They do claim this was the problem associated with women, that people try to warn me about to no avail. The claims are utter nonsense naturally as well – what really happens is that it shows up here to assist Industry gits who sit about in an office doing no work on their large companies, banter, banter, beat down beat down, their obsession with my profit margins grows into an ability to push their of profits at my expense and now somebody was right about what women did. It likes to suggest it was a huge problems for me and an evidence of power it had which is utter nonsense as it is playing with a powder keg, building it up here Monarchy got involved with Industry while it was complaining about geopolitics that got it thinking homosexuality was a worthy activity, it now had a new gig that involved handling me and I am going to make it think out of the Box, I am going to make it come up with something new. It is not clear if it decided to wreck the career and social life building up the stupidities of popularity gits and quasi criminals, as a matter of what I did when I met people over my career and stepped outside of my door for a social life, we have since reached the part where the low lives were showing up on my personal space to abuse me and they were not making the most of these victories that are being won for them, talking rubbish at me over the fact they were affected by those abuses as well. it is not actually a real problem as such and people would say I make such statements because I am having a difficult time but I am not; it is not a real problem, just a bunch of idiots having attained a powerful situation, decided to send out idiots to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions at your expense through popularity, while its interest was to show up on the personal space and express the way it had run you down to such an extent if it does not get what it wants from you, it will inflict the worst kinds of abuses on you and get fingers up your bum to cause pain, smell and infections – it has not yet attacked me because I smelled, skipped that part to seek more valuable things getting around with American scum who had set me out as the aggressor, talking nonsense about the ways it will chase more valuable benefits to its gimmicks. So it will not show up here to read a Book and it starting to look like it wants a response for its psychopaths conversations about those who made decisions about people fighting others to make it feel safe and powerful, people who had property that can be tossed to those who were fighting others to make its stupidities feel safe and powerful and those who will make the decisions. Needs to tone down the insults and show up here to read a Book only or it will end up wondering what it wants to do with its stupid politics. This sort of talk being a threat to the Political system itself but when I am not saying anything deeply upsetting, the fathers need to some respect for my career and allow it pay my bills, allow me to live properly if they were keeping their salaries, show up here to read a Book not to continue a 20 year career mess that had been a product of their practical jokes. Alternatively it may spend its time on such gimmicks but should only blab on Media at my expense when it has a really bloody good excuse for it, while its hey you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues twats, need play with their own well off neighbourhood careers.

They claim I have been forced to fight my wars which is utter nonsense, I have not been made to do anything; the problem is that the provocation belonged to other people, while they showed up to decide that my career and finances stopped in order for me to get into a you, me and the neighbourhoods situation with somebody they did not like and feel so strongly about it I got off asking the person about the issues, if keeping its salary, needs listen when I too complain I have had enough of them seeing me that way or working my career that way for me. We know the reasons they go off to fight my wars were entitled normal and expected i.e. the rest of us are worried about our prevalent social issues personified, dragging us down with them when they realise we had fallen behind on the career, they decided their nepotism was incredibly important and they had people to blame, while those being blamed had no clue – thus that if they did, it would be possible to quash any resistance on my part when it came to gimmicks they can put up with Media and popularity to relieve themselves of responsibility for the decisions they make and to allow them make money whilst they were at it but it had become a crisis after Politicians never stopped running me down for it, claiming others were fighting my wars at Parliament and then they tend to show up thereafter with insolent gimmicks because they were keeping their salaries while the Politicians complained as though I response from me on the matter was incredibly important. Then there was the point raised about state provided security and we have never really gotten an explanation from them as per what their problem with state provided security was: a new constable earned about 21,000 and we know that work available to a bracket of civil service operatives who earned this sort of money was work that people had to be clever and qualified enough to do, needs keep its mouth shut, stop addressing me and read a Book when it shows up here, otherwise we are going to take up those stupidities where they handled my public image to make money and expect me to give up my peace and quiet for restaurants and hideaways where class A drugs can be cooked and put a stop to the insolence, the way I felt most conveniently for.

