I am told people felt there was a reason that this matter targeted me and failed to target others as much but it is first of all the business of working my career with a serious mind, which already led to University level failure due to the way they progressed from idiots who step out of their door to look for trouble into an interest in my personal space and beyond that it had since turned towards a matter of ageist idiots who did not wish to cease handling me and Celebrities converting what I did without it a narcissism media into ideas people had stolen my career and these were characters that had spent more time in the work environment than I had, so it became a gimmick that wrecked and wrecked, gave them and kept giving on the basis that these ageist twats wanted to give them money as a statement of where they decided to place power. Having seen that I coped by ensuring I pushed them so hard that they knew I thought they had the peace and quiet in their lives to spend on the mess they made for me, the business of picking up my career publicity to do their own thing and decide which of my office duties I will dispatch by being forcibly made to was initiated, each time I delved into it, I am left looking like a character who is picking a bone with people so stupid that they made an enemy and were not educated on what their enemy was really like and at this stage I am completely fed up with the financial mess. Talk of the way I think it will end is an old story, one in which this gimmick will likely progress from the sense that if they were running me down with National Media, my career publicity had not gained access to National Media too, and it will build up to the kind of scenario where late night ice cream will mean the day they met me having I snuck into their homes, waiting to talk with them on what their problem was in their Kitchen. On the matter of disrespect, I was the first to lose the political, Royal and diplomatic sponsors because of their insults, they apparently were not bad enough since it was only the important people running away from the victims and nobody complained naturally, especially as at this stage in their careers, they were still finding their way around international diplomacy corridors.

They love those statements that people were happy to go along with what I did and said because they did not have the full facts about me naturally but I suppose there were no full facts that might undo the reality that this is currently a 2 decade career mess because they enjoyed wrecking my finances to get me into a position where they could talk narcissism talk at me or do it with somebody in my direction or do it about me with somebody – these were the symptoms, the illness is that they always did this because they were either trying to get politicians to work public investment funds in their favour or they were making me into a character that can be bullied to share Celebrity wealth under the guise of selling security services, on account they spent their youth being tough and criminal, such that I really ought to raise funds I can donate to Political campaigns, to put the Politicians on a string and manipulate them well enough to ensure they stopped hurting me, whilst it was clear if the Celebrities did not have the money, I would not face the problem; it makes sense as such then that they performed these activities after running off gimmicks they excuse long enough to wreck my finances because they were making a statement that this was the way my Children would be treated when I am dead, with a big mouth and yet there has been no instance of actual conversation as led to a process where a familiar person was a narcissist, it is all first contact and they were obviously not hoping to find the trouble they sought or to keep the trouble they find. Eventually they claim that it does not actually help me to recover my finances but the financial mess is due to the continued statements about what they got away with and about living in a time when I had not provided them a response for this nonsense, currently lip flapping a new challenge like they did about the society abuses, never mind that there was a problem out there that Celebrities needed solving, which they ought to spend all the money on – it needs to keep its comments to its career as its stupidities are no longer concealable at this stage, show up here to read a Book.

