They do claim I am a typical example of the ways that nice people never win which does not apply in my case as I am not never nice to them save I watched by backside really well – they are doing exactly the same things that racists do i.e. when able to talk ahead of people and those they had chosen as victims, they will only hand back the careers of those victims over a need to work economic abuses on others, once they were done with their fill of practical jokes that they wanted to play up with it – now that I have mentioned it will I live at the mercy of the other scum who was victim of everything. I have issued the warning enough times that nobody’s child is really entitled to show up near my affairs, running me down and passing insults at me, currently the warnings have not sunk in yet and they are on a high, in my opinion looking for a response they were unlikely to forget. They raise this point about Putin’s Russia, of which I have no idea which part of what I have said, they had failed to understand i.e. that there was now a real probability that I will attack them well enough to keep them away from my affairs or shut it down, so that it might be clear whatever it is that they were doing between democracy and communism, about which they have not yet taken the hint, only gotten into a habit of complaining about warnings, that nobody’s child was entitled to show up here passing abuses at me some of which were favourite insults that put them in charge of my affairs, fail to deliver on what they could not make sense of, stifle my finances and shoot off a big mouth at me, to which effect they were oblivious to the fact that nobody child was entitled to show up here yapping nonsense about the size of people who backed them up pushing insults at me. I could never understand from which direction they came anyway – the basis upon which Putin’s Russia was a threat always a mystery, whilst in the real world where it had become a question of whether in terms of government thinking about skills pool by which to solve its administrative, social, public and economic problems, we considered solutions like the building of Universities, Colleges and everything else in between, all the way to local authority educational initiatives that allowed people to acquire a basic founding education, Putin’s Russia was a threat, we also know that if this was the basis upon which it was, that threat would first only have applied to Russian citizens who wanted some freedom, in which case, it was never clear what it is that was the problem they had with my finances and the work that I am doing, when we put into context the ways that other people’s children are not entitled to show up here passing insults at me for any reasons, especially verbose stupidities applicable to popularity narcissism. Here some people have raised the point that it would help to be free of them but I already am, I simply need to rebuild the structures that allowed me to be, where I facilitated entertainment that churned their tummy by making the most amusement from instances where the Police got involved with their affairs, so they were unable to follow people around and build abusive societies that got imagination into people’s panties – what happened to the first one is that it was trashed by a bunch of twats at Washington and Hollywood, finished off by famous idiots that built a convenient alliance with criminals to show up in public places expressing the true extent of their evil nature by complaining about living with obscurity that was due to a process of being excessively exposed to the limelight, ripping up my career publicity and issuing threats at me with a big mouth, about which I now feel as if I really needed to punish them for it like I did the society gits over my University fiasco experience. They were currently having revenge for the fact I built the first one and I need to rebuild it, so I may be allowed to concentrate on what I am doing, so far of which the time wasting process history has involved a need they had to up picking up my public image for everything else but the intended purpose – it is all stupid people in government buildings making stupid people rich, I am downing in their insults and there is the sex work politics associated with claims of existing communist threats everywhere, talking nonsense at me about some power they possessed and we had nuclear bombs lying around, so it needed to stop talking so much nonsense and keep only to facts, keep its fucking hands to itself.

