I really hate it when the story they tell of bad things that could have been avoided if I simply just got along with their leadership because it is usually insulting beyond measure, as any case where Armed Forces people chase their bottoms all the time is likely to be a matter that the Middle Class and Lower Classes are engaged in, hence all these things are about them and I fail to see what the fun of mocking me for it really is. The bottom line in the end is that they do not like people chasing their bottoms but these sorts of insults and a need to make people ill with a bad habit never stops, Community croons do not like being discussed by others in terms of sex and yet the primary reason I was pushed out of University started out as the business of bullying a virgin and then ended up as the business of improving the prospects of me being homosexual to give up my Public image by, after I had sex with grandmothers, I for my part do not like to drop out of University and send my time responding to the insanity of society and culture goons using a personality they have already told me they plan to get rich and famous with but these goons have not given me a days break in 15 years so far; so we can see that there is something they need to stop doing as it were. I do get told I never make it easy for them to stop and I don’t, its about making them sick in the stomach by wasting their time as well; these behaviour are not likely to affect somebody who depends on parents, they are likely to affect somebody who is sorting out their own bills and invoices by themselves and this is what makes it so outrageous, what makes it so abusing and I always do my best to ensure each time they annoy me, it becomes more difficult to stop – I mean we even see the Politician help them out with it and then get off on Government buildings claiming everything I do to adapt and recover as their own because the fact their bottom hurting problems need to be resolved is more important than mine on account they were in charge.

In the US we see them begin these stories about punishing those that have supported the Trump Administration being more important that for instance drawing a link between the way Trump talks when he was providing a service in the Hotel business that he did so well at and when he is providing Public service at the White House, which is the main deciding factor is how people support him – it gets me lost how this very little issue of regarding a person as a person that they are has left the Democrats ripping up all the Political goodwill in America and hoping the results will be another persons liability. However as for punishing those who support Trump, the big old case is that they know me and they do not know anything about me as I have never seen anything like this in my life i.e. the Criminals are sorting out Punishment for the rest of the Population over the crimes they have committed and the Politicians supporting it, the general Public is left wondering which one is the prohibited activity and which one adds up to a punishment for crime these days, talking nonsense at me about punishing me for supporting Trump as stupidly as possible and will not get out of it if it stupidities cannot stop complaining if it relies on them and not me. It goes back to the bits about following me at University to ensure their civil rights was more important than my studies until I dropped out and then failing to understand it was a serious matter that such a thing did happen; I mean I do not even know what their names are and we are still having a conversation about why they need to give me my space, talking nonsense about punishment for supporting Trump if it wants to progress from giving me a reason my bottom hurts on account of its need and greed to giving me a closure for it all together that is; my personal favourite by the way is that there are new crimes I commit against their freedoms by writing Books I am working to sell to people who are being punished by criminals for being normal, such that any time people get along with me at this Hermitage, the result as stupidly as possible is that either the part where they had access to a world that may not be friendly towards their livelihood or the part where they had access to a world that may be friendly towards their livelihoods gets eliminated and then I have to accept liability for restoring it. Its never going to punish anything for supporting Trump, its problem really is that it wanted it all and it now has it all, such that everybody loves it and everybody hates it, so that when people mention something about exclusion, the Democrats will be the only human beings on the Planet: I did not actually achieve this on purpose either, it’s the way Industrial Community works i.e. when you walk into a Cake Shop, you can claim the smell that came from it was the Liability of the Shop owners if you wanted but if the Cake Shop Trades on the Internet, you are not buying a Cake from it no matter how much money you have, you need to go to the Internet, place your order and wait, which is the way you insult people and grab their penis, make up reason for it as your stupid familiarity based corruptions get worse and worse and then find out each time you tell lies about it to keep the personality suckling going, you end up making some money as it were – hence if what they are saying is the reality then what follows as a consequence must be a given and what is left in the middle must be the answer they were looking for such as being hated and being loved by all thereby having everything.

