It is then said that I am a responsible for a lot of trouble making a life complicated for others but have not yet to accept that I am doing damage, right up to the stage where I have done bad things and it is coming back round to me. it is naturally utter nonsense as what is really happening is Celebrity violence and it has been developing for years while the famous idiots complained about injustice, we have now arrived at a point where a certain kind of violence produced a result where it never stopped taking my income margin to spend on itself, eventually I had the Bookshop left and whenever I built it, they would build a profile for every little thing I did with it, which result was an outcome where the finance and business structures were moved somewhere else and I could not control them anymore – I therefore needed to make the stupid lifestyle that is the cause of all my bottom chasing problems, the main reason to say that it had to move elsewhere or I will begin my own violence against the famous. The facts behind this was a matter of how law enforcement and public enforcement officers were holding up i.e. it will go from the Celebrities to the Islamic terrorists and then back to me, so they get to claim that I had done bad things and it was coming back to me, explains the dichotomy behind most of their gimmicks and cause of their blame culture but it is always so disrespectful and each time it got involved with my Bookshop needed to buy and read a Book, not shoot off the mouth at me.

The other part of their story is that I have made some bad decisions and want people to see things my way and it is utter nonsense too – they had a lifestyle and it involved abusing people every time they stepped outside of their door and on their way back; I mean I had some influences on what the Church did with Public leadership for instance, I am aware of the way people always sought excuses to punish those who changed their lives, even though the changes were positive, we are talking about gits who never take anything seriously, changing peoples lives for the worst and as soon as the lifestyle catches up with them, I end up with firstly society gits who trashed University studies to handle me and continue to claim I am a character they set out for abusive purpose that will help them make money once they were done spending their youth being tough, blabbing where I would do and say what I did and said when I was not yet of a mindset that was interested in people doing things to me that they had no right to do etc, their actions being so corrosive for social cohesion that when Politicians want to befriend ethnic minorities, they end up with a world where others were suffering more discrimination than they were and we all ended up with the wrong narrative about racism (follows me around at University and I dropped out and smelled, then I registered with the institute of legal executives and it cut my financial support during exam period because I was on benefits, I took out a security guard job and that was turned into a fiasco, now it has begun civil service narcissism to make me homeless, after years of unemployment). Then I end up rogue Landlords have realised it was easy for Celebrities to jump on a band waggon, so what I did for social control is now a fun practical joke gimmick which suggests they had stolen my career, fought my wars and build communities that will finger my bum and play with me while their idiots got to take up offices in Government buildings, ending in abusive activities every time I stepped outside of my door, over claims people simply loved to abuse a bum. At which point they will then decide my personal life was peaceful enough to acquire as a tool that built a safe place for eating because they did have to feed once done with their gimmicks but before then, what I did to keep the above two from damaging my career was a claim that I had won great battles they were too cowardly to deal with, garnished with a need to make me a character people bullied to make the wealthy feel good enough to part with money, which effect is that when I am not employed and paying my taxes we were all poorer but they did not think that if they were only out there for themselves, they needed to stay away from public service.

I have been set this question of the reasons people always thought it was okay to get on with what they were doing for a set period of time and yes I do the same as well because the relaxed version of me is not the cause of my problems, although it had produced an effect where they go off to the Monarchy to fight my wars in a bid to build the communities that will finger my bum – it does tend to push people towards dissociative personality disorders, if I got to think of the active and relaxed version of me as two separate entities that had a duty to provide for each other, before it gets off blabbing that once done fighting my wars, it will hurt itself and then annoy itself well enough to tackle me as too. It has become rather clear that it is not looking after me – loves to handle me but is not paying for it, loves to suggest it can take care of my needs but there is a massive crisis; two part story is that on one hand they made me a character that will defeat their enemies behind their backs while they clung to my assets and then they pushed onto a business of making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy as well behind my back, which has now met up with the fact I managed my finances a certain way to get to the heart of an issue I needed to resolve with my career, which they then crashed completely and set about running me down everyday over claims it was beyond anybody’s control that people loved to pick on a bum. So far it has stopped the way people wanted and I do not write their Books in this place, so if I can be allowed to move on now, there might be no need to the last vengeance that will establish the fact that I had an arrangement with my Clients and interested parties at my Hermitage and I am also in control of my Bookshop. It is all connoisseurs and insanity – the connoisseurs owned the trendy businesses they admired and loved to run other people down for everyday, while they were insane but it shows up here everyday to trash my own endlessly whilst we do not even share the same social class – it supports the idea it should do this with the claim I am too much of a coward to deserve my career and the problems I faced were due to my inability to take a stand and do something violent to people who harmed me, yet each time I responded to an abusive behaviour that went too far, the bigger problem was the way I was going to get rid of the fact I have been teased and abused into making sense of clinical insanity to such an extent that there was a part of my Royal history where I responded to it; it claims then that its biggest problem was to do with the way that people, most of whom were better human beings than I am have died fighting my wars, whilst its famous idiots had a social life that was developed on a need to tell people what to do on matters they knew nothing of, men complained about women 24/7 and they all loved to shoot off their big mouth about confiscating my public image if they built themselves communities that got the imagination up my anus. Five years since it was clear they will not give me a break of their own accord, I have waited for them to move off my Bookshop income margins and instead I have ended up with Celebrity violence as well.