What we hear being constantly put out there for all, is that the abusive activities channelled at me were due to the fact that I was unable to defend myself and other people had to do it for me all of the time. It is utter nonsense naturally as we know that they have never once offered me an acceptable idea on what they think I ought to do about the people they designated as low lives that had nothing to lose, to get into my personal space, tear down my career publicity for gimmicks and help them work a popularity in which they followed up the actions of their abusive parents that could not keep imagination out of peoples panties, to knock eggs together and see which one is brave enough to deserve their career with Media, over ideas I am too much of a coward to deserve mine. I could never tell exactly what people want me to do about persons that showed up with an abusive society behind my back, to perform actions which only they could witness, so that they got to trash my career in a bid to make me get into a fight with these random persons that they would have pointed out to me as the enemy – even when we had arrived at a stage where it abuses my privacy all the time and links up those activities to my body bits for instance, such that we arrived at a point where those gimmicks had mainstream civil living sensibilities weighing in on them, it is still not clear exactly what they want me to do about it, even when they had built an abusive community that took an interest in my career which had already stifled my Bookshop for 6 years running, nobody can tell what it is exactly they would like me to do about it. Where it is then said that it was all an abusive and incredibly destructive gimmick, save that their own lives, careers and property were safe from it, I know that it is, I loved to indulge them the abdominal discomforts as well, at this point the world we lived in is one in which the society, the politicians and the celebrities had suffered so much that they would like different jobs from the one that draws me to them which it does not as they are the peoples clinging to my income margins and my Bookshop for treasure hunt gimmicks, would like another existence which I cannot assist them with and would like a completely different lifestyle of which I did not care if they did but if they were raising the amusement they get off it as a point, then I am happy to indulge them a little bit further.

On the point that I always appeared to be beaten down and never really talked about the matter according to how vile it really was, then I am never beaten down, they are a bunch of narcissists, the men have done the two decade mess to my career, social life and career publicity with whispers, gossip, media and abusive popular culture because they were the sort of narcissists who needed to be able to damage my career each time women disrespected them, the women were a bunch of idiots who loved to run me down and cling to my career aesthetics to keep up appearances and issue threats because they had an usual opinion about my existence as their mental illness guides them – so when I play back the insults to the women, we find how their need to stifle my family life was born if it would have turned out they were press narcissism supported lesbians and for the men, since I do not pick fights with women if it was the wrong thing to do, then it would have turned out that women who hated the way they interfered with other peoples lives and ensured families never got organised in social life and finances within an appropriate time, was already a residual problem but now they had friends who used them as muscle to run down other good men, so they faced twice the problem of the so called insults women channelled at them, with a need to rip up my career as a method of making themselves feel better. Then again it would be said that I had said nothing about the way it does not beat me down but it does not, it is simply building up from the fact that those who showed up here wondering what I was doing about it were wasting my time and losing me money at the Bookshop, which is the new thing apparently when they were not complaining about me as well, like I mention I would like more insults from their famous stupidities if I am clearly certified one of their biggest fans more so, it is simply now running towards an outcome where their abuses need me to drop out of school and get into a fight on the streets as to enhance the idea they were important persons, will develop into an outcome where I got around by bear baiting between society and the famous, especially once it was clear that my only exit was the social class. At this stage I might raise the point they are usually so abusive because they think I am a nobody that had been given a position of importance in the Country but so are we aware that if they had to access to the way people organised personally and socially for public work, they were said to be cowards and boo boys but when they did, they were bullies, which is again another polite way to say they needed to stick to their own social class.