I am told statements about the ways I am a cowardly libra always keeping the peace is usually made because the problem these gits had with me was growing into a public crisis which required my response but we know I have mentioned in the past when they were not predisposed to listen because they enjoyed showering me with the insults, that the main point of provocation is the way these idiots get out of their own lives and show up here to trash my career and finances in a bid to make me vulnerable to ageist Libras – I had successfully developed the means to keep gangs and crime out of my career by age 20 and I had done these ageists, to arrive at a point where I could show other people how to as well by age 19 but I am struggling financially and the activities associated with these kinds of social behaviour was being used on me like some sort of blackmail; about which in terms of the problems they had with me, it made sense that I ought to devise a way to beat down the poorer Scorpios for instance who were the most prolific on this matter and shove them down the throats of the wealthier Scorpio as well, if only doing so will serve as a method of encouraging them to keep within their own lives and concerns. We have seen this nonsense play out in all sorts of ways, whereby it is now said that the Political crisis was deepening, whereby nothing of that sort was happening if they were hanging around ripping careers and finances to decide where power was located and so this idea that Politicians needed to become as wealthy as wealthy people were, in order to control the problems that wealthy people created had completely failed whilst they got away with the money and it failed because they were bullies – I mean my career is being torn down, another of those stupid narcissism communities built to finger my bum had been devised because Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak were living on Food banks literally, as per where I would have turned a blind eye to such activities because first of all it did not harm me in a real was and secondly was in keeping with wealth equity processes I devised as per what poorer people could do with wealth politics whenever I was taking a bit of pain as part of a team with my clients, during business and economic cycle. All together it may continue these activities, show up here to rip up my finances, expose me to ageism, build communities that finger my bum and spend time improving its life on the health and aesthetics of libra peace of mind, we all know it also reads those birth signs well enough when it wants and that we Librans would protect that peace at any cost. I do not think the matter is a crisis, only the threat mean that I had failed to cover their backside and I must prepare to do violence on them because of it and it would be novel I guess when they turned to homosexuality because I did too – on the whole it is not unusual in any way and the people who started the insults by which I am sore all over when they bang things near me and never smelled nice because their communities had so much intense fantasy of abusive activity in my direction that they were in my panties, will end up dead or seriously hurt over this matter, apart from which it is the usual business of showing up here to rip up my finances so ageist idiots could do whatever they liked with my person and award money to idiots that had chosen to be respectful like they were, we are all for short cuts in these parts, the way that I dropped out of University so disgracefully and unceremoniously is set to be paired up now with my current qualifications and ways that I can keep the career paying me, by beating them down so badly that the qualifications made sense with respect to the work I am doing and we have seen the same process being repeated in terms of client relationships where there is me and there is the client and they were working with abusive Muslims and German influence idiots I am supposed to be afraid of, to ensure I lost all the money in between and they got to own that money instead, looks like middle management stupidities that will not stop handling me, speaks of ways I am cowardly Libra keeping the peace whatever happens endlessly, needs continue the insults as history which has shown they were now so stressed they were likely to die any time soon, suggests I am a big fan – I will now need to beat it down badly enough to ensure the corrupt private security industry plans for getting rich and being respectful which is set to cost me everything right down to my diet due to a community that had fingers up my bum all day, well enough to make sense of my qualifications and the work that I am doing with it. There is talk of the American part in the matter but naturally that was a massive story; first of all when people showed up to get me dropping out of University over abuses, what they were rewarded with by famous idiots a couple of years later, was a public media presence narcissism, if they were not looking for trouble all together but it would seem that I lived in the most westerly of European Countries and nobody would have noticed that my career was operated to co-operate and work with communists and this was I guess the reasons these pricks were getting paid for the information – it is not my money but it is a lot of money and is creating problems here, needs to stay away from me save I am allowed to assume the complaining was rather a big joke. What I did with Clients involved working equities and intellectual property administration, to which effect I ensured that there was the work that needed to be done to seal the partnership with consumers, the tie between the products and the incomes of consumers would allow us to decide what we were doing with public economy, I got paid when they furnished me with publicity for my Books which these fools have wrecked for practical jokes that they believed made them a bunch of stupid American, narcissism Muslims and European bum covering prick geniuses, they have always stifled access to the Bookshop premises online and on the streets using these gimmicks and the public media presence for it that their German influence idiots loved to bank roll, now the client subscription aspects would be the one I can easily compare to the job that gets to their heads and is about to set the stage for the ways this nonsense got to stop very painfully.

