The prevalent state of affairs now is that what people do to cause me harm is never likely to get better and they were never likely to relent but I did not see that it was a problem for me in anyway either, we know it is a matter of a bunch of criminality character with gimmicks to play out over peoples lives where I had to end up in a situation where I worked for market and they found a way to make use of it too but whilst I was made to buy products they were selling, my products ended up in a scenario where the perhaps question was the latest response from clients – the need to build this nonsense around my career regardless of endlessly complaining to politicians about their feelings with respect to my responses have ruined a Bookshop recently but its biggest prize was the way it showed up at University to finger bum and run me down until I dropped out. This is the symptom however, the main problem is that they had to go quiet because of what I did with their stupidities when I got involved with the security industry and they showed up to play with the job but a bunch of famous idiots whose arse I had failed to cover because they tore down my career crime control publicity and breached my patents for practical jokes that will make them money, had built them a media presence to play with for each time they were able to access my career, so if I for instance travelled to North London and there I tidied up the problem, when I travel to Manchester, I will need to tidy it up again as if I never did at great expense in London, so all can see that the main problem was the way that some people were able to keep the fame and media jobs without facing a lot of difficulty. They do claim this statement meant I had prepared for war with the famous which if I did would mean I was putting together an arrangement that will allow me cover their faces and attack them at street corners, work out why they always needed to work with rogue landlords to enjoyed abusing my privacy to read Birth signs because they thought they were allied to the dangerous ones, if their stupidities were keeping their clothes on and we would finish off with a series of complaints that will get the Union of Celebrities and Journalists that were supposed to regulate their stupid behaviour paying a lot of attention to some new problems, I do not see that it is a fight that they can win, what we do know is that they are always good at the starting part which expresses their stupidities to a great extent and even when they were too stupid to devise a way that would help them stop if they were afraid of me, I helped them out by setting out a way they could stay away from my Bookshop and keep their comments to their careers, which has not been taken so far.

They do claim I appeared to work in this social disposition where I got along with the famous and the press which is utter nonsense as it is largely a matter of what the press does not normally do – they are either engaged in attacking me because I have not yet been left in utter poverty and utter ruin or they were attacking me because although I am a low life who gets involved with people beyond my league, all the people who did had not yet lost jobs  to them, so it is a bunch of incredibly vile scum but I fail to work it this way because I am unable to envisage what any person would want to accomplish with these stupid facts. It is supposed to be an output of their socialist disposition where it is either people were being attacked because they had a personality that was similar to one possessed by characters who later became millionaires in the past, so such personalities should be stripped of their finances and careers and used for the benefit of the public like something the Nazis would have done if they could, worked by stupid liberals that were victims of everything as well or religion thought people to be generous and it was an affront to socialist ideals whilst the socialists knew nothing about the religions in question, therefore unable to make sense politically of the way that religion said if you had two then you gave one to somebody who had none, as opposed to a gimmick they spent their time on which caused already poor people to lose huge sums of money year after year, where they worked immoral society with their famous idiots and got into a competition as to an ability to still step outside of your door and carry on your concerns as normal whilst working it, full of lies, treachery, insults which were the only thing they learned at school and abuses all day long, the outcome being a need to get into a disposition where they were the only people in good enough health to measure up to the wealthy, facilitating an environment for wealth sharing.

My main concern at this stage is that I am completely fed up with its need to show up here and make a mess of my career, finances and my client interests, so primarily, it needs to stop bothering security services on my behalf whilst it complains of the ways that its people had signed up to the service and lost their lives doing so, boasting about ways that I cannot enforce the process by myself all together. There has always been a fundamental problem with the socialism and it goes beyond the need to abuse peoples privacy and to be complicit with it in a condition where they had not yet burned up whole streets performing riots – it seems that the leadership is neither able to enforce a world where everybody was made to earn the same income nor the world where even if they were able to get everybody earning the same incomes, they earned the same incomes as everybody did at Government Offices, so the only instance where it made sense was when they said that their place at Government was the enforcement of specific policies that they promised the public, considering the way equality really works is that when Mr A works for a business that makes Mr B rich, Mr B gets rich without doing any work and ends up with a mentality and a lot of money behind it, so eventually those responsible had to tidy up the mess, as such those of us who show an interest in such problems are not really keen to solve it, we do what we do with it because the hatred towards our possessions and the fact we loved what we did was semantic in nature. So if socialists got elected on the basis that too many Mr A had worked for too much money that came into the possession of Mr B, they stuck to the Policy and saw it through and I should not be paying a financial cost for the existence of socialism because they had failed to have it worked out properly. Eventually on the social front, socialists did not spend a lot of time to think about what they were doing as a matter of being able to do it properly, they left the thinking for some people they claimed did the thinking for everybody and yet at the same time, like we know their politicians will be unwilling to enforce real policies that prevent Mr A working for Mr B who did not do any work but had to get rich, because they preferred to be powerful than they preferred to serve, they are fundamentally opposed to any single person being so wealthy as a sense that the person that does the thinking for everybody will want to sell it to his or her huge market, hence will come up with an abusive plan to get such persons stuck somewhere they can give up everything they were thinking about for the sake of the crowd, which the Nazis would have done if possible, Liberalists work this nonsense too and I am done tolerating it. They do claim people had died because of my responses and so I suppose now that the next time I respond with an intent to tackle the civil disobedience and damage done to my finances, taken a 7 year period to get it through to people that disturbing a boudoir prevents me from paying my bills whilst they had fun, with an intent to pursue them all the way to their retirement days, I will stop whenever they complained too.

