So there is that tale of how what I say will get me into racially motivated trouble with black people and it is never going to happen; these are the people that the Police and the Army and all those big guys they have crossed in the past trying to get their difficult jobs done, have beaten – so in their view the only way I can walk down the streets without getting into trouble is if my head is bowed on their account and that will never happen either. So I took what I wanted from their culture and history and society, yes, but I will cut it up again for each and every occasion in which they get involved with me.

What we see is not their own lives, it is not the lives of their relatives which they bully by the way, it is not even the lives of friends and people who know where they live whom they bully as well, it is the lives of government operatives and random people on the streets that they will never meet again, which they can spend or destroy when asked to let it go free – which means they have that will and freedom to get involved with people and enjoy communicating with them in violent and dishonest ways to improve their stupid selves; threatening me is never a good idea, I have had enough of them and they do not seem to understand.

So obviously they are in need of proper leadership especially the American and African ones and this is all just a process of provoking me to find out how I will react in order to get on media to claim they are the ones who react in that way - it applies especially to their stupid girls - involvement with me need to stop - where they get off my Books and clear my space and they need to do that soon. They do say I give people a false sense of security which encourages them to take risks but they are actually not expecting me to take the risk or the glory besides which they are not talking about violence and if they implied it tend to suggest it is something people should do and show – what they tend to be referring to is that which is served cold and they know perfectly that it is not their domain and have found my Books to cling to claiming it offends them as such; the point at which the Books emerged being that which will never stop i.e. walking around like society’s own faith talking nonsense about organising people to ensure I do not do my academic work until I am dominated at my aesthetics and public life used by Politicians and popular culture and media and their sense of freedom, at the exact point in which I am a young adult that is no longer supported by my parents and the black version of them had already started off one whereby I am their sin offering on whom they place all their problems in order to be beautiful – being seen among the great and good in their race of which could mean extreme violence and I was trying to resolve the part where they continued to solicit help from Politicians to follow me about when I take their lot they have placed on me and go off to live my life somewhere else, considering they think it’s a worthy activity and the reason was to consolidate the end to their problems and shame by making sure I was dead as a result of violent integration with White people garnished with a need to set up shop and have revenge on enemies with my public life if they are not having a certain kind of sex with me which means the same thing. So they never stop and at the point at which it costs me my academic work and I now have to combine that with working on my career as the time table for both have now met and clashed – One cannot serve two masters and the Books will see that it is so; it does not matter if it is about them, they need to keep off and clear my space and so it has stopped being so amusing like cowardice in the extreme.

Migration by the way has never been a problem in its own right, if it were more so, it was ever up to the government to close or open the borders – the problem with Migration in the UK is what the Labour Party uses the strange and evil cultures that come with uneducated and uncivilised migrants for in order to retain their position in government office with that abusive body language that cannot talk about anything without channelling which they channel towards me all the time no matter whom they are having debates and conversations with because they are confiscating career and personal and public life from me to look good to the crowd with and that generally means that migration is supposed to be harmful to residents in the UK which is a cycle they have developed that needs to be broken. The other side is the complain they make about the damage I have done to their culture and society of course but I have always been clear their International development positions that none of my relatives come from Ghana or South Africa and I need to know whether or not I make any journeys from the UK to Africa that the way it works is that I can travel thus and back again without any problems, right down to if or not I want to maintain my anonymity in due course as well. So is where the story of a problem I have with black women which needs to be resolved located; there is no problem with them only a need for them to groom me with insults that means whenever they see me and make statements about how I need to get out of their House it works and strikes a chord in me and offends me and damages my image and business and gives them opportunities to claim or own it if they wanted and that means I am exposed to problems of popular culture like when people say their lives depend on hunks and chunks strutting their stuff and Ambulance service people tell them to get out of the way kind of scenario but the advantage only is theirs because they can liaise and get rich while I suffer and suffer even more when I refuse to have sex with them and their money which effects they can extract by making me suffer even more as well and all because I am a religious person; so it reaches that stage where I decide I will get involved when it’s about an idiot from the Labour party that is disobedient to a fault and is always at the left and typically will end up buying the latest VW Golf and having a small family that is superior to others they have caused a lot of damage to while voting to for the Labour Party and pretending it’s their right but when it’s a matter of I have had enough of this stuff and these women need to do their worst I will not, so that the treachery might run its course and I can find out how they will get me killed either to save themselves or to punish me at the hands of the barely sane popular culture goons that they marry and pop children from in order to practice nepotism that is necessary for their health and well being and make out their lives now depend on whether or not I am denying they are more important than I am; so in essence there is no problem with black women, these are women that are currently getting done at their own betrayal and low lives like these think they are more important than I am, so I have to face it sometimes and of course they are.