It seemed what people think they have accomplished here is a process where I used to be holier than thou but am now in a really difficult place, which is not the case at all, as the holier than thou issue was largely the fact that they needed to take revenge for some historic good deed I carried out at Private security Industry but I am not in any difficulty as such, I have simply arrived at a point where I have had enough of their need to wreck my career and finances, since the fact for instance that the need to fool around with my property had created such results as bookshop clients faced a real risk of street violence when they engaged with my Books and the idea I am a coward was not necessarily likely to decide if or not they got a response for it. I need them to tell me clearly, that they can understand what I am saying with respect to my Bookshop being a business premises and those who messed with it and the career publicity, were looking for trouble; if they do not, I will have my deniability to play with, if they do, there was no way they could then go on to say that if I responded to something that occurred because they continued, my actions could be construed as a crime. The Celebrities on the other hand were a completely different story, never mind that I punished the University fiasco satisfactorily at this stage, they are always engaged in an activity that sets back any work I did to protect myself from ageists, showing up on my public image to pillage my Bookshop, breach my patents to explain their social problems to fans as punishment for refusing to cover their backsides to make a living off of, hanging around red carpets being overjoyed that people were ripping up lives, finances and careers with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper activities, since it was being done as a direct action linked to my career, the idea that it was a privilege due to famous people will at this point not be enough, especially as their private security twats had already taken the initiative to set up positions where I lived and work communities to beat me down in my bed and ensure I felt sore all over. So I understand they tell people that my decision to tackle them was the symptom and not the problem, we know however the problem was to do with people in positions of authority who work with their gimmicks but they are always hanging about and had since built an entire industry from grooming and attacking people who were disrespectful of famous idiots and other peoples stupid children who got elected. They make this excuse that I was oblivious to the white privilege activities that the King engaged himself in but the King had always wanted to do so, of which we know first of all that if the King engaged with some quasi criminals and set about working with them, it was distrustful of security services and was not really work for the Office of the Head of State, but on a personal leadership matter, the only way the King could avoid the consequences was if another persons career other than that of the quasi criminals provided him an exist when it got difficult, hence he knew what he is doing with it, the role these idiots were playing involved making my career available for such nonsense several times everyday, to get paid for being popular, as their stupidities were the only home wrecking, gold digging nonsense that I have ever seen in their opinion. On the other hand I criticised it because it allowed the violent orthodoxy gits in my section to get completely out of hand and pick up something I did with private security, as a pretext for revenge on a historical good deed, that famous idiots who could not convince me to cover their backside for a living, could make the most of and it is none of their business for the 1 millionth time. The way I dropped out of University specifically going beyond the business of having problems with other peoples stupid children that got elected into government office, who clung to work I did with clients during business and economic cycle to build a politics where their stupidities could become as wealthy as wealthy people were, in order to control so called problems that wealthy people created for the public, pillaging my income regardless of what they owned and assuming they will get away with the money regardless of how I responded, that when I settled up with the British, they had friends from over seas who sought exception and continued never the less, if claiming it was my responsibility, needed to stop complaining about the way I punished the University fiasco. If not convinced that I am not in a difficult situation as they supposed we will end up with 100% state of affairs in which Scorpios and Virgos supported abusive authorities to get paid for being popular whilst attacking people who were said to be disrespectful and I will engage with everything else that helped to show we were unable to get along – I do not write their books in this place and the comments needed to be insolent opportunism restricted to their own careers. As for the idea I looked as if I am in trouble until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy, I don’t, I talk like this to ensure the ageist gits were overloaded with information about my career, those who chose to work the narcissism media on me and run me down over their greed and stupidities where they cannot keep their hands to themselves, making it information about my career that can be stolen with a narcissistic media presence, needed to live with their own decisions and keep their mouths shut with respect to my career and public life, especially as I have been telling them off for the best part of 6 years so far, every day, the rest of the time it was a simple matter of the fact that if I complained about the state of my career in any 24 hours and checked where the problems100% - this is always a point of call for them naturally until it builds up to more serious matters I guess, where I will be engaged in publicly displayed activity that ensured I did not have to live under the bootheel of some famous prick because there were popularity scum working destitution on me, to make sense of the way women had done better than me in life and I should be found doing what they wanted, otherwise it needs to inform me that it understands what I am saying about the Bookshop lest I take action that I can excuse at the Law Court which might therefore leave their stupidities worse off, keep the comments to their own careers and do try to keep the fucking imagination fingers off my bum and penis lest it developed into a more serious matter, more famous insults are therefore needed as I am clearly a fan - the American part in the matter clearly being that when they cling to my financial structures to stop my existence whilst there was a really good justification for stopping their own and that of their evil civil rights pricks, they would easily progress to a social disposition in which security staff will never pass insults at them and get away with it, beyond which getting into a car to get around all day, doing stupid things with other peoples lives when chasing their own incomes, will have made them up standing citizens and every scum that uses it to build a culture that fingers bums and allows the fathers to lay down the law on random persons would have been a fantastic achievement for the planet, I believe I have made my point about the time wasted here by their narcissistic stupidities, allowing their popularity idiots to work destitution on me (I do not think the matter is a crisis, it is s particular strand of activities where the abusive activities of some people developed onto a stage where other peoples access to public policy had been so badly ruined, that such persons will have faced pressures from the government activities in their locality, over how they spent their time everyday, at some stage for those who were unaware, the mind will become so corrupted by the popularity stupidities that victims of this nonsense will become convinced they ought to solve the problem for themselves and everybody else by getting involved with Government buildings, which unusually ends in power being used to harm people, crimes committed by Governmental operatives and sometimes just hanging about being such a dick that a Coup was the result - here it currently seems that the scum in Washington who ensured I had to complain about Celebrities with respect to my career everyday was the only twat suffering the most from all this because his stupidity was bankrolling it, again, fair to reiterate I have made my point about the way their popularity scum worked the destitution on me and could not keep their fingers off my bum with the big mouth they have got).

