I could never understand why it was apparently so difficult, save explanations I have been given as per a bunch of incredibly stupid people were famous and always got what they wanted, whilst we were apparently engaging with a need for others to complain about me and issue threats due to frustration, so difficult at the same time that people were complaining that my social life was so messy that their careers had been altered for reasons of living around the same area as me, such that their stupidities had gone about tidying up entire neighbourhoods to make their narcissism more effective as a preferred way to tackle a problem which emerged over an interference with my career publicity and Bookshop, so difficult then to build my life and career away from the narcissism, the big mouth, the inability to keep their imagination restricted to their own private body parts and their well off neighbourhood criminality. If the threats do persist however, we are about to witness a response that will cause people to progress from the way it was part of a process of fooling around with my career, finances and feelings to such an extent that they had to catch their breath to a process where bigger than me especially had something to complain about yet again because it took a turn and got serious. We had to listen to those gimmicks where they claimed it was difficult to tell who I am whilst they have been part of the process the entire time and had failed to notice the real me that their stupidities would squash at any time if they wanted on one hand, whilst they were also at war with public policy on the other, at the precise space where I am trying to pursue a bunch of industry gits picking up my career to hang about at Industrial backyards doing whatever they liked, then show up working rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks on me, wrecking everything around here over revenge they needed to have for the stress that I had caused their stupidities. At this stage it is then suggested that we Libras were strange and weird people which does not make any sense because they read the Birth signs all the time and chose to work it the way they saw fit, the dynamics of their gimmicks being that their politicians decided they ought to have my public image, extract money from it and share with a bunch of criminals that spent the youth being tough people, to convert working relationships into a bum fingering upstart gimmicks, they were able to establish the connection between a materialistic person who was also obsessed with fairness, according to the way they read the Birth signs and needed to stop attacking poorer people as their stupidities were no saints around here, like my Bookshop is currently finding it difficult to recover from an interference with my clients to manipulate both sides and fulfil their dreams, then pick up my career publicity as a gimmick that helped to cover their backsides, claiming state provided security provoked them.

Some people have suggested the problem was the way I was caught up with the fighting and the way they found my distress exhilarating but I ma not distressed at all, the problem is still the access they had gained to my Royal Order which the security services identified with, added to some access they had gained to the way public service operatives organised a career to avoid their bum fingering up start market abuses, so it became a two part story in which the period of time that resulted in a process of picking up my public image for show business and the access to my royal order had to be stopped – they use the show business they made from my public image as a go to place they can escape to whilst they had decided that the Households did not deserve entertainment that was actually good for the health, since I cannot move on, this needed to be consolidated or destroyed by them or I will do it myself, such that the beginnings are what we currently see, in the form of the ways I might know a market was abusive and full of the bum fingering up start gimmicks because it served their need to extract money from my public image that they shared with quasi criminals but I get involved with it never the less because I wish to ensure that they no longer had that market over an incessant abusive involvement with my affairs, and to arrive at a stage where they knew I hated their famous peoples guts just as much as they clung to my privacy whilst complaining that they wanted to be free of me and as long as the famous peoples insults continued, the threats they issued to distract me from what I am doing may continue as well, considering history suggests they loved previous results. There is no way that doing something with or about an access to my Royal Order and famous idiots ripping up my Bookshop and career publicity to cover their backsides over gimmicks that suggest they were so important they tended to get whatever they wanted, is likely to cause me stress, they were warned from the very beginning, I need to get on my Royal order again if their stupidities were done reading birth signs and manipulating people and the show business needs to cease ripping my finances to cover its backside or I will fuck it too;  the dynamics is that the Politicians decided they should have my Royal public life and I should work the factories that their famous narcissism criminal stupidities should have and they were warned about their abusive interests over it too, as it was always acceptable to go to any work place and bury my head in work if I wanted to.

As for the point that I did not have a chance, we know this is not their usual stupidity, it is an access to the way public service operatives organised a career in order to feel healthy whilst the need to keep making a mess of other peoples affairs, and arrive at a stage where they were required to pay for what they had done for such a persistent period of time, resulted in the idea that the kind of explanation they wanted the public to go along with each time they tackled me, had finally made sense; when I do get my hands on it, I will want to ensure that stupid interference with my clients to fulfil dreams stopped painfully with intent to ensure it expensively dressed hoodlum gets to cover the distance between home and work without passing a single insult my direction and therefore find out what it is exactly that their stupidities can actually do about me, but then again, they were warned consistently time and after time. On the point that I am working with communists, we know that the real problem was to do with the idea they were in charge and that problem had a timeline too, from the time I dropped out of University because the first black American President was in the works and the idea that I was set to become a powerful black person had to be prevented, after which there was Biden and a problem with the work market, now it is a gimmick that had matured so well their stupidities will get away with the money and the confiscation of my private life with a big mouth, if they wrecked a Bookshop, all together a 2 decade period – we also understand those in the know claim they were the people working with communists and I am aware they were too, only whenever it turned out Russia for instance was run by white people and it fed into the abusive greed that was being expressed towards my career and finances, will they feel me yet again and every time it happens thereafter. I mean we are doing this and I am frustrated with the operation of a Bookshop, I assume, because the Public suffered from an inability to read, if the gimmicks had so far lasted a 2 decade period and is being performed every single day? They even raise points about what I thought of the crisis in Gaza, whilst we know first of all what the world wide evidences have shown concerning what their doxy society was actually interested in, bearing in mind more so all the facts I have listed above too; at the same time I had clarified my position, as per the fact that if Gaza was a trojan horse that allowed the Arabs in the region to attack Jews, and Russia was likely to support the Arabs, were we not looking at a world war three if we allowed it to get completely out of hand and we were not in a situation whereby to avoid world war three the people who lived there had to die and were we not also aware that the same people knew of these global stage politics state of affairs, just as I mentioned that there was nothing to accomplish with such a messy situation and it should be spent on reverence for the dead. It was impossible to tell exactly where the communists were said to have gotten involved with the matter, since done with Virgos abusing my career, person and finances after Scorpios did and now it is all in the hands of poof Leo, although what has happened is that they now possessed a lot of money and had stopped bothering other people so much, whilst some people complained that the fact they had picked up the ways public service operatives organised a career to cover their backside was a failing on my part, which it is not, as the economy needed to grow and their behaviour suggested I was marked out to do their part as well as mine, so even if they tore up my career to make the money, it still made sense and I only needed to concentrate harder on what I am doing. It is the same as they claimed that I am not a victim with respect to the Celebrity abuses too which I am not as the need to pick up young women who took an interest in me and my public image to make show business, meant they were playing with a system that with respect to abusive activities got law enforcement interested rather quickly and left them passionate enough for others to play stupid games on too – I am supposed to keep their expensively dressed hoodlum criminalities out of my career and they were now making money via a narcissism media from the fact that I had, never will it stop getting on  my nerves whilst the complain about me had gone already as far as the global stage all together.

I had to follow this approach, to ensure the matter was clearly understood and my clients gained access to required equity – the point is still that I am not working with communists, the famous idiots were getting the credit for my career whilst their stupidities knew nothing about it, ripping up my finances and plugging products into the fact that they had which is easy money, following another twat in Washington who enjoyed bankrolling their insanity, with a narcissism media to fool around as well, they believed they had made viable career from doing so.