The big idea that comes on peddled endlessly being that I loved running a career where I enjoyed having problems – none of the ways I have described my career and what I did with it actually mattered thereof but the real problem is the same old fact that famous idiots picked up my work to build themselves a reputation, handed over their own mobility to immoral society gits and showed up clinging to mine over ideas their stupidities were incredibly important, whereas it was obvious that if they spent my work getting rich and it had made them a bully, it would serve them if I were left alone. Same as the Politicians who loved to put up ideas about how much people hated me and the pressures by which I am to give up my personal and social life to the idiots that were actually in charge – these were responsible for the world level crisis that was due to the fact that I had set out some activities which subjected them to the same effects that my 2 decade career mess had on me, especially with respect to this history with the tax man but were still undeterred. They speak of fundamental causes of these problems whilst a single one was the reason i.e. there are now three sections one occupied by them and their need to get up on public media running me down until their local career crime idiots could beat me down in my own bed, the other being me stuck in the middle and the third being the criminals that did not organise their finances properly and were now the most opportunistic scum that society had ever produced, who had so far been furnished with a narcissism media presence, public ageism, bum finger upstart gimmicks, money and astrology by which to target me, hence I am at a loss as to what their stupidities now believed the cause of the problems was whilst the answer was always also as simple as a process where the famous insanity consolidated any history that involved me so I may move on too, or find that I will destroy it and anything that facilitated it; currently not clear what the stupidities wanted me to do with the career if it was not feasible to say that a 14 year career was wrong and should be changed for something else because it was not set out to hurt people and they had inundated the service and product processes with publicly displayed criminal sociopath narcissism that was built upon the ideas about what they were free to do with my person because they were bigger, complaining to get the authorities on their side as well. No idea why it continued in this condition where it was rather obvious that some criminal sociopaths did not actually possess real tools to cause me any harm if I attacked them for the damage, they do around here every day – more insults I suppose, especially from the women as I am now known to be a great big fan. Here it is said that the matter was in my hands wholly and none else could control it but it is still the same problem where people hang about passing so much abusive activities and insults in my direction that it was possible for people to chase my personal space randomly and those who thought that hurting me would make them money believed that there was no law preventing them from doing so – does this, insists on doing it, takes up my time to do it, decades at a stretch and then gets up on media talking nonsense about instances where I should live in fear. It is never clear why they were famous and modern in these manner – the parents created neighbourhoods that were built on insults targeted at people they think lived in a world where rules and laws did not apply as to how such persons should or could be handled by others, this made them comfortable and so they built an industry of rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, to ensure that on the basis of being insulted endlessly stepping outside of your door was impossible on account their stupidities could close the distance between you and your career faster than you could – none knows why their stupidities were modern in these ways anyway and it needed to stop handling me if I have had to provide these responses because they were complaining; I do not write their Books in this place and those who felt threatened by me over the Books need to walk away. It is the same generic problem, such that even if it is an imagination that they can close the distance between me and my career quicker than I can, it would still have created a result where it was impossible to step outside of my door for it; if I braved it anyway, the prospect of damaging my health was up to 90% and the prospect of successfully grabbing my career was a low as 5% but hell had broken lose.

It is never true that I responded to the matter out of fear either – the fear is a product of considering what I may have failed to do which allowed them to gain such intrusive involvement and access to my financial wellbeing – mostly however, we are having the conversation because they were always bothering the authorities as to ideas I was oblivious to the fact that their stupidities really wanted to see me suffer. These conversations were all made possible not because they genuinely wanted to see me suffer but because they were bothering the authorities with what is really a result in which they believed I should be the one getting hurt whenever the violent situations had emerged from their activities, so they needed that access to me and the process where I was caught up with their lifestyle, to make it possible. This is all really a simple problem of the fact I did not face difficulty on public control matters, so I am being wrecked by the famous who promised that if I had failed to serve them with it I will be made to never the less – so I have a week left on what was the deadline by which I was to ensure their famous stupidities understood exactly what I am saying to them and those gimmicks where they got to suggest their activities were a product of others being so unintelligent they did not possess the mental will to have a clearly developed conversation about it and then I will move into full on property protection where I will also want to see what their abusive famous stupidities were made of.

