Now we hear of course that these issues are a factor of issues I never deal with properly which in actual fact I am since it would have been easier to set out that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s government wrecked my business because they thought it would do good to their personality if their society was able to tease and abuse mine – thus to that effect the British Government has receipts to things it acquired with tax payers funds to damage my business or you can accept that is a lot more complicated and decide to handle the matter the way you are; since nobody else is to stand up and fight for things you have created that people are waiting to take part in to create meaning into their lives.

They also say that I set myself up as a person people can take advantage of to make money, which I have never done save their black idiots with a hard violent and twisted view of the world that they entire deserve being ugly to fault and cannot keep their insults and violence to themselves because there must be redress and balance in the world that their stupid girls use for power without any check and a big mouth that wants to handle me all the time. I have never done such a thing – only put into public appearance the blue prints of a company they said was a result of a process where kids like me who don’t know why people have the personality they have before they set about copying them have done to run before they can walk and that blue print has been set up to dare them to do damage to it if they have got the guts for it. This is what has brought us to where we are today at the end of which I have built and completed the company.

This whole matter of those who love to kill others who have something they don’t is usually a self resolving issue by the way but we have had people spend tax payers money on it even when we have a welfare state in this Country and they could have allowed them use the procedure if they cared about them or wanted to be responsible leaders. Now that is an issue they must publicly resolve as well and not doing so means any damage done me will remain something I hold them personally accountable for which is where we are now in terms of Politics. I am not necessarily happy to have been entangled in the matter but I will change absolutely nothing of it and quite happy I made that decision to broker equities in public for what socialist irresponsibility and lies are worth anyway. There is always something I don’t know – that is always the basis of all they say so people can get into an argument with them and so on but I don’t care about that because this is not what my life looks like anyway so I wouldn’t mind being told things I don’t know as it were – its only the wealth inequality complains we hear after.

There is nothing good about their activities and every time you peel off the surface of their person you will find a laughing ass indulging himself under it – the case just like Scottish Nationalists who claim they get more followers because of the actions of those who are posing a doom and gloom picture on Scotland is always that of how those they exasperate and attack who have what they don’t not knowing what they really are and even if they did could not talk about it and it is on the basis that people follow them; I know what they are and do mention it but the media has sustained this notion for them so they are heading full steam towards their fruitless plans and making a mess of other people’s lives with it too. Nobody who  poses a doom and gloom picture is responsible for anything that happens anywhere in Scotland; I mean it’s like the Labour party that cannot stand its own followers unless it has somebody to pick on around doing so they can rally them – it is the same story about Political leadership designed to get people close to the treasury and most people ask these kinds of questions because they have detached the guy who offends them and discusses it with his MP from the gay who is not fighting of independence. In the end they become more frustrated when they have too many followers but need those followers to get closer and closer to the treasury as it were hence they think you should behave better so that when you pay taxes it might be safe but at the same time expect you to trust them well enough to allow them have a new Country in which you can be eternally grateful to them. Only a process where people follow utter chaos could create a condition where there is an upsurge of support for Scottish Nationalism and so we can see what is happening there and need to help finish it quick as well. We have seen what the Labour Party can do so we need to see what Scottish Nationalists can do as well – in the end the US for example is a very evil place and so is Russia and now China playing its hands in global public matters as well and when you speak to leaders from those they would say something half hearted about it, what do we say for the wickedness of our own citizens then? Like saying it as though we have it if we do have it etc. It is never clear why people do not find a new Country where they can become citizens if living in the UK is not good enough rather than expect me to go from a dislike of their Nationalism to allowing them have a new Country and put their family name for eternity into the annals of a Country which I must then be eternally grateful for.

