We see the Brexit situation has emerged perhaps from people being over enthusiastic about Europe and we know they were for all the wrong reasons – so it has gone from enthusiasm to Brexit because I deserve your personality for being the one that makes the decisions which affects the lives of criminals, progressed unto meeting my friends in Europe who run organisations where we wear frocks and control the City, to Brexit, which is incredibly amusing as it does mean they met some out of your league big brother Europe and Brexited right-away. Some will say its not amusing but it is to me, it is if people face constant threats from Politicians about their inability to deliver privileges that Politicians should be having according to the Politicians means they live in constant prospect of being attacked on the streets as fermented by the Politicians – it is an example of a situation that makes Brexit amusing because it means the idiots are no longer interested in making decisions that affect the lives of criminals. This is what the business of making a mess of my academic work was about – the need to pass exams first and get unto public places to build a crowd that will support their unbearable stupidities as they demand I picked a Bible and swore upon it, that their idiocy was my Lord and Master, even their braindead Celebrities want some as well and then we find them claim Trumps racism does not serve me, while it is irrelevant whom Trumps racism serves, if at all there is any, as long as I can supplicate to him as well the problem associated with people building bag-log of work I am meant to do to make them rich while they put up their feet, on account my Books solved their problems so well that they had told a crowd that I work for them, right down to how my diet means I have given up my public image to them and the fact I can cook my meals, means their meant cunts were more deserving of fame, which only adds to years of abuse because they think I should be preaching the fact I am frustrated about the lack of peace in the world while everybody else made money and got on, since the last time they saw me walk into a Church and their stupidities had need of my personality. So, if Mr Trump thinks a Black person is not deserving of such justice, they will win.

They do speak of their tough Boys but I am certain they know perfectly well that the hurting bottom bits that is the life of City centre hoodlums chasing the incomes of millionaires, stuck between community croons and shop managers, was not who an Arch Prince was – so Trump is racist for them can always end a certain way that means I want to express something about fat sweaty idiot with a hurting bottom making a mess of the fact I introduced myself as an Arch Prince when I set about a Book signing in the City and I wish to begin a process of ending his posh neighbourhood hoodlum rubbish as well. It does not give anybody a breathing space, save those who have taken one without asking. What happens here is the business of picking out work roles from his Hermitage to draw publicity for it and ask their hoodlums to intimate me about my assets passing on to other idiots who have money and then they seek a higher authority or power that will help them enforce it; the damage done to my Books to facilitate this just adds to the one done to my academic work and its need to play into the stupidities of their Politicians who desire above all over groups of people to undercut me at my basic instincts everyday is the one that will soon produce a response that they will really want – so fair to say they think they have made me age and they can have children on my personal life and public image, secure privileges I did not give them in the process but an idiot in parliament is going to make one more statement and do the up-yours routine and then it kick off, as the point at which I had summoned enough courage to launch a direct attack on their savings too; this nonsense happens every day, rip up my Books, run off abusive advertisement to stretch any errors in what I have done to ensure they bought and paid for the Books before any equity around here was invested by their stupidities who needed my money more than I did, then hang about complaining and passing about insults that drink to their stupid health. They speak of this being what racism looks like and it is utter nonsense – it’s a group of idiots who spend most of their day ripping up my property, so this business of picking up work from this place and building publicity for it, such that soon enough their hoodlums will show up and tell me to give up assets to those who have money and they will seek higher powers that will get me working on my property for them, was meant to be an advanced version of doing enough damage to be able to pick up their phones and call another who is just as stupid as they are, to prevent me from getting a job; when they start like so, I drop out of University the same year the worlds worst recession started or it will be the year I started trading my Books seriously, so I become the character that has the world bearing down on him because they want to confiscate his Books, working on the same Books and making himself into a character that works and never gets paid. The racism story is brewed up by the ethnic minorities and their dirty faces who always need people to be racists, so that they might have the means to work enough insolent familiarity for it. Its all building up such a point as I will be able to develop enough courage to launch a direct attack on their careers as well and then it will stop the way they wanted it to if I did – I mean the others at the Monarchy will claim I always tend to do the barest minimum  but we know what really happens is that they love Celebrities who then show up here to drag out my work and build publicity for it over their own gimmicks where the Books I have written solves their problems so well I now work for them, indicating their hoodlums can make money on my public image and ask me to give up assets to their money through sexually abusive processes and then I will end up saving them from Punishment at the Monarchy by working to recover everything. In the end it is said I am weak and incapable of doing anything, so built up until there is an onus for racists to fool around with but it has always been the pitfall of anything that fights back and not gets about looking for trouble, that the tummy gets churned and so on, to ensure one feels flustered all the time, it does not mean I am unlikely to hold back hurting them and using their own energy to do it all together either – each time these matters come up, we find them jump from the business of finding out how I lived in case I died which is largely a matter of how Politics ends up at the Monarchy and how it will stop tackling me if they did it themselves or their low lives on the streets did it for them, to the privileges Celebrities will get off this Office because the Military was strongest while Private security Industry was intermediary and I must accept whatever I am given because I am weak, to claims the situation should apply to the Military as I expect of them while we know the Primary tool in the Military is the fitness that ensures you can get though what is thrown at you, if you get hit, it’s the fitness that keeps you going until help arrives etc and those who are not fit enough will have tended to decide how many hits other people got, as well as when people got those hits i.e. if their work environment looked like that of Soldiers, I wonder what they would have gotten up to all together; point is that my Office was not developed such as to allow me take part in Military activity and I have been the least demanding in my Office until the love other people have for Celebrity meant that some Royals Organised the future of their Duchy to depend on my earning Margins while they Married into some money and other position that will rely on me and the pressure which will get me serving them was to be based on Media abuses - so despite being demanding enough to be notorious, they still have enough to love Celebrities at my expense as we speak, hence I am not hung up somewhere thinking I have done anything unusual thereof.