Since 2017 these idiots decided that if they set out a press narcissism, they would get everything their heart desires from a bunch of society gits that made a mess of my career and complained about my response to such an extent that they were boasting about an ability to close the gap between me and the career earlier than I could and it has not stopped, there is enough destruction being peddled by famous idiots to completely destroy the career or claim ownership of it everyday and since I did not face a real crisis I had to spend my time on, I could never tell where the problems were coming from save I decided to brandish a broad stroke as per it was coming from the well off neighbourhoods. Then we hear them come through claiming that I interfered with Parliamentary power of which what really happens is hat they show up here, follow me around to make a mess everywhere I went, over ideas they wanted to live in a Country where there were no other authorities getting in the way of their need to dominate my person – it has now learned a little bit about me and if not serious about going to war, I need to move on, otherwise we can continue tolerating more of the stressful insults since I am obviously a fan of the fact they were a bunch of famous fools. On the matter of my actions eroding Parliamentary power, we know that defending myself from other peoples idiot children who get into government office ripping up and trading my career with the public, does not erode parliamentary power in anyway whatsoever; I mean, alongside their Celebrities they make public appearances on two main personalities, either they were looking for trouble but did not wish to find it and trash everything others had dedicated a life to or they were entitled to something and there needed to be a community organised narcissism to target the person that actually owned it. They do boast that if I lived in the US I would have ended up in a huge trouble a lot earlier and it is utter nonsense as if I did, I would have considered there as no backup social security and I needed to reach a decision without considering other peoples feelings, concerning what I thought of a bunch of criminal sociopath pricks and their famous idiots, ripping up my career for pleasurable narcissism because they were a bunch of home wreckers and gold diggers with an attitude – it seems to have made an enemy that it does not understand and needs to keep its mouth shut. I have never seen these idiots develop a single idea on how to get involved with me, which remotely suggested I was at least a standard human being; the whites, Asians and Muslim pricks made me a character that they can bully to befriend and share the incomes of the wealthy because my actual work was private equity broker and intellectual property administration, to which effect I am seen as a strong enough hand for businesses during economic cycles, the blacks spent everything I did about the mess on themselves because there was no reason not to think that being bigger than I am according to them provided their stupidities the license to cling to me and rip up my finances for their civil rights gimmicks, on the basis that should I decide X amount of people turned to racism since I was acquainted with them, I would end up in a social condition where the threat would affect me too. It is not the case that I am unable to tackle these matter by getting right down to the opportunistic reasons that these idiots claimed they hated me; the Politicians believed that when abusing my career to make corruption wealth, they would get away with the money regardless of what I did about it, they believed if they made it too complicated for me to simply say that they needed to keep their mouth shut and show some respect for my career as well whenever they had shown up near the premises of my work, I would be completely incapable of dispensing the processes that tackled such a problem successfully.

I am told it’s the Mob and I will never be free of it but I do not seek to be, its this other situation where they tell me I did not attack their jobs and family wellbeing, which provided them the disposition to become bullies and run me down in public all the time – I need to complete this business of saying I got the point across and got a feedback from them that I understood exactly what I am saying before such options as their children being too afraid to attend school in order to keep them off my personal space, finances and body bits became a major option. The claim they have been fighting my wars was created by the King and does not exist in the real world, just like the Celebrities cannot explain their problem with the fact that criminals were signing up to security services because they believed it would provide them knowledge on how to handle me, which is rather better than looking like I awarded something to the Armed forces that I did not award to them which should play a part in making me sad when justice takes its course, the beginning of the crisis with the famous all together last we checked, just as much as it was fine to say that they could put me to fools errand and could then as well, so it became a race against time, to find out who would turn towards homosexuality or commit suicide first. It is not true that I am patient in the matter either, this is exactly what they did to ensure I dropped out of University and they sent out children after children to get ahead of me passing exams – it has done another one on a Bookshop and pretends the authorities ought to be oblivious to what I meant when I suggested it needed to keep its hands to itself and show up here only to read a Book, from my point of view, they were complaining because they had done it again and each time they had done it again, they ought to complain. They claim I am always trying to change them for the better and they had nothing motivating them in that direction – reality being that each time I found myself contending with government office idiots who throw my whole career to the dogs in order to be free of public control problems, it came from their neighbourhoods and represented their interests working the stupid rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers to any extent that it wanted and talking nonsense about ways I needed to make sacrifices to live in the good country; we have never seen them tackle their own problem with the authorities without damaging careers, health and financial well being and have never seen anything to support the idea they had the right to be to superior as to surround me with so much abuses that the imagination got up my penis and anus all the time, so fair to reiterate that by the deadline, I needed a feedback that they understood exactly what I was saying to them.

On the matter that this was all a product of the fact the King did not like me specifically – we know that there should not have been Royal support that legitimised a bunch of character that joined security services to target me but it was done anyway, by far the biggest is this support for a male population that dreams of nothing but being able to build a community that forced others into a position where careers can be used by the men for purposes that was not intend, up to the point where it was financially profitable, facilitating crimes that had not yet been imagined by the legal system, so that they may get away with it whilst the system figured out what to do, claim it was all freedom and the fact other people existed entitled them too on the basis of peoples existence being provided by nature itself, to behave in such a way towards others and other peoples property. I went to University to pay the fees for them and they got support from the King who was Prince of Wales at the time and then I set out a Bookshop, concerning which his support for them was all over it too, then it turned out that the King had gone so far with the matter he was no longer able to return to the normal things that he should do at his Office but wanted to keep hold of it anyway, so I destroyed it because I needed to move on and now it seemed they wanted to wreck me too, hence the current conversation about it. The part that is causing the biggest palaver is that there was no way to make sense of what role exactly the Celebrities played in the matter, so I need to ensure that it was understood what Celebrities were doing with it involved saying that they were bigger than I am and on that basis, came up with something they can push into my career and come through at the other end on the basis they were bigger than I am – I sometimes lapse onto the idea that human beings cannot be this stupid, which then gets me into a lot of trouble, I now need to ensure that I got a feedback from them that with respect to my career, property and finances, they understood exactly what I am saying to them, if I had to justify the next reasonable course of action and in terms of the fact nobody ever shows up here defiling me to make money save I am living under their bootheel as a bunch of famous pricks that they were, more so, for fear that I may likely get my hands on what mattered the most to such person and set about being very extravagant with respect to the effect their insults had on me, which when also copied or repeated by the famous idiot is not effective for them on account they were home wreckers.

