As usual minding my own concerns again rather predisposes me to this conversation people want to have about separate Parliaments for each region in the UK – it does not bother me as much as they would like to assume that it does either; if they want to break up the Union now that they have not got my empire on the line anymore with their insults they ought to know the US for instance is a big Country and that is why they have a federal system and that is because they can afford it; if you attack the east cost you can easily come across the two of the 6 biggest Countries in the Union and if you attack the west it is much the same, by the way of which the size of a Country is not necessarily an indication of its population so if the government wants to carpet bomb the area you are said to have landed it can easily win them the war, while you on the other hand will need to cover that terrain in order to make your conflict effective all together, so it is entirely affordable for them – in the UK however the first bomb anybody fires around here will land on a major city, make headlines and then we can scramble the army. In any case it does not bother me mostly because every fraudster along with his throngs of useless idiots who need to have a scapegoat to take their failures and worthlessness out on in order to improve themselves and call it freedom and capitalism are always going to talk nonsense about various areas of the UK that need to be independent; I mean it’s not like the English are killing the Scots and the Scots are looting English Country sides so as to create the separate situation of both Nations they are talking about anyway – the separate situation they are talking about is the one where the Union is so tight that they want to be independent and they have formed a party on that to show the world how little they know about what they are doing too. They do say something about a cultural hijack on my part which is utter nonsense since it is the Monarch that wanted me as part of National treasures she was in charge of and I was the one who accepted; nothing here belongs to them in anyway whatsoever but it is the same outcome I have to deal with at the Company with media idiots having a need to tell racists somebody is achieving that thing people wanted them to do which pushed them into racism in the first place and that it is how they come to the Country to ruin things and then solve the problems to get rich, so that you tend to get the sense that when at some point somebody needs to fuck that their bottom to feel good about living and I will want to fuck it as well if they let me get hold of them as it were too.

In terms of the parties I do not in any way think that the coalition government is a bad thing; first issue is the case of a lack of respect for Politicians whereas it has been 15 years since I was marked out and targeted by them starting with the Unions having a need to give them a boy they can screw around with in order to feel good enough to give Unions whatever they liked and that led to so much bad behaviour on my part they realised they were screwing around with somebody they could never handle if they were given imagination to but the Politicians have not given it up since, at the time it started nobody knew it was a writing career in progress but since then I had gotten published and the whole thing had gotten worse the more successful I got as well, along with a complain about that stupid culture I like to rip up as well because I am being competitive too i.e. if I am held in such high esteem Politicians cannot be seen anywhere else save my life and work, why do they think I will spare them the consequences associated with using the products without buying them? They however do claim that they would not buy the crap I write in hell which makes them presence around my concerns and that of black people even more annoying. My point is that I have since settled a condition where they cannot exist unless they are turning on each other to increase my odds of winning the fight they want so much and their Popular culture idiots now know their homosexual communities and so on which in the past meant people will turn up from the countryside with good ideas that will be confiscated by city people who know what it is used for but today they have evolved into the people who know what today’s millionaires looked like when they were younger and hence set me out for instance as somebody on whom there is a question mark as to how much money and comforts they can make hurting him comfortably and the results have been the extinction of pop stars hence the reason they are seen doing my stuff all the time to assume that they are famous. The reality in terms of the Political parties being that the Coalition was an excellent deal for the general public; that the Labour party spent 12 years of our time governing by spin and somebody had to reset the NHS and the Civil service which actually comprises of the biggest source of employment for people from all parties in the Country as it were and was never supposed to have been a tool used to keep an eye on those who need to be abused so others can progress like the Labour party had made it into and then there were other things like the economy etc, so instead of another 12 years of Conservatives and then perhaps another point of 12 years for the Liberal democrats, the two got into a coalition government to get it all done in 5 years and they have done a fantastic job, I find it difficult to locate why exactly the general population cannot see that anyway but it’s the way these things work most of the time and something has got to give; either from the government or from them.

 I hear they say I have a problem with the Labour Party which makes no sense whatsoever, as I really don’t and nobody can tell me what to like and what not to, after all what they have is a do as I say and not as I do contraption full of idiots whose Political careers are in no way linked to the career aspirations of those who vote for them and in the past they knew they were not wealthy people and you would get nothing by sucking up to them but today they have spin and if they want to be wealthy so as to find out what it feels like they know those from whom they can get it and you have this sense the idiots want to be able to control things and people lives in that way on account of security you created for your possessions which they liked to bump until every time claiming your reaction is amusing and it all tells on National finances too because they are incredibly deviant; time an d again we see that people will get off and vote them into government office in the knowledge somebody is being sacrificed to clean up the mess and that their need for creating people problems that they get to solve in order to be important is insatiable as well but they will get on that stupid voting system of theirs and do it anyway and something has got to give since others can always think about themselves at the expense of those who do so to a point where it becomes a state of affairs that tends to feel amusing too as it were.  When it comes to independence story the English have none to tell and its rather quiet as a result which makes for a good change. Of course they do say I think everybody should like the Monarchy which is not actually true; the truth is that their insults know no limits first of all and it is one thing on the other hand to accuse others of doing things that they are doing, like sitting on a throne all day doing nothing with something on your head which gives you the right to lead and it is quite another for them to pretend it has come to replace the truth that they should have been telling in the first place and hence something others need to hear and rally to.