They say US/British relations is getting sour which is utter nonsense; it's a matter of the underbelly of utterly useless people in the US who always find it easy to channel some form of hate towards the British when living is simply not delivering what they want without any work towards it and because the Country has no welfare state, we see the best of it show in public places all of the time; the main issue is the leaders not being like Obama who stifle the Finances of the British and abdicates responsibility to protect British people in the hope something will go horribly wrong, while complaining about racist Police Officers from the White House and doing nothing about it too. The culprits are usually the underbelly of the bad elements that make up US Society as a whole and it will be the Germans and their need to acquire money and use Women as items, the French and their need to control Women and their passions and the list goes on right up to the Africans and in the US, the poorer versions are then encouraged by them to hate the British, it does not have anything to do with US Policy as a whole - just a bit of an issue with outcomes such as the most prestigious University in Germany has produced its leaders which Oxford students must respect and actually doesn’t work that way, never mind other things like hate for people like me and being out of my league so when I ask them if it’s cracked up out of my league they start to blow off their big mouth over what they will do etc; we see the problem with China and how it was created from the fact my Royal Estate trades and deals with China Heavily and since they know where my Books are decided to muscle in and make smaller ally behave etc - what they have ended up with is an inability to get out of China which they are feeding with US interests and the Chinese are quite certain it will result in a war before it ends. So what has been exposed is the fact that my arrangements were quite different from US Economy in Asia which was mainly about its allies and about Japan and lots of Men hating Women and Children and leaving massive levels of environmental destruction in their wake - it’s not rocket science that anything that makes progress from this will be chased down by myself because it will mean they have not complied with not showing their big brother insolent disobedience around this Royal Estate any longer and we all know it will add to the bit where I cannot be seen letting them get out of a process of not working on their so called business Empires for years that I might not have offended anybody all together as it were. They speak of British Celebrities of course but those are not just Scottish Nationalists and Northern Ireland republican fools mostly, they are largely the goons that spend most of their time making sure others are stuck with their fellow American fools on the largely military in the world story, then we see them get off and get themselves stuck in the middle of that to pretend they are getting famous; say nothing about it and they make some money but when that money starts to make bullying then you respond eventually and it dries up - like they tell me I cannot stop them whereas what happens is that if I put a book out they show up around it to make an obfuscation of my personality, in order to create themselves excess and we have seen them express this by telling me I like to think I am what everybody wants as a person, hence that I cannot handle the matter is entirely false, we all know the money leads to bullying and then the victims will have to respond. I do get told I never say anything I need to say on time which I have no idea where it was relevant that I should anyway, we all know the Politicians refuse to do anything in the correct way because they want to harm somebody and that it has nothing to do with me unless they are seeking a scapegoat they will never have. In the end it's the options people have as choice that dissuades from this sort of behaviour that causes me to take the extreme steps that I do i.e. for instance the Germans; the option will be to buy the Book and do whatever it like with that but the one it will chose will be that I am indolent and need to be made to work harder not expect the success which I obviously have talent for to fall on my lap and so I tend to figure them out all the time for pleasure every time it leads to further abuse too and then there are the Muslim ones whose insults are mainly to do with superiority linked to Imam putting out a trinket to sell and can never stop getting themselves into trouble with world powers - even now, we all know if they are not chasing the bit about generous Americans and stingy British, they are chasing the one about a hope that somebody will beat up a religious person to make them feel special and we are talking about Men not Women here. In the end the confusion about souring relations with the Americans comes from people having a help of themselves at British Diplomacy which is all fine if they check certain attitudes as every Country does have its problems, except we see the way Germans play with British feelings and French and so on and we tend to think that perhaps Brexit was a good thing all along as it were: in the end, all these insults affect me in a specific way i.e. another me that runs around society and Media and is used by idiots to set out a case whereby I am some low life sitting in my room to talk to society where people want to steal money and careers and have access to Media and those that are bigger than me will then prevent me from having my public life and public image as a whole all together and it hangs up there for them completely unnecessarily as it were to mess up everything and distract me from paying attention to the financial matters over Royal engagements that have already been completed a long time earlier. My point personally however is that I am gauging this whole case of putting a handle on Industry people and am almost done with it, so I can move on to the Politicians as well and I suppose I am assuming there are other ways they would have liked it to be anyway. In the end it's the generic story of okay people and stupid people and these industry fools wanting to take money from stupid people but wanting to sacrifice somebody else for that and this means my private equity Books that are written on the management of Estate liabilities and the stories that provide people a track and a record have not only been interpreted by needy freedom idiots on Media as that which will help them do so but is also being used as a tool for making people manage their mental illness which is never achieved unless I am experiencing some form of suffering etc - so it’s fair to reiterate US economy ends in Asia where we see the effects of stupid Men doing what they like wasting the environment and hating Women and Children, knowing where my Books are should not bring them that close to me and that stupid greed wanting to talk to me all the time will not resolve their issue when it becomes a real problem for them as well all together. They do say my main problem comes from the fact I have no respect for my Mom but of course reality is rather that its a stupidity I will deal with using popular culture and then shut down the popular culture when finished, to find out if its going to work the way celebrities want as well - it tends to help me say my problem is rather being the Christian that spends his time being sentimental about his Moms stupidities that it has now beset him to a stage where an idiot can get into government office and ring a friend to ensure he is unable to get a job. Its like when they say its the consequences of punching above my weight, which is utter nonsense as we all know the taller ones that have a tendency to gene select their boyfriend will not stop fucking all over me and I can only tell them off until their children start doing it as well and then we have a real problem from them on - the society ones should be spending more time with Men that are their mates if the Media fools will let feminist campaigns become successful and that will leave me with the ones that simply want to get off their part of society and target me with that big mouth; its never been a problem but you cannot say the one thing to the same group of people for a decade and more without consequences - my Books help them manage their depression but I suffer too when they are not paying , which is how it should be and then every mad idiot and trouble maker takes an opportunity from that but it was not the description that was on my Book in the first place, even though I am aware I wrote it with such an effect in mind - so they normally say all that nonsense about buffoons in suits was not stupid because it made money and I intend to simulate the same behaviour for anything that bothers me until I return to the academic work that I actually need too. They love that story that I have no respect for others but its just a byword for clinging to my work to make their own because if they withdraw from me and my concerns they will automatically plunge themselves into severe clinical depression which I have no idea how it may have constituted a problem of mine in their view anyway - it started before the total destruction of my finances as Media idiots creating problems that we all share but they are in a position of advantage and it causes a lot of wonder for those who are concerned about that sort of passion for servitude, even though they think everybody should be thinking about the prospects of homosexuality that it offers instead: they say I am saying it because I want them to stop, which is not half a true as the fact that while they think I have respect for none, the reality is still that they cannot keep their hands to themselves and no matter how many times they discipline those who are right while they are wrong they keep doing it until community croons are beating people down in the bed each time they show up to chase those stupid jobs that get to their heads as a whole (like when they say I am never professional about anything I do whereas such stories mean I should shave myself and get about a world others have made up and show up in public to play out their bullying for, whereby the person that does not gain from my moral deeds hates my guts while my biggest problem becomes the person that has and nothing that matters to other people means anything to both). There is no concern about these matters at all; the ethnic minorities of the UK are full of idiots that want to get rich fighting racism for others who dare to have what they do not and in my case since it does not pay off, we are ending up with some form of punishment channelled at me. They always say I suck the life out of everything but we all know its an old story where they are either here to buy a Book or the Public image and products actually must have belonged to them all along.