I do get told the Brexit issue is a serious one that I never really take seriously and that I am still supportive of the EU which is dangerous and I do neither of these things; what happens with the Brexit issue is that the Government was meant to work negotiations on the basis of culture because a border with the EU is a border no matter how hard or soft bearing in mind that the Irish are caught in the middle but they became more interested in the Industrial and money aspects instead. As for being supportive of the EU, I am not supportive of the EU, we must leave the EU the way we found it when we got involved, otherwise we would never really have left. As for the idea I am abusive of White Women, that was a case of the fact when I started out the Court system was about female concerns that Men spent most of their time building stories that helped to ensure somebody got beaten up in a dilapidated neighbourhood by somebody that they fell in love with – since its inception the biggest problem has continued to be a matter of how to ensure it is female admittance only on account the Men always got what they wanted and had a greed and a need to match it; so it got serious the first time and  it seems the next time it gets serious I will end up with a Public image and a notoriety to match on it too; this then feeds into the idea they make out that everything I do is dirty which is utter nonsense – its like the business of the fact living in a world where they think they can do any bad things they want and get away with it is better than living in one where people kept asking questions about what I had done with their civil rights, the case of insulting leaders to encumber their earnings or big Countries who deserve the economic success of smaller ones is precisely what they have now said it is; dirty business. It’s the same as Politicians claiming Monarchy interferes with their concerns while it does it and we all know if it did, the interference would have happened at Buckingham Palace and that the truth is that each time the business of being abused and insulted by Politicians is assessed; what we end up with is usually a grand old picture of insulting scum curating a Public event that involves a panel of self-seeking lawless fools with security guards on either side deciding how well stupid girls have done grabbing the best made plans from other peoples careers and personal lives to display at Celebrity culture and fashion and if they continue to handle my Books and follow me around there is bound to be more problems following them around as well. I am aware they are concerned that once they had been detached from my case they will be starting to plan their lives all over again from scratch and that if they wait too long to do that, they will be returning to poverty and destitution when they do but it should feel just the same way as dropping out of University because others want to confiscate the business empire you are getting all trained up to run and make it their own because it was preferable that I sat down reacting to the stupidities of culture and society fools who have told me they want to make fame and fortune with my personality. The story of interference with Politics in its own right beats the imagination all the time, since the main reason we talk about these matters is due to my response to them all together and that is largely determined by their junkies getting hands up my bum every moment of the day and how they get off passing insulting speeches on the shop floor of parliament to encourage it until society and culture idiots were engaged in it and then spend the rest of the day telling lies: I wish to ensure that their need to handle me as such gives rise to an outcome whereby it was so complicated to do so that their whole lives were taken up and so that all I have to worry about is what they say they are doing with Government Office when the tax payer asks about the jobs they were elected to do, my personal favourite is the one about getting The Queen to make me work for them, of which we are usually left wondering if that does not mean Monarchy interfering with Parliament all together but they have continued to make out it’s a sign of the fact they have the power which is utter rubbish as we do see them put expensive makeup all over it looking like they were in need of a good fuck. We find then this story of me being removed from a position of being The Queens favourite just like the other story they tell about getting people who hold forms of leadership to respond to the Public, of which we all know it is an attitude that started to meet its watershed from the 1980s, full of features such as the average Taxi Driver making it clear to them if they went one way people were going the other and Freddie Mercury was singing ‘I want to break free’ on the Westend stage – when they see the women show up to play with me and see me run a Book shop that should be quieter than a Public Library in order to look the part, everybody else can see that they were never my type but we have to deal with this nonsense every day. So there is no Queens favourite being removed as claimed, what happens is their socialist revenge on those whose lives they had completely wrecked by setting out as in my case a process of causing me distress, wrecking my livelihood to make music CDs that make people feel better being something that makes me suffer and creates people civil freedoms and social equality, selling Music CDs and recreating what they claim is the condition that brought about fame and fortune because they must have the livelihood and keep it going over and over again, blabbing nonsense about their powers which does make me want to find out whom exactly their big mouth will kill when he wants to find out why they are not paying taxes, why they have overseas accounts and why the money should not be shared with poorer Members of the Public until there is nothing left of it.