All about stalking and lies and accusations by depression of legs all across the Country:So the story has now developed into a process of stirring public support to get the Police and law enforcement into trouble but the question has always been that of why people need to change them from their real persons into human beings at a state of conformity; this does not answer the question of why they cannot leave people alone and keep off other peoples income and earning potential, we all know this is one of the fundamental reasons the status they have adopted with their media friends as depression on legs the way I call it is so powerful, it does not answer the question of why they think people cannot exclude them from anything they want to be a part of otherwise they will whisper and back bite and damage until such people are dead by some strange mishap, it does not answer the question of why others need to live in fear because they did not spend all their energy on building up muscles to harm others with if they can spend it on their career and success instead, it does not answer the question of why they had chosen a long time ago to live the way they d, why they expect rebates and reward for it and above all why they think their rights have to be redefined every single time by what they see of what others have made their lives into or indeed why they enjoy stalking me for violent and financial reasons no matter how distressing I find it, considering they want a social conversation on the current state of their very usual demands for privileged justice. Prognosis is that they might be mentally ill but they are depression on legs for the vast majority and that will make everybody mentally disturbed as well; nobody here is doing their stuff and nobody here has ever been interested in them in the last 15 years especially black people. This is where as predictably as ever the story shifts to how they should have been the acceptable version of what rich children and neighbourhoods get up to on one hand while on the other the kinds of stupid stories continue whereby I take it on myself for reasons of my prestige and laziness to expose how those who do very difficult work in security get the job done, finished off with their good looking idiots on media repeating endlessly their determination to popular culture do my stuff (the practical version of why it is so difficult to manage government Office with their A Grade stupidities running around Town.).

Business security has always been a matter of people at work; we all know that apart from popular culture celebrities whose acts of imitation and mockery and financial vandalism of everything I do which they claim is amusing and amounts to a process of not only showing me what my value is but competing with me, which is something I am looking to at the moment with a prognosis to draw up a plan to bring down the richest and most prolific and high profile operators who are also the worst offenders expressed by the size their wallets have grown by and the level of insecurity they create for families and neighbourhoods and especially so over my Royal Estate and especially through media and talent shows – so I am waiting for this year’s operations to find out if it will be about my Royal Estate again and then I will be after them and never stop until it ends as well and I see nothing of the left over turning up on glossy magazines to mock me and exacerbate my problems while they exhibit themselves to their media friends and get lazier and lazier and more destructive than they have ever been before. So the old story is the great case of what the economic stage of recovery at the present position is and it is of course that part where it is clear that people do know what they are doing but are constantly being taken advantage of and abused by Employers and Bosses – the reason for it being that we have continued to have a Country of Politicians who like to give mobility to criminal elements and they are fighting an uphill battle to keep their businesses if the criminal elements are employed in it too. So the whole matter hits shops and shop keepers the hardest all the time and big shops must therefore try to co-exist with smaller ones to prevent robbery since it is what will happen when local staff cannot trust customers and smaller operations are throwing off criminals elements while bad employers are taking advantage of employees that are very well conversant with what they are doing; it’s an extended version of the case I mentioned earlier where we younger people never really know what we are doing no matter how qualified, we fake it until we make it and the behaviour we have had from Politicians and Media and popular culture and those of us who want it all mean that people like me cannot breathe and women are hit hardest when caught up in an environment where people use people’s lives and bodies to sort out problems and very violent issues that they by the way invented on account they are a twisted lot that will never change and wish to make their laziness as profitable as possible and I regularly refrain from mentioning contributions they made to deepen the economic crisis because they hate my guts enough already as it stands due to the nature of my Books and what it does to their culture and society, by making the most of these badly behaved young people that are always making older people appear ignorant when we all know if they let go of what they are doing, somebody else will take it up; hence current status my support for families has no decreased either, only I am having difficulty rounding up operations for Industry allies and their Media advertisement on and of course the persons that appear on them for the purpose of equitable security on one hand and on the other the needs of Book fans and the customers who want me to control the trouble makers and make The Royal Estate Company Operations safer for them on the other. My point being that these facts are declared by me because we are closer to recovery now; if measured from a prognosis statement like for instance I cannot chose my customers but there are some I would rather do without, we can see that although we need to take it easy and watch for the vandalism of some Politicians, we are close to that point that existed before the economic crisis and where the pressures that came with the economic issues will drip away and Great Britain will be normal again but I stress – we all know what we are doing and this is the Confidence that I am building for my Customers and any employers I have and we should never believe those who tell us otherwise but we must take it easy.