The question raised recently is whether the Media ran my life and I had no control. They do not, just one of those cases where they have been taken to a place that got them boasting about the damage they do to my career and finances to such an extent that they could not longer maintain lies they told to cover their tracks after waging endless wars on women for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So in my case the specific statement involves a process where I am informed that at this stage, considering their need to have fun at my expense, there was nothing I could do about them on account that they were ‘minted’. It is not unusual, just one of those issues which shows that we are not as bad as people claim we are at the Monarchy, since involvement with industry from a Government Office should produce a specific result whereby there were companies who needed the endorsement and companies who followed those companies that needed endorsement and the companies that got involved with one directly because of the ecosystem that had existed – their existence is a completely different thing which attacks this all the time, so they were supposed to enjoy quick success that did not last whilst people who had necessary sacrifices could enjoy some success after, unless the Heir to the throne had another brilliant idea whenever things were happening smoothly. This is usually the point where they suggest that I am likely to get into trouble and its mostly the big mouth wagging as they are usually so wealthy, they needed to run me down every day, build communities that finger my bum and tackle me to befriend the wealthy – its threats will only create an outcome where the social lines were drawn up more clearly. They do speak of their quasi criminals banging away at me all the time naturally but there was no way to push up their stress levels as well if I did anything about it, besides which they were a product of what is said behind my back due to administrative processes that allow me prevent people from making a mess of my career being brought into my privacy because they had CCTV and private security friends to fool around with. They speak of what I thought of them and the fact there was wrath everywhere because of me – it is only one way to look at it, reality on the other hand is that there is no time I stepped outside of my door, to which effect I was allowed to enjoy a social life I had built to help me get on with a writing career having been damaged by a practical jokes which they reckon will allow them ensure their finances did not fall through even when they were not working hard, irony being that mine falls through all the time, even when I am working hard because of it, always disrespectful and needlessly so every day; outcome are for instance a process where it says fuck it every time it sees me and makes reference to my personality and I decided the society should be fucked as well and the superior sons made to give up more popularity for the public, so I am the fuck that, we need more kind of person. The Media interferes with my work everyday as well, to make a mess; we know it is the same behaviour being attributed to the Russian threat, where they disturbed the work I did endlessly, as a part of a need they had to pick up my earnings and make announcements about young millionaires created from people who did what they wanted and pick up my social concerns as a benefit to being male or female – it eventually built up to the part where they were a few steps away from kicking off world war three but have not yet seen reasons to cease doing it, in fact reverted to paying for sexual services offered by stupid women from American who simply never stopped and the sass for it knew no limits when it had not ended badly. It makes a mess like endlessly, when for instance it picks up the work until it was seen interfering with the effects of rogue characters that got involved with social activity of Politicians, then when the terrorists made the most of it and radicalised people who targeted media establishments, we never got information that this is how it was made, we will get a completely different story and a need to obtain ownership of something they never had instead, showing up here to run me down – same behaviour has now been transferred to the issue of the Russian threat, it disturbs my work to an extent where Mr Putin links up star signs with it and gets off to all sorts thereof, then shows up here with unbearable insolence, dreaming of some higher power that will get an Arch Prince throwing punches at their enemies for them while their stupidities got to pick up his earnings too. Eventually they claim none knows what I want, which beats the imagination as their gimmick is to find out how I am provoked, so they might serve every fool that buys the effects of their gimmicks when they convert my public image into a claim I am a character people bullied to get around with the wealthy, which they also leave open to gold diggers. Such that the effect was a damage to my finances to suggest that I spent time trying to make the most of the monies of the lower classes whilst I am doing no such thing and they will bot buy and read the Books when they show up with the lower class monies to access my concerns, rather claim that my disposition was disrespectful, which is now getting on my nerves. Eventually it does this gimmick where its money controlled the world and controlled me, built up from the two eventualities where I could negotiate my concerns with anybody at the markets since the prevalent state of affairs was that unless people ran tribalism raids from my concerns to pick up huge salaries in other peoples reputably built companies, I had nothing to worry about on one hand, whilst on the other, they start running me down from the neighbourhoods, once done wrecking my academic work and finances, were off contributing money to a single person who then gets about buying shares in businesses that I have or am likely to engage with, in order to continue handling me i.e. what I mean being that it eventually gets to the stage where it claims its money owns