I am told the main problem I faced here is that I am in a really ugly place which I am not – this is my personal life and I do not find the abuses from these society goons and famous gits provocative, first of all, it is the fault of the Politicians who rip up my career over a need to make money getting corrupt with them and of course secondly, if I am settling down with somebody, it should be possible for me to be loved as I am. I do think about it though, perhaps if I suffered such pressure, I ought to change my personal life but all it will bring is a result where I am settled in a marriage and I needed mistresses to help me feel tethered. They do raise the point that there was complain that I was disrespectful towards other people’s religion which is not true at all; I raised the question about the fact that Jesus Christ died and resurrected and is now sitting with God but taught that killing a person was an absolute wrong with no middle grounds, Mohammed who died a man’s death taught that it was correct, which leaves the corrupt Mosque leadership with some real work that matches the level of fool’s errand I had to contend with whenever people called me names, especially when they called me an infidel – Christianity invented infidel the word, we know what it means and do not need Muslims reminding us, it is incredibly distracting. Here it is said that this question was not as bad as they had made it out to be but it is not at all; I mean Jesus Christ was asked if it was right for people to pay taxes and he said that it was Ceasars face on the coins, so people should give to Ceasar what belonged to Ceasar and if it is God in their Hearts, should give to God what belonged to God, then went off to get crucified by Pilate who had misgivings about enforcing Cesars Law in a way that crucified him, that he asked the Crowd to choose, after being brutalised and hung on the cross, the teaching that hurting people was an absolute incorrect continued; so we can see that if somebody points a gun at the head of the Public and had its brain shot by the Police, the idea that if the Police officer was  Christian, that job should not have been done, is incorrect, there is no need for us to live in corrupting twisted fools errands associated with Muslims claiming that when they killed people they were tidying up everybody else’s religion which is how the meddling continues to a point where I am riled enough to put them to fool’s errand as well and we can also see that the idea what Ceasar wants to do all the time is crucify people, is incorrect. Besides which the government of the day is always looking for more ways that the law can be enforced without the need to cause harm to a person being that we lived in a Christian majority country – guns are being replaced with tasers, law enforcement are learning law enforcement martial arts and so on, I do not need to have my career wrecked and finances trashed like this because a Muslim always wants to be judge, jury and executioner, showing up to put me to fool’s errand when it takes a toll. Here it is said that I can see these matters clearly but I should as I am a Hermit, the point made we hear, is that the infidels can tell that they were infidels and yes they can, it always comes up with a stupid idea to say that somewhere between people being comfortable with their beliefs and morality state of wellbeing on one hand and people despairing their position on the other, it needed to manufacture a society that met in secret and wanted to order peoples steps in public, garnished by some stupidities it claims was a position in politics where what I did prevented corruption and it was so good it needed to show me that I was immune to corruption by corrupting me and making fun of me each time I told off its stupidities, then run it off to a point where security services protecting the public from localised and overseas terrorism, doing work to protect the leadership of the day, was affected and shows up on the streets with insults that it can deploy to order peoples steps, it will not keep the hands off my bum and I have warned its stupidities will end up dead or hurt because of it, whilst it issued threats at me, looking like it wanted to do something that caused me to defend myself in a way that will leave its stupidities in Hospital and since its insults and abuses were always developed on body fluids, were always sexual, when it is released from Hospital it will likely begin to nurse ideas about changing sexuality or changing sex all together – last we checked, they were doing it to get rich fast, it helped them handle other people’s assets and income structures without asking and I want it to stay away from my Bookshop, keep its fucking hands off my body bits for my part. On the point that they belonged to the King however, His Majesty has suggested these idiots were now working with the Crowd not only a sign that we were living in a world where men would be real men but also as a sign that those of us who were not dealing with the associated problems were given privileges by women to help us avoid making decisions about it, I have spent enough of my time on their world of abuses and it is now clear that if my person and social life is not compatible, spending time on it is not doing me any favours, needs to stay away from my Books and keep its imagination off my body bits or I will stop its stupidities badly in order to avail myself to a worthy thought. It is not the disrespectful way