They claim that we now faced a public crisis, just as much as they suggested that there were huge public problems to which I know of how to go about resolving them but refused to do a thing or share the knowledge. What they are talking about leading to the claim that what I do and who I am does not exist which does not bother me as it only tended to highlight the real problem – the problem that I took the risks I did because of prevalent state of affairs which supported the idea that it was possible to take those risks and there was freedom to take them, the idiots have changed those states of affairs in order to handle my finances, to get up on media lip flapping insults that are supposed to help sort out their pensions for them, the big one was to do with a Court of Female Journalists that forged an alliance with a public service operative, who assisted them on mobility whilst they provided industry buzz in return, so there is no problem save the practical jokes that a bunch of idiots wish to exhibit on Media. On the matter of public crisis, the real question was to do with the way it was so disrespectful of my writing career on Media and at Government buildings, that they were involved in positions of Government and had incredible fantasies of the way that people just walked down the streets looking like things that should be ordered around, the Media ones were above everybody such that codes of conduct for their careers do not affect them anymore, the Parliament ones want to be in the same position but I do not write their Books in this place, their big plan since they always require American insults, funding and doxy society to make such nonsense operable was to get people serving them on the basis that Russia was the main thing people ought to pay attention to. The German influence insults about which none is asking for a supply of opinions about my existence by people who claim they did not wish to prove themselves here, unless the corrupt private security industry and the rogue landlords had softened me up for it, would be the part that got off fighting my wars because it wanted to do the sort of fighting I did, whilst I was being made to tackle issues associated with its personal decisions which produced outcomes where people chased in private parts etc and would not be satisfied with the fact I have solved that problem where its stupidities could not, leaving the insults of the Media and the Politicians outstanding as the main reasons they have claimed we faced a crisis whilst there was none. Then they claim I do to much whereas the abuses of stupid men and their sons which eventually got them married into the Royal Family to marry my possessions have not stopped, hence whilst I do to much and we know it shows up here to ensure that I think extensively about matters associated with my career which I have already solved, and got stressed about absolutely everything with an imagination in my panties all day, using rogue landlords and corrupt security industry, the part where my finances are a mess because I am not the place people want to be on account of their stupidities and the narcissistic security services careers they have had to build for themselves to fight my wars, have not yet been placed into real world context, especially in terms of what it would mean to define a young confused person on the social stage these days, the idea would therefore have been that we spent it all but the part where I handled their own as well is being attacked by a bunch of idiots in Government buildings, providing support for activities people performed over claims that security services staff were disrespectful, to which effect we ended up facing a crisis about which I should be made to behave with a big mouth. The security services careers disrespecting them bits was another story entirely, to do with the fact that in terms of what they needed to know to obsessively get involved with security services jobs, if they wanted to do that in a condition where those that were doing those jobs did not have to react to being judged by their stupidities, considering that they did not possess the means, needed to borrow, steal or ask, all three which they did not intend to do. They even suggest that it was the private security industry work I did which was the cause of all problems whilst it had been done properly, complete with a process where I set out a stage where the worst things they could do was to go to the shops to steal, following me around to make sense of another group of idiots who suggested I was better a customer than an employee so others may employ whilst they get rich, linking my career publicity with the sex industry and criminal activities to do so, I set out that stage in terms of the way it disrupts peoples lives, implying that they were better off going off to steal at the ports or better still jump into the Ocean to steal from the Ships lest they ended up stealing in the Country and the Police ended up getting involved; it fingered my bum and has continued to follow me around creating instances where I got to keep my career when those who let me keep it agree to finger my bum as well because I changed the dynamics of business ownership doing it but before this all happened, I dropped out of University and it interfered with my Clients at the Bookshop for a living. It is not clear why it is always so disrespectful when they are complaining of outcomes; the Celebrities and a need to share my personal space and career temperaments with Scorpio and Virgo characters that were the mostly likely to get shot by the Police can be traced back to 2004, the attack on my wealth equity popularity tended to suggest that they thought the outcome that will come off this years into my future was something that their famous stupidities deserved, recently, they have shared my social temperaments with some German influence women that were born under Libra birth signs like me and showed up here running me down every day to make money ordering my steps and deciding my existence whilst it tells lies about public matters and the context of international business to make its wickedness profitable into the future, the politicians think it is okay to help run off those insults, I am at a loss as to what constituted the crisis they were talking about. It is always so disrespectful their stupid parents owned homes I could rent, so that rogue landlord and corrupt private security would share imagines of my anus and penis with them as the answer for their stupid problems, if I do not write their Books in this place and they do not wish to prove themselves, need keep their hands off the body as well.