The question raised here is one of what I would say if I wanted to shut it all down but there is nothing much in it as such, just a process of people telling lies while complaining about me, as they get involved with my Business premises to pick up service process and get a crowd helping them force me to spend my day doing things I did not do for a living, as a matter of their own career and well being. So it is building up to an understanding of the prognosis, where the Politicians wreck my career while helping them to money, complain about damage to Political party and are tackling me to fix it everyday but have to changed the behaviour, instead turned towards abusive activities bearing towards me doing something dignified – the society gits complained all the time, shooting off the big mouth as per the next person I faced would be bigger than the person I had moved on, getting low lives and mentally ill people to share my Royal Personal space, while running me down with very volent and relentless lasciviousness linked to Country ownership gimmicks and an interest in my personal space, if it had not yet become a matter of hospitalisation because I wanted it to hand back my own situation in the neighbourhood and the fathers to control their minions and keep the fingers off my bum – the you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues neighbourhoods and their celebrity idiots who will not let me trade with their employers and will not allow me get a job, made a mess of University studies for the current gimmick and had perverted my work market preparations, building all sorts of gimmicks that get people laughing at my CV before they read it, now will not play with its own career while it boasts about it all the time, wants me to correct its madness I suppose. The real Men will not stop picking up my career to shoot off the big mouth about communities that support their psychopath gimmicks, where it makes decisions about the location of the prison service and its dream career, to show up here announcing its low life station in society, picking up everything I did about the other three to spend on its stupid self, when it had not built up to a war on the stupid real men communities as well. The Celebrity bits started when they realised I had published a Book and had to set out a state of affairs to make reference to my publishers and the warehouse, spend every public interest the Books earned on themselves because they were entitled to it, if I had not locked down the damage to my public image and the recent need to move into my peace and quiet where they planned to continue usurping my public life, building restaurants and dens for class A drugs, so I may start a full on fight against the famous. All together it is a simple matter of them having their careers, making a mess of mine and if that was brushed under the carpet, main pressure point was hanging about neighbourhoods running me down to make sense of mentally ill people, while the foolish celebrities built it up on my public life as if it had something to do with me, trashing Client interest, while on the other hand, if I compared advertisement and public appearances their own comprised of a relentlessly abusive narcissism which suggested they were entitled to get involved with and handle me, building up to something about spending my Royal Office, Public life and estate on Industry people to create an environment where those who paid for what they sold could be assured of an environment where people will not try to bother or touch them – it is the only pressure point currently effective enough to distract me into a response and so have I given them the option to play with their own careers or I will set about ending it very badly too.

I do get told I am never honest about my real situation but there is nothing to be honest about; I am sure a bunch of real men had real reason to build up lasciviousness that got mentally ill people chasing peoples private parts and are making the most of it while sharing a neighbourhood with gits who claim I am a coward, it has nothing to do with me, the rest of it being the interest that their celebrities have developed for criminals and the mentally ill people to pay attention to me with respect to sharing my personal space scaring off Clients. I therefore needed to set it out as an issue that had to be tackled and hurt them badly enough to send the message clearly that people should show up here to use it by reading the Books. The idea that it is all a waste is not an informed one – if all I have done is placed in the context of owning a Hermitage and a Royal Office, as per Celebrities and society gits, it is in the correct place – so the well off goons who have not been putting their gimmicks towards their high flying careers and well off neighbourhoods have been doing enough damage for me to seek out a process that will help me correct their madness as well. They say they got the better of me which is utter nonsense; it is just a Bookshop and they can read the Books to make use of it instead of setting out my literary work as a tool to run me down by or we will sort it out all the way to central banking leadership in this Country, on their need to ensure those who paid for my Books and those who employed me could not be successful at market unless they picked on me as well. I do get told this was big and people would like to throw in but it’s a simple matter of the fact that if were are subjected to life changing violent abusive lasciviousness because it was important to allow a bunch of people pass profit period among themselves at the boardroom, while chasing the market of some small new business they envy, up to the point where people did not work on their companies at the boardrooms anymore, they bit off hands that offered them tips from people who lived in fear of accusations, banging away until the small business victims looked like infected with problems chasing away clients and then they could say that they were the place everybody wanted to be and thereby making money from the small business markets they have always envied – it happens because the rest of us are supposed to do some work, make some money and Celebrities were supposed to keep a share of that money but this process was the responsibility of the famous as well, I have given them an exit here to make comments about and play with their own careers instead if they were complaining about my responses too.

