I am told I tended to leave my controversies lying around which I really don’t as they are not issues which were such an alarm that they could not be mitigated on the basis of the lies people told at my expense because they did not think I was significant a person enough to be better off. Beginning from my diet I have always been Vegan, do not like to eat meat a lot because it hurts, that said I do eat meat still but it is as a treat and treats usually come with lifestyle choices, so I believed the main problem was not that I had a mindset where I could not make sense of the fact that there were people whose entire diet comprised of meat which is impossible for me to fathom anyway, not that it is a bad thing in my opinion either way, but that I cannot be given some time before and after bed time when other peoples blame culture which is a product of punishment I dished out over turning my academic pursuits into a fiasco until I dropped out, the blame culture which develops into economic abuses with the help of their Celebrities and needed to stop changing the subject especially if complaining. The other aspects of my controversy were generic, something the previous Monarch used to guard against whenever she made public appearances, speaking of people fooling around with these gits until they find themselves over a barrel and then will they see how it is done, whenever she toured the Country. In my case it had since decided that my career and personal life should become a tool for updating its civil rights, recent developments have come to light where its stupidities was building a crowd and prepared to get violent over it too, so it still came down to the gimmick where they complained of civil rights, met in secret and sent out low lives that had nothing to lose if they got involved with me in an unusual manner to run me down – I do suppose either way when their media fools had successfully changed the narrative they are working to change as will make me a bad person and make them victims, will I begin my own gimmicks as well, to ensure that I abandoned the career and work to spend most of my time handling their stupidities in terms of the way that it could only be handled by removing the sense in my mind that hurting them was the wrong thing to do and went against the Law. It likes to boast that most of what I said was talk and that there was nothing I could do naturally, when I do get my hands on the society as well, will they see it for the last time considering none is asking them to supply an opinion about my existence complaining about racism that does not exist the way that they do. They are not the only ones, there are the others whose first encounter with me was something of a need to make a statement that prison inmates were the true representation of freedom in society, building up to an identity as a masochistic narcissist and the idea if it liked my bum well enough to want its penis in my anus, it will groom me for it no matter how long it took, creeping around the social activities of elected figures. I have issued the warnings long enough about their Celebrities shutting down all means to breach privacy at the boudoir which leaves my clients unable to engage with the Books and a process where they got to make comments about their own careers and cease handling me, to no avail so far, the other idiot working the civil services had since turned time on Universal credit into a problem in its own right and the stakes have never been higher with respect to the security of my property, not going to get away with another act as it were. The politicians do raise the point about the reasons they targeted me all the time and yes there were reasons for this, the main one is that I punished the damage to my university academic pursuits. It claims I am attacking people who faced the same problems as me and it is utter nonsense – I am a Royal Hermit keeping a Bookshop, they are idiots to tore up peoples careers to keep their own, the dream of seeing others at the lowest possible qualification tier for media abuse purposes had paid off, needs to lay off my earnings, its famous idiots cease breaching privacy at the Bookshop and make its comments about its career, either way we shared the same problems, needs to keep its hands off my body bits. They do claim I had lost everything and my attitude implied I was willing to lose more which is utter nonsense as I am still able to manipulate them into a position where they cannot keep hands off other people listened to what I had to say, besides which their advantage was the tax payer funds that were being spent on them by corrupt government office gits that loved to co-operate and get complicit with their gimmicks to enjoy seeing others dance around a pain – probability is that I will be forced to pursue them up to their retirement studying their German influence idiots who have not taken a hint that none was asking them to supply an opinion about my existence, showing up here to help them keep careers that they stole, study them to find out what makes them tick for action so that the government might be compelled to intervene again as it were. They do claim it was the Politicians handicapping the Celebrities on my behalf, this is not the case – reality is that it rips up my career finances, builds a community to finger my bum, wrecks my crime control publicity and leaves me for home wreckers, wrecks my wealth equity and leaves me for civil rights criminals by making a tool to fleece money from the wealthy and shows up with the activities of criminals to cause me a difficult time where I got to perform a series of activities at the office on demand, as will slavishly serve its famous stupidities, so, to make this work there are now posters and posters and posters of famous faces making questions and abuses at me and a crowd had been built for their purposes, whilst they hoped to handle my assets and built up another series of entertainment products that will make me serve them by the will of the crowd because none got to say no to them – I am saving it for last when the main crisis became one in which the Bookshop stalled on account they were not here to read Books from it and it had to be settled, it will be a really good time to set out a response and follow it up. The problem had always been one involving a history of entertainment products made at the time that we got along but it seemed they were interested in new problems and the creation of such things – for the time being however, the history of it having created an outcome where criminals were better people more willing to make money and buy showbusiness whilst I am a low life trying to rub shoulders with the famous, knowing those products were created to prevent criminal persons and entities following the public everywhere, the history now had to be consolidated or destroyed, especially if it so transpired that I always had to work my career alongside other people and never on my own, the gimmicks that are preventing this whilst I am drowning in their narcissism and abuses have already stalled my finances and operations for 6 years so far whilst their friends in Government were seeking to get paid working me for homelessness i.e. the real problem, the new one will easily build up to direct conflict. The point is that every society has one of these – a bunch of characters who become well dressed hoodlums for as much as their need to run people down whilst making money had been successful in terms of ripping up academic pursuits whilst they kept their own, so we have seen such things go as badly wrong as people just passing them around for violent activities, when it lip flaps about the chance I have because they had been working on me for the same sorts of results.

