I do not dispute there is moral decline in this country but it is not in my view as bad as it is made out to be. After all if people are fond of telling a Christian to give up his faith because people are very cultural, then they ought to realise claims that a Christian encourages child abuse will not change facts on reality, since those that abuse Children will always do anything necessary to maintain their habits. When they insult people they should see there is a Price for it, I mean people have died all through history for insulting others and they are not some sacred Cow I am supposed to do something to save.

They tell me of course I may talk like that up but I also change peoples culture which encourages child abuse. It does nothing but speak volumes for the kind of society we live in, where they tell me to give up my faith and it encourages Child abuse so they get tax payers money from Politicians while when I change their culture and it encourages child abuse, I have my book sales attacked by Politicians as well. Politicians who are always animals when they get near houses of government on other peoples quality of life, then go home and love their children for absolutely no reason-which of course they get away with depending on who they mess with. Politicians who set up public policy along the lines of telling the Christian to give up his faith which is then being enforced by Political paedophilia because they cannot leave alone others that are not their mates with their powerful insults, what happens in the lower levels of society when social workers cannot keep an eye on everything of which is then somebody else’s fault.Of course there are women whose acts of protecting Children my actions and words make less effective, like parents are never evil, young people are always Modern and Christian are supposed to be stuck somewhere. They were there when these Politicians and their idiots attacked my finances so that I do not build a House that is big enough to take in Children that run away from them, enforcing the will of parents with the civil service and moving into peoples right for their personal security and enjoyment of life. Having been they have done nothing about the problem because they apparently do not have that kind of money, their insolent contests have now moved to my ability to do the generation gap which is even more expensive and tasking, which is why every scum that gets off to do Popular music to be famous has become more successful and important than I am which makes me insolent in the direction of rich young people.