It is the one problem where service processes for every time clients got involved was converted by the idiots into a means where they mimicked the same things Clients did, to get involved with Royalty instead, put my life’s work to catch up personality gimmicks and crash my finances – the publicity is out and what they had done with my social media is the last straw for me. In their defence they have said that I did the same things but the way it really happened was a claim that they were entitled to have need of my personal space, to borrow my public life and when informed there were consequences to such behaviour made statements to say they were very important and I was not significant enough for the consequences to apply. Now they have made entertainment with equity that does not paint criminals in positive light, have to sell it for as long as they were famous, so it has ended as badly as expected but I also think that the mess being made here showed it will not give me a break of its own accord, I therefore need to build it up – from the abuses and lasciviousness, to the criminal connections and the link with the people in prison and say that I had established it as a state of affairs which began a process of waging war on the famous. It is difficult to believe that the fact people liked my Books as it sorted out problems they did not believe could be resolved, led to people running off abusive lusciousness in the communities, as a matter of criminals, hoodlums and mentally ill people paying attention to me, which Celebrities built a Media presence for and took to such an extent the claim that I am a coward, that they built a community that fingers my bum to make me brave enough to deserve my career – first time round it helped to run a Book and the complain was of a global stage proportion, then they said I would get attacked because I smell which never happened and now we have arrived at the part where they will borrow or confiscate all I had, picked up my service processes to convert my livelihood into a tool for getting involved with me if I liked it or not – thus the need to build up the business about the people in prison, the business about crime and mental illness and establish it as a platform to wage war on the famous.

They do claim this is evidence I have a weak mind; it is utter nonsense as we are doing things fast here – we talk fact, we act fast, they ran off those present continuous, past participle insults to any extent they wanted, stole things they could build a question from as per whether stealing it meant that they had committed a crime, while I tried to get an Intellectual Property Administration business running properly. They even claim my intellectual property administration was a joke but such gimmicks are the reasons I do the things they hated i.e. I am terrified somebody will show up from a 6 figure salary to say that I was chasing a job he should have had and on seeing my fear they will show up to do it every day, crash my earnings and cannot have a conversation without establishing the idea they were superior to me or trying to do so: the career is clearly not something people did to get on their nerves of characters who believed they were entitled to be important like that, it is always complaining about its right to be important and needs to show it around my property too.

They do claim that people might be forgiven for thinking I am homosexual but so do I think it is good riddance than they thought they were out of my league when their personal life decisions regarding the prison service and their dream career was to show up here and do something to humiliate me as a matter of needing men that will get into a fight for them while those who got hurt broke their hearts last we checked and they will pillage and pillage anything that allowed you to win a fight in the first place, not exactly clear if they wanted you dead. I do not think it a crisis as such, the only way that I can speak in terms of getting into a relationship with somebody as per who I really am and did not have to prove my bravery to any twat while I had a duty to protect my family, is to say that I am actively looking for somebody who is as weak and cowardly as I am. Eventually it comes forth to celebrate its victory bragging about the way that all I did made no sense and had no direction but it is much the same on the relationship side where I am tired and directionless, so likely to get into a relationship with anybody so I have to stop myself doing it if I know I am directionless, as mentioned before libras who flirt did it because it was powerful and when they complained it was music while those who did not enjoyed the music of stupidities about how much power they possessed. What I am doing is a matter of being able to say that running my Bookshop was my main source of income – there is now a massive task of setting out public problems, crimes and abuses as a platform that will allow me declare war on the famous which is work I did not have to do and we have not started talking about the Politicians and their practical jokes, ultimately building up to an outcome where I got off unemployment benefits to take revenge for the university fiasco and jobs market gimmicks by making sure all the stupidities I had to tolerate were feedback their employers had to deal with.