I am told I have actually done nothing to save my career in all these but I know I have not, saving my career is a matter for instance of patriarchy wanting to be free of anything that causes its bottom to hurt and so I get out of bed every day to live with nauseating financial complications whilst they fool around with my career to cover their backsides and I ought to stop any responses to it when they had decided it was an apparently suited time for them to stop doing it, which is never going to happen. It is in consonance with the question of reasons I always gave them fair warning before I acted which I don’t, the warnings are a method of ensuring I am not disturbed when I sat down to what really mattered, I am aware like everybody else that these are not people who were likely to take a warning seriously. I do not need to run a Bookshop like so but what has been shown to be the case irrefutably after a 2 decade career mess, is that unless I did something everything, at least one thing every day, to look after the Bookshop by method of seeing to it that between 9.00am and noon, there was in play a social and economic process that will cause them to lose their media and celebrity jobs, these problem will never improve, and I have issued fair warning about the fact that there was also an opportunity to take up their convenient alliance with criminals as a method by which I looked down on their well off neighbourhood nasty character gimmicks, by which I will and can run them down every day as well, goes without saying that none of it will end like they assumed it will. They do claim my financial well being always relied on them, which it does not, there were two main reasons we were doing this; one was that the Celebrities had over fun, insulting red carpet verbose need to run off economic abuses on me, for some self-gratification they also claimed was a fault of mine too, eventually ended up in a situation where they had picked up the financial structures of my estate and will not hand back access to it, which is set to get me interested in their affairs, the rogue landlords, corrupt private security, abusive society of nasty gits with a need to get imagination into people’s panties and the abusive shop keepers, which I am set to pursue as a matter of what is really in their celebrity bank balance – we know of the disparity I have complained about in terms of a need to get politicians listening to their feelings about me whilst the society topped its abusive activities everyday and at the same time run off gimmicks where they were media personalities and talk show hosts who wanted to live in big houses and drive expensive cars, as I was being denied my own big house and expensive car at the same time. The other is that I was worried about hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent industry gits picking up my career for their own gratification and having completed that work, exhausted, I am facing Celebrities who have taken aspects of my career to do what they pleased with anyway no matter how I would otherwise have wanted it not to be the case, they had done it anyway and every git who wanted to be part of the spoils was playing around with it on the streets. My success does not rely on them in anyway whatsoever. Their American friends obviously hated somebody who had securitised his property equity and place control mechanisms for it on a website in the form of blogs which were dated, so it could not be used to effect finance market crimes.

So, there is the claim that it seemed as if the Celebrities were winning and yes they were I suppose – we were faced with this uphill task of convincing the public that the criminal activities were unacceptable whilst Celebrities spent money on them whilst working economic abuses on everybody and acquiring the money by means that was not sustainable for the National economy. I could say that I should attack the money then all together but then they say that they possessed so much of it that they had means to ensure I spent my entire life doing so without achieving much, so I must work with the understanding that the old history of Celebrity involvement with my affairs was tolerable and can be brushed under the carpet, the new one was vandalism and confrontation. It needs to play with and make media comments about its own career, as we are now in a situation where desperate conditions could easily call in the desperate measures. They have seen my Book, written to make sense of support I provided for the fact that people were supposed to work their academic qualification, some all at once and others in pieces back and forth from the work place, lest we end up having to decide what we are to do with University graduates who did not secure graduate jobs due to availability of limited positions, such that it was clear since University graduates were professionals, they could work for themselves and the Government was able to provide the conditions that allowed them the time to do so. Now I have to sell the Books and they need to keep their celebrity culture out of my way or I will destroy it; I mean on mentioning it, we could see the work place implications of what they were doing, to be that of lower qualification people working for higher qualification people through the jobs that were paying them to do a specific thing according to existing contract. Prevalent state of affairs is that if I decided that since this was a product of investiture abuse, a corruption of an involvement with the engine of economic growth on my part, and that I should lead the public to engage with Industry on the basis of selling products that will help baby sit them, the Celebrities would corrupt it into a gimmick where I got to serve them and they used it to secure wealth and social equality with rich people, whilst the abusive societies that served their famous gimmicks, punished me if I did nothing and punished me if I did it - they claim eventually that people like me could do better in terms of my personal finances and a sense of self exhibitionist social standing but it is never a matter of how organised a person is, always a matter of their narcissism and so it becomes an incredibly personal matter for those who were organised because another person helped them to be; for my part it seems that their average day is usually spent deciding how another person was a pleb and how the plebs can be abused as part of their jobs and careers, which provides me with ideas on the reasons to abuse and run them down, currently my main idea on how to look down on them as well, was the fact that they were so stupid, they lived under the burden of obscurity that was a product of an excessive exposure to the limelight and I am likely to get worse.