The part where it seems all I have done with myself and my work is all a mistake which I am trying to correct with books that I have actually written to release funds for me from Public work on the basis that the work has already been done and those who make use of it want to know the scope or perhaps the limits in the simplest way imaginable, has not got a single anchor on reality. I  mean when people say I have made mistakes that I will later correct they are talking about themselves and that is what brings on the provocation that later results in the complains they make because if they do not live in a Country where those who have strong religious faiths are bullied out of their academic work and bullied out of a job so they might seek to earn a living by running a business that others will take advantage of as a basic form of existence, then they will not exist in a country and a country that does not offer them such things will not exist as well.  It really does come down to their attitude and the use of my possessions with it which they claim puts them in positions of leadership but it is my possessions and they cannot lead on that, only I get to do so. Hence this is where we speak of how they think my work and my job is some toy and have no wish to change their behaviour with respect to that – the part where they think they have brought me to a point where I am terrified of them every time I see them as well: none of which is true since everybody knows when they have jobs especially on that stupid media or indeed have civil rights that are not exactly jobs, what they want to do is get corrupt with it and then deploy it to fight others, there is no reason whatsoever that we should not always find those jobs in a mess while they grapple with it and grapple with all things that are happening around them thereof. It is the great old story behind the reasons I never get involved with the problems of civil rights people who actually think that apart from the Government they are the next stronger and more powerful thing as compared with things like me for example when nobody asks them; I mean it is easy to see why I veer off my books that are concerned with my office and the fact I am a Christian to deal with them and find out what it is about as well – they never cease to look for trouble and find it and share it in the most intrusive manner imaginable.

Then there is the talk of how these things happen because of my lack of respect for certain women who then go off to plan wicked things that must happen to me behind my back; but of course we know those women to be broken into the category of ones that have no respect for me whatsoever due to my age as compared with their own, right down to the others that feel they can do whatever they please with my possessions because there are men that back them up. It’s like when they say I am mentally disturbed and I want to show I have screwed them up so badly they now want some of my personal life and some of my feelings just to exist. In like manner I am not in any way terrified of them like they claim I am either – I know they hate me so much because I at a point in time when I was a lot younger than I am now took hold of them and twisted them into a corner where I have kept them since and established normalcy thereof and the reason was because they had a culture and a society and a country and there was always some excuse to turn up and mention something that causes society to call me to account for what I have worked for which then ends up being copied by them for riches and fame on media – this the provocation was then finished off on, when they mentioned when it comes to money they are not good people and don’t mind taking a person’s life to grab their possessions – about which they made it clear to those who like me that if I stay out of what they want I will not get hurt. I have no clue whatsoever where they got the idea that I am terrified of them when I see them, whereas in actual fact it is such a huge responsibility that it never ceases to cause a wonderment of a what now question just for them to be seen.

There is no great matter of a lack of respect for women; it’s just that when I want their own and when I want it the way they give it I will tell them, just like I behave towards the gangs and bad company – the matter of young men like myself with ideas about religion being the biggest impediment to female freedom is very well understood provided they dress properly or get lost. The ones that cannot keep their hands to themselves about handling me and the ones that have men that will do a better job of it of course always like to think they are tough but it is not them I want since we all know that they show all classic signs of the fact that they have never considered anything and done it out of their own free will and could not have done what they are doing presently out of their own free will either – besides the celebrity murdering socialist idiots of theirs and a popular culture where they will run the fame and Industries for us all without own personal lives at the same time as well – being completely obsessed with using my Christian temperaments for such purposes too.

I am not of the opinion these things are complicated; we hear them rip my yarns all the time and make fun of it talking nonsense of how they have brought me to a point where I am terrified of them whenever I see them. When we all know they are the small guys that take own the middle guys who take down the bad guys which costs them everything to do so, hence enjoy these problems they run with corruptions of involvement on media with thereof and cannot stay out of other peoples personal lives to that effect. It’s just that when they had decided they have a society and a culture and a Country that I share with them but they actually control then I must do something about it so that I can manipulate them and their feelings as well which is exactly what has brought us all to where we are now. Whereby they speak of surveillance and how they order me to do something about it by fantasising about having the same power to watch me as well; it’s like the old case of a really corrupt student Union that I put up with all the time and regularly picks a fight with the authorities to show they own me and they do say the reason is that they have seen my books and they know where it is of which my books do not offer them any such opportunities since none of it is written for them – when they are finished we will find out what it is all about in any case but until then most of these rubbish they blow off on media have no basis on reality. They hate Christians so much for their morals but will not stay away as it were, so they mingle and integrate and lead and use media to spread dissention and fear as a means of control before they complain about what others are doing which does indicate what is done to them will be done to me as well so they can create their own hierarchy with a big mouth:- I have never thought it a problem either, it’s just that most of these things are not taught in Church and I need to be able to manipulate them which I have made for myself and now I will simply need to continue to collect these ideas from them to run it with until the day they think they want to disappear – I mean as I like to put it I bet I can race them to the grave and win, so they can ask what will happen if they win instead and find out the result of the contest in the next life as it were.