to get about the matter that they claimed it was either – I am the one not his Majesty, that had to deal with a bunch of idiots who spend all day fostering crime, supporting crime and keeping crime on the table as a career option, fingering my bum to steal personal life, public image and career publicity, especially if they had a way to meet up with a famous idiot or a prick with a narcissism media presence to play with, I am the one dealing with the fact that he now has Royal thieves working with him, that his need to betray his mother goes beyond the grave and trashes my finances no matter how hard I worked on it, whilst in reality it had nothing to do with me and actually shouldn’t. I mean his mother was proud of the way I handled the violent orthodoxy that fosters crime, supports crime even financially and puts up crime as a career option on the table for professional purposes and the betrayal goes all the way to the afterlife, to show up here making my world smaller in order to make me a real man – there is something about my open mind and the way that my work was handled by city centre operatives who experimented with it to tell me if I am right or wrong, it could happen at any time and anybody could do it as a matter of curiosity, the part where government operatives did not require excessive bodyguarding security and the part where if the Monarch needed talents to get things done, those talents could be reached easily and used, with those who had ideas about their own version of country complaining about tyranny they could not substantiate, they say that eliminating all this to make my work more physical would make me a real man and I am waiting for it to pay off, so I could make their world smaller too, considering being real men is what they were after the entire time. Ultimately it was clear that these were far right influences and they were, original plan was that after getting stuck finding out that those who ran the Country were doing a better job than their vision offered, they got stuck with my career, so they were stuck on the professional and political front alike, until they got support from the King who suggested they were fighting communists on my behalf because I am such a coward I could not do it myself – we are seeing how this was making the world very unsafe currently, so I would like to suggest it was abandoned as they were fighting communists on my behalf because they were bigger than me and felt a need to take responsibility for me, the Celebrity part was even more annoying, in their case for the damage they did to my finances, regardless of how impossible it to actually organise my career in a way that caused them to take more risks with personal safety on my account, a German influence lies, I am keeping it never the less because I wish to find out what it is exactly they can do about me for organising my career in such a manner. On the mystery of the reasons people behaved in these ways, it is the old story of constantly oscillating between fantasies of wealth which I am now made to pay the price for on account there were famous idiots all over the world, seeking to run me down and call me names, seeking to be taken care of and solving personal problems they brought upon themselves by putting themselves in charge of others, which is usually repeated until they end up on the far right hand side of Politics. For my part, it should be seen first of all that all I am doing is perfectly fine at the Monarchy but when displayed on Media meant something else entirely – these gits are criminals literally, it is the fundamental basics of it and they were using it to steal public image, career publicity and income structures from me, that they were now working with the King is beyond belief that after his mother dedicated her entire life to tidying up the mess that was started for the Royal family and the UK Government by King George V, for exactly the same mess to be repeated in such a manner, the manner in which in every turn the King was wrecking my Bookshop and finances to make the mess operable.

It would appear that I constantly had to assure others I am not in anything resembling the kind of public and social trouble these idiots claimed I was in, but it is all just a bunch of criminals taking revenge for something I did with the private security industry, about which they claimed that since my finances were in a worse shape than their own probably, I did not have the right; the part that the King plays in the matter is incredibly unusual and it is imperative to get to know what it was about and how to get on with it or alongside. There is clearly a way to stop the shop lifters but no set out way to prevent the famous from all the nonsense they will do to steal careers, public image, personal life and career publicity, a problem that for me goes way back to University, no idea how difficult an average person finds the idea that they needed to keep a media comments that allows them to feel good in the course of doing their jobs, restricted to their jobs, which more so the last time they told us about it claimed it made them incredibly important people that were entitled to anything their stupidities had laid eyes on. Now I am cash strapped because of it, never mind the men’s world trading gimmicks that was the muscle aspect of their need to put themselves in charge of other peoples affairs as a method of solving their own problems and the low lives with a need to make statements that I am pursuing