In the end they say they would take more precautions to prevent monsters like me emerging and this is usually when they were not lip flapping that they were characters that intended to continue stifling my Bookshop as there was nothing I could do about them: firstly which it is not true that there was nothing I could do about them as the society gits that will not keep imagination out of my body bits, were looking for a result where I campaigned for them to face more of the problems which caused them to behave in such ways and got investors involved with it as well, the Celebrities on the other hand were looking like the kind of things that I wanted to way lay, blind fold and attack, so they could not tell them Police, lest I am driven to pick up a series of activities that were detrimental to state of affairs between the neighbourhoods and the city centre, to throw a few pounds at those who faced serious difficulties when it pricked my conscience, knowing it was far from enough; basically however we were all better off when a bunch of idiots that were the most corrupt people at school, ceased to make a mess of the affairs of an Arch Prince who would not mind sitting about at a Government Office to get by as priest, since the two positions were similarly related, especially when they had taken their corruption to government office and national media. I am not the monster they claim I am either; I could easily live the rest of my life just scouting neighbourhoods to say that each time somebody was an Architect, I offered them what I knew as a matter of the local area and applicable private equity I developed from my assets and expenses, to ensure they built structures that met with the needs of the people who needed those services to improve their lives and boost their incomes, only to be paid by architects that bought my lunch and a drink, if only the insults of famous idiots taking advantage of the fact being a writer was bad business in the sense that I never planned short term, medium term profits and incomes, always planned the long term due to the nature of my career, would stop coming my way. I mean it is not really a crisis as such if I already know that nobody unlike the narcissistic famous idiots whom in context it was not clear why they were so narcissistic considering the way that their career evolves, to take advantage of other people and build up savings that helps with confidence which was the only point that they could make progress with themselves, tended to gain anything they have not earned in the private sector, so I am certain I had the means to be a successful writer but this nonsense generally tends to mean that there is an updated crowd that got bigger and bigger, which is trained to think that I spend my time creating a Book, money on the PR, only to end up working on other peoples problems all day, because a bunch of idiots were famous and I appeared not to have covered their backside for a living or allowed them top own what I owned in order to maintain a sense they were more important; we can see why it needs to stop badly, contrary to the idea I am a monster that was allowed to get out of hand, when I set out the facts in this manner. The idea that I brought it all upon myself because my state provided security is provocative is that which I should ensure this opportunity was deployed to help me tolerate it for the last time i.e. it is not as if they were likely to fight the National enemies that state provided security pointed out anyway, the failure to keep their comments to their career, will start the fight which will ensure forceful means was employed to keep the Politicians and famous fools off my career and finances in the short term - in the mean time, I really do need my history from the private security industry which work their stupidities think I am ashamed of, in order to consolidate my work market based career activities around here. I am said to be sinking lower and lower which I am not, first of all the famous idiots after years of incurring attacks from racists and police brutality, over a need to round me up like I am an animal and run me down to get famous, showing up here to complain endlessly whilst it had not yet seen a reason for its famous stupidities to end, have now seen enough to start assuming this was all somebody else's responsibility that this was the method to maintain a career as a famous fool and they were entitled to get on my nerves, the rest were a product of an Italian Prick who married my wife at the Monarchy, waiting for the best time to declare himself but had no limits as to what his stupidities did to get on my nerves in the mean time. I could do it like this a Million times to clear out these matters and the reasons people should not show up all over it to stall my bookshop and goad me into doing more until my heart explodes literally but it will go from complaining to doing another backed by an immoral society mandate convenience seeking crowd each time I finished. They do claim it all happened because state provided security put me in a difficult position and it is utter nonsense; first of all, the corruption that planned to get away when state provided security intervened to save my property was boardroom based, then of course there is also the fact I needed to keep up the appearance for them, which led to some of them getting killed by communists to take advantage of me like they did with racists and over Police brutality in the USA and this being the communists provided them a greater opportunity to be successful at abusing me to make money but what I get off it being that they died and I wanted more, hence it had stopped until the King came up with the idea that they had died over something I really should be brave enough to do on my own, so the insults now know no limits; the other gits who drove the matter to this have left it in the hands on the press and the famous gits naturally which I suppose would mean that His Majesty is no longer planning the comical big show reign they were head over heels for originally but then again the problem with the King has always existed for the last 15 years, they suggested the damage to my academic pursuits and finances were meant to ensure my personality could be collected as a part of service and respect for the King but now that they have one and he was Crowned years ago, the issue concerning my finances is now wholly a matter of insults from famous idiots and had therefore gotten complicated, after which they showed up near it virtually everyday for more gimmicks as if I am expected to be pleased about it, fooling around.

Here it is said that it was clear this unusual business at the Monarchy was the reason the famous were getting involved and yes it is – two groups of people who take leave of the letter of the law to make a mess of other peoples lives over gimmicks that made them better off on the basis that they were entitled to lead, whilst suffering on either side, one of those was legitimate and the other which was not, needed to stop painfully at this point. They claim it was to do with the way I styled myself as if I was on the side of the masses, of which none of these had a thing to do with the masses – just a bunch of fools who did not plan their finances well taking advantage of those who were working a late success, to share the incomes of those who took advantage of others by turning up on peoples lives to complain about public problems and become a paid version of the same problems as soon as they got what they wanted. When it shows up like we are currently seeing, running me down all the time keeping up the business of stifling my Bookshop to use my personality for good feelings, does that mean that it was possible to show that I a powerful person was being oppressed by the poor who were also able to oppress the wealthy, considering that they never stopped calling me names, putting the labels on, making me a character people bullied to befriend those who paid for products they were selling, goading me over public control, building communities that put down imagination to finger my bum and other private parts etc – would this mean that whilst they were, the birth sign reading alliances with famous pricks have really got it, especially when it comes to the part where I set out my position at the behest of broadcasting communities and we faced a moment of truth where they had to show it was impossible for them to oppress the wealthy and powerful whilst I had to show it was possible with evidence. They do claim I am simply over confident which is not the case at all - the truth is that having been there is yet no way to confront these gits about some professionally set out activities which are abusive in my direction to such an extent that my finances were affected, they have become an outstanding problem that was backed by a crowd that acknowledged their right to continue as a form of entitlement, it is not a matter of confidence as much as it is a matter of proficiency; when it comes to the matter of picking up my career publicity to do its own affairs, whilst I arrived at a point where I wanted to be like them as far as they were concerned, it was as simple as just writing Books and talking with people who were interested about how much I liked to write them, be it the poor or the well off neighbourhoods; it would then have seemed that they hated my books because they felt sick to the stomach reading it whilst I am being bullied on the basis they were more important than I am, that their lives were lofty enough to make sense of Royal Politics, so the problem had become a process where some of the stupidest characters we have ever seen, built an abusive society and got about being famous persons in it, whilst poorer people on the other hand would simply love a world in which I operated with a need to ensure that Public policy was absolutely respected.