This great Idea Politicians have that when people wreck my work, my job and my livelihood by completely messing up Equities I created specifically for earning a living selling the securities for Economic recovery, which are Located in Book "Answer to a Fathers Call" and I need to move left with my pain because they are clearly tougher and more than me is just meant to be provocative, not a Political statement. Mr A looks like he is a Car Fanatic but why would we care, who knows, perhaps Mr A sells Cars for a living? Mr B likes Children very much but who cares, who knows if Mr B is a child minder? But this is not the problem is it? They know people mess up other peoples livelihoods because of a lack of respect and their fascist insolence. When people wreck peoples livelihoods and they are told as Politicians it was always clear what they are supposed to do is provide leadership on the matter but they always prefer to set out whom they want to fight and hurt for their failures and problems for their hate and their pain; what do they expect me to do now, let them get away with all the mess they have made of the economy and my business and the fact they have ensured inflation catches up with us-looking for power, which is what we now have to deal with? When they say such things they ought to know and be rest assured they will hear from me as well definitely.

Its not about picking things from my website to do things with because they are determined to wreck peoples livelihoods for a living, that just gets to mean nothing whatsoever. It just means what it means i.e. I am in charge and they now need to concentrate on winning elections which is where their jobs are. When and if they are in charge they can do whatever they like I am in charge and that is not possible. 

It is the notion created and maintained by Politicians at all times when they mess with my work until I have an opinion. That I am doing some service to the world which is very far away from the truth, which is that I am running a business of selling books I write instead. All of which happens because of these insults they are so skilled at, they can use it to ruin financially another Country's States Man because they would rather not do anything about Fascism, roots of which they came and still come from.