me and we find like we currently are, that their stupidities who think only to play with peoples careers which is one of the reasons armed forces operatives had codes of conduct and companies had a habit of getting them to enjoy success in their communities which never lasts and then I will counter with the fact that it is the one that cannot do without my Royal concerns, which will have revealed facts on how they will lose the class war right away. With respect to what I want specifically – there is my public image which I organised in such a way that younger people could pick up equities associated with statements I built up about crime to such an extent that those who engaged in the organised aspects found the business cost ineffective, to get about with some popularity, whilst women picked it up to build and sell products to those who thought other peoples reality involved a process where their money existed to make war on others for no reason all day long; they converted it into a case of me having a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and left it for social media influencers and gold diggers who picked up contracts with my Clients and brokers, decided my Books showed I had a limitless supply of what they needed to get by when their face was shown on corner shop magazines which the publishers paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for but needed my social life and built a community to finger my bum instead of a read a Book because they had no respect for me i.e. one of the issues which should have long disputed that I spent time trying to get by on the monies of the lower classes at the market but did not, same as the time I dropped out of University should have been a red flag but was not, claiming it is not clear what I want. Then there is the 10-year vengeance on behalf of criminals that had been disrespected by the statements I built up to make most of their intrusive, abusive and destructive ventures cost ineffective by the media and the Celebrities, thereafter, showing up here to access me and my concerns like an entitlement while the behaviour continues and they claims it does not know what I want. Then there is the follow on process of claiming that what I am doing is stupid, especially in terms of being used by lower classes who do not buy books but will not cease to get involved – the part where I get to complain about all my responsibilities because the complaint gimmick is used by the men to trash peoples finances, funnel peoples wealth into their lives and run people down on media for thrills, follow on from a business of detaching me from a court of female journalists to keep up an access to me that fulfils their sex and gender dreams as abusively as their stupidities possibly could make it and they claim they were at a loss as to what I wanted.

They do claim I am incredibly ugly and that what I did was not market viable too – I could never make sense of the point of view which brings it about, I know however that for the former, it was a matter of the fact the idiots had apparently succeeded in hanging about some fringe section of society which somebody clearly did not consign them to, there they got to pick up another person’s concerns to build themselves a new a better existence using various forms of discriminating activities, that said, it needs to enjoy it in peace as it was rather clear that there will be a new gimmick as soon as I started dressing up too – for the latter, the individuals who show up here to say they were goons from society and culture and their purpose was to get the better of me, are persons whose existences I am not really aware of, therefore they were here to find ways by which to exempt themselves from paying for products when they made use of it. Ultimately the story about being ugly builds up to the sense I am unlovable but I have never seen a single individual love me either, they show up here to continue the Prince of Wales’s problems being spread around, of pushing their careers at my expense because HRH had a long history with them and will not give it up, instead is starting to look the part of using it as a tool for official control. I do not think it an issue either, I simply have not had need to get rid of them; what happens is that they show up on some scenario that had existed because I worked with a company and other smaller companies got involved with the said company over it, even more get involved with me because of the ecosystem that had existed, such that if they took charge of anything, all will go to hell but their abusive interest in me builds up to a profile which showed there were areas of my social life that were incredibly corrupted, due to a Royal Office. Eventually all came down to the insults of the Media and television personalities, reasons I needed to stop their abusive interest in my career not applicable to the part where they picked it up to build a profile for it which had nothing to do with what it was and set about trashing public interest in it to keep it as they wanted it, but rather the lies and accusation that are issued everyday to ensure I was a danger to myself, which allowed them to continue when I cleared it out and made it possible for them to engage with wealthy people for abusing me. I do get asked the question of whether I knew what their motivation was but it is much the same as ever i.e. work with government led to areas where matters cannot be divulged to the public or had to be divulged in measured sections, so you had achieved something really important that you dared not tell people you had and they will run your life with the social activities of criminals, pick up your earnings to make stupid announcements about young millionaires that their foolishness created from people who did as they desired – there are no other motivations for media gimmicks but these. As mentioned, it is the accusations and excuses which make me a danger to myself while giving them impetus to continue and also set me out as a character people bullied to befriend mainly stupid American wealthy twats, which is setting the stage for me to stop it very badly.