They do claim this was all the vengeance of the famous but it is – begun with wrecking my crime control publicity to spend money on organised crime products whilst picking up what I did for recovery as a tool for self-reinvention – the main means by which its stupidities picks up my career publicity for a different purpose and crashes my Bookshop whilst claiming it was victim. So it does suggest I am complaining problems it solves for the successes that I did not regard with respect whereas it has only created new problems by picking up ways I stand up for myself as the means to enhance a sense of security that it thought it was entitled to, complete with publicity for the causalities and its history with criminal communities. It then shows up after to ensure that public work was overwhelming for me, making sure the purpose of national media was to get up public places like pieces of shit and talk through to me, get angry with my temper, fight people with my body and ensure my chest hurts because others were banging walls and doors next door, in some grand gimmick where it got to order my steps but had since wrecked a Bookshop with waste over a 6 year history of its famous stupidities around here having place. It is one of those issues that it seems never improves when we had to access that after doing this, I am now unable to run a Bookshop because they deserved vengeance, unless I decided that its failure to keep to the codes of conduct associated with its career, generally meant that I ought to take it upon myself to, which does end badly, if it eventually built up to a process where I secured means to do business with them and prepared for instances where they cheated me out of the profits to respond to something that will have become a violent feud, then again its abusive interest in me and the lip flapping about Celebrity vengeance as it stifles my Bookshop every day, suggests that it loves this sort of thing. It is avoidable, as long as its insults, especially the one where I am lowest of the low which also affected people loyal to me at the Monarchy continued to affect my Trust and Bookshop, whilst we know that its own career was the only thing that was best positioned to make comments about. It was all their idea in retrospect, the men with their stupid women who had need to groom me into a position, secure finances to make money investing my assets and picking up my income margins, forge an alliance with immoral society to keep a hold of me through my personal relationships and secure the relentless American insults by which they could make it a daily affair, it had even married into the Royal Family to marry my possessions, none therefore can tell why it is all so disrespectful of me at parliament, not that I cared or concerned myself on matters of what the famous needed to cease doing, I simply need a break from their stupidities and there is now an indication that their need for vengeance since last I dropped out of University and trashed their concerns because they continued to follow me around with the same behaviour to seek what they claimed were benefits associated, will give way to an instance where they had to prepare to fight me during their retirement because I pursued them into it.They do suggest that it was impossible to work a Media career code of conduct with respect to my activities but this is because they have clouded it with insults and abuses, we know for instance that the work I did was so rare, there wasn’t a CEO probably on the planet working Intellectual Property Administration, so no git who made money running off tribalism into peoples well built businesses in the City centre wants an Arch Prince that was his mate to live out a lifestyle where he is said to have achieved such a thing, if Media and popularity fools that were to work public opinion about it were keen to help me become an important person who lets them lose their temper with other peoples temper and fight their wars with other peoples bodies but I have had enough of the disrespect at this stage for my part too. I am told the famous boast about what they have done to me endlessly but they are actually supposed to – it is a series of activities that first got me dropping out of University over ideas concerning the way there was more flesh on me than there was on them, so my purpose was to be a character that got into a fight with people to create a social atmosphere which enhanced their sense of security. That same insult has now been reborn for industrial purposes on public media, devised by famous idiots who claim it was punishment for the fact involvement with me felt good and I withdrew access because they attacked my finances. In the end it still comes down to gimmicks where public work does not mean anything to anybody whatever I did with it because I had ignored the need of society trouble makers to get involved with my person as a tool to mitigate the consequences of their lifestyles which is usually health based, up to the point where there were loos of life a plenty, so if Celebrities where complaining about their abuses, I have been groomed mainly by health service ambulance drivers from bad neighbourhoods, who claim the Police disturbs the neighbourhoods and leaves injured people due to discharge weapons, for them to tidy up whilst it was always obvious I should be fighting my battles on my own, so five years of my time so far has been wasted on the health consequences of the immoral society lifestyle of the famous in order that they might be free of it, which does not make any sense whatsoever. So it is something they have started, some are just so stupid that they start, although it must be noted the original cause is the Politicians that continued to make a mess of my career and ensure I spent so much time with the lowest of the low whose main concern everyday was that they did not have the energy and intelligence to live a life of crime, once I had become something that the local council had to assist financially – something about European Men, their silly girls and American insults at Hollywood picking up my assets and career publicity to make their own money and not knowing how or when to stop if it turned out I am not a toy people can mess like that with as such, it has started one like the black people start another in which people cling to my earning margins and fight my wars for me, but needed to trash the career and hunt me down for a decade and a half first of all – I do not prevent them enjoying their pleasures as such, the problem is that they and their famous fools interfere with clients at the Bookshop and I have had enough of them, especially the twats bold enough to get into a