We eventually end up with this nonsense where they claim this was all a product of what occurs when people had no money for the time they had spent on this planet, I could never understand the exactly stage they thought that my financial wellbeing was a major concern of theirs, either way which I did have a right to get to a workplace, put my head down and do some work without being beaten down by radio wave lesbians and did warn them it will come to this sort of thing too. I mean always in need of my public image for other preferable gimmicks and then an employer pays for a job – I mean the way they did it too i.e. I simply went down and worked, and they went away somewhere to do paper work, decide how many Units I earned and the money ends up in my bank account on a certain date, so that although the problem with jobs is that the employed took the money, even if I wanted to reject that money, it would have been impossible to do so. Where it is said that this was all about love interests, I am beaten at all times naturally as the very mention of people getting into a relationship with me mostly causes them to take up entertainment roles in which they took their clothes off on screen, but it would appear that their biggest problem at this point is that I was able to get into an arrangement with somebody who respected me and can actually do a job that involved helping younger people do well at school and assisting security services to get supplies from the ports to industrial parks and then the high streets. Where it is said that there wasn’t a woman who felt good enough for me, the problem has always been that nonsense where they think I am supposed to get into a fight with people to prove myself to them and cannot seem to understand that I want nothing to do with them as it is not the way anything works around here, not withstanding which the other gits who loved to mess around with women could play with my wife if they wanted and if they thought they were not going to get violent at some stage, since I do not expect her to close off the mind and body if we are raising a family, an example of instances where the stupidities stop all be it for a while. On the matter of my work experience being lowly, I have been in factory and production line, I have been in security but there is nothing about the way that I did the work that did and the implications of doing it the way I did, helping interested parties and clients make sense of my career, everything is being hijacked by narcissistic famous pricks who were not convinced that their stupidities will end badly, especially when the purpose was some sort of revenge on behalf of the criminals I offended at private security.

Making progress with my career is not s difficult as people believe it to be – these goons and the Celebrities are corrupt to the core and this is the reason they wanted my Books, were unable to engage with it and wanted to ensure that unless the state of their superiority was restored, nobody would be allowed to, they had a long standing diversified history of waging war on public policy. Then there is also the matter of approach to my personal relationships whereby they were always cynical, so their parents became cynical as well and they became convinced that there was a problem where my personal relationships were concerned and then also the big one that brings all their need to handle me as if I am one of their options into the public sphere – where I broker create equity with companies and they broker intellectual property administration equity with me to process: they would then make one advertisement about what we did together and the men will run me down and bombard with me advertisement after advertisement thereafter until I was overwhelmed , flustered and primed for a community that will run me down all day. So my wealth Politics was actually devised for women and there evidence have shown that there was nothing unusual about it, even going further as to show that in order for them to play a part in the business of helping people build products to baby sit industry goons that spent money fighting them, what they needed to do was build a community to finger my bum and grab my penis, whilst there was really no explanation for the destruction of everything that would allow me to defend myself as per how I developed my career, if I found myself hurtling down a rabbit hole and ending up somewhere to prevent people picking up my career for their own affairs, no explanation whatsoever and if they given means to, they would certainly get a lot worse. Eventually they claim I could not make this work in the city where their power was at its peak which is utter nonsense as it would only encourage people to buy the kind of security that will ensure they got to pay for products that are built to help baby sit them, if people thought they were working on processes that would allow them acquire those products free of charge. For my part, they claim I hated rich people but it now needs to learn some commitments and show up here to settle down and read a Book as I had no income if its stupidity did not and the Celebrities played a role in which public control matters such as the need to turn these sexual context abuses into a method of making money became viable, over ideas I was being wooed. They do claim I am dragging people into my insecurities which is utter nonsense, as what happens is for instance I brokered creative assets for a Car Seat during the building of a latest model, what these goons will do will proceed from the sense that whenever the Client had paid for a whole car, I was set to lose something important because that Car had been sold and the sense I had lost something important would facilitate fitness industry and money market gimmicks that added up to trading, which wrecks everything here as I was provided publicity for my career in return for the Equity I brokered and for the damage they did would they claim then, that my existence was the typical consequence of being broke, claim they do it because they were bigger than I am and not rather I would have thought, that they were a bunch of poofs.