A new story brews of how I need to be saved and its largely a matter of the claim I am dealing with peoples arrogance which is utter nonsense; what really happens is the need some people have to change what I am comfortable with and then they change it every hour or so as insultingly as possible to get attention, create some race issues and force me to share what I am abusively and so on and then draw attention to those idiots they say will now work in private security Industry and exist on a propensity to take from me all I have worked for and hence whether or not I am successful is never really important to them. I do not think it a problem as such when I am so good at changing other peoples own as well and have only mentioned it because the other story about how I need some saving will definitely run out of control. It’s the same as those tales that I do not recognise the agitations of Politicians while reality is that if we by the benefit of doubt eliminated all the controversial decisions they have made, we will be left with the way their ill will towards this Country has affected them being the reasons that they now want to live in a republic.

Same as when we hear the constant barrage of abuse that is due to how less seriously I take the Trump Racism issue, while reality is that; here is a Country known as the US and the US is a Country where majority population is white, naturally like we have in every other Country a certain group of the majority population think the minority should be used as machines to make everybody rich and Mr Trump is racist – Anti racist, which type of Politics happens in every Country on this planet where there are social divisions about which I have no idea why they spent all their time on me and made such a huge mess of everything doing so when such a politics was sacrilege to Liberal America anyway; so he is not the one likely to unleash racism on everybody, definitely not in a Federal Government as big as the American one, the Liberals about whom I have books to write being taken over by their own supposition that a conversation about whether or not I come from the US was more important are the ones that are more likely to and if they are asking what is happening here, then I will be happy to point out its their insults that have gotten to a stage where I cannot be allowed to step outside of my own door; so the worst they can do is unleash their huge supply of sociopaths on me along with the psychopaths talking nonsense all the time but I have been clear about not wanting to see them around my Books and Public image, have been clear they insult and exasperate me to make me squirm and that each time its all about them around here it means I am to be cash strapped which also means I will be making them squirm as well and of course they too, cannot leave people alone have seen what I am capable of as well.

In the end it all hinges on their need to tell me what to do which is incredibly insulting and this is likely to continue until whatever crisis they all have ends in the worst way imaginable  - every time my Book writing business is about their ‘cannot let people be’ insanity, the same way the internet has become a very toxic environment, it is designed to make me cash strapped and make an Arch Prince squirm and each time it happens I will make them squirm as well.