People had to listen to that nonsense all the time where people spoke of things that would happen to me if I did what I did in certain places, the reality of which is that they were not capable of doing me any useful harm as such – this is all happening because they had decided the problem was the Nazis and racists is that those people take up profitable discrimination and set about making it into a tool for murder and genocide, showing up here to reach a deal with violent people for celebrity narcissism, handling my Bookshop service processes and talking rubbish all day long. I do not believe that if people wanted to handle me, they would need to run off this nonsense until it showed up on National Media, then again our history is that we had once ended up with a situation where those that can beat up never stopped blabbing and those that cannot beat up never stopped hurting themselves. They do claim I liked to talk tough but I am not talking tough here as what I said was not said in a you, me and the neighbourhoods situation, which may sometimes develop into a sense they enjoyed just walking around looking for trouble, their stupidities targeted me all the time and I wanted to walk up to them over it, we know that if I did, there would be no need for an announcement on the matter. The way it stands is that it shows up here to make a complete mess of my public image, get rich running off that nonsense about people who will fight its battles, people who will make the decision for it and people whose property will be handed to people who will fight its battles, once finished, it owns a bottom chasing public image and shows up to collect my peace and quiet as a tool for running restaurants and class A drug dens, then sets me out as the aggressor, shooting off the big mouth to such an extent it showed up on National Media, whilst the entire time, the problems associated with its lifestyle should never have relied on me – we are talking about a violent process of making its stupidities understand what I am feeling and that will be a process of making them understand in a day, which will be the day it is mad enough to turn up on my personal space like they do and actually convert it into a real physical contact with a big mouth. I do get told the Politicians were the ones pushing and fermenting this nonsense but the Politicians are not a factor in my view, I will not end up assassinating anybody for torturing me everyday as such but it is not that difficult to ensure their stupidities did not go beyond the practical jokes stage either, what they would say if it went too far is that I am a criminal, nothing will be mentioned about the fact we were at each other’s throats a 20 year career mess for no reason, gets worse the more I achieve with myself and the more important I became. The Politician one started years back over a fantasy of wanting to be the boss of me and it needed an entire civil service to perform what added up to a sense that if I had money I would not be vulnerable to their stupidities and 20 years on keeping it up with a stupid test every day, which I suppose was an acceptable future for its foolish children as well then or maybe it is in love with nepotism. They do claim I let it get the better of me or that the way I fought showed I am homosexual of which neither was the case – the latter being a matter of that stupid interest in my peace and quiet for reasons of the kind of social life it built for itself because it considered it was an Alpha Male or Alpha Female, so the peace and quiet was what I did not want to lose and will make it understand the effects of decades of its stupidities in a matter of minutes, hence it needs to play with its career, the former being a matter of letting it run so that the Industry gits end up with the kinds of Clients, investors and customers they have always wanted, talking nonsense in an expectation I would inform them these were idiots just running about making trouble, before I walked up to the individuals doing it or they had to get off the incomes that got to their heads to do it.

I do get informed I should have expected and foreseen all these but I did – the only problem here is that when I get these problem control issues under control, celebrities build them a media presence where they can say that what contact I had with them added up to a process of giving away something from my career, which they can steal to get financially better off by usurping my Public life – so the happy results are such outcomes as a process where I wrote a book on the matter which ended up assisting the Celebrities on the problem and they set about trashing my writing career because gaining from my work which was incredibly good on such an issue, added up to a business of going contrary to an original plan somewhere, shows up here after, famous and stupid, playing with my earnings while its keeps its own, a narcissism. It is entirely typical but what I mean is that it was originally really low, showing up to announce its station in life on my personal space, talking rubbish about patriarchy, once it was done making strange decisions as a function of its career and where the prison service was located but now it seems that nothing will be in order unless its gimmicks were built up, the disposition of the people in prison as well and it became a platform for tackling Celebrity narcissism and to say that one is at war with the Luuvies, you think you are important once I am done trashing your career with my stupidities and you did something to recover but I actually had a bigger fan base and it is escalating.