This is not supposed to be a surprising outcome but the fact that it is, is not such a bad thing either.
We all know that Politicians have not allocated or insured anything in the last 8 years at least and that in the UK the gone Socialist set of insolent and abusive idiots were on a sepdning spree to cripple any other incomming Government financially. So although we know Politicians could do better we still have space for them with respect to a benefit of doubt however it must be mentioned as well that God would not take them away from their power plans when the rest of us want to take the powers of allocation and insurance out of their hands and give it to the market, the worrying thing which has now created inflation itself is not just the fact their dithering makes every single thing a lot more expensive than it should be because of lost times and new scarcities but the fact that by the time they are ready with their power plans they will still have left the ability to determine what we allocate and what we insure to us anyway but by then only their secrete society goons will have the power to do that.

So it must then apply that the reason we have inflation and sluggish growth is not just socialists being provocative but also the fact that there is rhetoric behind people which tells them the only way they can avoid trouble is allow those that thrive on taking usurping and dispatching their human rights for them to do so without scandal or publicity, which is how they are keeping the best jobs to themselves and all the money in the world probably if they want despite the fact there isnt any of it left anymore and they have not returned the ones they threw away and told us stories about at the stock market and this will not do. They just never listen and of course they are more powerful than everybody and everything,

They tell me that when I talk about 11/9/2001 and the real conditions in which they got me entangled with it and then what they did with my property at Iraq because they have no feelings, it will be the end of the line for me but in actual fact that rather speaks of them a lot more than it does me; it will not be the end for me it will be the beginning-all those things that they do to ensure that they set up instruments of violent cultures around absolutely everything I make a move to do seeking privileges and people on whom they can practice their cultural oppression, which eventually leads to a condition where they can claim on media that they are me, while these things are so embarrassing they detach me from allies and friends and cause me a cash flow crisis so they can find Politicians that they want to serve to serve and become important looking for social status, which also gives them the disposition to abuse me until they damage my mind which will mean I have become something below them after they became me and can even give out and share social status with people in order to be great and important be seen and known based on this. While they complain I am callous enough to use the events of 11/9 to my own advantage, I still do not know what their problem with the respect issue really is and they are not getting any of my stuff.

In the end, if I get beaten up on the streets for preaching the gospel the big idea is always that I am completely confused about why that is. I am not confused about being myself and getting them out of my life when they are making that difficult; if I get beaten up on the streets for preaching the gospel the reason is not because people like to beat me up, it is because Politicians who between them and me know that their claims they are wicked people is meant to ensure the Country works as a country is not founded on fact, contrary to the lies people tell on their behalf which causes me to tell them to find their level and leave the Politicians alone if they do not want to continually get hurt too for their part, it is because Politicians think that there are things I will not make sure they are not having too when that happens.