The story of violence is very well understood but I find when I lose my temper it is all about what those who want the violence gain from the violence that we all think is pointless; since it is never clear how you explain to your children that you are homosexual or how you tell them you got into a fight and got seriously beaten up or how you tell them you beat up somebody else and ended up in prison and so on – they never do these little bits they take on the big ones like controlling others who have things they want and determining what they do with their bad history using media and another person’s personal life and faith and the more important the more eligible for it as it were. it’s always a matter of what they get from it since what propels them to do it regardless is the fact that whatever happens they will always get a fraction of what they hoped to get from carrying out violent acts and that is why I do take them away as well so that they get to understand they will lose everything when they get up against me. The blacks think we share a skin colour and they should have no problems when they can bully me in their piffling little lives and the list goes on like that endlessly for example with media idiots telling me to take my pick of which ones I want to attack apparently of which the bloody cowards have finally found out that they are not such lady boys after all anyway and that they are linked to a culture at my expense hence my turn to fight for their civility and be their lady boy so they can be powerful, right down to those who are violent out right and love to make out it solves a problem when we all know that is utter nonsense and the reality here is that if the worst comes to it they can only kill only one man here and I will make them listen to what I am saying to them and why they need stay off my earnings as it were too – cease to think it is funny not to. They do claim I have no means of enforcing that like the old case of keeping yourself squeaky clean otherwise it is impossible to explain to somebody books you wrote on the renaissance of your Royal duties because there is always a cheap insult on media channelled at you by idiots who think people who hate them don’t know what they hate them for and that nobody knows they are drug taker journalists and adulterers and fornicators and bingers and goons that do absolutely the most unholy things in the world once finished with jobs where others force them to wear the suits and ties properly to sit in front of my television screen and earn their bread but while that is going on they complain about my actions but cannot be seen stopping it at any stage or at any rate whatsoever. I can get people to back up for me what I say if I wanted but otherwise I know what they want and how to ensure they never get it; I know they love to make a game out of my personal life and then my finances to make it possible such that if I say a wise thing they echo it where they are famous in a radical way and if I say a clever thing they echo it where they are famous in a way that is powerful – these are what the Bible describes as the sons of disobedience and they do work for the devil indeed and you can take it as the Bible writes it or you can have an adventurous lifestyle and I am not giving back that stupid culture and that stupid society and that stupid pornography industry and those stupid sex industries and all that rubbish they defile my mind and keep it impure with all the time – they will never see them again. I know the Politicians always say I have no way of doing that without direct violence but clearly of which it is a simple case of dishing it for them as well when they dish it for me as it were – so they can talk nonsense about some authority they have which they can deploy to prevent me from doing so and I might implore those who know what is more important to take the Nation and economy away from the idiots.

Everything I have done with myself, minus the part where politicians spend tax payer funds to facilitate a process where there are things I have not done which I could have done that becomes a route for violence by their idiots and now talk nonsense about increasing the bag log of that, is precisely as it should be. I know of a case of how I get around with ugly women and what problems come with that – I know from where the case comes but I don’t see that they should be echoing it as well anyway; with respect to which I will get rid of my Work Court if I must when they had worked with me to a point where my Literary empire is restored the way it was before the economic crisis, so that I might get rid of those for them as it were. I mean the American ones are a typical example – they will turn up and become talent show judges and the purpose of it will be to punish me endlessly like Myleene Klass because they got involved with a band and had no clue what it existed for so that when some members decide they have done what they got there for and need to go home, they cannot live with it as well, reason being that with the band they are making some five million pounds year but after the band they now work so hard at industry to pull off a measly 1.5 million, like Lewis Hamilton’s Girl friend for example. We hear them say I cannot afford the girl that wants to put their hair down in my expensive car but I have no clue what I want them for either anyway for my part:- all I know is that they never learn until you send out a hard stiff message about how everybody in the world gets to use you which is what they ought to copy since they cannot do without using others and above all never listen when I warn them they need sell themselves and not sell me for any reason whatsoever. Typical example; I have women who work temperaments with me in Malaysia for example because they do like me but soon get relegated to the sidelines of whatever is going on with my work over there, so that fools like these can get off to live in City centres and sky scrapers and cause even more trouble – so when I get my literary empire back the way it was before them all will go back to normal and until then. These things they say happen when you 'touch a little girl' as far as I know of which I have done no such thing.