a career that they should have, to mock me for morality and make money from narcissism, so it needs to stop if they wish to stop complaining about me too, as the Bookshop had stalled and it is not as if I am stalling their day jobs for it so far yet too. The facts on the ground are that the claims His Majesty made about their stupidities fighting communists on behalf of a cowardly me and what they have done to join the security services in order to target me are things that His majesty made up and have no real link to reality unless we were assured that it was the backbone of the Monarchs leadership, the other side would refer to the abusive and insulting gimmicks like when they read my Birth sign and claim I can be relied upon to provide others with an eternal relationship that did not require commitment and it would go back to the things that provoked them about my social life on the basis that female view of sex was something done with somebody that was good for them but none knows what the sex with bad boys and the need to attack so called weak men was about, save we paid attention to the bad boys degrading people to ensure the scraps left of their personal and social lives were relevant, either way which every phrase, every clause in these kinds of statements were insulting and the complaining about me was set to continue. Its just a bunch of some of the stupidest characters that society had produced, on one hand loves to put itself in charge of my affairs through my career publicity, every time I had some problems to face, but it never paid for anything it used so I am cash strapped because my Books required too much dedicated energy to read, therefore its behaviour was my fault, pushing back at what seemed to be a behaviour that suggested there was no consequences associated with bad human activities being channelled at me, I am now facing revenge that was to do with the idea they were incredibly important and recovering my career from the mess they made was not in their interest but above all, I could really do without the other stress that comes from the idea that they were encouraged to carry through these activities because they lived in a well off neighbourhood that would keep them safe, needs to keep its mouth shut and show up here for a Bookshop, as it does not have a license to pass insults at me like it suggested that it did – the rest were criminal pricks that did not plan their finances properly getting opportunistic whilst expressing an inability to keep their fingers out of my pants which behaviour was all opened up for them by German influence idiots. They do claim they were trying to help me and this was the problem naturally, I do not need their help, what we have ended up with is the worst possible gimmick i.e. time wasting: it needs to stop trying on me, goading me over public control matters, since the consequence is that I am pulled in so many directions a bunch of criminal gits who lost at the legal system showed up fingering my bum and talking nonsense at the background of the streets, whilst another group of career crime pricks send out low lives to get involved with my personal space because they wanted a condition where they could act in my direction such that they were able to lay down the law for something bad that I did, then there was a community croons that ensured all feelings of being bullied lasted for an eternity so I ended up with mental illness if they wanted, never mind that my Bookshop had stagnated, telling me what to do, it never listens and likes to shoot off that big mouth that I did not have a choice in the matter or the right to keep my abilities to myself. What I need to do to progress from simply tackling symptoms in the matter, is to say that they were running off men’s world trading gimmicks by breaching my patents to cling to my Books for feel good reasons, stifling the income and my publishers commission, they were making stupid statements in public and on social media about ways I was pursuing a career that they wanted o pursue as part of a dress well narcissism that will enhance their prospect of getting rich, they will clinging to the client interests in order to feel important with media and Celebrity jobs and so my responses was to say that there were several things I did several times a day to cause them some real harm because that is how stupid they really are; so the premise is that this has progressed from wanting my Books but claiming it was too much of a commitment to read and live with as something that was to end up making part of their lifelong memory, to a point where I am said to have been saddled with responsibility for their irresponsible activities as my Books showed I possessed the resources and talent to do so, the other rogue landlords idiots will be the people who stripped me of Libra peace because I had simply refused to respond to the antics of every fool that showed up here taking revenge on me for the stress I caused them over an earlier misdeed, thereby leaving me with the result that my clients my face street violence for coming into possession of the books on account of the nonsense that I am protecting via my career, never mind that the idiots never paid for anything they used here – the rest of it is just big stupid brother who cannot work corrupt private security without touching my penis and fingering my bum to protect famous idiots and will end up dead or serious hurt for also running off publicity on the fact his stupidity