I have been asked if I am propelled by fear on the matters I handle and I am not, perhaps fear of failure but that is a personal matter; its like we see in the US, where morality is the glue of society but when you come up with one, people will show up to see how rich their immorality and wickedness can make them, when you come up with none should you have decided that it creates problems for government, then they will want to see how much wickedness will break you, hence we end up with some of the very scary aspects of the land of the free. Here in the UK I have to drag them down a certain place that leaves them blabbing about being superior to me and each time they do move over to where those who think others have a life that is facing backwards cannot go but the point at which it is polarised enough to result in some normalcy has to be the stage at which the Market is no longer experimenting on itself.

I have been told my biggest problem is that I watch too much television, but it is not at all and I have no idea who came up with such claims either. The truth of it is that an arrangement I made with people on a personal basis has now been taken over by some very famous idiots that are making money through it that is based on sale and production of entertainment by abusing me, garnished with threats from men that are bigger than I am each time I have ideas on how it should not be happening and all sorts of insults that tend to suggest they were a much bigger deal than I supposed they were. The problem is that it has now given way to an outcome in which my ability to establish a relationship with somebody I want to settle down with is now in their control, along with family finance apparatus, so they have got a problem as well. The bragging is that I don’t stand a chance but history says either way I stand and fight or I ran, they will lose, so its advisable to take the exit, keep off my Books and stop blabbing comments around any of mine concerns.

Its not an emotive issue either, it is not this difficult for everybody to keep off another person’s writing career and stop making patent wrecking comments everyday to improve their own income prospects, it is for Celebrities because they are addicted to getting involved with my concerns – the addiction is born out of years of insults for narcissist pleasures at my expense, garnished with building entertainment pipelines on my public image to pretend they owned it, so now I want them detached, it makes them sick to the stomach that I do, the way their behaviour makes me sick too and because they are gods gift to humanity, something has to be done about me.

I do get asked how the whole thing went so badly wrong but it has not, they have always done it – digging holes around me and hoping that with my public image and some religious engagements I will fall into those and become a character that preaches the evils of the world while they deployed my public image to make money – it has gotten increasingly worse, right down to the destruction of my academic studies and once I had taken out a job role as a security guard for a shop, everything which suggested I am not responsible for their safety and security while they continued was eliminated and the need to take pictures expressing their love for criminals on my public image, to make the outcome as less messy for them as possible ensued. Their fame is obvious the one they learned from school, I simply cannot understand what the obsession with the one I learned from school is anyway and why they are always so nasty about the own stupid obsession lest I be a respected character on their part. I have waited and waited for them to become more civilised and move on which has not happened, instead they become more invasive.

So the scope of the problem is not half as much as people fear – its s simple case of a problem associated with Celebrities being told they are important people somewhere near my Public image and then my whole life will be spent getting them off it all together as far as they were concerned. It was always the story behind the statements we heard them make in public endlessly whenever they thought I had become vulnerable enough to be handled as a punching bag – one that saw them claim it is those who could not make the difficult decisions that were unable to be successful at show business. What has been happening is their producers and employers who broker equities with me to make the entertainment they get work from showing that their activities would not otherwise have been tolerated; this is the part that I need to control 100% otherwise I will never be able to run a successful Bookshop or move them on whenever they got the sense they had become important on my Public image. The fall out currently is that the young people who work with this have gotten the history they sought, the older people have lost their way, the middle management bullies have got the kind of employees they have always wanted and the traders now have the sort of customers they have waited for all their lives, hence I am really tackling it for myself. They have said there is nothing I can do about the money that Celebrities now have but its all some social co-operative money given them by a bunch of trouble makers for whom they love to abuse public leadership, its purpose is to set out a stage which suggest nothing was done about the Celebrities, so they could do whatever they liked with public funds but the Celebrities who give it 110% for their part, dragging my career in and making a mess of my Royal earnings to hang around on a Global stage developing fantasies for other things which is what they are saying here is leading down to trouble.