So I am said to be very noisy at my work and tended to complain all the time which is not in any way linked up to the reality of me getting Culture and society goons thinking only about what I know, so that they carried it around like PR; especially when they cannot stop corrupting the State provided security and some of them had since acquired access to CCTV by setting up private security Industry businesses, where they spent all day violating people in the imaginary to either build pubic obfuscates with it or make sense of it on the public image of their victims, to show up at the other end with prospects of being successful at business.

It is much the same as those stories that their women peddle about catching me as though I was some sort of item, we know such nonsense is responsible for a process which was already difficult looking after a House while answering stupid questions from Politicians about which side I am on, much worse, by picking a fight with Russians in order to get the UK serving the US more while my talents were apparently being wasted at Government when they could be deployed to serve Celebrities. Then followed on with all sorts of nonsense about immaturity on my part when they have made a mess of everything and have been pushing around the idea for some time now that a Hermits need to keep away from prospects of their stupidities doing him favours with an evil culture, to get imagination up his bum was inescapable. I do get asked by the Politicians if I have a prognosis for their behaviour but all I know is that they love to set me out as a small thing they can play with in order to cool off but the big problem we face is that they have started to exhibit the same behaviour towards business arrangements and partners, so I have had a need to show them where their lives are located if they are not doing some fighting already. Their friends at the Monarchy claim my disrespectful behaviour towards Royals have made their work more dangerous while what has been happening is a need to handle my concerns and make a mess of State business to such an extent the main problem with me is that I am messy in the way I handle my concerns but having made the financial issues of such dire importance have to put up a fight to ensure that I want not successful on account they required my work and property, expecting that because they are women they can behave anyway they like and get away with it- so everything I have done is working soundly; we know Armed Forces Operatives are grouped into broad talents and these talents serve various purposes, like some being able to handle matters that involve people serving Armed Forces back with sex industry, to such an extent others hung around somewhere being confused and angry enough to be terrorists, some are good at handling the way culture and society gits group themselves into Industry leaders and minions that get imagination up peoples bums to make sales, some are good at handling the evolution of organised crime and the way it affects very young people and so on – the messy we have is a group of people that have taken me out of a quiet writer Hermits life to make a mess of my person and exert female dominance on me and they have not been doing enough fighting yet too as it were. They bring up this case of people responding in Russia because they thought I was in danger and I may want to be grateful for it, but we soon see they are working for Celebrities. Eventually we hear that my problem were more a matter of chasing what I cannot have while when they are taller, I am chasing what I cannot have and the need to get involved with my Court and be the latest wife to sell up to Industry and complain about me waging war on women at the same time, taking advantage of the fact I couldn’t do without the women in my head and built a Court for it, the same way I am unlikely to love one person and marry another like an arrangement blessed by industry fools to make money lending me pain and agony that is made worse by their stupid insults, alongside their friends from overseas who need servants all the time and are constantly caught up in the throes of laziness as they are unable to afford it in the UK, talking nonsense about how I sleep with peoples wives and the way corrupt Hinduism decides that I am destined for unhappiness as per I have got psychic abilities – this being the thing that sets the main stage by which they cling to quasi criminal culture and society gits who build up my concerns somewhere to tell me my life is over for the way I have handled them to blab about how I need get out of the Monarchy which was the preserve of superior people.

They show up with the stories later on, that I am unaware of what racism really is which is utter rubbish – they are not racist, they are a handful of gits whose need to make money is always an all consuming thing, whose stupidities have now run off on my public image to upstage me especially when somebody got hurt by Law enforcement, to such an extent that the racists now have new statements to make about ethnic minorities as a blackmail tool for making money at Celebrity culture. They point to the things women say as that which provokes them; like should I get beaten the women will have revenge for instance and we see these kinds of women all the time – a life tied entirely to processes of the financial success they have already enjoyed, the Men they want to get into a relationship with to keep an eye on their self-advancement; what these women feel about their behaviour does not matter apparently, even when it serves to protect me, it is racist. It is not the only as we know, there are the others I mentioned earlier about being set out as a little plaything on which they cool off and my business partners are set out the same way as well; adding to the racists who made terrible personal decisions, ended up with financial complications and set about tackling ethnic minorities and wanting to fight for my civil rights all the time, looking for a response that will change its stupid life for the worst. We see this nonsense all the time when we look back at the Colonial periods; it gambles and gambles and gambles until the outcome is one of those cases where people show up in its country to say I will run your country and solve its problems but you are not to solve the problems of my Country because people there are superior and all the leadership at London could do is sit back and watch what will become of the result of the fact they had lost the bet. This is the same gimmick kicking off in the US, claiming when people are hurt by Police, I was being served, its need to make money being an all-consuming thing that devours other people’s lives.

They say my criticism of the Prince of Wales will eventually get me into trouble but I have no idea how they progressed with this; from an act which had no social, cultural, Political or leadership context whatsoever, to an activity that was the basis on which the Prince of Wales will secure influence and now an activity that has doomed me but I suppose should I say I wonder if the Royal twats do spend their time on important things, then will it become obvious that I can play the game as well. Its an old story of their need to win a war and get rich and mine involved a process of moving into my right hand while making money on my pubic image about which they complain of my reprisal wars for it which I win all the time as well. The point I am raising being that they hate my guts and the reason is that I dominate them all the time and the reason I do that is because I have been at the stage of writing this for instance struggling with just finishing my Course work for five days while they fool around with everything bright and new that comes out of me until they had to catch their breath.

They do say that I am a ridiculous fellow which I understand completely but what we have here is a decade and a half of Political Offices spending tax payer funds to wreck my career and finances to such an extent that I couldn’t successfully cater for an environment where I could complete academic study in order to get on with the work which lay ahead. For their part they say they have got a new one that involved getting ahead of me but where tolerance stops is usually the stage where for instance it was about going to market to collect money from every person that had enjoyed service from me and wanted to read my Books, using security and money gimmicks to influence people came right up to the stage where they had completely run out of profitability, it is where tolerance stops because it is where their acts start to add up to a process of adding other peoples money to their money, wrecking local wealth to control what is left. They would rather do that than seek medical help the same way we see their American friends clash with Police than stop insults which suggest I am to fight for them, do what they say or work for them, as stupidly as possible; the stage at which they claim I am insane on thinking I am an Arch Prince too will be the part where I believed there was a limit to the tolerance for the insults too.