It has been years in the making, this nonsense about the US ruling the world and a handful of gits that hang around dreaming of being in a position to pick on those who oppressed them in the past, going to the US to tackle the British and this is what they are doing. The result is clearly this upheaval which is a product of sorting out various types of cultures from various parts of the world which will help them get rich by avoiding processes of employment but where it concerns me apparently is linked to a sense that without the changes the modern world has brought in its wake, characters like me would never have survived the ancient world which is where they belonged – so far needing entire Parliaments to save themselves from me and are still blabbing, clinging to my Books and relying on me not to take full advantage of their newly developed criminals history – the recent preoccupation with me being a matter of having settled up with some people I might want to make into business partners for the future, claiming I am starting to make mistakes as though I will be running a business with what actually belongs to me.

It is usually a very simple issue where it wants me to move out of its right hand side and I want its stupidities out of mine but whilst I don’t move into its own, it has already developed publicity linked to its powers at Industry grabbing mine, about which I had lost something very important and its whole future will be built on that. They claim the British used to let it go in the past but it apparently has now turned to a matter of which type of British they are screwing around with, since I am a Hermit and completely separated from it i.e. not a fan of the fact whilst they know working for money is the right way to earn it and those who get rich always do so by finding a way to make it easier for them to produce what people are buying while making people pay more for it by providing more value and more profit in the process but they always chose this process where each time they have been given popularity money to help sell a product they plugged it into my public image to create social equality that helps people feel good, while their Politicians built a premise to get imagination up my bum, talking nonsense about Parliament controlling the finances of the Country. So its all avoidable as they could stop doing it, not spend time conducting riots on the streets of the USA where they think the Government had betrayed them and prevented them from teaching the British a lesson on account they spend so much time talking nonsense about being rich they no longer have the energy to work for it, while Liberal rich and stupid America with entrepreneurs will never find another way to do things, save send them out to build communities that get imagination up my bum and spend time working some of the most abusive middle management that the world has ever seen. Goes without saying I am about to cook up something very specific for them and their British friends at Parliament and then this business of getting violated because they are rich and stupid will stop the way that I wanted instead. I am sure it has become quite obvious that is what is happening when I gather all these information that I needed and the other fools at the Monarchy had already made a mess of my House to pick a fight with Russians and show why the British should suck up to American and play the tune of stupid Celebrities.

They bring up this story about the people I had gone and done business with all the time – while what really happens is that you always get targeted from a very young age and then when you do grow up, like in my case, where I have been thinking about my Books for a very long time, it looks like there is a lot of value I cannot decide how to own, attached to what I am doing, then the persecution begins, the business of making use of religion without understanding it goes on alongside as well – eventually I get out into the world and while I am selecting which ones I want to work with, it will show up after years of watching me and gathering information to present me with something I cannot refuse and when I sign a contract we end up with a cat and mouse game as per whether it will be able to run away with my property or not. Either way, it is usually pointless to hang around worrying about it, contracts are broken when either side cannot fulfil their deals and I have reached the end of my tolerance with fame idiots deciding how I ought to exist by handling my finances using abusive publicity. Their Political friends are just the same, for years now never working on the economy that is actually in very bad shape and now people have placed their interests at the Monarchy and promised to fight for it, what had become a matter of State and Ceremony has now been transformed into a power gimmick as to whether Parliament controls the finances of the Country, it lost the first time round because its stupidities never ever listen to what other people are saying to it and now will never stop finding excuses to violate me and salt the insults as well all day long, looking for a response. So I should be clear, it’s a very simple problem to avoid where we Royals are just like Celebrities only we do civil service work, Industry fools with their minions that get imagination up peoples bums are not part of what we do, Celebrities are not part of either two; beyond this, I am going to cook up something tailored for Liberal stupid and rich America having failed in every other way imaginable getting people to violate me all day to make their stupid point and then it will stop the way I wanted instead.

It’s the same game as ever involving goons that wreck peoples careers and academic work in order to pass the exams and hold a place at the work market first – time and again I try to find out what they are doing with the insults and abuses and they are beating me down while I chase my concerns alongside foolish Celebrities and Liberal USA on the Radio waves, their minions deciding aspects of my life are things that they must share, own or make available to help solve their personal problems, about which any attempt to recover it will lead to bigger problems while their Politicians kept the yes fixed on property that does not belong to them. I mean the Politicians on the other hand in the UK do like to act as if every one of them got permission from the Queen to form a Government, so each of them may handle me with exactly the same type of Parliamentary authority lest it be clear when it loves to violate me to suggest its stupidities were important but did not get attention to match, the question is still what its foolish children it has raised to do the same are saying as well but in the end it does require an eventuality where the condition for them to do it was such that the issues would show up on their doorstep, so I never had to go to the employment systems for benefits. I mean the bread winner insults it throws at its children to control the home are channelled at me as the answer for all its problems – started when I was 21 when it was possible to excuse it on grounds that it had only been three years since the State declared that if I got chucked out on the streets by my parents, none would care, which wasn’t a big thing but its been two decades since. Some people have said it’s a long time and a waste but it was a 45 year plan to secure my pensions, so if we think about me doing the amount of work I need to do during the same period that their stupidities had begun in my case plus an extra five years, considering my talents and abilities, I should get that fixed, if people do not want to extract money from my own trust system as much as I need it; so that we might go back to how much of their wickedness I have had to tolerate, from the time my Books helped to free people they enjoyed controlled which I had to pay for, to this secret they share with me like a relationship with Satan, where they get to play with the contents of my mind all day, but for now the big one is their insults and abuses getting parent bully characters that the Police never wants to talk about as most people like to think they know what it is but do not have a clue what happens to the victim Children, which is currently setting a stage where I tolerate their stupidities adding up to everything that facilitates their insulting power, right down to stupid politicians that hang around my Bookshop to make a mess looking like they were in control of a culture and society through which they will send out somebody to beat me up and the distant violence idiots look like they wanted that part and I am never going to try beating them up seriously for it as well.

They do say my Trust system is vulnerable but it isn’t – there is simply a threshold of value by which I can broker Equity with Industry producers, once it is damaged my Books may as well be free or I will have to rebuild it from scratch, so what is becoming quite clear is that if this were to happen, I will burn their world for them as well. So the way I work it is still to stuff culture and society goons full of what I know, so they carried it around like PR, meaning when their Politicians engage with it, it will not have shown they were a handful of criminals, it would have shown they were well meaning society gits trying to decide which were the male and which were the female population. The reason we have ended up with difficulty is still the activities of the Celebrities which goes beyond a process where matters of state are kicking off on one end while the civil and criminal disobedience plugging products into my public image at Industry to help people buy products which give them good feelings of social equality, is kicking off on the other, looking like they were a group of scum of whom not enough of their numbers had died yet as it were – it grows into a case where the way in which I deal with the blow out of this is to get these goons chasing up parts of their careers they saved up for the future the way they do me by playing them up on my Public image, then the Celebrities were always likely to claim my activities caused them problems and I had to fix the problems or pay for it like a terrible mistress squandering everything; currently the way it has played out is their complicity with culture and society trouble makers who had already set out my life somewhere so they can tell me I was finished whenever they wanted, which is where it should have ended, extending the problem into the future on the financial and public image front – so I cannot stress enough at this stage the importance of Celebrities no longer being seen around my Public image as such.