Those games where I happen to have to be forced to respond to rows they have over racism because they have media does not do anything whether I respond or not; These generation of insulting idiots will simply have to live with becoming damaged goods so that they can wait for 3 generations before they recover the civil rights they gambled to oppress me with not tell me the world has changed and I need to change as well. maybe this time they will not end up claiming each time they see other peoples children reach where they never will that somebody walks around their stupid city like he is superior to them.

Should I mention that somebody may attack another person and then be nice to another person of the same race? Perhaps it is the way that such issues are treated that makes it racist. I personally couldn’t care for it just seems they are not feeling me deeply enough yet.

It is not the process of being forced to do things I am worried about in anyway. With respect to that, they are older than everything and cannot reverse time so for them it has to be toil and strife until the end of days so I can build up violence and sacrifice things as well. just because an idiot feels like driving his stupid cars past me and taking a swipe at me does not necessarily mean I don’t want to smash a brick into his wind shields drag him out and beat him up well enough to cater for the fact the purpose of those abuses is to sure the abuse that older people will do so the younger ones can do violence.

 These fools black white Asian whatever all serve the devil in equal measure and at some point I will have to put my head down and make a mark on these everybody has their own wounds that makes it more obvious and displays undoubtedly that there is not a world where they could ever oppress me; outside or inside of the British Establishment.

 The great talk about how weak I am all the time is the fact I make myself so; I exert myself unnecessarily when I should not to do, I raise my voice every single day and I work too hard for absolutely everything. So what was meant to ensure they get nothing out of me despite the destruction of my income has only resulted in a condition where they are getting more violent towards me but such rubbish can only stay in their fantasies where it belongs too. The truth about it is that when you see evil devil serving black idiots that want to be able to jump on your chest and tell you it is because they love you, who should be getting sacrificed all over the place so we can have a better society and I can have a future, while I get by whether or not it exists, the whites and the Asians and the Moslems who are the ones getting into lots of war at the moment will have other ideas with their own. So while I protect myself by making sure they know they must be sacrificed for me to have a future the white ones will turn a process where somebody tells me we have a history together on the streets into a process of something else which has to do with stealing their beauty when I protect myself from the evils of black society when I am black then get off and attack me later because I am the one that can but does nothing about the problems of black society, the Asians especially Indians who always have the best insults, will simply turn out to be the brown scum that call me a monkey which actually is something their stupid children do and shows what they talk to their children about all the time as well, those will turn up and put me in a spin over sex powers of women and the lives of homosexuals which completely takes over my job and academic work while politicians have dreams of becoming me through them as well. Then when they done they cannot stop talking rubbish about how I can get beaten over this and over that and over that and it goes on endlessly and jump on my chest all the time and when they know it means I tend to make sure people want blood then sacrifice Politicians for it the attacks will then become a political means which just creates instability in the country because I do have a right to exist and if I do without giving up my Christian faith; so this is how beating me up really goes-a place does not exist on this planet where it might happen with their big mouth.

So the rest of them say they like me and I am cute but they think I am not a real man, which is just as well. I thrive on the process of confiscating the best part of their lives which is the part where they do it all, it is the reason I look the way I do and sacrifice them all the time too for evils that exist anywhere they might-it is how sacrificing them comes about. Because whether it is a stupid girl that surrounds herself with cosmetics and all such things trapping me somewhere and telling people I will be dead before I belong to another woman to punish me for leading in m absence by making sure I am poor, alone wasted and damaged and forgotten because I am being loved intensely by somebody that is obsessive does not have to have sex with me because she has been given power over my earnings, or it is any other idiot that thinks all the time about being older than me or an idiot that thinks about deploying her powers of women over me and my academic work and job in order to later on make friends with Politicians, the bottom line is that if I get into a fight with them which is what they want so they can have self improvement, it simply moves into the ones the black ones do which has to do with inventing relations in which they worked with you and were the boss thereby they have told the world all about it and so they must always be one up and more over every single thing you do to keep their record even if they must spend your own earnings to do so. Hence I can only make sure every time I do them it really looks like a Prince got into a fight with commoners by completely destroying their lives just to extract that bit where they have done it all to beautify myself with. At this point I have been trying to do my academic work and get my books sold and am really expecting it is where it is supposed to have it limits bearing in mind it did not when the fun of teasing the Christian became a means of knowing what he is about to say before he says it in order to control how people respond to the gospel to abuse archaic people in a modern world. They do have a real problem getting off my fame as it were, bearing in mind I need it desperately to get my job done and to earn a living without having to struggle for anything as well because the privacy about it is respected.

As for doing my new thing that I have come up with; I was only setting out items of my crest and even if they do, do that like they always do I wonder if it means those involved with owe loyalty to them. I wonder if it means I don’t know my office is on the left. I wonder if it means I don’t know diplomats do not operate on the right unless there is a serious problem, for which the reason I am is that there is a serious privacy crisis. Of course they vote for Politicians and those like them very much and love to give them tax payers money but so what? I am a diplomat and we must always be on the ground when things happen i.e. Adolph Hitler murders 2 million people, when you are asked to set up arrangements for negotiation between Hitler and Jews, it is a job and must be done. When they start and their stupid Politicians start as well, they ought to bear in mind first of all I am more powerful and more skilled.