I am told the main issue here still is the fact that enough had not been done to dispel the idea that I am a coward, it is naturally total nonsense as we know that the main problem has been the idea that any instances I stood up for myself should be spent by other people and that their stupidities can never have enough of it, wrecking everything around here to keep their own without consequences presumably – when it id doing this I cannot get a days break, when it is not, we must have been living in a scenario where it did not take the risk of violence considering they were a bunch of gits that never stopped handling other people save the cost was way high enough to eliminate the incentive to and the only way to get that cost in place was to bring about an occurrence in which the matter was eventually decided by a Judge of the Law, unless the executive intervened and since I had business with the executive I intervened in my capacity to the extent that I can. Eventually they bring it down to the whole birth sign reading issues and speak of powerful Scorpios and Virgos in which the Scorpios were always a bunch of buffoons, willing to take risks with other peoples affairs and loved their low brow violence that resonated with a crowd of people who were disaffected because they were not part of society, as per they were not public leadership, they were not professional leadership, they were not interest groups, even the immoral society gimmicks Celebrities worked beat them down endlessly and so it builds up to the same usual problem of Police Officers trying to investigate crimes whilst they built their own profile to attack Police officers that fought their wars because of their birthdates, then it grows into bigger problems where a Police officer suffers a botched investigation and if an offender was likely to repeat his offence more people suffered, in some instances people might die and an Officer could take it seriously enough to make an excuse, cause them harm and leave the rest of us to think it was all racism at work – where I am concerned it complains about the fact I stepped outside of my door to go out shopping if it was being arrested and Officers might know he was talking nonsense but will at some stage decide to check me which is a waste of resources. Then there was the Virgo, responsible for the destruction of academic pursuits and the conditions by which people who offended the Law reoffended it, also responsible for the epidemic of shop lifting, had an unusual relationship with road traffic, a well-dressed hoodlum with a need to drive people into a corner and run people down, never stopped stealing and enjoyed being loved by famous idiots until it was somebody else’s responsibility to protect the famous from them. Thus all of these are symptoms of a problem which exists because Celebrities had promised them money whenever they got off tackling Government operatives, outcome here being that a history of show business products that were created when I got along with the famous had to be consolidated or destroyed, whilst the alternative was still on the table, that they kept from my Bookshop and talked about their own careers instead mine, options they have displayed is a direct clash which will be an opportunity to make sense of those stupidities where it does nothing about being attacked by a bad person but never stopped persecuting nice people, to arrive at a point where it had access Politicians hospitality and royal publicity to cover it backside, add it up to the Celebrity money and decide others were the cowards, at great personal and financial cost to victims, on the ground the problem was still that it did not make sense of the fact we were finished since the last time wealth equity and crime control built up to assist younger people in doing well at school and people being able to produce their best work at their careers, were trashed for birth signs that would be more dangerous than mine in order to get a co-operation that was not conditional with duress – we are finished and yet we are still paddling, clearly not yet a dead horse. I do not set out to dislike the birth dates in which people were born as such, we know even if my friends and associates hates any instances where I had befriended a Scorpio for example, should I say that Scorpios were counterfeit Pisces hence I did not believe I needed to pay so much attention to the bad things people did, I would have put the Pisces on the spotlight for the wrong reasons, seeing that Scorpio and Virgos power lies in a process where we lived in a society and there was possibility of obscurity, makes for unfettered sexual misconduct, abusive activities and all sorts of nonsense they could claim indicated they were good with vengeance.

They do complain that I interfered with their affairs but they opened up that route as it was impossible for people to harm my career and finances the way they did without an unusual interest in the sociological matters that emerged from it, it therefore goes in both directions as such, the start of it was the time I attended University and CEOs who managed companies that were easily local landmarks picked up these sociological matters on the streets to play with, providing my career with a profile and hell broke lose until I dropped out. What explains that behaviour at this stage is that I am now in a position where I got to think about chasing things my size, what does not concern their stupidities and that of their government office twats, is that the trouble makers had staged boardroom coups, removed people who knew what to do with managers and CEO Offices to take over, which has required them to do more intervention work at Government Offices and leaves them little time for their own jobs. Even the claim that I hung about giving away my secrets everyday made sense only as per what it was feared industry people would do with my career but it turned out that the famous weeping and wailing about civil rights endlessly were the people to do it, where I am also said to work a career that is insane at best but really isn’t: it is usually a two part story where on one hand I had to stake my Assets to earn brokerage rights for intellectual property administration, to work the creative and creativity assets, I had to broker functionality equity, creative equity and aesthetics equity – on the other hand people have devised a way to pillage my earnings screwing with my work for all sorts of reasons, chief of which is a process of finding out what I am doing to such an effect that whilst I product had not yet been developed and publicised, as to build up to a result where they were met for a discussion on partnership for product usage, they had built a crowd and would do anything to ensure that if they did not share takings from the product, they would take all of the takings all together, siting their birth dates as the main reason. So they have come to find out what I thought was the best way to handle people who had decided to make themselves difficult markets for absolutely no real reason, seems the most they can do about me is employ Celebrities to rip up the wealth equity and crime control publicity, leave me for the home wreckers and show up here seeking entitlement to something they believed they deserved from me, it is obviously similar to a process of insanity, as they say that the gap between genius and madness is usually very thin, we had a good run I suppose.

