So they want to know how serious I am when I say I need to stop government squander of my property, which I say in the broadest way imaginable bearing in mind they never deploy equities of mine they extract from my company for financial purposes and never ever before have they extracted operation equities or structural equities either, it’s always the financial one and at all times always use it to make new beauties that ensure the finances come through somewhere in the future when I will be out of line with the structures that can ensure it gets to me as well. So yes their poorer idiots always have media where they can turn out to ensure they never buy books I write but turn out to create fights for me whenever they need people to fight for them and we are on course for a process where that cabinet office that is clearly their personal and private property as it were, will lock heads with my office as well and then they will stash their millions in the banks and turn up to need my equities and make cuts to welfare and spend money on construction to build the kind of infrastructure that is needed for the future. I mean if they wanted bravery Policies to make there are things like fishing where fishing is no longer a sustainable career for people and can only be if all fishing operations were stopped completely for a certain period of time, I mean there is the construction industry itself where they say everybody has the right to get some dignity out of their jobs and so what is the difference between cutting down trees in the neighbourhood and working in front of a computer in an office? I am done here and will not tolerate them any further; one more extracting of any equities from my company and one will stay while the other will be no more, I do not think they are making me laugh or cracking a joke or anything of that sort, I do not think that it is funny and I am not interested – now they can slash welfare budgets as much as they want at a point where they can see it has come to a point where there is a battle between parents and the government over the well being of their children. Of course they can always have media that can determine whether or not I get angry and do things to the benefit of all like they do at present, I mean we can never run out of middle class con artists in the world anyway; if it is not a programme about Property, it is one about bargain hunt and if not about these two then it is one about books because I am a writer, so their Politicians can make cuts to welfare and need the equities and securities of my company to manage the Country while threatening me financially through benefits as well – I suppose its a challenge and I should guess they heard me as well in equal measure. Its so much tough talking, so vicious and need to see its reckoning on the horizons as well; Let them get the Celebrities, let them do that and leave me alone – get lost basically. What I have said is not the worst of their worries in any case; I mean all that process where I set out my work and they love to wreck it for attention and those insults with it that must be profitable as well – I need them and their people off my royal property and the public work and my books as it were, but for the Politicians there is still the story where the government is ashamed for sponsoring poor citizens, ashamed for the welfare system and so they claim I interfere with other people’s business when I cannot even get around locating how people respond to products that are created by equity brokerage with me in order to develop equities that ensure people are getting what they pay for etc and I cannot even communicate with the companies either because they know who I am and have plans to get rich, like I mentioned insults that must make them rich and of course they can talk about their history and culture stolen, which of course has become their answer to everything with their violent and insolent laziness. I for my part have made myself clear about a one more event of extracting any kind of equity from my company and then we will find out. The part where government is ashamed of the welfare system on the other hand is just where my office and theirs will clash in a big way all together; I mean what are they doing anyway (making welfare cuts and needing equities of my company for economic progress and recovery)? I am not interested in any of the reasons they might want to anymore; its time out and they can do it by themselves and get the celebrities to do it for them too if they want.