blackmail that allowed it to take a job away from somebody and if there is nobody left to take jobs away from, its stupidities will become predatory. The backdrop for this is that with respect to the sweetness of handling me people had died and on the other hand nothing I did would free me from them, whilst Politicians were concerned I could not handle the matter successfully, whilst I could: I mean it is the challenge of public service, that if you helped take out the bins in the locality and were to meet with public figures, it would ensure that the two parts of your career met in such a way that you lost the career and if it had been done to 3 persons, there was no reason you would not be the 4th person, then we had to think of the challenges local authorities faced over such activities and the way that handling them would only have been done successfully if the idea was removed from the mind, that hurting them would be the wrong thing to do. I mean it is civil rule and obscurity was their domain to dominate people with, the insults were the only things that they learned at school, people had died, state provided security provoked them and so there is now a probability that having been they were doing what they were doing because they wanted revenge for the people that got to fight communists due to the previous activities, I will perform the same processes again and the next time will be the finale. As for freedom from them, the work I did involved supporting industry officer owners who dispensed their jobs to allow the public secure products and services that helped run the day, as opposed to ideas about ways that abusing people could make wealth alongside the need to be somebody’s right hand and left hand person endlessly, in which condition it seems that I am not a man anymore whilst their women were the kind of women that men actually wanted, so they were such men that when I fucked them too, there will be no men left, hence reasons people in my position did not join in – goes without saying it needed to stop making a mess of the career publicity talking rubbish all over it on the Media and stay away from my literature, the Celebrities will continue to push the career damaging suggestion they were more important, to a point where it got on my nerves well enough for me to pursue everything that allowed them to feel healthy at my expense.

The real cost of these are not the equity I have devised the whole time I have written this piece, it is the way that I am for instance getting between 8 to 12 junk emails every day as a product of an interest in my affairs expressed by criminals and dark web idiots. It then gets of suggesting what it does was linked to the idea my Books were a threat to them and their male society, of which if it was, such a threat would have been expressive during the first 4 years after the Books had been published and there would have been enough controversy over the threats to get the Books into the hands of the public, so that everybody could see what the threat actually was – the liberalist stupidities simply takes an issue to the idea of me being financially comfortable and loved to express this stupid opinion for as long as it had not come to serious harm. It fears the matrimonial narcissism where its inability to keep its imagination off peoples body parts was linked to something women did during pregnancy and childbirth processes but had gone on to perform a series of gimmicks that will trash a Bookshop whilst it got on media to build short narcissism videos that it liked to suggest was the way advertisement should be made etc, the Politicians were no longer interested in the idea their stupidities allowed people in government buildings to be convinced of their right to lead and I would love to stop the happiness built from this nonsense and a need to haul insults at me but that was not my right, my right was the part where it and its famous idiots made comments about their career and the stupidities kept from my person and possessions. It had turned up here with the stupid Celebrities to build me a mountain of problems from nothing since it had wrecked my career and wishes to ensure its backside was not exposed to the abusive society it had built, so these gimmicks are meant to delay my finances, so it could decide how I spent my time whilst its adjusted, the ideas about physically handling me however is that which will end their famous stupidities incredibly badly from my point of view. The idea that I am unable to manage it being peddled by idiots who should not be ordering my steps, especially if they had at some stage set about pulling my legs whilst it was clear I needed to operate on the same par with these idiots, to prevent reactive responses which are usually ineffective compared to proactive responses because it facilitated their abusive Celebrity gimmicks, this is obviously a two decade process of pursuing me with the stupid abusive theory that I looked the part of a profitable victim of financial repression, hence the importance of their gimmicks being expressed elsewhere, it needs to find a social life in which it did not get to complain about me and needs to make comments on media about and the useful purposes of its own career activities (Naturally, the claim all I can do with other peoples unusual interest in my concerns is to complain, is not devised from reality if they were themselves complaining that people associated with them had died fighting communists because of me and hence they were unable to keep their imagination off my body parts as such which implies I had to do something about this too - hence we can see that even if somebody picked up what security services did with me and set about making a right mess of it, I did not see that it was any of their business that this had happened as such, so what we do know as a matter of certainty is that the stupidities as usual had hijacked what it meant to provoke others, gets about looking for trouble all day to display its gimmicks on Media and runs its mouth endlessly over what it thought was the form that racism took because it provided means to get rich taking advantage of a specific group of people).