There is talk naturally of the way this gets ended but it has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with the upper class, it is the prize of a bunch of people that always had to run others down whenever they were making money and fundamentally seek instances where people ended up in social conditions where they could be run down whenever people wanted to make money – the only part which concerns me is that another group of goons at the Monarchy had spotted the opportunity to make the most of instances where they got off building me a profile that matched the social activities of criminals, likely to dig itself into a hole and then its only option will be the powerful one at which stage I will only concern myself with running a Bookshop at its expense painfully.

As for the continued explicit statement that I am soft, what had really occurred was the stupidity of converting matters that were set out to help manage terrorism into a tool by which I became so weak that even their 3 year olds who were unable to perform my civil duties and social responsibilities, could have me severely beaten up, as stupidly as possible, then complain that I wanted more of what happens during those instances where they took more risks with their personal safety on my account and could never have enough. Personally however, I could never understand why they relied so much on the violent lasciviousness of public transport operatives and society gits, to perform distant violence that will beat down the body here all day, why they cannot set it out by themselves and see what will happen when their stupidities posed a threat to me because they ended up annoying themselves too. It was an environment where security service operatives who are trained to see their health as the first line of defence were merged into an environment that was worked by eccentric characters and office work operatives, no idea what save greed had motivated the stupidities of hanging about running me down with opinions of my existence that none is asking their stupidities to provide, up to the point where I felt perpetually flustered but we know it is the sort of thing that is set out to ensure the absolute worst happens before facts on what we know to be true was acknowledged, when it builds up to the point where I want some of theirs and had gone to the gym to strengthen the body for it, obtained some security training as well, hopefully it will not be acting in a manner that wastes my time as well. They do claim I had no way to save my career from it which is utter rubbish, once I have ended up making a specific decision about a bunch of famous idiots ripping up my wealth equity and crime control publicity, to show up here with ideas about entitlement to get involved with my personality because it felt good enough as something that famous twats deserved, asking me to suspend my career some a couple of decades longer so their stupidities may adjust the one that got to their heads because they were fed up and their bottom hurts as well, then we will find out what they were made of, for the time being it will not keep its comments to the career that is the source of its big famous ego and stay away from a Royal business. On the matter of how we end up with such things in the first place, it is the same story all around, it spends most of its energy pursing a life of running people down to make money, so there is no sense there were sociological matters chasing its career that it was possible for a business to say, there was an opportunity for partnership as some people did not like them and some people did, shows up here stifling a Bookshop for decades, arriving at a stupid statement where I had set out a product that was just too big for somebody my size, does not pay the bills around here, gets accustomed to the insults and builds processes where short insolent videos displayed enough narcissism to become the means by which advertisement was made. It then claims I want to control people whereas the control is meant to have been a decision made on the basis that I was fitting them into a structure that was originally set out for my children and to control them I had to ascertain what was needed to ensure I was able to have children as well, therefore this claim must mean they believed if I want to control their stupid famous existence, I would have to provide them an announcement that I was doing such a thing. It fundamentally how hates that I had so much control of my career, that equity I set out over its alliance with the quasi criminals, the rogue landlords, corrupt private security, street hoodlums and abusive shop managers had been picked up by high end fashion brands, that it may buy into if it wants to run its career without the incessant sexual context abuses and the new interest in me is designed to take this away, looking like something that needed to end very badly – I need to weaponize the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop managers, weaponize the street hoodlums and the equities associated with their abuse of my career, to ensure it loses the big house and the money, which were the source of all my problems. For the time being, there were famous idiots on the planet so even standing by my clients and brokers during business and economic cycle has meant that I am a character people got to bully to befriend the wealthy and I absolutely deserved it. The mystery apparently is that a bunch of people who cannot keep their hands off peoples body bits were better people than I am after I had tricked the famous into making entertainment which made them uncomfortable for the behaviour, now they have stifled my career for a further decade to make the statement that I ought to work for them because I was right all along, looking for more of what it is complaining about, since there were Books to read at the shop last we checked.

We are told these activities are meant to express the fact I am not good enough to tag along with them, not withstanding that I have never wanted to do so, I should have been given the opportunity to enjoy this relief, considering that the more time spent on them was the more access they gained to royal publicity and politicians hospitality, the healthier they got was the more problem they posed for the general public literally, I should have been allowed to enjoy it from 8 years ago now – current situation is that it was possible to put it down to my work and career history but it is broken up for the purpose of pulling me in so many directions it was impossible to concentrate on anything whilst it clung to my Bookshop, got accustomed to insults that I did not respond to and a sense of entitlement to physically handle my person, makes so much sense of the project concerning difficult markets.