It is so uncanny when it developed into those gimmicks of social media where the rest of us were being educated by a bunch of ageist goons and their millennials who have never done a days work in their lives, about the scam which exists in the Monetary Market. We know that they work to sore up problems for all everyday – they make people who earn a living into characters that others bullied to befriend the wealthy, in order to make their own money, then pick up the career publicity of such victims to display a series of activities that will suggest they deserved the money in their possession and have worked for it, in some cases like mine, going so far as to pick up a Media presence from which my patents were breached and the damage was maintained, so each time I find myself at the backyard of industries preventing people from picking up my career and finances, it will make it clear to me that it wanted to be wealthy before it stopped interfering with my Client relations. The big mouth and the narcissism is the main thing here, it has now arrived at a stage where it needed to stop tempting me, what it believes was the main stage for that gimmick is a traceable stupidities that can people can easily find lying around, where their famous idiots ran me down over my Books until they successfully built themselves a profile to work their careers in terms of my Book and my Publishers, as they considered it the more convenient form of fame, the problems they complain of now really kicking off around 2016, during which time I have been getting out of bed to fight for the things I have developed to ensure I can go to an Office and work.

The Politicians have raised questions about tackling it but it is one of those matters that makes the worst from public service operatives – we are talking about the need to pick up the concerns of people who worked public interests and show up around the finances to exhibit a degree of civil disobedience that will allow them chase private and financial concerns over it, ignoring the victims who keep trying to ward them off, such that it seems when it comes to the business of controlling them and their famous idiots, the only way was to get into a state of deriving real pleasure from a process of causing them wealth and social inequality suffering, finished off with an interest in their finances which will prevent escalation that follows every control measure because they had a means to call people names and put the labels on, which meant that one would have to deal with them by selecting the annihilation option. It needs to stop handling me, bothering me and picking up everything I do to run me down with its insults and narcissism, there is a sense I did not think they existed but if we catalogued all the times that famous idiots got caught up with bad company, they would be the people – they serve me in terms of getting some money off the Industry fools who spend their incomes fighting me and other people who were just trying to get by everyday, a real need to learn that when they spend money to facilitate social idiots for making trouble, they were to be made to understand that the money is gone for good and if it gets on my nerves further, I will stop its gimmicks very badly too, it is nothing but the millennials who found a way to take advantage of generation Z and older millennials, as abusively as possible and now believe they saw and knew everything. The point here is that the politicians have begun asking questions about the problems their stupidities were storing up for the future – no work, bully people who work and get money from idiots who spend their money fighting others; I mean they are paying taxes which is one of the reasons I am happy to accommodate some of their gimmicks but it really needs to stop handling me and try to avoid getting on my nerves at this stage or I will be inclined to counter that nonsense where there was a conspiracy against the public and they were out to deliver salvation, picking up the activities of financially successful illiterates to trash everything and get rich by, now out to pursue the interests of those who kept businesses in areas of the world that were not traditional allies all together, I will counter it with a philanthropic disposition and a need to select the financial annihilation option literally.

For my part it is said I had a bad deal but people can track the last decade, what the Celebrities did with paparazzi once they had successfully built a profile for themselves from my Books and my Publishers business in from 2012 and how they have behaved once they got a response from me from 2016 – we know the images of the behaviour is everywhere, especially on the internet; I now need to get on with my finances, these idiots need to make their quasi criminal comments about their own careers and stop picking up my patent margins to make a mess of my career which financial mess they maintain on public media. Business does not involve a process of trashing peoples finances, picking up peoples career publicity to create an illusion they had earned Celebrity money and making people into characters others bullied to befriend the wealthy, it is a process where people made money by a partnership which helped to boost the incomes of the clients that shared the incomes with them by buying products they were selling because of the contribution made to the partnership itself - we can see how simple it is and that people did not need to get involved if the easier option for them was to get a real job or ask somebody to give them a free big break at Celebrity culture, especially considering that some Clients may have had a current job for as recently as 3 months therefore an entrepreneur had so much work to do and deserved not to be afflicted by gimmicks that got the earnings to disappear. It does love to blab that I am only just coming round to the challenges faced by famous persons and I suppose an Arch Prince coming round to their challenges makes sense to any person on this planet, either way the facts remain that they were interested in my privacy because an idiot wanted to build restaurants with it so they could eat once done with their stupidities and I have warned about running it off on me when I am at work and their interest in my Books which is never going to end well (It is not a struggle with Communism mostly as suggested, likely a bunch of idiots who want to say the West was built by white people and likewise Communism, so each time keeping their options open like so damaged my interests and or finances, they will feel me again as it were, the communists on the other hand can always interfere if they wanted).

They then suggest I did not think the threat from Russia was real which is utter nonsense as first of all Russian defences are not built to attack the west and vice versa, unless it has been recently modified and we can see the effects of modifications occurring publicly as a response to stupidities associated with the idea that somebody from Government buildings interfered with their gold digger stupidities, needs to stop getting on my nerves and needs to stop handling me if complaining – first of all the structures that actually worked on such matters had been completely damaged by their stupidities and we were now doing excessive administration on account that their people had been sent to their deaths too, showing up here to push me into a fight and grab public image with a big mouth. As for the reasons I do what I do and the idea it was a destruction of female civil rights – we know it ranges from claims by their famous idiots that I am a low life while criminals were brave enough to take a chance and buy show business, at the same time trying to keep my assets when they had sold show business products by handling my public image as disobediently as possible, crashing my finances in a process and shooting off their mouth all over the place – this has since given way to a business of running peoples lives with social activities performed by criminals, to arrive at a stage where they suggested there was civil rights to go around but not enough was available to civil rights people themselves, then given way to gimmicks about women’s rights, concerning which they appeared to take risks with a process where the women got the hands on the tin can feminist gimmicks again and when that happens to the tune of results where there were not enough men coming to their aid as before, it will cease claiming I attacked women’s rights. All together, they have wrecked my finances because I was running it on a low key to get around to some important matters, so they are now the people who financial wellbeing, claiming they were more important and therefore in a position to find out what people felt concerning their relentless insults and abuses, not my problem. Apparently the mystery is that I was young enough with time and energy to get around to the whole of it, so they came full circle like this regularly, I am therefore now set to grow older and stupid lest it be said that we are not having fun here; the reasons behind these activities is that the business of educating, employing and retiring a population is time orientated, the government has said it is to occur between 18 and 65 but even when people had answered all the questions about Celebrity culture like I have, the reasons for such invasive interference was that Celebrities made money and I could not catch on: so I cannot face a public where younger people think they were too old to resolve their financial matters at the Job Markets and think that it was the same as Celebrity culture where money was exchanged for jobs just as much but none wanted to be victims of celebrity narcissism at the work place – it was therefore all time based, the right solutions could be offered late which would defeat the purpose and I am certain that Celebrities did not want to pay the price for it, so that the Government could be successful too as it were. In the end when people had not gotten the finances resolved, they had to make a deal with the system, so this was the message the Executive had to drum through to the minds of the population, especially the young and we know the Government also has a very good deal at the job centre where most people go. There is nothing it can do about me like it loves to lip flap for as such, needs to cease getting on my nerves, stop running it off at me while I am at work and stay away from my Books.