As for these so called things I do for which we will wait some years and find out what sense there is in it. I wonder what is the trouble I am to get into anyway. I mean if a business is the source of such an amount of trouble as the ones I get which is made to affect others as well to slow me down and hold me back, then what exactly about stripping it and selling the Equities so fascist idiots don’t learn from me facts and access to the lives of other rich people has to do with being a friend of fascists? The Popular idea is always that when the fight starts, I will make enemies with Ministers of Parliament and become unemployed and homeless for the rest of my life; exactly what I will likely get up to since I know that now of which it seems they have not been taking into account at all but are enjoying the whole idea of the pleasures gained from pushing the helpless and hapless Christian into places where the bad sides of them can be made manifest.

I have said nothing here about getting into a fight with anybody. All I have said here has to do with the fact there is nothing to fear from goons who give power when they get into government office to personal friends of theirs over other people which breeds that stupid cultural oppression I have told them I don’t want to see but continue to witness on my work and finances all the time. if there was something to fear then there would have been no condition where somebody else gets elected and sets about doing exactly the same as they do being somebody elses fault, likewise the fact some parties just cannot make it work at the polls. if I have at all said anything definitive it is about the fact they are using the DWP to stifle my earnings and need to get off it.

"He has gone off to put out things that he thinks will please businesses and is now trying to sell them for a living. Now it all seems all the rage but in a couple of years we will see what people will make of it," which of course is not what those they were interviewing were talking to them on the media about at all. They think they have powers to spin people and are ever always seeking their filthy secrete society soul travel powers and I have no idea what they want to pervade me to have more of those for anyway; I mean or else what?