position that will help them order my steps and finger my body parts every day. Especially in terms of the way it gets the social trouble makers into my personal space through its national media insults while seeking my personal life to build restaurants and avoid the consequences of such a lifestyle, it is something about which to answer the people who claim I never talk of it as seriously as it really is, that a person does not think about extensively, not because it will educate you that they were lowest of the low as soon as you are able to make sense of their main problem being that they did not have the strength and intelligence to live a life of crime but it should not be put to thought because it tended to make people do something unusual, I will do what I want to do about the famous when I want to, it is the correct way to approach it: it does love to shoot off the big mouth about fighting my wars while it clings to the earning margins of my business at the Market, it is still nothing but cowards who explore my civic duties in search of a fight that will cause them less of the pain that comes with violent activity but the same will be seen everyday creating the same problems that gets them into such a position. The suggestion is that there was no part of this matter in which I came out winning which is utter rubbish – the Bookshop was developed on the basis that Books I have written is my property, an involvement that creates an otherwise state of affairs causes a total failure, we know I have tolerated their stupidities to such an extent that they have since made enough money to become bullies, so where I come out winning will be the part where I stopped living in a proxy of the USA as a matter of what has begun at the behest of stupid European Men who had an interest in my finances, their stupid women picking up my career publicity each time they secured funding and an alliance with immoral society to make money and the famous idiots who have built work activity in terms of the way that their achievements would be developed on the premise that I had lost something important, meaning each time I was in pain or distress from the abuses, it was the stage at which product sales had been facilitated, what I will do with it then will be a general exercise in destruction, so it needs to stop interfering with Client interests here. The idea I have lost everything I had is utter rubbish, they work this nonsense where a new Monarch will mean new things and somebody else replacing me whilst I never even made money from my property, as stupidly as possible all the time – this time it has produced some real results where they built narcissistic careers for the male population, ran my life with the social activities of criminals and got off on media peddling insults they believed had made them famous (alongside the quasi criminals that saw me do security work and expected that as soon as I paid my rent to their rogue landlords, they ought to be getting a free service, so hang around somewhere picking my career publicity whilst channelling public problems in my direction, entirely fine until their media stupidities got it into my personal space, calling for a response hence we ended up here). They do claim it is all vengeance for what my State provided security had done which I understand entirely, the problem is that having the security availed to me should mean that according to my work and resources, I did not face financial complications – instead we are in this situation working out what they had devised as an Arch Prince coward whose security was provided by women with their German influence fools, so it had grown into a case of them, me and a thing where I am being targeted because I was accorded the reputation of a walkover, so I needed to look like something they could step on until we met over their need to pick up my career publicity and interfere with my Clients.

The claim that it always comes down to administrative authorities attacking celebrities to explain their failings which is utter nonsense as the problem is to do with the way that the famous were part of a system where people placed financial leverage at market to serve their convenience as a method of controlling society abuses – it was clear that if they had made enough money, they could leave that system instead of stay there and spend a lot of time ripping other peoples finances, we know that they rather think they had become so wealthy that they were the system, devised a process where the abuses itself became profitable at the market. It claims I am part of the governmental system hence I always think that people should work to make money; the reality however is the sheer number of times I had set out that the hard work only happens between 19 and 26 years of age, during which time there will be a process of seeking the very first job, pursuing academic qualification and engaging with sociological matters that had emerged in the course of pursuing academic engagements which sets the stage for a person to chose one through which he or she could say that the employer was a human being and that a job with respect to which there was qualification and skill would produce matching results for payment. It shows up here after a 12 year career mess associated with its need to work corruption of involvement on me and manipulate me with practical jokes to make use of my personal space, and stalls a Bookshop for an additional 5 years, lip flapping its narcissism at me on Media when I want it to keep its comments restricted to the only career for which it possessed qualification, which career was its own, without any viable results. It really is arriving at the stage where it was a matter of poofs with distribution gigs and the idea that sexual or sexual context harassment was the source of product sales, alongside their famous fools who possessed a fan base and looked like it would make sense to get younger people involved with popular culture that celebrated the last time they were passionate because the Police got involved in their case as well, so we can make sense of what a young confused person looked like, just as much as young confused person can be allowed to carry on with their own concerns, engaging in the big fight they have already dreamed of. We know that the failings in Ukraine should not have happened if its German - Italian duo with gits lip flapping their stupidities in the Middle East, Africa and South America, did not set about tearing up my assets to get me doing the bidding of the famous idiots, just like we know the Ukraine was the only thing that could rival German domination of Europe provided Russia had not destroyed it.