Today it is said that there is a lot of Publicly displayed coercive behaviour which needs to be studied and understood and I could never make sense of it anyway especially when it is also said that the storm is kicking off around me. What I am aware of is the fact that some people always want to show up all over other peoples concerns and make a mess of it and then there will be a period after when their victims are working to rectify the problems they had created, which then gives rise to an outcome in which they want to play up practical jokes while their victims have a livelihood to get on with and that gives way to an outcome where their practical jokes were about seeing their victims grovel for money, once they had achieved this, they become very busy making a case out of some fake racism until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy of its own. The outcome naturally is that when you are polite and nice to people, their responses are usually a matter of what will become of the Public image and personality; so I usually respond with a sense they have been walking down the streets all day for example and I have only just stepped outside of my door, hence they need to remember me all the time, at least for the rest of the day and they really hate my guts for this. We then have the part where they say it’s the powers of the USA play into the matter which does not apply at all; the USA is land of the free and home of the brave but it is also a place where any idiot can set out his Church of Satanism and carry on with all these behaviour we see on Media that they assume nobody knows is purely evil; for my part on that its been about 12 years of them tackling what does not belong to or concern them around here, in order to get on Media and spend my time practicing how to become more important than I am, which has built up this assumption that they really do have an ability to do something about me if I wanted to stifle it too, so we hear them claim I like to think I can do something about them but am really powerless to do anything, while reality is more a case of the fact they are wrong as I am an Arch Prince and they are not important people. It’s the one behaviour that ensures it will never stop getting up somewhere to gather up people who are about its age and run off some very crude, base and violent lasciviousness about what you do and how you live, always culminating in a case of kids that do not co-operate with their needs deserving what they get and I have warned them enough times about how their problems with respect to the reasons they complain about me will never end unless those communities that exist to talk about things they want to do to me are completely shut down first of all.

Some people are worried then that mine is also an act of coercion all together but it isn’t; what happens is that they split up society into two parts – one being the women part and the other the men part, so you always end up with the bits where the Mum of the Boys characters get the most bottom whipping and the Mum of the Girls character get half the bottom whipping and some sex, while they made out the City centre was their property – I am an Arch Prince and they are not relevant, that blabbing like to blab assuming it will not suffer if I had decided to sort out my physical fitness, so as to ensure I was handling them while keeping the Community croons off beating me down in my own bed every day, wishing for what they would not like and showing up here to handle me over problems they cannot solve, thus it was easier as always if they did not disturb me at this Hermitage. For my part, working in such ways means I do not get to alienate them thereby practicing what I preach and they do say they want to be alienated as well, which does not make sense considering they are always complaining about a Court of Female Journalists at my disposal; the part where they say people will get into danger because of my actions on such matters being the one where the assumption was that their daily complains of what women have said to them was never music to my ears. Their women do also speak of putting me in the same situation and yes, they can start if they wanted, we will only end up playing a very painful game of exceptions and no-exceptions and we all know according to history when these games start, I always make them squirm. Their main complain being that I had stopped access to fame and Celebrity lifestyle which of course I had, as there is a war in the Middle East which affects us directly; I am aware that its better of my career and that personality people want to peddle for riches and fame, if I do not get involved with such matters but it affects me in such a way that I need to, hence what happens is that I keep an eye on what I do not want to lose while I got involved with it and so being in such a position was one of their prized assets – much the same as the Celebrities tell me I talk but they will get me again while we know they never do; what happens with the radio waves ones especially is that while at work, bend down to pick up an item and they will beat down head and back to secure more decadence, same with when your bum is exposed or your tummy is and so on and then the threats and foul language that is supposed to exude practical denotations with a big mouth, about which I have warned them enough over those stupid popular culture and stock markets and Political nonsense that gets people choosing the least stressful route when asked to do a job for which they were paid, because that was what their bodies were saying, all day long, just as we know they can never stop going off to buy shares with companies that have employed their bullying victims in order to spend time doing that over claims the person works for them, looking for as much of the trouble as they can.

It is all therefore supposed to serve some sort of education on criminal activity, especially the part where after damage to the academic work and finances, their main gimmick is to ensure victim grovel for money over a livelihood while they ran off fake racism until it was real and the outcome is usually that the Politicians spend tax payer funds to wreck people’s career and finances in order to improve the prospects of people responding by carrying out one of these criminals activities. So that we have Politicians talking about public place coercive behaviour now is quite uncanny, so is the suggestion that most of it is blowing off all around me when that is not really the case i.e. people should never help them out with the job or feel sorry for them because they are paid a lot of money to do it, besides which each time they prefer these gimmicks to doing the job, they end up doing it when it had become far more complicated. I mean the income range of a Shop Manager is between 25,000 and £42,000, while the earnings of a Politician is about £65,000 – that said, whilst the Shop manger does spend private funds to employ security guards that help them run the shops when it gets difficult with the general Public, the Politicians are provided State security to help them do their own jobs all together, their predicament should never earn sympathy from the Public, especially considering that every time they are asked about their jobs, they end up pointing to an event or eventuality that is happening overseas – so in my case it’s usually a matter of spending the little things at Government office that let them protect themselves from idealistic goons and criminals on me and my Church activities instead, which their goons soon follow suit as well with the business of bottom whipping Mom of the Boys and Mom if the Girls characters, so that when one has lost a grip of the moral fabric of society, then there will be all sorts of pornography and prostitution that none can control. So, I do have an Office that lets me do what I am doing, its never recommended that people feel sorry for Politicians or help them out with the job.

 They do speak of need to settle up what is really happening on a prognosis basis and yes there is; the only prognosis is one of money – after years of Politicians spending tax payer funds to help them out with those theories about others keeping their money, they have now made enough at the expense of their victims to avoid being described as a bunch of idiots, so its incredible that the same Politicians are talking Publicly about Public place coercion. The ageist professionals and their motorist bullying are very good at working these sorts of nonsense for them all together as well but they are also the ones that cannot let alone other peoples academic work and career all together, claiming it is because they are the ones who have money to buy products that peoples employers were selling – so it does become a case of the idea I do not stand a chance when there is their motorist bullying and me trying to defend myself against abuses and need to handle me, which is associated with this kinds of disposition but when I speak of it in terms of their motorist bullying among others on one hand while I want to defend myself on the other and wish to do it via action taken against market separatism in the middle, whereby I can ensure they bullied alright and paid for the products whether they liked it or not as well, then it will be obvious what I mean when I warned them the complaining about me will never end until the comments they make on media and those communities of violent gossipers who have ideas on what to do to me is shut down first of all. We hear of this talk about the general public having misconceptions of what terrorists are like but I have no idea why it is a gimmick for the media – we all can see the Celebrities for instance will rip up my Books because they liked the way I handled myself and career and want me to end up working for and protecting them, which somebody else may take up if I refused and we still think that Terrorists have beards, always dress up like Osama Bin Laden – all the while it was rather obvious when it spends its time ripping up civil resources in such ways, eventually the Government gets involved and only then does it remember it did not prepare for war, so Terrorism will become its main tool and we have seen them turn others towards it in the Middle East as well, not unconnected with the reasons they hate my guts so much generally right across Africa and can never stop spewing abusive life changing insults while they know it will not help their cause or save them from complaining about me too.