The boasting is that people were incredibly pleased to see how I had ended up and this is the description they chose to place on a condition where I am unable to pay my Bills because they enjoyed befriending criminals, then sacrificing others for instances where they had to live with it. We all know the way this works involved a process where what Police does with crime is arrest the criminals and tackle criminal activity, so some criminals made deals with the Police to help solve some crimes in return for reduced punishment, what these idiots have done with anything they learned of this line of work which they had to for some reason, is to share their money with criminals over claims it helped to reduce crime for them to have done so and seek out people who were important but none knew they were, to throw to the dogs each time they had to live with it – currently whilst it lip flaps the pleasure it gets from the way I have ended up, so that its popularity criminals would hear it blab, it is complaining about responses I had put up for the fact the singular problem here was the way its media presence was used to beat me down all the time, claiming I am meant to pick a fight with people on the streets to help its stupidity feel more important, then explain its position as something done to facilitate accountability for my Office, of which none knows what sort of accountability it hoped to achieved whilst I am no longer able to access my work history because it had borrowed the work history for decadent gimmicks on Media. I do not think the story about accountability is actually relevant or meaningful, I have responded to it because they set it out as if others did not possess the intelligence to, the real problem here like we see that it is largely about boys with ideas on what other people’s career publicity could be used for besides what the persons in question actually did for a living and girls who considered what they could take from me if they were backed by bigger stronger persons, doing what they did best and boasting about being able to take advantage of me – it is eventually about access to Royal personal life of which we can see nothing is preventing the media from picking up public work I had done impeccably to build a mountain of problems from thin air, claiming it was a matter of accountability and there was little to prevent the privacy abuses and the bum fingering – there is enough to suggest it does not wish to keep the fame job hence needs to get on my nerves often.

They do suggest it was a matter of living up to a reputation I had built for myself which is utter nonsense as they are supposed to be a group of youth, middle aged and professional pricks who enjoyed picking up other peoples career publicity to serve a different purpose other than what the victims actually did for a living – if this is working for them, it would mean that for every time that I had not had the matter settled with their friends in the City centre who work it for and with them at the company boardrooms, I was setting up a business to build market that I abandoned whenever it was ripe, for those who felt entitled to make money and I will be lucky to see my 60th birthday. So it needs to stop pushing me as I am doing rather well with the restraint for being beaten down everyday by the media whilst I could always figure it out with the broadcasting community and get them to control their staff painfully, it needs to make its comments about its own career and stop pillaging a Bookshop for practical jokes – the backdrop is one of history where I had punished whole communities because get out on the streets to walk about looking for trouble follows me to University to ensure I dropped out and had done exactly the same to my Bookshop because I was seen chasing it with a sense of urgency; so if I said they were running it off on media and I tidied it up in London, when I travel to Manchester, nobody there would have heard that I tidied up a gimmick where an ageist idiot with whom I rented a space, had shared my personal life with street hoodlums, talking nonsense about a fight he expected me to get into and reading my birth signs for his stupidities all day, hence I would have had to do it again when they are not dead yet.