I hear it is said I have killed off all that Ministers who would have supported my cause had done so far but there is no such thing as I find it impossible to engage with Politicians whose personal lives I deploy to tolerate criminals savaging my income and book sales with – the last thing we will ever do together is something about Scottish Nationalism and maybe they will then become the opposition in some new Scotland and we will be able to tell what is happening which will ensure regional matters are not on the verge of exploding all the time. They do say my parents are the biggest problem I face and that my mother travels around everywhere she hears of any activity I have carried out to destroy everything and channel me in a course I should go to suit her purposes but of course she is not the problem the low life Politicians she gets attention from really are, since she understands that as long as they continue to damage my finances she will continue to pretend she leads the family and as long as she does that she will continue to pretend she should be able to get involved with all I do and damage it to make me do what she wants. I don’t think the issue to be that big a matter either, she is an incredibly foolish person who thinks having her cunt plundered so she gave birth after 9 months of pregnancy is something she can reverse so that she might tag along with feminists and hence tends to give off this idea she wants to see me get killed by racists or otherwise put through hell by the evil things in the world because the world is an evil place and that is what these foolish MPs follow on as well like I am passing through some kind of education with it. I mean the guy who plundered her cunt so I might be born I am eternally grateful to of course but I will spare my children the foolishness of marrying people who get out of bed to feel like spending mine everyday so I might contribute to an understanding of the breakdown of relations in society, I will spare myself and I will spare my kids.

It’s much like that old story of how the UK is disintegrating because of these things or the part where I would never have been able to do these things in another country etc when we all know it is largely a matter of consequences I plan out as a result of people hurting me and a need to make them feel the same way or they will never understand. As for the UK disintegrating I have no idea which part of my website does suggest that anyway by the way. I can understand sentimental politics and business being a function of those who hide from the public of course but I don’t see how that changes anything about the destruction of my finances and what I do to them wherever it is I happen to find myself anyway. bottom line being that if it does not end soon I will ambush them as well around their bank balance and finances and politics and business and find out which parents will make a threat to that as well or they can take the easier route to staying off my book sales and keeping their insolent distant violence they claim is linked with getting rich in an evil underworld way far away from me. The story of being bullied by black people is not an emotive one – they put security in their homes so when you happen to rent them they can keep an eye on their possessions but not long after you tend to bump into people who taught you all you know that you have never seen before and have nothing of a friendship or ancestry connections with you because the wicked things their cultures can do to really corrupt and mess you up can be funny and they might use it to get rich and extremists are bad and started off that way etc. So I will never stop using those things to get through to the entire world so they can tell the difference the next time they make claims people use them to get somewhere and that it is the reason for it, to buy time and make it work at all cost no matter what. They have touch the penis and anus then have they not and we don’t want that happening again then do we? Every stupid low life little witch especially when black and African with a community relations to show for it wants to do these things all the time – it is a vanity to them and not the sort of rubbish you want to tolerate until it costs you everything so they can find it funny as well. We hear the Politicians that make use of these things and spend tax payer funds on destruction to make it powerful and even more on them to make them important talk nonsense about the future of young people as well – it is almost insufferable. Apparently these matters especially one about those who hideaway and rule others in secret is a factor of how money leads them but so do I know that being grafted into their civil rights means they will feel the way I do on seeing them all over my work and profit margins as well and of course I don’t recognise all that left and right nonsense either, it does not happen here and I don’t care if it exists or not – we shall make sense of why people abuse others to gain from them and get out of bed every day to spend other peoples own.

They are really not half as much a problem for me like they think they are, it is the same old story of idiots who would be women and the things they do to those who want to care about things using violence and crime and those who have perpetrated them for example, the death of hope and help etc and I think that it will continue like that for eternity without reason or provocation and those lies and the benefits of it will continue to be lucrative until they are punished for their greed – so far I have been able to set out how to comb the Industries of the world to settle which equities are their own when they continue to have a problem with my book sales and if they will not show up in public I will catch them at the markets anyway. I am not the only or first person to hate the idea of them turning up around my livelihood to work their cultural filth and generally cause lots of trouble either and they know that perfectly. The job looks after the person and the person looks after the career and the career looks after the personal life and the personal life looks after the family – they are as insignificant as the things I do to protect the job and cannot take an advice when I do mention they need to stop flattering themselves bothering me like that. I think about their business and so call business empires etc if they mess with my book sales numbers and by the way of which nobody here is fighting for any of them anyway.