was doing is. I am just spending time on financial mess everyday because an idiot claims he is bigger than I am, so invented some incredibly stupid things to insert into my career and show up at the public sphere making sense that does not have a back up credit to it and then they get on to push through the statement that I am a coward for my part who did not deserve my career whilst what I did with a royal Order to put up some strategy game play on social media, seemed to have stirred up an obsession in their criminal communities instead, needs to stop threatening me as it is becoming increasingly clear that we should never discuss Russian Meddling without in tandem working on US market insults where people put themselves in charge of my affairs to solve personal problems, indicating progress on the way that their stupidities were now about to end all together. They would say that they were winning in the sense that they got information from ageist idiots who carried around facts about my career like PR I did not need to fund and a second job that they had to do, which they also paired with a narcissism media, I say I am winning as the insults and bum fingering up start gimmicks have now led them to spend whatever little money they had as a method of putting me to the shades for a lifestyle that will fulfil their dreams, thereby sorting out their role in the public economy as well as mine. They do say eventually that the inescapable fact in these is that their stupidities will never stop until I am dead but I am an Arch Prince and I did warn them they were not important people, so we have need for death in this place and I will never stop until somebody else had fulfilled it - the usual survival process therefore it still on, they were famous idiots and their interest in me was clearly due to some academic certification that I was recognised one of their biggest fans the last time we checked. I am told yet again the point came through that I am not the innocent party in the matter but I am not – exactly the same behaviour wrecked my academic pursuits, not even the resources needed to run public transport on the gimmicks that will result from sending out hoodlums to share my personal space so they could hang about the local communities using every open secret that was a product of a preexisting narcissism to lay down the law at my expense and gradually get increasingly intolerant doing so, always had this vision of me  as a bum, especially the blacks who suggested their civil rights involved their stupidities clinging to my career publicity and deciding what I did with my entire existence and had spent 2 decades working me on the matter. What has happened recently is that their stupidities had found me working wealth politics with a bunch of women, so each time I supported clients during business and economic cycle their silly German influence women will progress from bullying a man they clearly can beat with a big mouth, to providing resistance for my career and seek trade secrets they clearly were not brave enough to acquire on their own, to stealing career publicity associated with the women making money from equity I set out to help the public build products that baby sit gits who spent money fighting them. It is the last of this nonsense I will tolerate, as its men’s world part in my wealth equity movement is to forcibly work with me with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, needed to ply me over 7 years to arrive at that stage and gone on to make me into a laughing stock that people got involved with as a matter of spectacle associated with what they later complained about as per they did not know they were watching criminals take revenge for what I did with private security industry and famous idiots going from ripping up my career to goading me over public control and complaining about the consequences. It needed to spend my resources again, was entitled to get involved with my wealth equity politics because women were involved, wrecked everything around here to get rich making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and is now running me down on the basis their stupidities had done better than me in life, provided the council information on what its stupidities suggested were evidence that I am committing social security fraud to support the theory it was a ruthless prick that would kill for fame and had seen evidence it would be able to close distance between me and my career faster than I could, and sets a stage to make the most of the limited opportunity to withdraw my labour from abusive employers to work me for homelessness, then got the King involved too – absolutely the last (clearly not necessarily a matter of hate as it is largely a case of opportunism; the explanation their stupidities have been supplying for abusive activities they channelled in my direction started making sense to the general public in 2017, at this stage which the Politicians are worried that we were clever for making trouble on either side, which is not how it worked i.e. the idea that I had organised my career in a way that causes others to take risks with personal safety and well being is just an excuse made to support a crowd that will help them steal the income structures in the career but I am just as insane so I legitimised it to find out what they were made of, loves to make the point I am not necessarily victim in the matter, did not say I was, I am keeping it as part of operational process).