There are questions now held at Government arrangements which tended to suggest that I am easily manipulated, what really happens rather being that people enjoyed putting up a theory that sociopaths were nice people i.e. not the psychopaths who told lies all the time and the manipulative behaviour easily turned to violence, the sociopaths who were emotional parasites and would do anything for money including a willingness to be mortally hurt garnished with a thankfulness when the same victims they got their needs from got hurt, were nice people. So I had decided they had damaged my career and finances well enough for me to let it run so that they may stop telling lies and running off life changing abusive practical jokes at my expense for corruption and self-improvement. The manipulation was a matter of making these decisions that sociopaths were nice people and those warding them off the daily affairs were doing the wrong thing, so those who smelled bad were subjected to violence and those who smelled good were subjected to abuses, unless there is news, the pattern is still the same. In my case however it had since grown into a case of Celebrities ripping up my crime control publicity to access my personal life for red carpet self-reinvention and a need to get on Media and stifle my Bookshop over a bidding to get rich quickly on the part of some German influence pricks who always had to sell a service to assist the famous with violence in case the victims responded, building up to a result where I am being marked out for violence by those who possessed the funds to afford it, as stupidly as possible but to some extent I am still said to be the person doing the wrong thing even when the famous had done it in order to make organised crime product sellers sell their products at a more affordable rate. It fears the marital narcissism that I might target its stupidities with and shows up to wreck my finances so I never settled down in matrimony, claiming people had died, that said, the narcissist happiness by which to sell products and get rich fast at no personal cost to themselves, the cost by which happiness is secured especially on the part of those who were selling something to others, had become the way that television and radio advertisement was set out, as though it was my share in the world, arriving at this stage where there was concern that I am easily manipulated. We see the boasting show up each time it though it had gained the opportunity – that I said what I said but I was afraid of them whereas it is always being seen messing around with culture on account it was ugly, clinging to my public image for popularity if not looking for trouble in other ways, as though this was the way that culture actually worked, supposing there were yet no instances where I spilled its guts so somebody may show up to spill mine too – likely to end tales of what I was afraid of supposedly or continue in search of something new to complain of bearing in mind I had according to them organised my career to make other take greater risks with personal security. They do claim that my involvement with these sorts of issues suggested I loved to suffer which I don’t and I am not in any suffering either, the Celebrity interference, the disrespect and abuses of the famous around here, is the source of all the stress and ill health; their case was a simple matter of some men with ideas about picking up my career publicity for a different purpose that will serve their cause due to their size and another who had a society so they wrecked my social life reading my star sign for security gimmicks – it claims its stupidity was at this stage stuck with me, I wouldn’t know, I have given them exit to keep their comments to their careers and read a Book for involvement with my shop. So far it is a gimmick where they did what they did because they were real Men and the gimmicks that is supposed to get me taking part in a world where we helped each other to be real men will only occur when I get some respect for my finances, this is likely to turn towards outright hatred that the Celebrities were keeping their clothes on, they had a personal life that had not been sufficiently abused and we know that they did not possess a history of successfully handling me as well. The women on the other hand do speak of ways I was afraid of them as well, when it is not lip flapping ways I had taken up a woman’s existence therefore ought to give it up along with my career and finances, it was off to do favours at the security services that will permit its stupidity to finger my bum, hence Celebrities wrecking my crime control publicity to access organised crime product markets that they now possessed enough money to, building up to an unusual interest in my person that had arrived at a stage where they spoke of ways I had been marked out for violence by those who possessed money to afford it – this was supposed to where the business of showing what they brought to the table in a matrimonial setting had ended, looking for more of what its stupidity was complaining about, considering most of this nonsense was a product of corruption and gimmicks by Politicians.

I am aware it is all a matter of what Politicians got up to but it had always been – the need to ensure I spent a decade and a half hanging around until people found out what they needed to know to steal my career, had given rise to criminals and hoodlums learning how their jobs work, so I suppose that if I am seen as a low life they were having revenge for this too at this point; it is the same problem of Celebrities, men and their trading abuses, the children who cannot keep their imagination out of people body parts – so when I ensure the Celebrity culture is damaged beyond repair, the men trading thing was wrecked so it kept its stupidities off my income margins and the children cannot attend school because they were afraid of me, the gimmick where it is always asking for permission to attack me will give way to an outcome where I got what I wanted out of fear. The disaffection is a consequence of trying to sell my assets to communists and when I had it securitised, got off fighting communists on my behalf, to which effect we got into more trouble every time they provided us with security, they were supposed to be disaffected after doing such things, there is nothing of a news about it. The idea I have been stretched out and on the basis of Royal work is not exactly accurate – what causes the stress is mostly to do with Celebrities and media creating their own version of context to what I did, on the backdrop of a people so abusive they hang about with a society reading my birth signs and clinging to my income margins, they pick up my career publicity to do something else over a fantasy that I am meant to work for them and help them make more money than they already possessed, which is enforced through abusive fans, rogue landlords and corrupt private security whose actions feed into the abusive things that their agents performed on other people’s wellbeing. The option available to me now is to trash the trading gimmick that the male population are more obsessed with, ensure the children were so afraid of me they could not attend school and wreck the celebrity finances, alternatively the spate of career mess here that had run into a 20 year period needed to end the way that they would most love to end it, especially one concerning a need to repeatedly pick up my career publicity for their own gimmicks which stifles my Bookshop.

