They tell me my truth does not do anything for anybody and I need to do things in an academic way: rubbish. The fact here is as simple as the fact that we have incompetent diplomats use peoples faith to build up cultural perversions which drive them out to University like they did me then when they realise they have built up so much of it locate people to dump it on because they are so incompetent they cannot deal with any of it, the purpose of this being liaison with businesses whose property they can use as a front for going around collecting money from people, all of which Politicians are complicit in. Now they speak of their National debt and economic crisis whereas with what they are doing the best case outcome is inflation and the worst case is a recession. I will have to imagine that people have seen so much of the recession they know what it is and that it is inflation they cannot really make out; so what I am supposed to ask is exactly what economics they think is going on in their conversations? There isn’t any of it going on there, we are simply moving to having out financial issues fixed by a collection of American fools who freeze the finances of those that attack democracy yap, yap, yap, with another problem called inflation which the rule book says is a condition where too much money is chasing too few goods but I call it a process where consumers have no leverage in the market and when it becomes really bad bearing in mind the rule book says the producer needs to have raised to prices so high that the consumer leaves him in order to reduce elasticity a condition where there is no economics at all and it has all been replaced with a bargain system, where the rule is that people need to get something really cheaply then sell it for very high prices-hence you have the cost pushed and demand pulled inflation happening in conditions where the government has to take the drastic measure of damaging the currency; no sorry according the Mr insolent academically charged all over the place the correct word is 'devaluation'. So what then is inflation when most richer people with more purchasing power need more wants than they need more needs and more poorer people with less purchasing power need more needs than they need more wants?

How academically charged do they want the fact that all Politicians really spend their time doing is playing with diplomats that never do their job because they are busy getting involved wityh businesses in order to use their enterprises to grab peoples money off the planet and into their banks accounts and that if people do not vote in the right way bearing in mind their problem with me has always been preventing me from telling them how to use their votes or robbing me of my income to tell me to get another fighting the system, then the wars will have to happen and clearly when those happen I am one of the people that will die in it.

So the only reason I would know that these things will lead to further economic complication and then take steps against them only to make enemies with the people so they can end up with idiots having complicated academic conversations with a problem that has recently become too difficult to fix in order to have academic merit is because they think the offices of their Politicians is more valid than mine is and I don’t want their opinions about how I must run my life or my property; their usual stuff is wait for their self harming Political goons to create problems that are too much for them and everybody in order to have academic conversations to fix it while the diplomats make friends with businesses and use their property to grab their money and Politicians make friends with diplomats so when they are finished have tiny little kiosks for a business all over the Country working together digging self harming economic holes that they actually plan other people should be falling into to fill up-like the lower class rubbish we are all always used to, not tell me how to run my own show. With their government they can think whatever they like it is never important.

They tell me I speak of these things as if consumers having leverage in the economy is something that is not fraught with problems and full of issues but I am not talking about their Politics. Apparently they really do think of themselves as producers as it were and in which case if they are perpetual producers like Nature for example scarcity to them must be what exactly? They are always in some kind of stupid game where they speak of their economic problems but set out to extract all the income there is in my work and then spend it after confiscating it as punishment for some strange insults I am supposed to have levied a collection of fools-sometimes I get the feeling it is about American influence in the world and I have having my assets frozen in some but because I am a threat to democracy, while they are not doing the diplomacy so well and the Politics is also useless leaving me with enough madness to cause me to do to them exactly the things they think I am not supposed to have done to their economies which they used as a front for access to my property.

What I have done to them so far has more to do with all that entangling me with terrorism to stifle my earnings, no body will believe what I will do with respect to my income being frozen by stupid Americans because I am a threat to democracy.

Contrary to the idea I am some loony that thinks of myself as a business man I am not a business man; I just need to release money from my Royal Estate to pay my way in this world but the twist is that people claim to have an economic crisis but the idea of Royal Prince that goes into the market to sell securities to raise needed funds then get out, leave the market for others and return to government work is some kind of an abomination that wants to happen: how do they convince people they have a real problem or that they want the problem solved i.e. Americans are owing the IMF but they are freezing the assets of a Royal Prince that offends them by seeking to sell securities for a living-it really shows the International Community they feel like paying their debts.

It is all very well and good I should be urged to return to University and finish my studies as it were, I do not see why anyway; for next time when I have research to do in order to make myself a competent writer on graduation from a First Degree no body will mess it up for me again.