I am told this problem had a tendency to go on forever and that I was wasting my life on this people but it isn’t – I need to sit down and decide what I want to do about the sense that when people are bigger than I am, they got on my nerves and I became too afraid to push them back, whilst anyways I did was handed over to those who were more willing to fight for the masses, provided for an atmosphere of exception and ways that any possession of mine they envied can be used to tidy up their personal decisions whilst what was left was sold through a narcissism media to the public to help famous idiots make more money – I think that when the deadline expires for them to show they understand what I am saying about my Bookshop being a business premises, I will prefer that this nonsense fed into the way they handed their mobility to immoral society in return for a mandate that allowed them take peoples possessions and careers, get involved with whatever they liked for the wrong reasons and without having to be nice, to a process where I tolerated what they claimed was am amusing banter that famous fools can enjoy, showing up near the Bookshop one more time. We hear that it was about the fact that people were more powerful than I am i.e. the ways they got on my nerves had draw publicity from my work and become so important that it was not so easily understood anymore, whereby I can only say that there was still the outstanding example where state provided security provoked them by saying I fought my corner well, leading up to the destruction of my social life and career unless I covered their backsides for a living, up to the stage where they threw money at gangs and criminals, who made the most of it on narcissism media for the purpose, once finished with their stupidities, worked with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers to access my personal life because they were mentally affected and had to eat. It beats me that at this stage the gits who would like me to do another thing that causes them to lose their position, money and shares in a company, had come up with a series of abuses which quickly grew into a subculture that meant the purpose of advertisement were short insulting videos for people to claim their civil rights allowed them to get involved with my affairs and run me down anyway they wanted but we cannot tell why they bashed the Bookshop if their stupidities had found a happiness that rewards their civil disobedience so well that it made them money too. It even makes stupid statements it claims that although I did not make, were the sorts of things that people born under the same star sign as me did in order to provoke them, when the need to cling to my personal life for feel good purposes bearing in mind their personal decisions, were not paying off so well that they trashed my career getting frustrated, so we can see why I need to find out which birth sign enjoyed doing so many stupid things with other peoples lives when making money as well - the Scorpio one I am aware has never really stopped running me down with eternal revenge it had built from its lies, criminality and opportunism with the authorities, so I will need to bash the fame and shove the poorer Scorpios down the throats of the wealthier ones. And they do all want to do it by reading birth signs obviously (it is not true that we are tired of Royal duty either - it always needed to run me down, ripped up academic pursuits back at University with gimmicks where final year students successively grabbed my career and new students spent what they knew about it until I dropped out, performed the same gimmick when I ran finances on a low key to get matters settled for the Trust and shows up running me down over claims I am past it, wants to live in a time when I did not provide its stupidities with a response and continues to pick off my clients with comments and gestures associated with such nonsense everyday on National Media). I am told somebody ought to educate me about what Celebrities were really like but I really do not need anybody education about a bunch of idiots who rip up my career because I book I wrote showed I had the skill to work for them as security that will cover their backsides for a living but failed to do so, then their actual security gets off the immoral society mandate that was the nature of their social lives to build a community that beats me down in my bed for disrespect towards wealthy people. It suffered from a pathological fear of work and got on my public image for gimmicks that helped it make the Celebrity money which is now a problem in the sense people cannot engage with the Bookshop until I got rid of them but none knows why they have chosen to beat me down with the fear of work until I suffered it, knowing I am good at working for my part on the other hand – save we said they were twisted, rotten to the core, absolute scum who were naturally currently suffering obscurity because they enjoyed too much National level media presence which is unheard of.