They do claim as we have heard their media pundit suggest, that I had the right to my own opinion but did not have a right to invent facts – I could never tell anyway since the only facts that have been invented here were to do with the fact if they were asked to rob me of Royal position they could not do it, unless I was engaged with criminality and chose a bad neighbourhood to help me write some Books, by which they could build me a profile that matched the social activities of ex-convicts and current criminals. As far as I am aware, these are the only facts that have been invented here, I plan to keep it and ensure we played with it till the end of the time, perhaps in so doing, get down to the bottom of what is corruption wrong with them in the first place anyway. The reality of it is rather simple, as in when it is suggested these matters ought to put me under great pressure which they don’t – the reality that if these goons were out there making a mess of my personal and social life, I did not see that it concerned the famous in anyway, if they were off getting involved with security services to make a mess, I did not see what the role of the famous in the matter was, likewise instances where people had taken steps to stop their harmful activities or prevent it doing the harm that it intends all together, it is not the work that Celebrities do and had nothing to do with the famous, so this is largely a matter of public work I had done impeccably being made a mess of by a bunch of famous idiots that build me a mountain of problems from thin air, to get up on public places especially media outlets, talking nonsense in my direction. Here it is said that I have simplified what is really a very complicated matter but it is not complicated here, it is a matter of what my Office does and the way that I do it well enough for what my reputation says about me; I mean the complication is to do with the way that the whole process causing a lot of poverty and suffering for the public i.e. they want to get in league with criminality but did not wish to live with it, so they set about ripping up peoples lives and careers to make sense of the instances where they wanted to be free of it, the threats its famous stupidities issues at me is only likely to create an outcome where I wanted to see which one was bluffing on either side as it were – my motivation being that if we hit the streets for instance, the primary disposition would be to tackle what is obviously public problems, but what we faced mostly was that they did what they did because of a group of women they cannot deal with, so I will need to focus my attention on my fact that to be effective I needed to tackle them on the basis they were misogynist but if I did that I will raise publicity for the fact I did not get into trouble with the law to protect women and so a certain women they got along with but were able to turn on at any time would rip up everything that I owned which was of value, as soon as they built a sexual narcissism platform that allowed them abuse each other in public then blame it on me because I possessed a good personal life, which famous idiots tended to bankroll disrespectfully on claims that the real purpose of my career was to cover their backsides for a living before somebody got off saving me from them – so the part that causes the poverty and suffering was the sheer number of times that I tidied it up and the idiots had rebuilt new ones as part of career and high street business because they claimed I needed to be accountable for my Office, like a bunch of bitches that had ideas about how to beat me down to get past the day every 24 hours and this is where the onus now lies, that it may issue Celebrity threats at me whilst every time I cleared out the consequences of its need to befriend and spend money on criminality at somebody else’s expense it builds new ones to take advantage of people and get rich fast, then watch what I will do about the Celebrity industry as well. In the end it seems that a history of a time that show business products had been created in a condition where I got along with the famous, provided them access to me and it needs to be consolidated or destroyed. They do claim these activities on my part indicated that I regretted working with the Celebrities earlier due to the fact the Celebrities had betrayed the wealth equity process by which I kept them under control and spent money on any gimmick they performed over an entitlement to see me deploy my career to cover famous peoples backsides for a living but it is utter nonsense as the problem still stands that its need to just walk about looking for trouble continually takes an interest in my personal spaces from a safe distance, follows me around to make a mess of academic pursuits and now a Bookshop as well, before it had begun a whole new campaign that I am a bum and abusing me could be linked to financial wellbeing, so there is no way that stupid society was their civil right and they were real men considering they were always fighting women for privileges and I have done what I have done to earn their hatred, not necessarily because the damage to my finances leaves me in their part of society where my diet could provoke their stupidities but because I think they need to join the Celebrities and stop bothering me, continued need to get on my nerves meant that I will enforce the process, needs to get out there and join the Celebrities being more obsessed with them than I am as it is not a real man around here, needs to keep its imagination out of my body bits and live in a society it had built to be abusive of people who worked with public image for a living, except it will be having a public image but not in a good way which is exactly what it deserves. The rest were a bunch of German influence idiots who have not yet listened to the warning that none was asking their stupidities to supply an opinion about my existence considering I complained that it made me perpetually tired, first time around it claimed extremists and police brutality worked for me and we are set to end up in that situation again as it continued to stifle my Bookshop, invite itself into my affairs and make stupid statements about ways a coward like me wanted to get involved with the activities brave people were concerned with. I find it so difficult to make sense of what it is exactly they were convinced they could do about me, hence the need to pick up this nonsense where it made such a huge mess of anything I did with the fact security services were embedded with the public in order to follow up specific jobs and tasks, to run off the stupidities that I am a coward and cling to my finances for it, if it is complaining at the same time that people had died on my account, no idea what its stupidities expected from the fact it was a sociopath and I might encouraged to take up a personal matter with its gimmicks and that of its famous idiots again if a Bookshop is not working for me on schedule.

On the way side there was the point raised on what I thought of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, of which I had no idea what people supposed I thought considering what thoughts I have already expressed i.e. Palestine is a Trojan Horse used by Arabs to subvert Jews in the region, it would be better for the Israeli Government to say that the millions of campers in the Palestinian territory did not have a government, Hamas had its own point that it needed to make on another day, the area needed to be controlled by the Israeli Government, elections held and it represented in the Israeli Parliament. Here it is said that I was oblivious to the fact Jews loved to bother Arabs as well which I am not, we ought to be done with the fact Jews had a Country and the borders were determined first and then we can look to a process where the need of criminality jews to run down Arabs and race each other to the millions at the global market place by ripping up the livelihoods of Arabs, became a problem that the Zionists with fabulous ideas had to solve.