It is then suggested that I never take seriously the matter of tackling corruption at Governmental Offices but I don’t because it calls for a response where what is considered was a process where Politicians worked with businesses all the time and some just wanted to ensure they got what they needed by offering to pay some Politicians who were good at it, to work with their local businesses on the red tape issues, whilst other politicians on the other hand were not so good and willing to pillage any careers they can get their hands on, to secure the extra income sources. The way to get about it being to say that one did remove all the chat parameters to take up a position at Industry which meant that the extra incomes for politicians issue was the only thing being done and for instance where it had been suggested, we have seen marked improvements in the government Office corruption issues. The rest of it was to do with the gits who claim that I did some private security industry work by which I provoked them into working these activities to my determent and that of others – it brings up this point all the time and I have arrived at a type where I will not tolerate it any further here. So the problem is that I did some security work which caused me to take up a position that made clear the fact that I was the only thing standing between the local trouble makers that may attack a product and the products at the premises themselves, to which effect I offended German influence gits. This is quite unbearably annoying naturally as we know that it was a simple process of adopting a disposition which suggested I should be ashamed of the job, whilst it got to take leave of decisions it had to make concerning the location of its career, as a matter of what the prison services did, so that either way on the side of the criminals or law enforcement, it would be better off like its famous idiots, whilst I can only end up being attacked by the criminals until I thought that security was the problem which got me into more trouble, whenever I resisted what it wanted to do with my career. The details are that it never stops attacking me when I am relaxed, claiming I am pathetic and never stopped attacking me when I showed some strength, claiming I suggested I had won a great battle but the part where it applies those abuses to run me down during my working hours was the bit causing the responses we heard them complain of endlessly and those who stopped me from providing them those responses had witnessed them build those communities to order my steps too – thus each time I can show which one was built to target me, it was my business and my business alone as it were. They do claim these activities on my part showed not the extent of their stupid gimmicks, considering they could not do without it but showed more of the way that I did not like German very much which was utter nonsense as well – it was a whole raft of issues from the way my career got me involved with the social activities of government office holders and the financially well off narcissists who got involved with them and clearly had their point and rights about what should be done with society abuses, then the action that were being taken to tackle localised and international terrorism, being subjected to a process of so much intense and relentless verbal abuses targeted at me, that if I said I had found people who could be made to take responsibility for terrorism each time it occurred, they would claim I had organised my career to make them take risks with their lives when fighting for my civil rights, at the same time it will not cease running me down whilst I am at work when none asks them for their opinions on me, especially if it would not like me to pick up their Celebrities at a time that the Celebrities were not famous, to perform abusive activities that will allow me feel comfortable by handling other peoples physical appearance in the service of myself as well, more so it continues those abusive insults where it got to decide where I existed because it had a personal and social life by which to pass the statement based insults at me by. Their Media and Celebrity on the other hand were not even people who took risks for public service and security, they were not people who took risks to tackle industrial corruption, they were people who introduced themselves to me by running me down with the blow back that was linked to people they chose to share their bed with and then wreck my career and finances with it, claiming they were important, I knew how to fight and were out to make me fight for them, about which I have now done the process of warning and telling them off for a total period of 6 years. 

They would say this meant that I wanted them to take more risks that I would like to cater for naturally but what I have actually said is that I am an Arch Prince, they are not important people and I am drowning in their insults, which had to be moved on. The other part of this story being that I tended to pursue them and run them down with my public service hospitality – truth on the other hand was that the public service hospitality had been shared with them by which they became real men but on doing so, it had been impossible for public daily concerns to proceed as normal – we even have a situation where they claim people gave their heart to me and I had disregarded it, I suppose referring to women they believed they could handle but found out were some sort of battle axes, now offering to help me sort out the Celebrity abuse problem, which I cannot simply let them get around to, since the main cause of the crisis was that I ran a wealth equity public image and it meant that even the goons that spent money of famous twats that never stopped abusing people to get what they want, were not the worst things in the world, as I could always allow the women to build products they cannot resist as a matter of my social status, the matter with this then being that the Celebrities had turned up to trash the entire arrangement in order to get rich fast, taking money from goons who spent it to make trouble for others, as stupidly as possible. So on the whole they like to boast that this had occurred but the reality is that they picked up the public service hospitality which many think was inappropriate behaviour on my part and since it had become a problem for all that they did, we had an issue where they never stopped attacking me when relaxed over claims I am pathetic or when I showed some strength over claims I suggested I had won a great battle, more over, their interest in the hospitality that was to make them real men was developed since last they came into contact with an environment where public security work had been done and friends made on the diplomatic arena, hence since last they decided that having I picked up a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books and they were determined to get the criminals and hoodlums sharing my personal space on account I had figured out something they wanted to spend on themselves, even though the consequences were that of several things happening everyday that got them complaining at about me, it was around the time I got to consider how I dropped out of University and made some decisions which will ensure they stopped trashing my finances by adopting consequences for every instance that this nonsense was brought into my working environment, particularly by beginning a process of recovering the hospitality they had accessed as a sign that I had means to make their lives a living hell without assistance from security services. On the whole however if I had to explain myself, I have no idea what these idiots would have me do – first time around I studied law and economics and I feared I had found a way to cheat the market system whilst I was being bullied by them over these same sort of lies that covered up an unusual interest in my personal and social life, ended up dropping out, so I had acquired a Law and Business Administration Diploma which meant the fear of cheating especially on matters of International business where I knew how to remove the goal keeper so I could score any time I wanted sort of thing never plagued me and here we are, with claims that I pursue and attack them with public service hospitality, at the same time which my chosen diet appeared to have been a major social concern and problem for them i.e. I have no idea what they want from me and what they believed the professional stage upon which I could apply my qualifications and career really was. They do suggest I wanted them to stop running me down, especially for their Celebrities, during working hours but all hours were working hours too, which I understand but what I actually mean is that if they did not want me picking up their Celebrities when fame had not yet come into the lives they lived for such gimmicks of my own as well, they will isolate my working hours and avoid running me down during those times. 

I do not believe it to be a crisis as a whole, I intend to run publicity that suggests they fucked what they used and if they were not affected by it, could keep their money but if they were, had to be dishonest at the market place in order to keep me cash strapped, over the work I am doing to ensure my Clients were comfortable being seen in possession of my products when they made public appearances - It will serve as one of the best ways to develop an abusive market for the gits in Office blocks who continued to foster and fund this nonsense. It does as a whole make sense of the reasons that they perform the abusive activities concerning unusual ways of handling public security work, over what they believed to have been the most profitable activity for their popularity and Celebrity culture - in my case, it has been a matter of beating me down with verbal abuses so people can get into my personal space and run imagination around my private parts, while picking up what I did about it which ensured I never smelled nice and picked up my career to make money with Media, through which they got off telling the lies at Washington concerning what they claimed were people such as myself who were a threat to US interests and will not now shut it down if I demanded that they did.

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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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