They claim I have not learned that the answer to all my problems was to do with how I would get to stay away from the women. I could never make sense of this nonsense anyway, just something they got accustomed to, as what happens is more a matter of pursuing a writing career, getting caught up with the social activities of people who held government offices and crossing paths with female journalists – Books have been published and placed in the market place and I have been verbally abused and run down over the way my personality should be used, the whole way and we have now arrived at a point where I am the one living on social security for the gimmicks, so it does need to keep its mouth shut and show up here only to read a Book. The consequences could easily be an outcome where I made sense of all the damage done to my career starting from the botched University studies up to the last of the 15 years by 2023 and did something to get a profitable redress in about two months for it. The fall out so far is that most of the activities we heard them complain of was a product of me sorting how my time at University was spent because they showed up here to make a mess of everything I did during a time that I blamed myself, have since taken it up to Parliament and Buckingham Palace but have not stopped the ruination, which we have seen progress up to the point where it takes the business of complaining about the way I disturbed the neighbourhoods, so I had hoodlums that were younger than I am sharing my personal space while I got beaten up by those who were bigger than me from a distance, finished off with the Islamic gits that never stopped announcing the joys of visiting Islamic justice on me, the purpose being that they were younger than am, trashing my career over my social life everyday to behave at my expense, as if they were living somewhere right next to their retirement years, on account a bunch of stupid men had houses, so this is our history, the effect being that the story of keeping away from women was a matter of their disrespect not yet earning them results where they got to lose money and are showing up here to seek out such consequences, the dark ethnicity and parental narcissism shows up here because in my view it wants me to build a career on the business of getting it to shut up and read a Book whenever its beat you up from a distance bigger than you, expresses an interest in my concerns, the Islamic justice will want to stay away from me if people were making use of Islamic justice, as in my view, it was more profitable for me to destroy it than to embark on a business of showing that a bunch of people, a whole community who never stopped attacking me because I am a man and then when I am not being a man were useless low lives. In context, most of these activities are a product of people attacking me over claims I give away information that get them into trouble with the Law, whilst the fact that Public security work having affected them detrimentally was a matter of personal choice not least due to an abusive access to my career that was done by means of access to my social life because I am a human being, evidence being that the public security work was not being done everywhere. This is the easier fact to understand, the more complicated fact tended to make sense of the way I never explored the easier facts because I was more interested in the point where the authorities began to dream of power certainty, which was a good sign but only the insane tend to wish for it never the less – the fact itself being that these activities of theirs were things people learned when involved with public or National security and in some cases when working with public authorities; it will follow me around with it until I dropped out of University, then continued until it wrecked my work market prospects, to make up the reasons for such activity as time progressed, shows up complaining when I got to account for the way my time was used, as its expense. The other goons who never stopped spending money on any instance where they got to bothered me, now needed to be aware of the prospects I might be the one complaining of civil rights issues from a Royal Office, garnished with a result where I got to attack them for owning something I did not, due to political envy but for needed to be aware I had started a new gimmick of my own too, called ‘fuck that more’.

We had to listen to those claims I am not a productive member of society myself about which I ran my finances on a low key, to ensure that I got important matters about the career sorted before progressing and they showed up to damage it, finished off making sense of the way I complained by putting their hoodlums on a gimmick which suggested I am a low life and got about maintaining it with the famous idiots. Then again they may have achieved this but I do not write their Books in this Office, needs to stop trying to decide what became of my finances on the basis of what is in its bank account. The facts are that I was studying Law and Economics at Greenwich University when this began, so the problems created suggested I was cheating as in I knew how to remove the goal keeper from his post in order to score whenever I wanted, which was a perception that they built but by the time I made sense of the fact that I was doing no such thing, I had dropped out - now what we are dealing with is a consequence where running my finances on a low key to get such matters resolved, meant I was hounded into living on social security then bullied because I lived on it as well for obvious reason, claiming the victim disposition everyday for it, alongside the big people beating up from a distance to make me sore all day and inflict life expectancy illnesses.

They do claim I loved to judge others but was not doing so well myself which does not apply at all – the real matter is that my clients were being harmed because others were bigger than me and had fantasies of attacking me so I never got in their way when they handled my career and finances, to such an extent that violence was being practiced from a distance – the black people who work it by running my life with the social activities of criminals and told lies all the time have progressed from claims I am complicit with racism, to saying that the fact I was never allowed to feel good along with their real men Asian and Muslim idiots, meant that I had lost everything I had because they took it and now a pathetic laughing stock, then again which I do not write Books which belongs to them in this Office last time we checked. The other part naturally was that I had five things to do with a product in order to get a client accustomed to it and I never get past the fourth because of the need to handle my personality and make money playing practical jokes with it if they were bigger than me and there was nothing I could do. So the point of claims I judge people is now that we have crossed the threshold, I would like to go straight to the part where the world was an evil place and if push came to shove it was a fight that their stupidities would win but in the mean time I will monitor the situation in terms of claims that I provoked their stupidities and they hated me whilst the real matter was a simple case of deciding they wanted to make money with my money, so I lived in fear constantly of their career not being damaged by me because I am not as stupid, so they kept and used it as a tool to say that all I had and did could be bastardised on account they possessed wealth and I did not – same as the other gimmick where it was always dreaming that I would run my Bookshop on the shadow casted by a business that it worked with but by far the most rampant is to control a community that only engaged with my Books if their stupidities wanted and build it bigger and bigger for every progress I made with my career. Every time I control this nonsense to simply concentrate on Book writing and sales numbers, it will not let the Politicians get on with the job over claims that I wanted to control them, this is what it hides behind the claim that I provoked them and they hated me and I have had enough of it too. its point of view was that money was the most important and people needed to spend money on its stupidities to make more money, whilst mine was that people needed a product that will help them boost existing income in order for me to make my own money as well, its stupidities are not making any sense, it needs to show up here to read a Book I had written and restrict its comments to its own career.