I say buy my books help pay me for my securities and push the economy of the world towards recovery; they have already had a field day dispatching the weakest and most useless of their numbers at me, especially on the media to make me their respected idol for a period of time then annoy me get stubborn and wreck my life so they can be the ones that have it and now they tell me the problem with my book sales is that I do not respect them because they have got money.All of which does not matter what I think anyway because they will extract strengths from me by winding me up and pushing my buttons over everything they do to have confidence during fame to do whatever they must do.  

They tell me it is my attitude towards other women that causes their people to do the things they do but it is an old story of endless targeted racism by idiots that want to get rich; they move into the black communities to find enemies there to clash with then turn up on media to take it out on me perpetually to be beautiful for the job on a daily basis; are they black? Of course not just looking for trouble even though they also have their racism to worry about. What do they think I make of all that popular music they make except singing their problems at me because I am a Christian they can have access to and some dirty person on the streets is trying to get involved with them hence I am responsible. These are the things I will beat out of them so it is not what will ever be up for conversation. So they can sing their problems at me to make a living with my earnings. Speaking of which it really should be my fault some dirty person somewhere is following them around trying to get involved with them because when they ruin peoples lives with their get rich quick racisms it is up to them to plan for and protect their lifestyle not the victims.

Of course they tell me I have no such poor people to my advantage anymore; rubbish. The issue is that these fools all come from a background where they are treated as though they are too much so when they get here in the UK they basically think they can do what they like with anybody which is generally a factor of who they mess with in actual fact. I am certainly not throwing random words around and there is the part that makes me like them so much which is their wickedness, always for self protection until it makes me unemployed for a decade because I am a Christian and they want a kind of power they want to have that will take them to the next level, constitutes fun for them for a while then becomes lucrative when I had become their shrine for wealth and glory because when it comes to insulting people they do not have a stop button or any limits. I am not stopping them from telling me to bring my matrimony so it can be peddled and when I tell them to get lost get violent and have it anyway through sustained government sponsoured intimidation, I am not stopping them from being as evil as they want-if I was they would know I was; its just the bit where they sing their problems at me to extract an income from my property making Popular music that is about a dirty person trying to get involved with them which I am being blamed for so they can make a living like that and put their feet up at a beech in Barbados or Jamaica that I cannot stand, I am not trying to make them change their ways as I am not their father.

So the cars they have will not let you one seconds rest as they bang it and bang it open it to open you tummy and bang it to ensure all the scum of this world is insideyour tummy to express how they feel about your opinions on your property or the things you have done with your brain to provide yourself with security against them and not one panel in any of this cars come from a model that was built five years ago. I mean don’t get the wrong idea I do things to them as well to bring it to that point and the reason is that just like I think about God all the time say prayers before I eat and say prayers before I sleep, their wives do nothing but think about sex in that way so you always wonder where they get the energy from for it; so when they tell me I am the way I am due to my service to God because I sleep with peoples wives we are in; they will soon sense that gap between me and God when they have created one by being one with my thoughts and so on through their sex rubbish and then they will wedge themselves there and seduce me violently without being physically present to have sex so their husbands can bang the cars at me which makes me ill all the time. I too seem to be able to see that gap between them and the devil as well wedge myself there which makes so much sense whenever I have work to do and work through the night but above all I can dump whatever I like on them as well especially the feelings of pain they cause; so it all started with tapping energy that will take them to the next level and this is where it has ended basically. I am not actually really so completely harmless over the matter.

Of course the MPs and community goons will turn up to have revenge on their behalf on the media because I should let them into the peace God had created for me while they serve the devil in order to work for Politics that things might work as they want i.e. against how God intended it-this is not such a problem either because those now have to deal with a government that is making cuts to services and banks too are not lending and yes they tell me I say such things about the banks then attack them as well; rubbish I don’t-it is just that people should never spend my securities if they do because they had to, they know my address where they come to get stuff no matter how difficult I have made it for people to take it off me in order to create security for my career, so when they have they need to send me the money one way or another; they can put the cash in the post or arrange a contract sales for my books, send me the money through paypal as they know my email address and that will close the matter; if they don’t they will hear from me too.

The moral of the story is that big business as I have always warned them is like a global village, you really cannot steal other peoples things. They wanted big business now they have got it. Of course they always make out there is nothing I can do but the issue as it stands is the things which happen when the Christian who sells securities is just setting up things so other cultures and religions and countries can have people who set up their own and sell one like that as well while their idiots tell me to do things in an academic fashion or else with a big mouth. They will not know what hit them when they take it to the side of direct attacks yet, I am just making sure they do not have my derivates so I can sell my books quickly and leave the market for others since I am not exactly a business man for the time being and they have already worked that their stupid ideological dishonesty to the point where they have driven entire economies into that their stupid contraption and I am pretty sure I will at some point pull the plug on it, they always make me.

Apparently with this rising powers of developing economies rubbish and the idea I am the one that holds the key so they can preserve their wickedness, which is then helped by Politicians that are saving me like a secrete weapon in their leadership as if I am their mate, they are all building a fabulous future. Naturally they presume to tell me to look after the pennies which is laughable; I am not looking after the pennies and have done nothing to suggest that is what is happening-I am preserving my property and its derivates all over the world by which I intend to sell my books to a certain fraction of the population that live in it and they can delay the books sales to find out if they will not loose everything for it like they are doing at the moment.

Of course if I was selling my books while somebody else was doing what I am doing as well it would be legal but it is not while I am being prevented from earning from my work while they do to be superior to me, which they do because they want to find out what will happen if they do and I am not begrudging them their stupidities. Now I just don’t want them doing such things anymore so they do not take cost decisions on my own earnings wherever on the Planet they are and can go piss somewhere else.