They do claim the main issue was that Celebrities were successful and I needed to stop bothering them; reality which is rather that I was never out there looking for a wealthy wife in my position but now I am in one where everything has been wrecked by Celebrities who are entitled to handle my personal and social life, so if I got into a relationship with them, I will only find out soon enough that the original plan was the best arrangement for me. It is turning out to be something that I will have to put an end to painfully and yes they do claim they were rather miffed that I am not afraid of them whereas they do not own the companies that employ them and the ideas people have about how important they were was a cost that should be footed by those who did it not at my expense. We ended up in the situation all together because of the fact I set out at public service office, the means to manage areas of my public life which I did not have the time to police, such that people would get involved with me and they will pick out the best looking to get rich fast with my public image by at the entertainment industry, so I developed equity to work the process as will allow people do the best work for their profession and academic pursuits, to which effect after making money off it, the Celebrities damaged the crime control publicity to endear themselves to people who sold organised crime products which they now had enough money to afford and needed to ensure remained cost effective, got in league with the criminals to beat me down on Media and finished off showing up to run me down every day over ideas on what they thought they deserved. It has taken another 8 year career mess to retrieve the assets and get the process done by myself and it continues to show up on the media pillaging every day, such that when the question is raised as to me doing something in the real world to solve my financial problems, it turned out the question of whether celebrity culture or the civil service and jobs market was the correct thing for the public, is set to be answered in terms of the way that delay had created an outcome where a lot of interested persons with economies that Celebrities had already damaged, were too old to engage with the solutions I had offered making it counterproductive, so the way to show the households that I meant business will be to set out a campaign that will help me wreck the finances of the celebrities and restore civil normalcy. The famous gits have now created new forms of public exhibitionism at my expense and an abusive need to breach my patents and deploy my career publicity for a different purpose to this effect, so far, then claim they had done nothing to deserve the perspective I had devised whereas they have never really considered yet the question of whether the correct thing to do with media was to beat people down or perform a career task, if the result of heir activities was one in which their media presence has consistently been the only problem around here for a period of 8 year during which time I suffered applicable career mess and therefore makes me the person that was unable to pay my bills because their media presence was such a great threat.

I am not unaware they continued to reiterate that I was marked out to be attacked on the streets, it actually makes sense as I had embarked on a process of punishing whole communities when it followed me around to perform all sorts of nonsense that progressed from accusations to gimmicks that got me dropping out of University and the overall reasons for it considering I did not as much as gain a knowledge of what their names were to say the least, was that according to my race, I was in need of their various civil rights and actions against injustice movements. Did not pay the fees for this and has never once paid the bills since, performs another series of activities that wrecks the Bookshop thereafter stifling income stream and had since arrived at its true personality as a character that walks around the streets looking for trouble and believed it was entitled to involve itself with my career and beat me down with a Media presence every day. I mean even now, when I mention that there was according to career delays over practical jokes performed with my career publicity, which meant that I can only make progress with the Bookshop when I started to show the households that I was willing to destroy their Celebrity finances to facilitate an equity at market, the Politicians have waded in with gimmicks that I will be wrecking the finances of important and famous people whilst leaving others open to misogynist, not yet clear what Government office wants to do with the need of the famous to get in league with criminality over my career publicity whilst they did not wish to live with it as such either, but it is an example of a scenario where considering the 20 year career mess here, people will say when it went badly wrong that an assassination had taken place, the facts will be brushed under the carpet as per it really enjoyed the narcissism of stifling my breath whenever at Government office work.